Swaragini 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sujata tells Annapurna and Durga Prasad that Ragini left cryingly and said that Laksh loves Swara even now. Durga Prasad asks Laksh. Adarsh tells Laksh that you have married Ragini and have to continue your marriage in any circumstances. Sujata says my innocent Ragini….Ragini comes to Baadi and knocks on the door. Shekhar opens the door and finds Ragini standing. Ragini acts and hugs him cryingly. Dadi and Sumi comes there. Ragini says I have lost it…..I got everything, but was left empty handed. Shekhar asks what happened? Annapurna tells Laksh that you married Ragini with your choice, then how can you say that. Durga Prasad tells Laksh that Swara is your elder brother’s wife and your bhabhi. Laksh says Swara is not married to him. Annapurna says Ragini said that already. Laksh says Swara and

Sanskar are feigning marriage. He says Ragini is my best friend. Annapurna says she is your wife. Laksh says he has been faithful to her. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to call Swara and Sanskar there itself and says today everything will be crystal clear. Everyone have to tell truth today. Ragini tells Shekhar that there is one truth of her marriage, she says my husband Laksh loves Swara even now. Shekhar is shocked. Ragini says I thought my husband is with me, but it is not like that. Swara got what she wanted. Sumi asks Ragini not to blame Swara for her wrong doings.

Ragini asks Shekhar to let Sumi speak. She says even Sumi wants this, and my Nani cursed me for failed marriage. Shekhar taunts Sumi and asks her to stop it. Sumi asks him to uncover cloth from his eyes and see the truth. Shekhar says your daughter is known for her wrong doings. Sanskar and Swara come inside. Durga Prasad tells that Laksh claimed that you both are not married. He says I hate this. He says I didn’t like when Ragini put camera in your room. He asks him to say the truth and end the matter there itself. Sujata says tell truth and save yourself. Laksh says they are not married, but are acting and that’s why they don’t have an answer. Sanskar says we have an answer. He says you have presented our privacy matter in a wrong way infront of others.

He says we stayed in a small tent. We were living separately as the other side of bed was wet due to rain. He says I would have call you in my marriage, if I know about your problems. Durga Prasad says Sanskar is right and asks Laksh to look at himself. He asks him to move on and let others live peacefully. Durga Prasad asks everyone to go and sleep, and asks Laksh to bring Ragini home in the morning. Laksh says 1 min Sanskar, and stops them. Annapurna says it is enough now. Laksh says Sanskar is tired of saying his marriage truth and asks him to prove for one last time so that he can move on in his life. He gives Swara and Sanskar’s hand in each other hands and says so you both are married and have a sacred relation of marriage. He says you said right that I couldn’t attend your marriage. He asks him to do one ritual of marriage infront of everyone for their satisfaction and asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor. Everyone looks on. Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Laksh asks them to go and prove their marriage.

Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to agree and says they don’t want daily drama. Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Laksh tells Durga Prasad, do you trust me? He says I will bring sindoor and asks them to accept the truth. Sanskar says I came to take revenge, but I have changed. He says Swara came here to separate me and Ragini. Swara says she didn’t want that, and tells she would have kept camera in their room. Laksh says your marriage is fake. Swara says I respect your decision and marriage. She hopes him to do that. Sanskar says I married her to save her life. Swara didn’t raise finger on you, then why you are raising finger on him. He says you would have gone to jail if I didn’t marry him. Laksh says you might have acted to commit suicide and trapped Sanskar.

Sanskar says you couldn’t move on in your life and that’s why blaming us. Laksh asks him to fill Swara’s maang and prove their marriage, else pick up their belongings and leave with Swara. Sujata thinks Sanskar should say truth now. Sanskar thinks about Swara’s words that she wants to unite her parents. He recalls his promise made to Swara. He asks Swara to come. Laksh says they are not married. Sanskar takes Swara to the inhouse temple and picks the sindoor bottle. Swara is surprised. Sujata silently says no, don’t do this anarth/misdeed. He opens the bottle, takes a pinch of sindoor and fills her maang. Narayani Namasthuthe plays. Laksh is left shocked.

