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The Episode starts with Sanskar thinking about Swara’s words before falling in the river. Hamari Adhuri si Kahani Manzilein plays……….He recalls making Swara wear diamond bangles and the moments between them. He imagines Swara smiling in their room, holding chocolates for him in her hands……Swara in her dream sees Sanskar shooting at her. Sanskar is somewhere and hugs her saree cryingly. Swara gains consciousness. Sanskar says Swara you are fine…I can feel it. Sahil asks her to wake up. Swara opens her eyes and looks at him. Sahil says are you fine? Great..there is no worry. He says I found you in the river, outskirts of kolkata, and asks about her home. Swara gets flashes of Maheshwari house. Sahil says you are giving response, good. He keeps the bed sheet on place. Swara looks at his pendant.

Laksh comes to Sanskar. Sanskar is writing on missing poster and says we will get posters pasted on the walls across the city. He asks him to understand him and says his heart is saying that Swara is fine. Laksh says okay, and asks him to come home. Sanskar says why nobody is believing me. Swara gets up and looks at SS locket hanging on Sahil’s neck. She snatches it and tries to recollect. She recalls Sanskar shooting at her and a black and white flashes are shown. Swara tries to recollect and faints. Sahil thinks why she was reacting seeing the pendant, and what is the connection. He calls doctor and says she is normal. Nurse comes back. Sahil asks her not to sleep again. He tells Doctor that Swara acted crazy seeing his pendant, but seems okay.

Ragini is cooking in the kitchen and recalls Rajat threats. She recalls promise made to Sumi. Parineeta comes and says she thought to make some vegetable. Ragini says Swara likes it and realizes that….she is missing. Parineeta tells Ragini that she can understand her pain and asks her to talk whenever needed. Ragini says I will bring ration from store room. Parineeta thinks she has to stop Ragini from knowing the truth. Ragini comes to store room and cries thinking about Swara. She cries, and thinks to have strength of Sanskar and family. She switches on the light and gets flour from the box. She finds gun hidden in the box and throws it in shock. She picks the gun holding her saree pallu, and wonders whose gun it is. Ragini thinks to inform Laksh and goes. She sees Laksh trying to feed medicine to Sanskar, and thinks she can’t tell Laksh. She thinks to handle herself. Servant comes and asks did you call me.

Ragini asks him to bring flour. Sanskar refuses to take tablets and asks am I mad? He says I am just saying that Swara is fine. Sumi looks at Swara’s photo in their family pic, and asks why did you leave me. Shekhar brings fruits for her. Sumi asks how can Durga Prasad agree to Inspector’s words. Shekhar says if there is God then….Sumi says he is punishing us for fighting for this baby. She says we should have been happy with two daughters, and…..Shekhar asks what are you saying? He says this baby is our love child, and is not punishment. He asks her not to think about Dadi’s words. Sumi thinks about Dadi’s words that baby is inauspicious.

Someone calls to Sahil from Durga Prasad’s home and says this is for a foundation. Sahil says I can give you funds, but can’t perform. I have stopped singing since 5 years and asks him not to call again. Durga Prasad says I am making this foundation in memory of Swara. Durga Prasad’s employee says Sahil disconnected the call without talking to me. Durga Prasad asks Ram to make legal documents, and says this foundation name will be sargam. His employee says I will try to talk to Sahil. Ragini brings gun to her room and thinks something is wrong for sure. She checks the bullets and thinks this doesn’t belong to this gun. She recalls Annapurna shooting at Rajat and gets doubtful.

Parineeta comes to storeroom and checks flour box. She thinks she is saved. Ragini catches her red handed. Laksh and Sanskar see Swara crossing the road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys colors has posted in twitter that swaras return will affect Raginis life so maybe we will have swalak track

    1. yes its true but its swasan at the end only

  2. yaay swasan see each other…! varun kapoor the best..!
    swasan forever
    swasan rock

  3. today episode s awesum hamari adhuri kahani s my fav sng nd sanskar recalling swara words s wonderful sanky u jst nailed n today episode luv u aloooot sanky….

  4. oh yaar today’s episode was awesome n if Swara’s ML will effect is true then I’ll think Swara will return to badi n will think ragini is not married that’s why ragini will return to badi n act like unmarried. it’s not it is just my thinking but Varun’s acting was too good exited n sad for the precap bcz Swara will call sanky murderer.

  5. Hello….
    Can anyone please tell me the way to contact saba(writer of ff “swasan a path hate to love”)??

  6. i don’t like the swalak track.

  7. I literally cried seeing sanskar inthis state

  8. Is it true swati…I need swalak and I really hate sanskaar…he is only reason for break up of swalak and ragini too…writers pls reunite swalak…

    1. No swasan is the best n raglak is also best

      1. I dont want swalak …… plz writers reunite

  9. Wow awesome

  10. Her pyar me aap duriya kyu dikhate hai. Sab jagah kushi khushi nahi ho sakti. Plz kuch aisa dikhaiye na pyar me duriya to sab dikhate hai. Aap kuch alag kijiye

    1. Ya u are right minal same in kaala teeka

  11. I luv swaragini becoz in this the problems are solved vry fast and they have much more inovative ideas to make viewers happy and full entertainment

  12. helll… swara is thinking dt sanskar tried to kill her… kitna bkwas track h … swara ko ye yd h ki snskr ne shoot kia… ye yd ni h ki kise kia … or ye b yd ni ki wo khud kya feel kr rhi ti us tym pe… ds is weird …. snskr aka varun .. I lv u … ur acting ws suprb … I almost cried seeing u … jst awsm!!! ♥

  13. Please don’t bring swalak back cause Swasan is the best and I really have waited long for their reunion and now if the swalak track comes back then its going to spoil the whole show.

