Swaragini 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara thanking Ranveer and Deepika for saving Sanskar. They advice her on love and says they have came for their film promotion. Deepika asks her to decide what she wants in life. Swara goes behind Sanskar and tells that she want to show the party photo. A burqa clad woman comes there and snatches photo from her hand. Deepika goes behind her and gets a ring while the woman manages to escape. Ranveer and Deepika leaves from there. Burqa clad woman is revealed and she is none other than Ragini. Ragini says I have ended the proof and says now it is in my hands. She comes home and tells Dadi that she herself went to end the matter. She says Swara have to leave the house today, as I called someone.

Swara apologizes to Sanskar and says I couldn’t show the photo to you. She

says she is 100% sure that the ring belongs to Ragini, and says she might know Durga Prasad’s big secret and that’s why she made him sign on the papers. She asks Sanskar why he is not talking to her. Sanskar says my wish……A song plays…..Sanskar asks why you are staring me? Swara says my wish. Sanskar drops Swara home. Swara asks if he is not coming home. Sanskar says no and goes.

Society members come to Durga Prasad’s home and says we heard that you are having issues at home. Ragini says I called them here. Durga Prasad is shocked. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to move from there. Ram gets up from his place and asks Durga Prasad not to move from his place. Ragini sits on his place, and says Dadi gave her good values. She can’t sit with her sasur. Ram says you could have sat other side. Ragini reminds him that she is owner of the house and will sit wherever she wants to. Ragini serves tea to the guests. Swara enters then. Ragini says she is our problem. She says swara is bengali bahu of the house. Her husband has broken relation with her, and she is staying in the house forcibly. She says I don’t know if this is permitted in bengali society.

Swara says I want to stay in my marriage. Ragini says Sanskar has signed on the divorce papers. The society members give her 5 days and asks her to leave the house within 5 days else they will be force to throw her out. They leave. Durga Prasad, Swara and everyone are shocked. Dadi and Ragini smirks. Later Ragini tells Swara that she has done this for her betterment. Swara laughs and says really. You was scared of me, but you did a mistake by giving me 5 days. Ragini says these 5 days are going to be painful for you and says I will get you kicked out from here. Swara asks where is your ring and makes her wear the ring. She says I felt good seeing fear on your face. I knew that you have stolen the photos and asks where are they?

Ragini says she won’t give and asks her to leave. Swara says what do you think that I will leave and says this will not happen. She says you said that you will give me pain in these 5 days and says I will not back off as you was doing this only all this while. They say all the best to everyone. Ragini promises Swara that she will have more pain losing her second love. Swara says I won’t lose him. Dadi tells Ragini that Swara will never accept her defeat. Ragini says she is alone. Dadi is afraid of Swara.

Swara waits for Sanskar and turns to collide with him. Sanskar’s files falls down. Swara apologizes and says she want to talk about their divorce. Sanskar recalls Deepika’s words and asks what do you want to say. Swara says I don’t want to go from here and want to stay with you. Sanskar says I am sorry as I can’t trust you. How can your priorities changes overnight, and goes inside. Swara cries and breaks down. She says I love you……………..She tells herself that she can’t accept defeat so easily as it is her fight and she has to win. She says I have to prove my love to Sanskar within 5 days and I came here for him. I will make our relation better.

Ragini throws the photo album which she gets in Swara’s suitcase. Sanskar tells Swara that he don’t trust her. Swara promises to return in the house, to make everything right in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Now they are trying to show that sanskar is not good or bad. To make swara mahan all the characters are ruined. I can’t blame any actors. All the actors are doing their best. But the writters, *************. That’s all.

  2. Tara

    I wish sanskar to get to know about swara’s love and swara to know that he is wantedly hurting her to make her move on in her life

  3. Boring boring boring Ragini never changes and pta nahi kitna giregi shameless woman swara ka first love usse due karke chain nahi Mila Jo ab sanskar ko v usse due karna chahti hai . Ab writer ye na dikhaye Ki Ragini KO v sanskar se pyar Ho jayega it’s to boring always both sister love one person. How funny ?

