Swaragini 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The neighbors asks Swara to leave from the Baadi. Shekhar says Swara shall leave this Baadi and accepts Neighbors sayings. Swara agrees to go from Baadi and tells Sumi that she will go to Kaka’s house, Mumbai. The neighbors thank her for accepting their demand. Dadi says she has taken a right decision for first time. Swara says it will be a good change for her. Dida asks Sumi to make arrangements for Swara’s leaving. Ragini calls Swara and asks her to come to Police station to free her husband. She says why my husband shall be punished. Swara asks her to come. They come to the Police station. Swara signs on the papers and takes back the complaint. Laksh comes out of lock up. Swara apologizes to him on Dida’s behalf. Laksh asks Ragini to come. Ragini tells him that she wants to talk to Swara. Laksh

says he will wait for her outside.

Ragini thanks Swara, and says it is because you are leaving from here. She says this change will be good for you and me. You have taken a good decision. May be I can move on with Laksh towards a happy marriage. Swara says you meant about my Mumbai trip. Ragini says I couldn’t forget that you are my sister. Swara says you means that after whatever you have done to us. She says you are really innocent, I am not going anywhere. My parents stay here, and I will not go anywhere. She says something is going to happen which will take away your sleep, and it is a surprise. Ragini looks on shocked.

Swara calls Ragini and asks her to turn and see. Ragini turns and looks at Swara in her balcony. Swara says why there is a wall between them. She asks her to unite her parents and become Swaragini again. She asks will you unite our parents, and asks her to reply? Ragini disconnects the call and closes the door refusing her words.

Dida asks Swara if she is sure to go with the planning. Swara says they don’t have any other option. She feels sad that she has to hide her plan with Sumi. Dida asks her not to feel bad and says she will convince Sumi. Swara says she will not let her parents suffer because of Ragini. Dida says it is 4 pm now, and asks her to start her work. Swara asks her to wish her luck. Sumi tells her that she talked to Kaka and he will pick her from airport. She says they will stay together once everything gets fine. Swara says she is doing this for them. Sumi asks did you take print out of the ticket. Swara hugs her and says sorry.

Sumi asks why? Swara says as I am leaving you. Dida says you have agreed to neighbors sayings. Sumi says I would have also come with you. Swara says I am going to miss you. Sumi asks her to go, and says she will also come to her. Swara hugs her again and tells bye. She is leaving from Baadi and says bye to Ragini. She takes her stuff and starts walking. Annapurna, Sujata and Parineeta come there, followed by Laksh.. Laksh looks at her and turns his face. Swara goes to him and asks to promise that he will forget her from his mind and heart.

Annapurna asks Laksh to come. Laksh says you have a big misunderstanding, I just hate you. Swara says hatredness is a strong feeling than love, and leaves a mark on the person. She says until I stay in your heart even in the form of hatred, Ragini can’t make her place. She asks him to give place to Ragini in his heart. She tells that she is leaving for forever and tells bye. Annapurna asks Laksh to come. Laksh sees her going with her baggage and stands helpless. Annapurna asks him to come. Dadi asks Ragini to stop thinking about Swara. She asks her to smile. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that something is going to happen in her life.

Swara and Sanskar come to the Baadi wearing garlands. Swara calls Sumi. Everyone turns and looks on shockingly. Laksh holds Swara and asks is this your new trick? Sanskar asks Laksh to move away, and tells that Swara is his wife now. Laksh is shocked. Swara asks Ragini, if she will not give her best wishes on her marriage.

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  1. ?minnie?

    Now the game has started…. it will b fun now ….cheap ragini count ur days of being good in everyones heart ….

  2. Torandu

    Swara stop this nonsense plan and leave others to live happily …un velaiya pathutu poiyen … Kadupethitu … Unakulam .. innum kashta paduva paaru ….

  3. Honey

    Now swara will show Ragini what she worth for. Waiting for swasan. Still Laksh is in confusion whether he loves swara or not. Whatever the story is in good line.

