Swaragini 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara acting to be vomiting. Police team stop jeep so that she can vomit. Swara gets down the jeep and throws sand in their eyes. She runs and hides. Ragini searches for the chip in Kavita’s belongings and wonders how to stop their marriage. Police hears alarm and go in different direction. Swara calls taxi. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Kaveri is seen in the veil among the guest. Police team run after Swara. Sumi brings Ragini to the mandap with ghunghat on her face. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Laksh sees Ragini in bridal dress and gets tensed. Kavita asks Sanskar to sit as mahurat time is ending. Sanskar nods. Swara manages to escape. Police Inspector calls his team and asks to check. Ragini asks Laksh why he is staring her. Laksh says you and tries to get up from the mandap,

but Pandit ji stops him. Swara takes taxi and asks driver to take Maheshwari house, but driver stops at the check point. Inspector searches taxi, but couldn’t see Swara. Kavita blackmails Sanskar and asks him to make her wear the garland fast. Laksh and Ragini also exchanges garlands.

Police team searches every car. Swara is seen hiding in the tempo. Pandit ji recites the mantas. Laksh-Ragini, Sanskar-Kavita are asked to stand for pheras by Pandit ji. They start taking the pheras. Kavita thinks nobody can separate us now. Swara reaches there and sees Sanskar and Kavita taking rounds. She asks them to stop. Everyone is shocked /happy to see her. Ragini runs to swara and hugs her. Laksh gets a chance to message someone. Kavita asks Swara when did she free from jail. Swara asks her to stop her acting and says I came here to send you to the place which you deserve to go. Dadi says you said right. Police comes there and says Swara Gadodia, surrender yourself to Police. Everyone is shocked.

Sanskar tells Inspector you can’t take her anywhere. Ragini says you can’t take her anywhere. Police says she ran away from our custody. Sumi says she is innocent. Police says she is proved guilty. Swara says we didn’t have any proof before, but now I can proof my innocence. Durga Prasad requests Police to give her a chance. Swara asks him to give a chance and promises not to elope. She says I want to show you something. Kavita thinks if Swara came to know about Kaveri. Kaveri starts to go. Kavita asks Swara to stop it and says you will tell that I have killed Urvashi. Swara says I know that you was not there and haven’t killed her. She tries to see faces of the veiled woman. The veiled woman asks if she is insulting her. Swara says I won’t ask you to lift your veil. She goes near Kaveri and holds her hand. She lifts her veil and shows her face to everyone. They are all shocked seeing Kaveri.

Durga Prasad says you came back again. Swara says she was released 2 weeks ago, and I have realized that all the bad things happened in these 2 weeks. Kavita says nothing will be proved. Swara asks what she is doing here? Inspector says Kaveri was released from jail. She asks why you are lying? Kavita says nothing will be proved. Swara says no and holds Kaveri’s hand.Swara tells Inspector that the blood sample was of Kaveri which was found in the hotel room. She says we were wrong that night. Kavita was in the bakery. Kaveri entered the hotel room through the window and then killed her. After I left from there, she kept Urvashi’s body in bathroom.

Sanskar tells Inspector that he has proof for Swara’s innocence. Kavita asks him to stop it, and says let law do the work. Sanskar says I am seeing you since long and you are looking beautiful in bridal dress. He lifts her ghunghat and throws on floor. The chip seems to be hidden in her ghunghat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bechari ragini feeling bad for her

  2. They are just dragging it… Tomo also the same promo… Good news is tat it’s gonna be 1 hr from Monday…

  3. Wow thanks for fast update. WAITING FOR NEXT EPISODE.
    GOOD NEWS TO ALL SWARAGINI FANS-next week SWARAGINI serial will come for 1hour.???

  4. Finally….they didn’t stretch the episodes….thankfully….


  5. Yahuuuuuuuuuuu….now swasan will reunite but i wish i could kill laksh…which ragini should really do after knowing his truth

    1. Even I too wish the same… He is very cool after dng all these things… He shld feel tat he has done a very big mistake by marrying his gf… She shld be a vamp bahu…

      1. We too felt that when ragini truth revealed

  6. ragini I love u so much ur my favorite ….and I m vry huge and crazy fan of HelTej …..both r very cute and beautiful …….thank god meri ragu ki shadi laksh se nhi hui because I don’t like him……but one more thing meri ragu ne jo bhi kuch kiya h uss laksh ke liye or pyar ke liye ….mein chhahti hu ki uss sab ki saja ragu ko mile ….mujhe nhi lagta jo ussne maheshwari family ke sath kiya agar yahi sab meri ragu ke sath kiya jayee toh usse itna bura or woh itna nhi tuttegi jitna laksh ke cheat ki wajah se usse chot pahucha h …..so guys abb sayad iske baad meri ragini ke bare me mat bura bolna plsssss plsssss now I m very happy ki meri ragu ke life me sabse smart ladka entry karega …..but one problem ……mein apni ragini ke ankhon me asson nahi dekh sakti …..ragini mujhe toh kabhi mood karta h ki tumko sabse chupa ke ya kindnap karke le aau …..or tumhe life har kushiya do or tumare liye world best boy lau jo laksh se bahut jayda accha ho …..luv u ragini

  7. week trp swaragini 2.3(decreased 0.2)
    yrkkh 2.7 (increases 0.1)
    etr2 2.0(decreases 0.2)
    9th position in top 10..