  4. sandya

    tgi friday spoiler: swaragini: swara is leaving the house after saying bye to everyone. she vows to return home and make everything right. ragini checks swara’s bag and finds her few dresses and family photo frame of maheshwari family which she breaks angrily. swara shouts at ragini and picks the family photo from the floor. everyone looks on helplessely and couldn’t go against ragini’s wish. swara wishes someone stops her and hugs the family while shedding tears. ragini has become wall between swara and sanskaar. and also between swara and family. she wants to ruin their happiness.

  5. nik

    Ya tara, I too wish dat sanskar cms 2 know about swara’s lv fr hm as soon as possible. N ya one more thing n its to producers n directors of swaragini plzzz trn rags positive we want Teju only to play d chrctr of ragini . SWASAN rocks n SWASAN 4ever n ever.

  6. nehasuhana

    I can’t bear this that sanskar is doing so much to swara .please unite swasan plssss sanskar don’t avoid don’t hurt swara plssss

  7. jyoti

    swaragini: ragini throughs swara out of home, swara promises revenge.
    with ragini turning completely evil against maheshwari family and swara, color’s show swaragini is soon set to show up some revenge drama.
    it is seen that ragini has captured entire maheshwari family’s money, and she has come down humilating each family memebr including swara.
    ragini successfully create differenced in swara and sanskaar and will make them have divorce.
    ragini will later throw swara out of maheshwari house.
    before swara can leave , ragini will check swara’s bag and will find some clothes and maheshwari family phoytograph.
    ragini angrily will throw away the family photo , but swara will pick it up and will tell ragini to gear up to face consequences.
    let’s see how swara plan to avenge ragini and free maheshwari family from ragini’s clutches.

    • Vishwa

      How do u know that this will happen……..if something happens like this I will stop watching it bleady writer I hate him for this many waste situation

    • Shanu

      Actually the show was in good momentum till last week. But all of sudden Sans behaviour towards swara is not understandable. No where the director/writer giving an opportuntiy for Swara to clarify things with Sans. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Even yesterday an opportunity was created for SwaSan secluded moment,where Swara could have easily cleared the misunderstanding and reveal her love to Sans, but writer made again swara a mahan not bothered abt her life and speaks abt her CID act. Hope writer recreates the trust and love betwn SwaSan and show both together fight back Rags, which will be more appreciated by all.

  8. Rey

    totaly fed up wit dis show i feel lyk killing u ragini u r really ********* nd i feel so sad for swara y al r hurtng her dis much .. nd swaragini writers if u dn’t hav any idea to continue dis story means plzz learn frm swaragini ff writers bt dn’t make dragging soo much realy writers u al r irrating us ..

  9. Sharmila

    What a hell kind of serial..everytime Ragini succeed in her cheap discusting plans and where dadi has no right to interfere there she acts like she owes everything ..and she has made everything..why did dadi not punish ragini when she had killed swara almost by throwing her into the river..when she kidnapped swaras mother..when she did every evil things to hurt swara..why was there no punishment for ragini..I think dadi made ragini marry laksh for his wealth and a that love that ragini was acting to show for laksh..al was a trap..a dirty evil plan of Dadi and ragini..how cheap..all ragini and dadi need is a dirty slap in their faces in front of everything to make them realise how cheap and dirty they are..

  10. Dil

    Im too fedup with current track..
    How many dissapointmnts fr fans.. I feel really sad abt Swara.. Ragini snatched Swaras 1st lov. Now again her 2nd lov.. Y this much bad luck com her way.. Its better swara not fall in lov with anyone.. I hv stopped watching this painful story fm the beginning of this week jst reading telly updates.. Thats more than enough.. No reality in this show.
    Its not like past days of Swaragini. I really miss old swaragini.. Cheerful swara and innocent ragini..
    And the bond of Swasan..

