Swaragini 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini asking Maheshwari ladies to come. Swara looks at Sanskar. Sanskar asks her not to cry, and be strong. He says these tears can’t weaken you. Swara tells the men of the house that they will return soon and everything will be fine soon. Laksh goes inside the lock up and cries apologizing to Durga prasad. He says I did a very big mistake, and don’t deserve your forgiveness. He cries and sits down on his feet. Ram says atleast you have realized your mistake, and we will deal with the trouble together. Laksh says no one can harm our family now. Durga Prasad forgives Laksh and hugs him. Durga Prasad says you was my trust, and my trust was shaken, but I was hopeful that I will get back my trust. He says you have returned my trust. Laksh folds his hands and apologizes to Adarsh.

Adarsh also forgives him and says I can’t be angry with you. He asks what have you done? Kavya….Laksh looks at Sanskar, but before he could go to him, Sanskar comes to Laksh and hugs him. He asks him to stop crying and asks if you area girl. Laksh says I did a mistake and apologize again. Sanskar says everything will be fine.

All the Maheshwari ladies return home. Annapurna says don’t know how the things will be fine. Sujata says everything will be fine. Just then electricity goes off. TV is switches on. Sujata goes near it. Kavya appears on TV and says hi guys. Swara says DVD player is on. Kavya says yes, DVD is on, but before you think it is Kavya’s ghost, it is not like that. She says I assume my audience is the ladies of the house and Ragini. She says I will air special episode today….Kavya ka Katil kaun (Who is Kavya’s murderer). She says I will explain you few things. She says you might be wondering about Laksh’s changed behavior and says he was behaving strangely as I was given him drugs to control him. She says that dupatta drama…and says your guess is right, I got gun powder on the dupatta through my tailor, called Laksh and lighted my dupatta on fire. She says I became helpless bahu and then Police arrested you. She says Ragini came then and did a drama. I got Camera’s installed in the house. When he came home.

It is shown, Laksh comes home and asks where are you Kavya? If you have eloped with him. I came to know everything. Everyone see it on TV. Laksh putting Kavya body in the car, and Kavya opening her eyes and blinking it. Sujata says you are alive. Kavya says yes, I am alive. When Laksh got down to buy a petrol, my brother kept a dummy instead of me. I got saved and your son is behind bars. She asks Swara to fight the case and save Maheshwari men else there will be ladies in the house only. She says I don’t want to waste your time, so see you later. TV gets switched off and electricity comes back. Ragini tells Swara that they have to get the proof CD from the DVD, but DVD blasts shocking them and destroying the CD..

Dadi wakes up in the night to drink water and finds the keys and torch kept there. She switches on the lights and checks her locker. She finds Janki’s jewellery missing and informs Shekhar. Sumi comes and tells him that Ragini is not in the house. Sujata says we don’t have proof against her now, and says Kavita, Urvashi were after them. Swara says now we know that Laksh was under controlled of Kavya. She tells Annapurna that they know something about Kavya. She says Kavya’s brother is Karthik and their house number is 211. Annapurna gets thinking. Sujata asks what happened?

Dadi says Lado is not here and jewellery is also missing. What is happening? Shekhar says I will call Police. Sumi asks him to wait for sometime. Dadi asks do you know anything? Sumi says no, but says I have a doubt. Ragini asks Annapurna if she knows about 211. Sujata also remembers.

Annapurna says Malhotra’s used to stay there with their two kids. He was Durga Prasad’s business partner. A fb is shown, Annapurna says one day Malhotra and his wife died. She says their servant took care of the kids after their death. One day the girl Kavya lighted house on fire, and their servant died while saving them, and her brother’s hand gets burn marks. Kavya tells her brother that they will not be able to save Laksh now. Karthik says it is a perfect revenge with Maheshwari after whatever they have done with them.

Promo of the Swaragini and Krishnadasi episode is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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