  4. ADELE( Anu)

    U ppl still support ragini?????????? N how can u all say that swara snatched ragini’s love? Laksh was NEVER ragini’s love……….! It is ragini who played games wid swara n snatched laksh from him……
    AND in all this, the biggest mistake is of DADI n DP!!! Who still believe in the age old custom that the YOUNG ONES CAN’T CHOOSE THEIR OWN PARTNERS N HAVE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES WID THE ONES THEIR ELDERS CHOOSE FOR THEM…….DP never asked about laksh’s opinion……………n wen DP has understood his mistake …. it was too late ……….!!!
    If only once DP had asked laksh about his opinion b4 pressing on him the pressure of marrying rags……………this all wud’nt have happened…….

    N that over innocent ragiini!!! What to say!!!! Itne achche karm kite hai paagal ne!!!????

  5. ADELE( Anu)

    Seriously……ragini has ruined the relationship of a sister!!! A sister is the best friend one can have……..n that pshyco spoiled it!!???

  6. dhanu

    Hi anu sis plz come hang out I’m dhanu. Precap sanskar will tell laksh stay away from my wife it’s rocking. I like sanra and lakra very much. Both pair was cute.

  7. The story ahead could be like Swara has married to Sanskaar and is in the Maheshwari House Annapurna removes Sanskaar and Swara out of time house…Soon Sanskaar falls in love with Swara On the other hand Laksh can’t forget Swara and tells Ragini that he is unhappy with their marriage and wants a divorce and after Divorce Ragini mistakenly tells everyone in the Maheshwari house the truth and then Ragini is arrested buy the police.Laksh proposes Swara but she doesn’t accept his proposal and says she loves Sanskaar and spend her life only with him…

  8. Munch

    Swara it’s ur Turn now… Just teach ragini what is true love n happiness… Wat s t meaning of family.. Please make laksh to know his mistake.. Unite swara with laksh.. Because true love only gives happiness..

  9. Swasan….doing very well n yes,tit for tat……..ragini u just wait n wetch…….:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:PSwasan…rookkkkkk baddy……..

  10. Hey..,, guise …mera point of view yeHai agr lukky ka love true hota to usme trust hota ….bina trust ke pyar h ..i het u lukkkkky …swara we love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………..,,,,,,, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  11. rosy

    I agree if laksh thinks it was a mistake 4 him to love swara it means he never trustd his love…he even questnd swara abt whether she realy took drugs nd frm dat point of tym he had a doubt on her…may b sanskar startd it all bt nw he supports swara….wen he cn support swara y cnt laksh??
    Dats y swara shdnt get back to laksh…

  12. Shy

    The serial does not show us the proper justification. Sanskar, swara and lakhya all 3 of them do not get their first love while by cheap and evil means ragini gets her first love. What is this ?? Is this a justification?? I know whatever lakhya has done to swara by not trusting her and marrying ragini. Now lakhya does not deserve swara. Moreover ragini n lakhya’s pair doesnot suit. Swara suits both with sanskar and lakhya. I donot know how the serial will be proceeded after swara-sanakar’s fake marriage. Hope the serial will end with proper justification.:)

  13. nira

    donno why watever show i chose der is cpl cnfsn first it ws nauc n der ws niraj vs nibir war in dis show der is swasan vs swarya war

  14. Shy

    Swaragini does not show us any kind of justification. Swara, lakhya, sanskar do not get their first love but by evil and cheap means ragini get her first love. What is this ?? Is it any kind of justification?? I think no. Now lakhya also does not deserve swara as he does not trust her and marries ragini. Moreover lakhya and ragini as couple does not suit but swara suits and looks good with both lakhya and sanskar. I donot know how the serial will be proceeded after swara-sanskar’s fake marriage but at the end every one needs justification. Move over it is my best serial but after ragini -lakhya’s marriage i am very much dissapointed. It could be shown that after lakhya swara’s marriage ragini, sanskar go on and try to ruin their relationship n in the meantime they would fall in love with each other and swara will help them to be good persons. Then the pair would b like this swara-lakhya and ragini-sanskar. Probably it would look better.:)