  11. Sry to say this but in this show there is no importance for first love.First love never fails everytime but in this show first love fails everytime in everyone’s life so plz gave value, importance and if u want to give value for first love means plz reunite SWALAK plz it’s not just my point of u it’s my frndz point of u also so plz reunite SWALAK plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  12. Dil

    Cvs has created total opposite charachtr of Sanskar totally a sudden big change in him than bfore he was..really sad..

  13. jeevika

    high voltage drama in swaragini:
    show is indeed getting intense day by day and is showing some high end drama with ragini taking over the maheshwari family and torturing every member of the family including lakshya. and strong character of durga prasad also.
    in the upcoming episodes we will see that ragini plans against swara and takes her signatures on the divorce papers without her notice. the papers then are given to sanskaar and he believes ragini instead of swara. ragini also mentions on the papers that swara has asked alimony of 10crore.
    this makes swara leaves the house but she will challenge sanskaar that she will make him realize about the value of love again and her love will change him back. she tells him that she will make him realize what is right and wrong.
    also, ragini brings home durga prasad’s ex girl friend to her party which shocks him. he asks her to stop all the toture to which she asks him to name all the properties on her name and she says she will divorce lakshya. will swara make sanskaar realize? what will be her next step?

    • Vishwa

      How do u know that this will happen……..if something happens like this I will delete the colors Chanel…….and stop everyone who I know to watch it………sanskar is my favourite man now ur are making him villain……..bleady writer and director and that channel colors

    • Hima

      No need to change your name Jeevika,we appreciate you a lot because you always gives us exact spoilers on time,I was a silent reader but now I thank you for your effort, I check comments just to see if you have posted something.

  14. Harsha

    Swara-Ragini’s fygt ws vry nyc.Plz stop dat non-sense Nagin Dadi-Psycho Poti drama.Plz unite SwaSan.I can’t undrstnd one thng dat hw cn a wmn lyk Ragini s alwys in tch vth goons? Teju,SwaSan rockz.Ragini plz plz dnt intrfr in our cute SwaSan’s swt rltnshp

  15. jeevika

    in today segmnt they showed she confessed her love in temple area of house where ragini also there she asks him to give her chanceand she never doubts him again and also she literrly fell on her knees and pleading home as she wants to save there realationship. sanskaar tells her that kaise yakeen kar tum par? she is not believing her? and ragini also stands there. so after this she vows to comeback and save the family and she comes out from family by taking elders blessings. she confessed she loves him but he is not trusting is this means is acts to trust ragini or he really not believing swara… confusing about sanskaar character now… and now he is hurting her more.. which he cannot see her anyone hurt now he is hurting her more… see breaksdown and hurt more..

    • angel

      ragini is mistaken……….sanskar is not swara’s 2nd love…..he is swara’s 1st true love……………..

      • Shwetha

        In this show I agree Swasan is the pair and I agree with u totally,it is finalised,Swasan are meant to be soulmates and true lovers.

  16. Vishwa

    What the helllll just make sanskar to know love of swara……..and why are u making ut an issue……….boring

  17. superman

    Now tht they have shown many slapping scenes I wish they also show that dadi tied to something and all family members turn by turn slap her and dt psyco ragini to be sent to some mental hospital from where she wont be able to come back

  18. amee

    I can’t find any words for this show
    It was my favourite show nd i never missed any episode but now i m not watching it bcoz of the tract
    Now its no more favourite its the worst show
    Y ragini is always -ve
    Nd wen swara dont loved sanky then he was wth hr alwys bt wen she loves him he is ignoring hr
    Y cnt u guyz make ragini +ve nd unite swasan
    PRODUCER JI You should chng yr writer or WRITER should learn frm the ff writers they mch mch better writter thn yours
    Plllssssssssszz think once

  19. Teju

    Please…dont shw us ragini’s face.,its very boaring,.her daily drama dekne ki koi shok nai he hume…ragini ko hatado warna trp bilkum age nai badne wala…hate hate hate that b*t*h ragini

  20. aradhya

    Yrr….guyzz we should start a campaign.. .in which we should stop watching this serial..n demand fr swasan..n swaragini….a new vamp will be appreciated!!!!……rags should be positive ..though they can unite raglak after sometime….bt tejaswi should not leave the show…as no one other than her would be appreciated….

