Swaragini 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara and Ragini talking to groom’s father. He appreciates them for the nice wedding arrangements and gives them money. Ragini sees Shekhar trying to put the lights, but she stops him and asks Chotu to do the work. She tells him that her Laksh is coming home after 6 months, and tells that she heard Swara talking to Sumi. Shekhar is happy to hear that. Swara thinks Sanskar shall come with Laksh, else Ragini can’t bear it. Ragini asks Sumi to tell what Sanskar had told Swara. Sumi says Sanskar has promised Swara that he will bring Laksh today. Ragini is happy and hopeful. Swara calls Sanskar, but the call is not answered. She thinks please bring Laksh today. Ragini talks to doll and tells that prince went somewhere one day, everyone thought princess will break down, but this

hadn’t happened, as she has angel with her who used to give her strength. She says once angel got tensed, then princess told her to keep up the hope alive, never to accept defeat. She hugs her and says I have learnt this from you, then how can you fall weak today.

She says I know…my heart is saying that Laksh will come today. She says we had taken promise that we both will not wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor till Laksh returns. Swara says today that rasam will be completed. Ragini says our sindoor and mangalsutra are waiting for us.. She says even Sanskar will return with Laksh today. Sanskar closes the garage door, while the police knocks on the door to open it. He tells that his brother is not fool to leave car on highway. Sanskar beats him. Inspector and Constables try to break open the door. Man agrees asking Sanskar to leave him. Inspector breaks open the door. Sanskar tells Inspector that this is the difference between your and my investigation.

Ragini and Swara dance on the song Chalka Re Chalka………………….In the Maheshwari house, someone comes to see Utara. Sujata brings Utara and makes her sit. Ragini and Swara continue to dance together, and hug Shekhar. Sanskar is driving the car. Sujata tells Annapurna that today is Utara’s shagun, but they are sad. She says Ragini don’t want to come here, as Laksh is not here, and Swara….Annapurna says Sanskar asked her not to come. Sujata says everything will be fine. Annapurna says yes. Durga Prasad is sad. Annapurna comes to him and says I know you are waiting for Laksh. She says our son will be coming back, and our daughter’s alliance is also fixed. They bless Utara. Utara touches their feet. Durga Prasad blesses them. Sujata asks Utara, why she is sad? She says your Laksh bhai will lift your doli. Utara hugs her and says I know Sanskar bhai will bring Laksh bhai. Durga prasad gets a call from Sanskar. Sanskar informs him that he got Laksh’s car and also met the man who had stolen his car. Durga Prasad says I am sure that you will bring Laksh and don’t do fake promise. He asks him to come soon.

Man tells Sanskar that he met Laksh on the highway. A fb is shown, Man tells Laksh that his sister met with an accident, and asks him to give lift. He then sprays chloroform on his nose and makes him unconscious. He then makes Laksh lie down on the side of road and leaves in his car. Fb ends. Sanskar beats the man and checks for Laksh’s belongings there. He finds Laksh’s wallet there. Swara calls Sanskar.

Sanskar picks Swara’s call and tells her that he couldn’t find laksh. Swara gets angry on him. Ragini hears her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Iam nt understanding any thing can u guyz explain me

  2. Mica

    Ty H Hasan mam for fast update..
    hmmm… gossip chain, so funny…

  3. Neera

    Omg omg !!!!! Wt s all this ??? I read somewhere that laksh has been captivated by adpari n swara s aware of it….. jus waiting for laksh to return so tat my swasan gets united…..

  4. So fast Hassan nice dear but today I irked with big boss ad so I feel Sr Episode is too short anyways my cute doll hellu looking gorgeous

  5. I hate swara.. Sankar is swara husband..but she acting like swara husband missing…. Erghhh…

  6. What the hell has happened to swara? Why is she doubting Sanskaarand supporting ragini?? She left fer husband for ragini who did her shradh for saving laksh. I feel ragini is being selfish.

  7. my god…6 months and still no laksh just wallet and a car…why 6 months and the wallet still there wouldnt it be better that wallet got lost and we found Laksh??
    on other hand uttara mother in law will humiliate swara and sanskar will neglect her
    please writer see if kavita and kavia is free also just to make swara suffer more…what is wrong with you cant we have romance a little
    all india comes to ruin Mahwshwari house inside and out…all is left Ayush
    how come somebody strange as Uttara mother in law will humiliate Swara??by looking at this sasomum i hate her

    1. It will be a disaster if they bring a girl into sanskar life.OMG…..I can’t figure out what are they trying to do?????

      1. Mica

        What ? new girl for Sanskar ? uugghh, stop ruining Sanskar’s character, i disappointed to CVS already to made Sanskar become a killer (not by action, but by intention), and become drunkard…aarrgghhh my good, kind heart and mature Sanskar.
        (thank in this last episode, it isn’t shown)
        if only there is a girl and sanskar accept her, omg! i will surely bashing him about his unconditional love, his type of love i love the most

      2. Kakali

        Waaaawwww !!!! new girl for Sanskar… !!!!
        what’s wrong with CVs… huhhhh !!!
        This can’t happen ever.. i trust myself to trust a bit CVs…

    2. Mica

      and the funny thing was, instead of raglak pic, Laksh put Sanlak pic in his wallet… hahaha
      oh God…

      1. mica that picture wasnt put was hazard it has a purpose and i feel laksh is doing it on purpose

      2. Imagine the selfishness of lakh( he just decided to walk away) …..his family….forgot about their daughters in law….they wearing their jewellery..forgetting their jailed son…and the most important thing sanskar who is suffering because he is separated from his wife…..

