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The Episode starts with Swara thanking Ranveer and Deepika for saving Sanskar. They advice her on love and says they have came for their film promotion. Deepika asks her to decide what she wants in life. Swara goes behind Sanskar and tells that she want to show the party photo. A burqa clad woman comes there and snatches photo from her hand. Deepika goes behind her and gets a ring while the woman manages to escape. Ranveer and Deepika leaves from there. Burqa clad woman is revealed and she is none other than Ragini. Ragini says I have ended the proof and says now it is in my hands. She comes home and tells Dadi that she herself went to end the matter. She says Swara have to leave the house today, as I called someone.

Swara apologizes to Sanskar and says I couldn’t show the photo to you. She

says she is 100% sure that the ring belongs to Ragini, and says she might know Durga Prasad’s big secret and that’s why she made him sign on the papers. She asks Sanskar why he is not talking to her. Sanskar says my wish……A song plays…..Sanskar asks why you are staring me? Swara says my wish. Sanskar drops Swara home. Swara asks if he is not coming home. Sanskar says no and goes.

Society members come to Durga Prasad’s home and says we heard that you are having issues at home. Ragini says I called them here. Durga Prasad is shocked. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to move from there. Ram gets up from his place and asks Durga Prasad not to move from his place. Ragini sits on his place, and says Dadi gave her good values. She can’t sit with her sasur. Ram says you could have sat other side. Ragini reminds him that she is owner of the house and will sit wherever she wants to. Ragini serves tea to the guests. Swara enters then. Ragini says she is our problem. She says swara is bengali bahu of the house. Her husband has broken relation with her, and she is staying in the house forcibly. She says I don’t know if this is permitted in bengali society.

Swara says I want to stay in my marriage. Ragini says Sanskar has signed on the divorce papers. The society members give her 5 days and asks her to leave the house within 5 days else they will be force to throw her out. They leave. Durga Prasad, Swara and everyone are shocked. Dadi and Ragini smirks. Later Ragini tells Swara that she has done this for her betterment. Swara laughs and says really. You was scared of me, but you did a mistake by giving me 5 days. Ragini says these 5 days are going to be painful for you and says I will get you kicked out from here. Swara asks where is your ring and makes her wear the ring. She says I felt good seeing fear on your face. I knew that you have stolen the photos and asks where are they?

Ragini says she won’t give and asks her to leave. Swara says what do you think that I will leave and says this will not happen. She says you said that you will give me pain in these 5 days and says I will not back off as you was doing this only all this while. They say all the best to everyone. Ragini promises Swara that she will have more pain losing her second love. Swara says I won’t lose him. Dadi tells Ragini that Swara will never accept her defeat. Ragini says she is alone. Dadi is afraid of Swara.

Swara waits for Sanskar and turns to collide with him. Sanskar’s files falls down. Swara apologizes and says she want to talk about their divorce. Sanskar recalls Deepika’s words and asks what do you want to say. Swara says I don’t want to go from here and want to stay with you. Sanskar says I am sorry as I can’t trust you. How can your priorities changes overnight, and goes inside. Swara cries and breaks down. She says I love you……………..She tells herself that she can’t accept defeat so easily as it is her fight and she has to win. She says I have to prove my love to Sanskar within 5 days and I came here for him. I will make our relation better.

Ragini throws the photo album which she gets in Swara’s suitcase. Sanskar tells Swara that he don’t trust her. Swara promises to return in the house, to make everything right in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sansker may not come under raginis words… Though he dont spk to swara..deep inside the hrt he still trust swara and miss her a lot..this drama of ragini may fail this tym..bec swara sanskar always rocks…??

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