Ragini badmouths about Swara and tells she is a illegitimate. She says what will happen if people comes to know about her illegitimate relation with Sanskar. She says Sanskar will leave Swara after fulfilling his motive. Sanskar gets angry and holds her neck. Swara asks him to leave Ragini. Later Sanskar in a drunken state confesses love to Swara. Swara is shocked.

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  1. Honey

    I’m really happy on seeing sanskar putting sindhur on swara.. I loved it & Laksh’s face left shocked. He deserve that. Also the precap sanskar confession about his love to swara that’s awesome…. 🙂

  2. aru

    Please kill Ragini….can’t afford her any more.
    Today Laksh(foolish fellow) was so sad..his words proved his hope for getting back swara . these all due to his confused behavior. Engaged to rag break it ,love swara, announced marriage to rag, gone to marry swara, lost her,finally jumped to deep well i meant marriage with rag..ohooo
    Anyways swara is not for you my dear Lakshmi. She is for Sanskar only. They are made for each other.

  3. Archies

    Really loved Swasan moments waiting for tomorrows episode.


    Illegitimate means not legal.. Swara’s mom and dad were not married when she was born so she is his(swara’s dad’s) najayaz daughter. Ragini was born after the marriage of her parents unlike Swara. So she is now saying that like her dad, once Sanskar has had his fun he will leave her as their relationship is illegal or illegitimate. That when the choking part comes in. Understood Kirti.!!! 😉

  4. Loved the episode. Swara’s relationship with Sanskar need to be meaningful in the eyes of others and is indeed appreciable to make others mouth shut, especially öf Ragini’s whose intention is always to make Swara bad in eyes of others. Ragini and idiot Laksh need to need to learn the value of relationships before they criticise others. They never cared for the happiness of others including their own parents…. Ragini is becoming worse than her dad. ..dadi is still not aware of her parvarish of Ragini had gone futile .

  5. kirti

    i got it Archies n thanks fr dis information
    Oooooh sans did right thing n after sans swara or lak in tino k shakal dekhnelayak thi bilkul end mein

  6. rosy

    Da worst mentality a girl can hav against her own father,,stepmom n step sister…wow wow wow…its true enuf dat 4 sum such mentality women r nt respectd n its true dat we cant get over such mentality…we cant gain dat true respect untl such cheap nd below uncivilised mentality exists in our society….its truly said da most n famous enemy of a girl is another girl…in ths condition i wud rather prefer da ancient society wich even respectd a pr*stitute(it was her work)
    ragini’s character its equal to 1000 duryodan…

  7. rosy

    However swara its very much expectd frm u to act intelligently n practicaly aftr sanskar’s effort to nt let u lose in ur motive…undrstand dat its natural for a person who is willing to turn frm negatv to positive to cling to dat person who hav showd him da rit way n who hav let him walk on da rit path….its quiet natural dat sanskar wud get attractd to u as u brought him out of da dark….
    Plz swara dnt say u want a divorce aftr ur aim is achievd….sanskar hav taken such a big step only thnkng dat he was,,is,,wl b wid u in da path rit….nt dat he loves u bt thnkng of ur genuine care 2wards her family

  8. ammu karithik

    swara n sansker very nice acting n very very nice Jodi…. swalaks better than swasan Jodi… love means trusting… but laks always not trusting swara. becoz he blindly trusting ragini…. ofcourse dat is story depending… but people like morle… ragini wins always. plz change story ..swara win karado….

  9. Kat

    Well done Laksh!!! U urself got the Luv of ur life married to ur brother!!!! Good Job!!!!!! Foolish fellow. When the truth comes out he’ll be left with only one option ; to spend the rest of his life with his criminal of a wife Ragini hating himself for letting go of Swara. From his words I think he was kindda hoping that one day he’ll get back together with Swara. But he dug his own pit by marrying that evil witch!!!!!!!! So sad for him coz I also had a bit of hope to see Swalak back together. Bt now it seems like it’s so not gonna happen. ????? Any way, Swasan moments were awsome too. Waiting for Sanskaar’s luv confession!!!!!!! ???