  15. Simzain

    swara is not oversmart she is actng wise..ager wo rags ki sachyi bina kisi prve ke subko batati no one wld have trusted her. rags wld hve got nther chance to show her drama of innocence..swara wil not make her life a living hell her pal rags ko ab apni asliyath pata chal jane ka subko darr laga rahega she cld not evn njoy her so cld mrd life jo usne itne dhoko ke baad paayi hai per kya faida hoga…aur isi pareshani me she wil commit a mistake n wil b caught per wo sub hone abhi araam se 2 mahine to hoge hi b i think tub tak sandkar to swara se pyaar hojayga he wil feel dat swara has d same innocense in her like kavita…n jus swarigini naam hone se kya hota hai aisa bahut baar bataya gaya hai ke close relations hve misundertood each other n went agnst dem like in bidai ragini went against sadhna though she luved her so much so its human nature circumstances changes evrythng though fr time bng…n may b in d end rags wil also feel dat she has commited grave mistake coz sachayi samne ajane ke baad uska sath koi bai dega n she wil loose laksh also as a frnd n hubby ka pyaar to usku milne se raha laksh se he luvs swara n wil alwayz do… shayad jail me usku ahsas hoga wen she wil b arrested fr attempt to murder on swara…tub swara hi aker bachayegi usku…well it wil b intrstng to wtch now as swara wil tke on rags its her turn. ow go for it swaru….

  16. Overall guys u should know. Now Laksh is married to rags. Whether u like it or not. I hope writers don’t make fun of this sacred bond. And show remarriages and stuff

  17. Swara should think if she wanted to unit her parents then she should stay in baadi. Near to her parents. Trying to sort things out. Not to go at maheshwari house. It sounds like despo to win from rags. After all rag is her sister. Let her understand her own mistake. As such rags won’t get swara place in laksh heart. She should try some other way to unite her parents then to bring out rags truth. In DAT case even rag will support her

  18. Aur swara ko kyu jaldi he rags ka sach samne lane ki , because she wants to turn out to great. And dats called selfishness. If u r thinking swara is a pure soul then this is also a side of her doing

      • So swara will destroy one thing that rags care about. That called revenge dear nothing else. She knows after knowing her truth laksh won’t support rags and even throw her out. And swara will b cause of that. Rags saved swara in a way. If laksh love changed so fast than it was never love

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Oh really??? I guess u juz can’t digest the fact that swara is good by heart!!! Sorry to say……..but yes…..after reading all ur comments….I felt this…n cudn’t stop myself!
      Look, if swara is good…. She IS!! N if ragini is selfish then she IS!! N itz not swara who is selfish…….. Its that pshyco who is selfish n who always feels jealous of swara…….WHY DO U ALWAYZ KEEP PROVING THAT RAGS IS BETTER???? If u lyk ragini then its OK!! Wat is the need to tell it everytime???????

      • If swara is so good than why can’t she see that after bring out the truth she would spoil her sister’s marriage. She too will fall down to her level. If laksh didn’t trust her he doesn’t deserve to know the truth

      • I m not saying against swara. But just showing truth. People are in shades of grey and not every action of good person is good.
        Going to maheshwari house worst decision.
        Also if swara and laksh love was DAT true rags won’t b able to do anything but it was not.
        True love is to let people go. If love was true than they will come back. And laksh decided to marry rags

    • ADELE( Anu)

      N swara ko jaldi kyu na ho?? Usske ma baba alag huye hai USS ragini k vajah se….,…swara ne pehle bhi kaha hai ki use laksh aur rags ki shaadi se koi problem nhi hai…….usse problem hai toh surf iss baat se ki usske ma baba alag ho gaye……Jo ki koi beti nahi chahegi…………!!

      • Uske ma aur baba baadi me hai. Maheshwari house me sirf rags ka raz hai. If she is dat great take the blame on her self than ask her father to accept her mother . but she is just trying to bring out rags truth. But let rags pay for her deeds. And unit her parents. After truth comes out she will have respect of every one.

    • ADELE( Anu)

      How the hell did rags save swara dannybell????????
      1) by throwing swara into the river?
      2) by making her fall in laksh’s eyes?
      3) by continuously giving her dangerous drugs?
      4) by taking help of a witch to destroy swara?
      5) by kidnapping swara n making all those dramas?