  21. Arre yaar koi swasan ko kuch tym k liye ek kamre mein band karo or swara ko sharaab pilado or bahar se taala lga do taki sanky swara ko sambhale n swara apne dil ki saare baat nashe mein bol de or sanky ke hosh gum ho jaayen

  22. Boring boring chal kya raha hai ye?swara bilkul akeli hogayi i’m vry sad fr her n pls sanskar k character ko spoil mat karo,i want swasan back pls

  23. harshvardhan

    swara deserve this. she has already done same behave with lakshay. I want swara hurt badly and never get sanskar as lakshay could not bring her in life back. and plz if u writers understand the meaning of love make it swalak only swalak.

  24. ishveer

    What hell is going on this stuip as well as meaning show…all time this serial portray that swara is innocent, brilliant, etc ..other characters of this show are rude ,brainless, cheater, etc as per the situation of this show….I hate this serial. Such a meaningless show…I hate swara acting…

    • Hi nik,
      How are you? Yeah I also hope something like that happens. I remember once the Same thing happened in thapki piyar ki. Bihaan and thapki got drunk and them both were so funny in their drunken state, they made me laugh.

  25. neha

    hi everyone hi shuva how r u? I know everyone would have a doubt on sanky’s character even I too have the same but somewhere my instincts are not satisfying with it I feel like he is doing it purposely as may be he doesn’t believe that swara loves him but he knows about her character that she will never demand money and if he thinks that she has returned to fight with ragini then how can she sign the divorce papers without fulfilling her missions but if he also disbelief her then there is nothing to watch I hope they regain their understanding and become one and yeah they should be locked somewhere so that they can clear everything btw them now I am really fed up with their separation please don’t divorce them demand was for romantic moments btw them not of separation SWASAN FUSION NOT FISSION

    • Hi neha
      I’m fine thanks. What about you
      How are you? Yeah I agree with you and I guess we just have to wait and see what really happens. I don’t know why all the celebrities has to come in Swaragini and make Swasan understand that they are made for each other. I mean first it was salman and sona kapoor and now Ranvir and dipika. Who will be next Baracka obamah the president of United state of America. I’m fed up with the current track. That psyco ragini and her dadi of hers are very annoying.

  26. Abhi

    where is dida? Hope she will return and give a tight slap to dadi.

    She will put ragini in jail as she has proof. The cd which was made by swara,sanskar and lakhs to expode ragini

  27. sanju

    This is too boring. Always u show that evil wins easily but good have to suffer until they broke. If u want to make TRP go up plz me it realistic. This is totally bullshit
    . I’m.from Sri Lanka. Even we do not like swaragini’s on going track.

  28. nehasuhana

    Hi neha,Shuva exactly u r correct there is something hidden in sanskars behaviour to swara wait and see anyway it’s so hurting me and u also so writers plssss swasan fission and i am eagerly waiting for the cute swasan scenes plssssd

  29. Akshatha

    Plzzzzz swasan ko unite karo plzzz swara dnt leave plzz otrwse it wll b vry brng yar i hate writers y ?????? u ppl r dng ths plzz I cnt tolerate all ths engh plzz stop d nonsence plzz k sawsan ko ek karo I used write same comment as swasan ??

