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The Episode starts with Annapurna telling Swara that she is relieved knowing everything is fine. Swara says Simar needed me and that’s why I went in a hurry. Annapurna asks her to sleep. Swara hugs Ragini. Ragini asks her to take rest, and says we will talk in the morning. Swara asks her about Parineeta. Ragini says she is fine. Next morning, Annapurna does aarti and sings bhajan. Ragini looks at Laksh and smiles. Sujata sees Parineeta’s pallu down and says I will keep your pallu on head, but Parineeta stops her. She says I didn’t keep my pallu on head. Sujata asks why? Parineeta says if anyone have asked this question with Swara or Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Parineeta says no, then why you are asking me. Sujata says you are keeping pallu since your marriage day, then what happened now. Annapurna

says we have seen you with Pallu since marriage day, and now we felt strange. Parineeta says few things are going to be changed. She touches their feet. Adarsh asks what happened to you. Annapurna says Parineeta is not saying anything wrong. She says we don’t care whether you keep pallu on head or not. What matters is that you should respect elders and compliments her beauty without Pallu. Sujata says she was good with Pallu. Ragini tells Swara that she couldn’t understand Parineeta’s behavior. Swara says I know and asks her to come. Ragini wonders what is the matter.

Dadi and Sumi make arrangement to go to temple. Shekhar says I have to go to shop also after dropping you. Dadi asks Sumi to come fast. Shekhar smiles looking at their bonding. Ragini comes to Swara and asks if she is hiding something about Parineeta. Swara says nothing. She holds her hand and asks will you not tell me. Swara says okay and asks her to come. Dadi and Sumi are walking on the road. A guy comes on a bike. He teases a girl going from there. Just then Utara comes and hugs him. They leave on bike. Sumi is shocked. Swara tells Ragini that Parineeta is feeling insecure because of them. Just then Swara gets a call. She informs her about Utara and her boyfriend. Swara says I will talk to Utara. She tells Ragini that she has seen Utara with someone on Ghangaur puja day. Just then they hear Annapurna talking to Parineeta. They get inside.

Sujata says how can you forget to book gas. Swara asks what happened? Sujata says we will get gas after 3 days. Annapurna asks Parineeta to tell what happened today? Parineeta says I used to do all these petty things, but now we shall get others do this. Swara says I will do. Parineeta says let it be, you and your sister can’t do this small work. Annapurna asks what happened to you. Parineeta says servant’s work is given to me always. She says swara was given party work and Ragini can go to her mayka often. Sujata asks what happened to you. Annapurna says okay, I will do this small work. Parineeta says I am elder bahu of the house, and shall get respect according to my status. Everyone is shocked to see her attitude.

Annapurna tells Parineeta that respect is earned and can’t be snatched or asked. She says Swara and Ragini never let you feel let down or insulted you. She asks her to think before telling. Sujata praises Ragini and Swara and says they are problem solver, and not fighter like you. Parineeta asks her to get solution from them. Swara tells Annapurna that they shall use extra cylinder which she got for Gangaur pooja day. All the men of the house come house. Swara says I called you here to talk something important and asks them to sit. She asks Ragini to call Parineeta. Parineeta comes down and asks Swara if you want to insult me infront of everyone. Ragini says Swara is not going to do anything like this and asks her to sit. Swara reminds Durga Prasad of his promise that he will give her anything which she asks for. Durga Prasad says I remember and asks what do you want? Swara says I want to ask you something. Parineeta thinks Swara is a double standard person. Swara says I need keys of the house. Durga Prasad stands up shockingly.

Parineeta says she wants keys and this is what happened in my house, and my mum was crying. Durga Prasad tells Swara that he will give her keys. He asks Annapurna to give keys. He tells Swara that he will fulfill the promise made to her and asks her to take keys. Swara looks at Parineeta and Ragini. She takes the keys in her hands. Swara then returns the keys to Annapurna and asks her to give keys to Parineeta. Everyone looks on.

Parineeta looks at the keys and thinks she will rule on Swaragini. She asks Swara and Ragini to do all house work before she comes home from her friend’s goad bharayi rasam. Swara asks Sanskar to listen to her. Sanskar asks her to leave his hand and slaps her unknowingly. Everyone is shocked. Swara holds her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sad precap……………….. hate pari n her attitude………….. go to hell my dear……….