      • If she would have married Laksh and than one fine day laksh didn’t trust her. Than she would b In a relation where trust was missing. Good dat it happen to before marriage. And swara shouldn’t have gone to maheshwari house. She should have united her parents and found some one better. But she keep on coming back in rags life.
        Now respect what has happened and move on

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Oh really?? So ur opinion is, that after swara brings the truth out…..she will spoil her sisters marriage ryt? OK……I will answer this too…..

      Did ragini ever think about swara b4 doing all those things?? Did she ever think that if she will do such things then her sisters .marriage will break? NO!! Ragini never thought about swara!
      N u expect swara to think about ragini???? ?
      Wen ragini never thought about swara then y shud swara think about ragini????

      • ?minnie?

        Well said anu yesterday also this dannybell was not stopping on he was just like a retard was accusing her for no reason…….

      • Will ur precious goody too shoes swara will look good after she has spoiled one thing that rags cared about. It will result in endless revenge cycle. It is better to move on than to stick on some one. Let rags pay for her deeds

      • Kat

        U ar totally rite anu. Rags never thought about Swara before doing all those shitty things. So y shoul swara think about rags. Swara os doing the right thing. Way to go Swara!!! Destroy that ragini’s fake face. V luv uuuuuuuuuuu!!#!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Do u even know y swara left baadi???? She left baadi coz the members living in the baadi forced her to leave…..that’s y she can’t stay in the baadi!! U don’t even know the story n u r saying…….
      N who the hell told u that swara went back to mahesjwari house??? Anything u will say???????? ??

      • If ur neighbour ask u to leave ur house will u leave it. U paid for ur house and not them. U can file police complain against neighbour for harshment if they don’t comply to u. And its their problem

  19. swalak

    Do you guys know that ragini starts doubting if sanskars and swaras wedding is fake and also that ragini is going to plant a hidden camera in swaras and sanskars room on their first night to reveal the truth to anyone.

    • ADELE( Anu)

      But if ragini does this, then she will fall in her own trap!! Coz swara n sanskar r gonna discuss bout ragini only……..so……….

    • ?minnie?

      Ya I saw on YouTube that laksh is fully convinced that swara is married to laksh but rags will think that its not real…..

  20. Ruhi

    Ragini ko abhi tak apni galtiyon ka ehsas nahi hua.. It’s really disgusting.. Kya koi itna bhi gir sakta hai.. Behen pe naam par dhabba hai.. N how can the directors potray a sister character in such a way.. Shame on u cvs ….

  21. shikta

    laksh …..u truly dont deserve swara and ragini i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ser so much that this space is not enough to write and my dear dannybell i think u are evil psycho stupid mad obsessed ugly rags’s lawyer …sanskar only deserves swara.the day whn swara’s innocence will be proved i just wanna see lakshya’s reaction

    • People are in shades of gray. Portrayal of character is important. So even duryodhan had some goodness and even yudhisthr has some evilness. In any play it is important DAT how is a character displayed

    • ?minnie?

      Yup m also waiting to see laksh’s reaction not only laksh but also her so called dadi ma and papa….. their nose will be cut by their own ragini aka ladoo of dadi

    • Kat

      Yup. Whole Maheshwari family should beg forgiveness from Swara for all the insults they did to her. Specially Laksh!!!! He should beg forgiveness from Swara on his knees for saying she is a characterless girl!!!!!! Bt still Swalak loks soooo gud together!!!!!!

      • ?minnie?

        Agreed kat….. he should beg on her knees
        I used to think that maybe he will understand but no he blindly trusts rags literally he blindly trusts her when I saw episode he was not letting a single chance to let anyone say ill on rags….. and when it’s came to swara he showed his back to her

      • Kat

        U ar rite minnie!!!!! I had hopes that Laksh would trust Swara. Bt no he trust thst shitty Ragini like a mad guy. I’m eagerly waiting for the day that jerk ragini’s real face comes out. Laksh doesn’t deserve Swara or her luv. Sanskaar is much better than him. At least he is caring!!!

  22. riya

    ragini you just wait and watch.you are simply gonna pay for everythng nd plz everytime you cannot jst get away with your crocodile tears.

  23. ADELE( Anu)

    Guyz sum1 is saying that in a way rags has helped swara…………can anyone plz explain me HOW????!!!???!