  30. happy

    I think Ragini is doing all this on some compulsion. Her expression is not revenge full nor happy. Why dadi is suddenly changed so much. As suggested by someone in comment section I also think dadi’s husband might have been kidnapped. The ransom must be maheswari’s house destruction. Hence they both doing it.

  31. riya

    just kill ragini plz make swasan soon font drag as ssk plz make swasan unite I’m just watching this serial fr swasan

  32. Every things that s happening s just because of laksh.and he does not even trie to make things better .when ragini s making her moves,i think laksh should make some moves too.how many time will swara save him.he should trap ragini in his fake love and take everything back.

  33. pragna

    swaragini writers do what ever u want but plz dont spoil sanskar’s character….i missed swasan haldi,mehandi,sangeet etc….after their divorce..plz show swasans marriage

  34. K.praveena

    I really accept above kavya comment. This seriel only shows everyone’s first love becomes fails. I don’t accept that. First laksh be a hero of the show now sanskar. And now a days writter shows only a few portion of laksh. Plz writter don’t spoiler laksh charector even ragini too. Plz ragini turned into positive. Still laksh has a same heart but most important only 4 sanskar. But laksh did a only 1 mistakes that Laksh plans to kidnapping ragini. My point of u that’s not him mistake bcoz he many pain gets in heart only 4 ragini. So writter create more scence of laksh. Atleast make it only one appearence of laksh in every epi.

    • agree with u praveena u r right i want swalak because first love never fails and never will fail
      the one and only thing which laksh did wrong is that he didnt belive swara that is the wrong which he had done everyone will belive ragini because of her innocent act idiot at starting she was littles sweet but now i dont know wat to say sorry if i have hurted someone

  35. cherry

    now i’m getting doubt that is really sanskaar loves swara.. if he loves her then why he hurting her like this.. hope he is hurt broken then how much he did to her she forgiven him but he is not forgiving her then whats this? is cvs try to ruin his character also if they done like this with sanskaar charcter no one will watch the show…

  36. K.praveena

    I don’t want swara and laksh reunite scence. I know swara married sanskar and also sanskar turned into +role. Most of them accepted in married relation too accepted swara sanskar pair. But laksh also hero of the show. Y u r creating few scence of laksh. Now sanskar be a hero that means laksh is not bad. He really nice charector. Creater changed protoganist into antogonist. Plz ragini turned positive role. I want raglak scence. Coming to epi today i really feel ragini did a revenge drama and someone’s behinds this drama.

  37. K.praveena

    Varsha i can’t understand ur feelings. U want swalak pair. But it’s not possible bcoz creater spoil the laksh role.and sanskar be a positive. I really like sanskar too. Firstly authors showing laksh was hero but now i really feel he is supporting role.

  38. kirti

    Hey nik shuva n neha thnx fr ur cmments n yaar yestrday night i was searching fr ur comments n u know wat evn i was laughing whille typing n reading it
    N also aftr dat room drama it shud b a sholay scene in front of d family by swara (scene in dat movie where viru blames mausi fr basnti ) n here swara shud blame rags fr sanky
    Ha such scenes wud b enough fr our relief n zero headache

  39. nik

    Hiiiii……Shuva, rids, neha, n all others. I think enough punishment for swara, sanskar plzzzzzzz frgv hr. Even she begged you on hr knees to gv 1 last chance n she also confessed hr feelings dat she lvs u then why u r behaving sooo…..rude. U promised hr on KC morning dat u will nvr evr bcm d coz of hr tears bt since last 2 weeks u md hr cry bucket of tears. Dis is not dn sanky, really not.

    • neha

      yeah nik u r right atleast now sanswara but u know what I have a strong feeling that sanskar is upto something against ragini as swara pleaded for last chance in inhouse temple then also he will disbelief her is not at all digestable to me just waiting for further epis to clear my doubt and I think all swasan fans are waiting for same

  40. nik

    N ya I think tejaswi I still shooting, may b she ll leave on 1 of feb. Bt I rly want to see hr in swaragini as our positive ragini.

