Swaragini 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ragini getting ready for the janmasthami festival. Just then blackmailer throws message paper in her room. Ragini looks down from the window and then comes back near dressing table. Ragini reads his message asking her to stay at home, take locker keys from Annapurna and leave those keys on her bed only. She sends message to Swara. Swara asks her not to worry and says I will handle everything. Ragini reads the message and looks on tensed. Annapurna tells Sujata that she was thinking to make Gewar along with halwa. Sujata says you thought good. Swara comes to kitchen. Sujata asks her to give sugar. Swara sees keys kept there and is about to take it, but it falls because of Sujata. Annapurna takes the keys. Swara thinks to take keys from Annapurna somehow.

Everyone get ready

and gather in the hall. Annapurna says we are getting late. Sujata asks where is Adarsh and Laksh. Annapurna says they are in the meeting and couldn’t come. Sujata calls Ragini. Annapurna says where is she? Swara gets tensed. Sujata says halwa is getting cold. Ragini comes there and thinks of an excuse to stay at home. She signs Swara and feigns to faint. She falls on sofa. Swara rushes to her. Ragini holds her head and acts to feel dizzy. Annapurna and Sujata get worried. Sujata asks Utara to bring water. Swara asks are you fine? Swara eyes Annapurna’s keys. Utara brings water. Swara makes her drink it. Annapurna asks are you fine? Ragini looks unwell. Swara manages to steal Annapurna’s keys. Durga Prasad says I will call Shekhar and inform that we can’t come. Annapurna says they will feel bad. Ragini says I am feeling better now. She asks them to go and says I will reach there before Maha Aarti. She asks Swara to make them understand. Swara asks them to sit in car and says I will make her sleep in room. Annapurna and Sujata ask her to take care and go. She tells Ragini that keys are under the sofa, and leaves. Ragini takes out keys from underneath the sofa and looks on.

Sumi and Shekhar welcome Durga Praasad and his family. Dadi sees Swara and gets tensed. Swara hugs Sumi and Shekhar. Shekhar blesses her. Dadi asks Sumi to take them inside. Sujata tells Sumi that she made halwa bhog. Sumi asks about Ragini. Swara says Ragini will come after sometime as she has some work. Ragini writes message to Swara and asks her not to worry. She goes to Annapurna’s room and keep keys on her bed. She feels apologetic and thinks she is doing this against her wish. She determines to catch blackmailer red handed and expose him.

Sumi asks Swara, why you are ignoring me and asks if something happened? Dadi gets worried and says there is nothing as such. Sujata notices Annapurna’s keys missing and asks her to check. Swara asks her not to worry and says keys must be left at home. Ragini gets message from blackmailer that he is feeling good seeing her alone at home. She gets shocked and scared. She reads blackmailer asking her to go to locker room. She goes there and sees blackmailer standing . Blackmailer signs her to give her phone. Ragini gives her phone. Blackmailer switches off her phone. Sujata asks Swara to call Ragini and asks about keys. Swara calls Ragini, but her phone is off. Blackmailer signs Ragini to open the locker and shows knife. Annapurna worries for Ragini. Swara says she sent message to me that she is fine. Ragini opens the locker.

Pandit ji does puja and asks everyone to close their eyes. He says God Krishna is born now, and asks them to say Jai Nand lal ki. Blackmailer signs Ragini to move and takes all the money from locker. Swara calls Ragini and gets worried. Ragini looks on shocked. Swara sees everyone busy in puja and thinks to go home and help Ragini. Everyone pray closing their eyes and swing the cradle. Ragini thinks I have to do something. This man can’t go from here so easily. She sees blackmailer seeing house and property papers.

Blackmailer comes downstairs. Ragini follows him and tries to take papers from his hand. Swara hits on his head and he gets unconscious. Swara moves his mask and sees his face. He is none other than Adarsh. Swara is shocked and says Bhaiyya….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yashal

    Again fainting drama but I love u so much team di and ragini

    1. Yashal

      I mean teja di

  2. omg teju/ragini was looking very beautiful

  3. Iamsofianeak

    Lovee swaraginis episodes this week 🙂
    & plz wht the song on the precaap ! mean the background music..

  4. swara nd ragini look very beautiful


    1. The channel is Colors and the show is Swaragini

  6. Mica

    having smart daughter in law is horrible thing for mother in law….weeewww

  7. ragini s looking so beautiful love u teja

  8. Yaah definitely ragini is so beautiful

  9. teju iz a gorgeous doll.u are the oly reason i bear this show.her beauty,her voice,her talent,her eyes,her acting..im crazy fan f her.love u princess.i wonder how she manages to look so pretty everyday..

  10. AnuAnn

    Boring episode till now… No sanlak.. BT swaragini looking beautiful.. But wish if they also provide designer dresses to my shona like ragini.. Ragini’s get up is like a queen bt swara’s too simple.. Simple bt elegant..anyway u always looks cute and gorgeous in any dresses my cutie doll helly

  11. Today my doll teja looked more than stunning. First time the Cv’s did something good for my princess. Love you a lot teja Bae ??❤

  12. Mica

    omg.. Swara sooo multi talented, she was kinda a pro thief cum pilferer.
    iizzhhh why she is so cute and hot in the same time.

  13. What was in that video with which patineeti.was blackmailing Ragini?

  14. Nice episode like it love you swara u look to nice in pink Sari and simple makeup ?????????????

  15. Nowadays ragini was looking stunning.but yesterday she looked like a princess

  16. Swara looking so beautiful in pink saree and simple makeup!! 🙂

  17. Vyshu10

    Helly looking stunning and cute in pink

  18. Shrinjal

    Friends plzz do read my ff- Kismat Connection

  19. amazing truth is out

  20. Ohh God
    I just hate this type of tracks as no swasan or raglak romance is shown
    Iss show khaasiyat in ka romance hi hai to pls woh zyada dikhaao

  21. Yeah truth is out.. Nd swara looks so cute…love u helly nd swasan

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