  10. Princess

    I really don’t like Swara and Sanskar pair. I would like to see Swara with Laksh and Sanskar with Ragini.
    Can it happen??

  11. Lucky

    Swara and sanskar’s scene was awesome 😀 😀 .

    Laksh was totally in shock and sad when sanskar fills swara’s maang but i think laksh deserve this bcz he loved swara but he didn’t trust her. The love without trust has no worth.

    The serial name is swaragini so we want swara and ragini like before (when they united their parents, etc) bcz now its like swara vs ragini so pls writers make rags realise her mistake and turn into positive caracter.

  12. Naz

    Loooorrrrddd… I so can’t stand this ragini character. Every time I see her face my bp rises!!!! Laksh absolutely don’t deserve swara. Writers…..make laksh live in pain seeing swara n sanskar together n every time he sees rags face, he is reminded of what she took from him……yeaaahhhh!!!!!

  13. usra malik

    Swara and Sanskaar are perfectfor each other they are both soo smart specially Sanskaar.Laksh doesnt deserve swara anyway i hate laksh’s character he deserves ragini

  14. indira bhajan

    Way to go laskh ao foolish but i glad dat sanskar and swara get together good for laskh he had no trust in their relationship he does not deserve swara he and ragnie make a good pair just luv this epsodie wating for next epsodie

  15. manju

    swara n laksh…miss u….ur cute moments….i want u back with lots of love for each other…i cant see swara sanskar…

  16. Shâžñā

    Earlier swalak ws awsm..bt nw itz swarasan…juz love ths jodi…ystrdy laksh ws hopin to get bck swara..h

  17. Shâžñā

    Earlier swalak ws awsm..bt nw itz swarasan♥♡♥…juz love ths jodi…ystrdy laksh ws hopin to get bck swara..he lovez swara so mch bt don deserves swara as he nvr trustd swara…he deserves oly tat evil ragini as he lwayz trustd her oly…swarasan juz made 4 each other…♥♥juz hate ragini shez so irritating

  18. lilly

    Even the behaviour of laksh is not good with swara, the perfect pair is laksh and swara. When laksh reslise the truth of ragini ( doings with swara and other family members to get the love of laksh) I cant imagine the ferlings and love of laksh gor swara. The more ragini utilizes lakshs trust the more she will pay for it. Waiting to start those episodes

  19. kirti

    Arre yaar lagta hai k lak ki kismat bohot hi zyada kharaab hai dekho na ab usne khud sans ko insist kiya swara ki maang bharne k liye or soch rha tha k sans aesa kuch nhi krega pr hua kya lak ki last hope pr sans ne paani gira diya
    Guyz u know what epi k end mein lak sans or swara tino ki aankhon mein aansoo aa gye the……..

  20. rosy

    Oh my god ths laksh he is such foolish guy…n moreover he doesnt trust swara n feels irritatd to thnk dat he lovd swara….go to hell man such thnkng swara doesnt deserve….she deserves more…a man who undrstnds her pt of view…nd dats sanskar who respects her decision…
    Even if swara n laksh b together(wich i DONT LIKE) laksh wud stl hav a doubt on her….becoz he hav let dat doubt overpower his love…nd rags wants herself to get f**kd only….chhi chhi
    wen laksh dnt trust swara how he love her????

  21. Samaria

    Oh I really hope swaragini and Laksh reunites. They r just so cute together.but I want raging to learn a lesson.shes a witch!

  22. dimple

    when d time of romance between swalak they were sayin swalak rocks… love u swalak… blablabla…but now.. uff…

  23. r

    It’s all faltu I hate this serial swara is not proving anything and how anyone can love brother x, and ty are just dragging this serial to make few more episodes time waste

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