  41. anu

    ragini dupes swara into signing divorce papers.
    hell bent on driving swara out of the maheshwari household, she gets swara’s signatures. its look like swasan fans are in for some heartbreak. yes, ragini hasreporetedly getting swara’s sign on divorce papers. and tells her to leave the maheshwari mansion.
    the current track of swaragini is focused on ragini and her dominance over maheshwaris. she has blackmailed durgaprasad into handing over the property and assests. however, she has opposition from swara who is determined to return everything to durgaprasad . at the same time she is trying her best to win back sanskaar’s love after she wrongly accusing him of kidnapping ragini. he is terribly upset with her and told her to end their relation at the earliest.
    in the coming days, we will see ragini showing divorce papers with swara’s sign befor maheshwari family. she will vehemently deny signing them. taking this opprtunity, ragini will tarnish swara’s image saying how she is ruining sanskaar’s life by using him in her missions.
    swara, who has clearly told ragini that she is not moving out of maheshwari home will be shocked and doubt the credibility of the papers. then, she will try to find out how ragini managed to get her signatures.
    we will also see a lot of emotional scenes, especially from swara who wants desperately reconcile with sanskaar. she has realised her love for him and wants to give their relation a chance. will sanskaar undestand swara’s feeling is what is what viewer’s are waiting for.

  42. anu

    swara to leave maheshwari house in swaragini??
    did ragini win this round or is it possible that somebody, say sanskar will stop swara from leaving?
    telly tadka already updated our readers about ragini getting swara’s signatures on the divorce papers. now did the evil woman trick swara into signing those papers or did she forge the signatures is yet to be known.
    following this sequence, swara will be seen leaving the maheshwari house after bidding good-bye to everyone, while they look on helplessly as the one person was their only hope, who had the willpower and determination to stand up against ragini and fight against the injustice in the house, bids adieu.
    however swara vows to return and make everything right. while swara is leaving ragini checks swara’s bag and finds the family photo frame she is taking with her which ragini breaks angrily.
    swara shouts at ragini and picks the family photo frame from the floor. ragini has vowed to seperate swara and the family because she knows as long as swara is around she can’t do anything.
    swara has no choice but to leave the house, which does not make sense because the divorce papers are yetto be filed in the court. and until that happens swara is still very much sanskaar’s wife, but we know better than to question these tracks as it’s a hindi daily soap after all.
    how will swara find her way back into the maheshwari house? will sanskaar bring her back?
    keep reading this space for more updates.

    • Hi anu,
      How are you? Thanks for the update. You know what I got the feeling that sanskar may stop or bring back swara back. I hope that happens.

      • Woops it didn’t make sense.
        OK here it goes. I got the feeling that sanskar may stop swara from leaving. or if swara does leave then sanskar may bring swara back. I just hope that happens.

    • bhuvi

      If san bring swaragini back then am dam sure the show will reach high ttp… ‘coz fans are dying for their union… N I ll start watching this show again Oly if he brings her back…

  43. Sunshine

    Oh god…not again….I’m tired of seeing Ragini’s disgusting doings. And dadi, she’s breaking her own granddaughters marriage. Sick, totally cheap.
    I just want swara to use her head and put raging behind bars. But I’m not sure if rags would get jailed cause she has power and money now.
    Swara can probably use rags deeds to blackmail her and ask her to get out of their lives forever. It’s highly annoying and I’m too fed up.
    I’m just quitting watching this show. There’s no meaning, no respect, no love nor is there anything inspiring. It was one of the best serials I knew, now I can’t remember any other serial getting this worse.

    • Hi sunshine,
      How are you? Exactly I agree with you.
      I just want swara to use her brain and threaten that psyco ragini that she’s got proof against her and she will use it. Infact she should just go to the police and show the CD them. The whole ragini track thing is boring me to death.