  2. shame on parineeta………

  3. So now parineeta is ragini number 2 wow this is stupid why can’t they focus on someone else except for making people rule the MM this is annoying and if raglak are united why can’t u show any of their scenes if u didn’t want to show any raglak scenes than send them away from MM but don’t be so unfair to the leads it’s always swasan swasan swasan I love them too but raglak are also leads why don’t writers give any importance to them??

    1. I agree.. RagLak r being neglected like crazy.. D whole story is based on swara n her life.. How swara fell in love wid a guy.. N her sis took him away.. They caught fr long.. Then they reunited.. Meanwhile she found her soulmate in some1 else.. BT her ex wanted her bac.. N how they got over it.. N how she saved her family gazilion times.. N romantic moments wid sanskar.. N raglak HV no story.. She fell in love.. He doesn’t like her bac.. Cuz he likes SWARA (had to interfere in between).. N then he cheated on her n divorced her.. N ltr fell in love wid her n married.. (Can’t get worse) a guy who srsly hated a girl all his life frm d bottom of his heart lost his heart fr her in a day.. N now tht they united.. Instead of spending moments wid emselves They r busy planning suhaagraat fr their brothers n sisters.. SwaSan got an whole episode dedicated fr emself.. Helicopter ride.. Full on romance.. N kite flying.. Romance in new places.. A full fledged quite decent story.. Bt laksh n ragini.. Remove jewelry.. HV suhaagraat.. Remove jewelry HV suhaagraat.. Wth ya.. I do understand swara has a higher place in swaragini.. BT tht dosent mean they neglect d other pair.. Am nt trying to bash swasan.. I really apologize to swasan fans if I said anything wrong.. I always thought atleast aftr 2 week of marriage will they show something romantic.. BT d most v c is a hug N a smile (out of ntn in d world).. I again apologize to swasan fans.. I really dnt mean to bash em.. REALLY!!

      1. They (sisters) faught** fr long..

      2. I really thought tht I wnt comment abt this matter anymore.. BT am sorry I jst got too frustrated..

    2. Yh thats true i am a swasan fan bt its unfair to raglak they must give equal importance to both the leads.

  4. Just saw the spoilers. . Swasan to consumate soon. . And their suhag raat arrangd by none other than laksh..
    wel tats exiting. .
    Swasan rocks

    1. chalo aapne gud news dia…nice nice…

    2. Laksh is going to make special arrangements fr swasan in d terrace.. N swasan wud consummate their marriage.. (Wish laksh wid HV done so much fr his wife :/ )

      1. (Laksh wud* HV done…………..)

    3. Hi there neel. Thank you thank you thank you for the good news. Lol I’m so happy for them. ?

  5. Epi ws full of typical RS style family drama..enough of kitchen politics..first ws ragini Malkin nw pari is doing same..mm is becoming sada dukhi pariwaar..
    Bt one thing Swasan romance is one d way..m soo excited..??
    Uttara bf is so kamina types..ab iske baad drama..romance k baad bohot saara drama jhelna hai..?

  6. Nice episode.

  7. Swasan…..Wat a terrific twist! Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss gv more romances fr swasan.. Raglak had lots of romange. Did anyone knw abt da twist+??

    1. Sam KK Shukla

      Oh hello … Plz don’t say huh ! Raglak had many romantic scenes ?? Just stop it yar ….. It is swasan who r always shown , concentrated and all blah blah blah …. Yeah I too like swasan but to be frank raglak are never given equal importance :'( but you are insulting raglak and swasan !?

    2. ohh really… plzz share me d site so that i can also watch bcz i hvnt seen than on telivision… where have u seen those scenes in ur dreams??? huh…

  8. Hey guys.all u gone mad…. Before Raglak and swasan it is swalak…..I only love swalak…..

    1. Who cares if it was swalak!! If they truly loved each other than swara would’ve never fallen in love with sanskar. Laksh still loved swara but what did she do? Decided to sacrifice for ragini so now it doesn’t matter about swalak besides now it’s only raglak and swasan so stop thinking about swalak and ragsan because that’s long gone

      1. that vamb ragini seperate swalak..i know never swalak happen…hate u rag….u r cheap women in ibfian serial…not thwejasi..she is cute.