  14. anyone dil mil gaye fan here? I am going to write ff about it. so anyone is there pls tell me.I will start writing.
    thank u

    1. Which show is this

  15. Please no swalak track, they both r bhabhi n devar please don’t spoil the relationship, we want to see only swasan n raglak

  16. colors posted swara return how will it effect ragini life? it means is there swalak track.. then what will sahil role in it… and sanskar ? hw it progress and all.. ?liked episode swasan nailed it and rags also good and shomi came in dadi words.. tmrw pari and rags drama only.. love dp as he want build music for swara as she loves music.. sahil leave music 5yrs back? whats there in 5yers all have bg of 5years.. sanky, kavita,kavya and now sahil…
    but sbas segmnt vo said hit and miss of swasan in hoogli.. but acrdng to new olv when they are in hoogli.. and rags in badi as she came to know shomi went to hospital for aborting child as dadi instigate her.. she came to knw frm babhi and try to stop maa. lucky cals her and tels that sanky saw swara is it correct or nt there he hallucinating he tels rags happy as swara alive.. sanskar is the first one who saw swara as alive. and nw he will try to bring her.. she back to badi… but she think sanskar is the murder as she saw flash of sanky trigger gun.. she didnt recognizes him… want to see sanskar woo is swara back by leaving in badi.. if its swalak track then hw sahil will there and sanky they said triangle love.. means swasan and sahil.. hope no swalak track…

  17. the house where sahils is same house in ssk track of when simar possessed by sunaina.. vikranth and simar in same house..

    1. when sahil asks swara about her home she got flash of maheshwari house and not badi.. i loved that… swara is good in that scene when she saw ss pendent got hyper..

  18. good news: swara return to her family on swaragini!
    but she fails to accept sanskar and accuses him of being murderer!
    readers, brace yourself! for there’s a final blow coming up in the upcoming track of swaragini.
    now that sahil has brought swara to his house in an unconsious state, the upcoming episodes will show both of them bonding over music. swara will get inspired by sahil’s talent as they start reharsiing together. sahil will give tune to swara’s voice, by playing instrument guitar while swara sings- hasi bangaye. in her melodious voice.
    and no prize for guessing that the lad will start falling for swara.
    this was all about sahil and swara’s bonding, but what next?
    in the further episodes, swara will be seen reaching to her to her mother sharmistha’s house and her entire family will overwhelmed to see her alive.
    wow! indeed, a good news.. isn’t is?!! but wait, although she is back to her family, she will not be back to her love of life, sanskar.. instead, she will accuse sanskar of being a murderer.
    now, what exactly keeping swara away from sanskar is going to be a wait and watch..!
    stay tuned for more updates..

  19. Hi guys… I think it’s the same track like SSK. Do u guys remember when everyone thought that roli & velu hv died, simar & sid hv an inner feeling dat roli is alive. it’s same here in Swaragini. sanskar & ragini believe that swara is alive. By the way this track is not good. Wat does the writers think????? There won’t be a happy life of swasan????? And wat is ragini want to find??? is there some mystery behind this?? And dat witch parineeta… wat is she trying to hide??? I don’t understand…. can anyone help???

  20. Hi guys. I think it’s same track of SSK. Do u guys remember when everyone thought that roli & velu hv died, simar & sid hv an inner feeling dat roli is alive . it’s same here in Swaragini. sanskar & ragini believe that swara is alive. By the way this track is not good. And ragini wat does she want to find out???? And dat witch parineeta…. wat is she trying to hide??? Is there any mystery behind this? I don’t understand. can anyone help????

    1. Yes it’s actually pareenita who shot uttara n not Annapurna

  21. Oops sorry. posted it twice

  22. toi spoilers 18th may: ragini starts investigating rajat’s accomplice, who she suspect is someone within the house. meanwhile sanskar ana laksh go to hoogly to meet mrs.sengupta.
    19th may:maya thinks swara is sahil’s fan when she finds her in sahil’s room. she gets annoyed and ask her to leave the house.
    20th may: sanskar and swara both are in hoogly will the meet? and find each other?

  23. I hav a doubt I can’t understand abt the parneeta track watz d need to hid the gun hw will she get caught coz of tat???

    1. Even i didn’t get to know why

  24. Writers reunite swasan as soon as possible by ending ml track b4 things go worsened…or start their new luvstory…pls dont bring swalak n swahil track…if u dont want d trps 2 go down

  25. Swasan is better… Everything was gng f9 before and i wish let everything get fine afterwards too… Swasan and raglak..

  26. Pls keep raglak and swasan happy na choose some other track writers… In ssk they are showing simar has turned into a mosquito I hope it doesn’t happen in this show also…. Pls keep swaragini happy…. I don’t like this memory loss track

  27. Yaar how can u all say swalak..
    I mean what..
    Have u ever thought that what would be the effect to the show..
    Their would be no one watching it just bcoz of absence of swasan..
    And then u people enjoy ur stupid swalak

    To be honest.. jodis should be like..


    Forever forever?

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