    • U are too naive to understand it. Time will show. If she won’t have gone to sanskar. Than she would have found some one even wonderful. And she would have relationship with her sister and father. And even love after some time

      • ?minnie?

        Y should swara be in bad light of everyone when the fault is not of her’s???

        And she should do hell with the relation of her father especially her so called sis…. and the question about love is. …she already found love true love OK and u want her to stay away from him oh really……!!!!

        Then in that case I praise u mr dannybell for ur don’t called great mentality that rags is doing right

      • Like its always going to b so. When rags won’t get laksh love she will b back to her senses. And even have unbearable guilt for wat she did to swara. Her life will b more difficult and tragic than wat is it for swara right now. And if u are thinking dat rags truth won’t b revealed than of course its wrong. Truth doesn’t stayhhidden for long. Instead of showing swara to reveal rags truth. If sanskar is shown to reveal rags truth it would b better. He has blood relations to Laksh. He did that for Laksh. But for swara it looks like she brought out the truth of her own sister so that she would b called mahan.

      • True love is trust without any conditions. It was not the case with Laksh. Laksh doubted her. And if laksh really loved her he should never have married rags in a fit of rage

      • ?minnie?

        Oh really he married her cuz she was suciding OK she was saying that her respect will go her dignity by her crocodile tears so laksh married her got that

  24. Ranim

    In daramo pr camnets ka koi faida nhi becuas writer, director ya producer kio b in comnets ko read nhi karta we watch a episod today and after watching give comnts 4 other episode and episode shot 3 to 4 day ago so there is no ned 4 comnet. If we give comnets and not hapan like our comnet or doing some wrong with good people then we feel so wrost. Cutie says somthing if it relly hapan with ragini then superb otherwise bakwas. All shows of colour reuin the meaning of mirrage and mirrage retuchals like thapki , susral simar ka and now in sowragini. There is not at least one funcation which they with out any problam. They made mirrage fun 4 others and hil 4 mirrage couple. So i just hope thet writer do good with swara and live swara always happy with sanskar without any problam which creat ragini or other family mamber and seprete lakshaya and ragini so ragini relaise her mistakes and her family not accept her and laksh relaiz his mistake 4 swara live alone all life

  25. ?minnie?

    Dannybell u wanna say that if swara wants to unite her ma baba she should take all blame on her, she should point finger on her well upbringing right?? Y the hell should swara take blame on her when not even 1% of fault is of hers not even a single %…….

    Rags gave her dangerous drugs
    Rags tried killing her
    Rags tried to make difference b/w
    swara n laksh
    Rags tried to make her fell low every now n then
    Rags made her change herself her personality which was not needed at all
    Rags tried seducing laksh

    U want swara to take these blame on her!!?

    Oh really in that case y wouldn’t rags take the blame for the things she did and putted all blame on swara by using cheapest tricks by shedding crocodile tears…….

    Wow great mentality dannybell hats off to u!!!!!!!!

    And the question u asked y swara is going to maheshwari manson y is she doing wedding drama right….
    So heres ur answer she is doing that u bring out real culprint to remove the finger pointed on her MOTHER N DIDA on her upbringing on her character…… really u should she take all blame huh??? Do u Any answers no na then

    • A Lady with self respect doesn’t need to prove her truth. Her silence has enough words. And shekhar is similar to Laksh. Its just that shekhar is her father. Otherwise I would against even in the decision of uniting sumi and shekhar. Shekhar don’t deserve a strong woman like sumi. And people doubt. World doubt u can’t stop all or work and keep justifying world that u r innocent. Ur behavior and attitude proves wat u are. And that should b enough for swara.

      • ?minnie?

        I agree that shekhar doesn’t deserves sumi but still sumi loves him but she loves her self respect too!

  26. ADELE( Anu)

    @ dannybell which grey shades r u talking about?.?..???????
    Itz juz a serial dear!
    N yes, u urself r proving how naive u are by saying it to others! Itz juz a comment section n all have their ryt to say whatever they feel lyk…..so please stop calling naive!

  27. ADELE( Anu)

    N olz don’t compare a serial wid the MAHABHARATA! The Mahabharata is not there to compare with wat happened then with a serial!!! Please,…..!