      2. ragni has only intention 2get laksh as she blind 4 him.bt sanskar had motivation to separate swalak inorder to fulfil his revenge.

    2. oops MINHA thats so sad by ur loving or not loving who can change the track…
      Now Laksh loves Ragini nd Swara loves Sanskar…

  9. Y did sanskar slap swara in d precap wats goin on..

    1. actually sanskar gets to knw swara lost the bangles wch he had gifted her.so he is angry with her.swara tries to calm him down and accidently he slaps swara.

  10. Dng know y ssk is combined with swaragini..I hate watching those episodes…

  11. hate u ragini…ur snatched swalak love….dont judge any swasan or raglak fan…me…coz…only loss for swalak fans…swasan fan hate kavita…raglak fan hate kavya…swalak hate ragini….selfish ragini..

  12. wat nonsencse ………..reallyyy ufff!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I knew it dat swara will di dis stupidity of giving tge keys to parineeta!
    N parineeta is beconing ragini part 2….hahaha lol!

    1. Well I just hope she doesn’t become a psycopath like ragini.

  14. cmm on. ..yrr.. why its so rude to swasan ..duniya bhr ki missunderstanding unko hi hoti h… bs ek chota sa confusion kafi h unke liye.. & swara b sbki prblm solv krti rehti h as if she don’t hv any wrk… khudki lyf me prblm solv ni hoti .. dusro ki prblm solv krke khudko prblm me dalti h.. faltu

  15. Swara swara swara l hate the story .the whole story for swara .swara is the investigator .I hate it .meaningless story
    Pls avoid the partiality
    And give proper role to ragini
    In this episd the raja means swara ordered and rags will do that
    What a shame .pls don’t misunderstand me swara fans
    I love both swara and ragini
    And wanna a equal role to rags

    1. Sam KK Shukla

      Exactly yar …. 100% true

  16. what right to judge parineetha by ragini…pari didnt do anything much ragini….she is no right to judge anyone in the serial…rag…blah..blah

  17. I think in the nxt episode it would be sanskar pacifying swara n blah blah blah

  18. I’m so happy to hear that finally Swasan will consummate their marriage. It’s their first time but raglak made love 3 times lol, 1s it was in Ragini’s dream (yukky) 2nd time it was by laksh, he betrayed ragini and lastly it was on their wedding night. And I really want to see more of Swasan scenes. And yeah Swasan rocks.?

  19. Guyzz what wrong with writer Laksh is planning the suhagraat wht d hell yaar seriously WO ye sab apni patni ke lia krta toh acha lagta rabbish yaar….. raglak ka bhi koi scene aiga ya fir dono puri serial me bas ek dusre ko smile dete reh jaige
    Writer apna pura concentrate swara pe hii krta hai q Ragini q nhii Ragini ko phi lead me lao plzzzz n we wanna scene of raglak plzzz

  20. Ninnu whts wrong wd u jo writer raging ko bolega wahi karege wo BTW wo apne pyar ke lia kr rhi thi wo sab u will also feel insecure when u will see ur love wd another one thts y stp bad mouth abt ragini

    1. Sam KK Shukla

      Yah yar … I too mean it ninnu .. I don’t hate swasan but scolding ragini on no reason is not correct

  21. Sam KK Shukla

    But true yar …. If swara n sanskar are not much interested in romance then why is laksh soo excited about that ? Really disgusting… If it was sanskar or swara who planned that on terrace it would have looked much much much better.. But yukkkk ….. Laksh is alone planning for swasan …. Khash agar atleast ragini bhi laksh ke sath ho uska iss plan mein … That would look better atleast

    1. Laksh n sujata HV planned all thi s.

  22. Yeah rgt Sam bt the show is not gng rgt it has no equality only partiality is gng on bt now also I wish to get some raglak moment atleast for 10 min nt for 10 sec

  23. Kyu sbb pari ko khe rhe ho…. Vo jo khe rhi shhi hai… Sabhko jealous feel hoga hi jab usse nhi puch krr dusre ko jyada importance dega…… And yes she is different from ragini…. Ragini ki toh befijul ki padai thi

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