  8. Wowwwww awesome epi wish to see sawsan together

  9. I have not watched this show since Kavita’s entry
    What has happened?
    Is Ragini helping Swara?

  10. wooowww. Atlast after much time, i got too see wat i want to happen in shw, n thanks foe update 🙂

  11. Stop this nonsense
    ,we want to see swara-sanskar & laksha-ragini together .

  12. Boring..

  13. Guys Good news…….
    Next week full we will have swaragini 1 hour episodes…..
    MATSH is ending and new serial will start only on 1 march…….
    Soo enjoy swasan wedding 😀

    1. Yupieeeee…but what abt raglak??

    2. wohooooooo what a news

  14. Oh god. Bakwas show. I want ragsan

    1. It is Swasan ,it is a confirmed news.

  15. yeah but sad to coz i miss matsh n i am happy with swasan’s marriage

  16. what is this cvs clear our doubt who killed mausi?? fb shown that kavita killed her and draged to wash room.. now shoeing that kaveri killed not swara? is this end of kavita track or not? i think she vl come back again after some time because now you people showing kaveri killed mausi and she is culprit?
    who is actual culprit of mausi murder is kaveri or kavita?

  17. Ya sana i heart yo man awesum….
    I hope they will show romance between our swasan…
    Kavita blo*dy pshyco…
    Precap is awesum….
    I cant wait…
    But i heart ki after laksh bitrayal…swaragini badi challi jayegi…
    No plzzzzzz ..
    I hope aisa kuch na ho..
    N that blo*dy laksh how can he slap shekar back…..wo uske papa ke umra ke hai…
    I hope swara sanky ko kuch blame na kare…..bichara wo kya karega…i hate u laksh..
    I now i seeiously think ki rags ke liye koi new entry ani chahiye….
    N that laksh’s gf uska n ragini ka koi comparison nai…laksh dont deserve ny one’s love uski ex ka bhi ni..usse bolna sambhalke kahi kai udki galti hote hua bhi usko ye kahke na chodde ki tum charecterlesss ya pshyco ho..
    Hey u laksh’s “ex”-gf ya phir mai kahu ” ex” kam rescent..(temporary) tum ragini ki barabari ni karrr sakti…
    N plzzz cv ragini ka naya hero introduce karo…
    Cute sa koi uske jaisa….(i know mai rags ki burai karti thi but abhi she is c0mpletely change n agar use apni galti ka pachatava hai n wo use sudhar rai hai…to thik hai yr banata .. Ek aur chance dena)
    hey swasan fans…
    Neha bhuvi shuva nik angel saba di…
    How r u alll….
    Guyzzzzz i m missing u allll…..
    Plzzzzzz comment….
    N yeh swasan rocked….
    Swasan forever……
    Love u swasan….

    1. Hi Lee Yup so true dear laksh became a pshyco slapping his elders and called Shekhar ghatiya ladkiyon ka baap how cheap is that he has turned more pshyco than ragini dp and ap should be ashamed of him my sanky is best he never insulted anyone even at the time of revenge infact protected swara from other evil eyes proud on him but u know what Lee somewhere I was damn sure that laksh’s character will stoop more low than ragini and see that happened only my swasan are best oops sorry our swasan they are fab and now for one week SR for one hour so cool na and missed you too dear hi everyone hope you all be back soon

      1. wat lksh called him ghatiya ladkiyon ka baap..n cld swara shameless chiii..lksh..khud kitne ghatiya ho..3 girls..saath affairs..Aaj lksh ko dekhke lg rha tha..wo iss duniya ka hai hi nai..mobile ko aise dekh rha tha jaise usse bhi shaadi krega..luxji nai gf mubarak ho..lolzz..bt jo bhi ho..itna kharab kyu kr rahe lksh ke character ko cvs dnt undrstnd..

  18. Will someone please tell me what is lakshya up to?

  19. In prvs epi dey showed kavity killing masi den hw kaveri is criminal..writers r confused abt der own script..n dat lafdebaj luchha lksh busy in his affairs..wtf..latr slapped his fthr in law…rln,mrgs is nt a game..koi bhi muh uthake aayi aur shadi krli fir tod li…. so much negativity..y rs shows full of drama..show sme +ve,cute scenes,rmnce otherwise change genere to drama nly..as ders no balance of drama romance (betn swasan)+ve things..n if.sr r singers y they wasting talent y alwys lead is typical bahu y nt career oriented,indipendant,girl at least nw rags shud bcme strong nt dat ronadhona suicide n al dat..after lksh left her..bring gd twist..nt reapetative one..ppl cant tolerate excess drama dats y trp is falling..n dat buddha serial yeh rishta bcme slot leader..epi shud be positivity with gd drama..i watch nly 2 serial dats naagin n sr..naagin has drama alng wid romnce n cute scenes btn ritik shivanya..n getting highest trps..y nt sr cvs r doing dat.. Nly drama show will loose trp as its nt ssk n sns..such crap..sr is difrnt frm dem..

  20. Please laksh don’t do this to ragini I like her veyvery much now.. And as u said she too should get a chance as u got after all mad it a mess

  21. plz finish off this serial fast u r dragging so much
    ragini u r very cute………………………

  22. ragini deserves this betrayal for whatever she has done with her in-laws. but it doesn’t mean that laksh slaps shekhar. how could he? now i feel he stooped more low than ragini….hate u laksh….i just hope that his new gf should show him hell

    1. totally agree with u sarah

  23. I hope SwaSan get married and have a few good romantic moments before any further twists. I agree with everyone regarding the murder plot. Nothing seems to be clear. Anyway its wait and watch.

  24. tejaswi is so beautiful…..why can’t she try for movies

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  26. hey any body is in school life

  27. kaveri killed mausi, that of kavita was only sanskar imagination..it was not real.the real culprit is kaveri, isne khoon ki hai

  28. Itss awsmmm

  29. I love u swara u r my faviourte . my faviourte jodi swara and sanskaar

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