  44. Sandy

    Latest news swara to enter mm again with the help of laksh threatening ragini to put behind bars if she comes again in swaras way the CD of her confession would reach media so ragini to threaten durgaprasad to throw swara out of house else his secret will be revealed

  45. siya

    Wat??? Lucky will bring swara back?? Am really disappointed with san… I thought he ll realize her love n ll bring her back… Now san ll misunderstand swara n laksh… No… Don’t do this with us… We want the love btw swasan n sanlak n swaragini n sanlak… Plz……

  46. prima

    not again ya again ragini wins like divorce paper signatures and all we want sanskaar and swara to be together ya what is this nonsense again. I am gonna quit watching this show and for sure if you continue like this you will lose many viewers

  47. cha

    I don’t like swara.it would be bettter if helly playe the negative role and ragini played the posositive role. bcoz

    • cha

      i don’t like swara. it would be better if helly played the negative role and ragini played the positive role.

      • Well to be honest I don’t want any of them to be negative. I just hope ragini turns positive soon so that this serial won’t be called psycoragini but yeah swaragini.

  48. kirti

    Hey siya yaar i agree wid u
    N now all i want is dida she is d best n can help in swasan union in her unique way n can also make d lyf of dadi a living hell
    O i evn feel to set dis bl**dy production house on fire if dey wanna show such a drastic boring n irritating track
    O ya lyk nik neha n shuva said ” we want SWASAN FUSION NOT FISSION”

    • Hi rids,
      What’s up? How are you? Yeah it’s been long that you didn’t comment here. I don’t know what’s happening in this serial (psycoragini). I just want this ragini’s track to end cause it’s boring me to death.

    • Rids

      Yeah… It’s been very long. Haven’t read Wats happnd nor seen it.. M too bored to read also. M jus guessing frm all the comments now soon swara vil be thrown out nd she has to find a way to cm back… Swasan s too far to happen.. They hv spoilt the serial now…

  49. siya

    Hey rids… Am really fed up wit this cv … I feel like killing everyone… Irritating idiots… I want san to bring swa back to mm… Not lucky… They wanna confuse us over pair.. But v won’t we always be as swasan fans… They may bring thousand boys in to swara’s life..but swara is Oly for san… N decided not to watch until they unite swasan…

  50. Sandy

    Latest news:
    Ragini is insulting all the family members and laksh and sanskar are planning something against ragini let’s see whose plan will work and its shown DAT when all are leaving home ragini messing the home and asks everyone to settle the things

  51. Akshatha

    Wt d hll wrng wth u ppl dn’t separate swasan plzzz Dadi she gone mad y she is sprtng ragini plzzz ftp ths stpd drama swasan ko ek karo ?????????? vry bad… once swaragini is my fav srl bt nw i ht it… it’s vry dffclt 2 me say ths?

  52. meghs

    upcoming high drama in swaragini
    ragini throws water on AP face & also dusting the cloth. She insult AP. Rags says i am bad n i will insult them… sanskar n laksh get angry n insult ragini.. sanskar says it was getting worse; she cant insult his family… sanskar throws water on rags face. rags says she will give him answer..
    she throws things n spoils the floor.;asking Ap to clean it

    next sanlak to got together to stand against ragini..

  53. meghs

    upcoming drama will be rags insulting AP… she throws water on Ap face.. sanlak will get angry n insult rags.. sanskar tells she cant insult his family.. sanskar throws water on rags face .. ragini gets angry throw things n spoil floor n ask ap to clean floor

    next sanskar n laksh will be together to stand against ragini…

  54. Sandy

    Hey what’s going on latest spoiler stated that ragini is trying to win sanskar’s trust to hurt swara and maheswari family

  55. Sansker may not come under raginis words… Though he dont spk to swara..deep inside the hrt he still trust swara and miss her a lot..this drama of ragini may fail this tym..bec swara sanskar always rocks…??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.