  28. And swaragini is just a play guys a portrayal of character. Writer can change anyone’s character at any time. He can make swara negative and rags positive as well what will u do than????. Will u blame swara than???? In drama their is portrayal of a character according to writers choice. And if the audience feels the same as writer wants to show like u all hate rags and love swara. He is but of course successful in his work. Its just that he can’t fool people like us. How analyse the plot and character every day. And on whose opinion they change the plots

    • ?minnie?

      It was u who was making issue not us so stop being a small baby …..it was u who was saying all crap

  29. ?minnie?

    Ah dannybell u are right it was swara’s fault

    •Swara’s fault was that she was selfless
    •Her fault was that shr trusted rags blindly
    even more than her love of life
    •HER fault was that she let rags enter her life
    •her fault was that she shared EVERYTHING with her EVERYTHING even laksh
    •HER fault was that she let rags rule her life
    •her fault was that she let rags change her personality

    •her biggest fault was that she gave many chances to rags MANY


  30. ?minnie?

    Anu u saw how dannybell is running from us????how he is now trying to escape his fault of accusing swara….. haha anu I pity him…… anyways poor attempt to escape from ur fault u are too naive poor guy

  31. Escapism is not my thing dear. I graciously accept ” if I m wrong” but I don’t like to tease a bunch of school girls so enjoy. Have other work good bye.

    • ?minnie?

      But u kno what school going girls also have that level maturity which can put back all uncle n auntys…… if they will they can EVEN out back any damm person

    • Dear I was showing respect as well. Sorry for anything that u didn’t felt good for. But I think u r over obsessed with swara. And should understand that its writers decision to show rags bad and swara good. And to note this is important should people change their thinking about a character as the writer changes the plot. Initially people were against sanskar and now see!!!

    • ?minnie?

      I don’t give a damm what a boy thinks of me…. what matters me the most is my near n dear ones I don’t need to prove how I am

    • ?minnie?

      And the question about plot is way far dear I write my own story on if on swalak so I clearly kno how and what a plot is uncle dannybell

    • Dear Minnie sorry to hurt u but its my work. I used to work at zee as pir and now I m in viacom. The only serial that seems to survive me is I think is this. I want all d points on this. I was working in zee for 1- 1/2 yr. And its my work that most of the boring shows were dropped. Though I was not able to do DAT to some shows. But Viacom shows areright now not going good. EExcept this none other show is having good fan following. And it had a break as well. Soon within Viacom shows will b replaced by good shows.
      But it would b great if must people would have participated.
      On other sites I got good pointers. And public viewa

  32. ?minnie?

    Oh really….!!! ??
    In that case u don’t that swara is already great she sacrificed her love OK LOVE ITS NOT EASY at all







  33. Neeraja

    Guys I think that swara doesn’t want to unveil ragini b4 everyone…she jus wonna unite her parents …so she must b provoking ragini so that in d fear revealing of her truth she wud confess her truth to her father reuniting her parents eventually …n wat ever swara has said to laksh proves that she don’t want to break her sister’s rltnship…she has also demanded rags to unite her parents not to return her luv…..I’m sry itz jus my point of view

  34. dhanu

    Friend plz reply my mails and hangout massage prads sis, anu sis, shifa di. I’m dhanu.yesterday i felt relly bad for laksh

  35. saz

    agar ab vi swara ragni ki sachchai sabke saamne nahi lapai our ulta ragini hi swara our saanskaar ki jhuti saadi ki sachchai sabke saamne lai to serioul koi nahi dekhega

  36. Would shekhar and sumi able to forgive themselves when they come to know that either their relationship would have survived or their daughter’s happiness?

  37. dhanu

    Swara is smart and she think frist others .rags is bery selfish .she doesn’t Care about her mom and dad. Prads sis. Anu sis. Or shifa di one’s of u plz send me a hangout massage .I’m in g+

  38. ?minnie?


    Swara reaches the Baadi with Sanskar after their marriage. Everyone is shocked to see them wearing garlands. However Maheshwari family accepts the newly weds. Ragini gets shocked, but pretends to be happy with Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Swara enters Maheshwari house and her grah pravesh is done. Sujata isn’t happy with the marriage. This is just a plan by Swara and they are not actually married. Although Ragini has married Laksh, but is not happy with her married life. She tries to woo Laksh. Swara is seen with Sanskar. There is a cold war between the two sisters. While Swara is trying to expose Ragini, Ragini makes all possible things and acts goody goody to hide her doings. She hugs Laksh and cries, and her mangalsutra gets stuck to his shirt. Ragini says she wants to hide her doings from everyone, and feels Laksh will start loving her seeing her goodness. Swara and Sanskar are on the mission of expose her. Ragini in an attempt to protect her truth, puts secret camera in Swara and Sanskar’s room to know about their marriage truth.

  39. ?minnie?

    Currently punku rags got married to laksh by her crocodile tears and saying that what will happen to her self-respect n dignity when others will say that rags did all with swara …..it is true but only sumi, dida, swara n sanskaar knows rags evil plans….. so to avoid any question on her character n to save rags from suiciding laksh says he will marry her and will not let rags pay for swara’s sins….. but he doesn’t knows the truth….so till sanskaar brought swara to baadi it was room late n till that rags gone to her in laws house….. and shekhar n sumi also separated cuz sumi said that she believes that swara didn’t did all this but rags did all that but he didn’t trust her n said that either foget swara n join in rags wedding or forget our relation n sumi supports always right things so this also she supported swara who was absolutely right n they separated thier ways…..so when swara came to kno all this… she gone to maheshwari house n apologized to everyone without her mistake but laksh said get lost from here and I hate u to swara to which she was shattered but she gave rags a chance n asked to say truth to everyone but rags had already did so many sins that she didn’t thought to do this so she said let me happy with laksh n u also move on and rags also said that if u want help of mine in uniting ma baba I will help later cuz now I want to start a fresh with laksh with that rags left and swara also gone to her baadi

    It was night n rags was waiting for her first night but laksh got drunk n called swara and said her that she is a characterless girl and I hate u many times but when swara sensed that he is drunk she asked him where is he and she left for that place and sanskaar who was watching all this and was feeling very bad for laksh’s condition but he had to do this to keep him away from rags n her evil plans

    So when swara reached there he pushed her away and called her cheater and police was arresting him for drinking in public place but swasan saved him and sanskaar took him home and he calmed dp and said him to talk to him tmrw as he is not in his senses now so sanskaar said everyone that
    Laksh still loves swara n he is unhappy with the marriage but rags didn’t wanted any chance to loose laksh so she said that laksh didn’t drink cuz he is unhappy with marriage with her but he is sad cuz swara cheated him…… and she took him to his room and laid him but he was imagining swara on place of her and said that y u cheated me and don’t take my name but after saying that he fell asleep and rags was sweating hard cuz she thought he kno the truth now ..

    A next

    • ?minnie?

      Next day when he got up he recalled everything and apologized to rags and they both went down but police came n arrested him cuz swara was missing so dida filled a complain against laksh so police took him…..n rags asked sumi to free her husband but she refused and swara came back so rags ask her to take complain back rest all u read about

      Phewwww I wrote so much…..
      If u didn’t understood still punkin then ask me

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Lucky swara k pyar k vajah se laksh badlaa hai…….pehle they used to hate each other…..
      Once laksh had kidnapped swara wen she was alone to teach her a lesson……..n wen swara was kidnapped by laksh, some goons attacked her……..n then laksh saved swara……

      That tym swara was very Much scared so she hugged laksh tightly………n uss hug ne laksh k mann mei swara k liye feelings jagaaye………

      Then swara got unconscious!!! Laksh not knowing wat to do, took swara home……n told a different story……that swara was kidnapped by sum goons n

      he helped her!! N that tym sumi n shekhar had also come to fynd her but they cud not as the goons kept on hiding swara……..

      Aur aisehi dheere dheere laksh ka

      mind badalne laga …….

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Usske baad, swara n ragini ka aim that unke ma baba ko unite karne ka…….aur uss vaqt laksh understood ki WO kitna galat tha….. Issliye apni galti sudhaarne k liye ussne apna ghar chord diya air baadi mei rehne laga……
      Swaragini k saath………
      Air apni galtiyon ko sudhaarne k liye laksh ne swara n ragini ki help bhi ki…..n uss vaqt laksh ko swara se pyar hone lava….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.