    3. Mica

      yups, about wallet, i know, but somehow it just funny 😀

    4. Mica

      Louna, sorry it’s kinda promo here, i made an OS based on your thought….
      wish you can read it.. and ty (uugh i dunno other way to contact you)

      1. Mica im half way through that reading and im crying all in tears u touched me deeply if it happens really on screen i think i may faint
        how to tell u in speachless ur words ur way everything cant say a word im crying really…anger to continue reading

      2. there is plenty of ways u can communicate with me just name one??

  8. After leap the track is seems to be interesting. Waiting for swasan and ragLak reunion…

  9. Silent_writer

    Urghhh where is u lakshhhhhhhhh plz bring him otherwise their relation will bcme worst poor ragu is very happy n all MM family their hope will b break but lov their dance ????

  10. Swaragini is getting interesting day by day

  11. pfff… tooo short!
    Ok then , Laksh has been chloroformed, for what 6minutes? 6 hours?… but then what? for 6 months….
    i made a list : Kavita, Kavia, Sahir, Adarsh, Pareenita, Dadi maa… a mysterious booth from Maheshwari’s past? or just his stupid, childesh and selfish being?
    i hope that he’s being forced to stay away, because i preferd the last version of Laksh, good husband, good brother, good son, good damad… even cute false future dad… it would be so crual to make him so egoist that he doesn’t care for his wife/family for all those months!
    i keep waiting for *punishment* :p:p

    1. Mica

      No much thinking Mahira.. 😀 , Swaragini chloroform it’s the unique one.
      but i love the witty spoil brat Laksh, it seen at earlier episode.

  12. today’s episode actually made some sense to me…….got answer for y Ragini took pff her Mangala sutra
    At last it was shown all mm members feeling sad for missing of laksh……….
    OMG>i can’t believe my eyes that DP is worrying for laksh….
    …….Teju looked beautiful in red………
    CV’s I will tolerate u only this week…if laksh didn’t cm back…and if there is no proper raglak track….I will c ur end

  13. Aila

    now a days m just hating swara….she always supports ragini who just cares for laksh and didn’t trust swara…but sanskar had always stood with her in every hour of difficulty….even this time sanskar tried his best to make laksh understand but laksh didn’t trust him an dinsulted him so much….why should sanskar bear again after so much insult??doesn’t he have any self respect?? doesn’t swara care abt her husband that she is not supporting sanskar??sanskar is not at fault,,,he had always supported his family and wife no matter what but this time swara is wrong!!! very wrong!! if she thinks sanskar is at fault then at least she should forgive him once because ragini’s worst mistakes and laksh’s all mistakes and betrayals were also forgiven and sanskar is not at fault still he is bearing hatred of the person he loves the most!!! shameful!!! extremely shameful!!! I hate it

    1. I agree with u and hate swara.Ragini done so much for laksh.but swara never done nothing for him.I think sanskar must punish swara.not sanskar swara must punish by god.Bring another girl for sanskar then only swara know the. value of sanskar.kitni baar ragini laksh ke liye swara ko choda.par thab bhi swara ne kabhi bhi sanskar ke saath nadiya.wo jssnthi is mein sanskar ki galathi nahi.phir phi usne chod diya sanskar.New girl in sanskar life is good.Laksh bhi swara jise hei.sirf apne baare mein sochthe hai.ek baar phi ragini ke baare mrin na socha.I hate them.

      1. Mica

        Swara never done nothing for Sanskar ?hmm, you are rite, since Swara done everything for Sanskar..
        if any one said Swara done nothing for Sanskar, they are must be not Swaragini fans, i mean they never watch it…

      2. Mica

        if Sanskar likes the type of Ragini’s love, He will surely choose Kavita than Swara.
        who able to kill someone for him. Thank God Sanskar is a good person, who know value of love and moral, who know the rite and wrong.. not kinda his fans,
        who demand Swara to do everything for Sanskar even though crossing limit.

      3. couldnt agree more Mica Swara has done everything to Sanskaar from putting him into right track and done a lot to his family who counts only on her

      4. Mica

        hahaha, what to say Louna, there are many type of fans, they have no differences with Ragini’s fans who support her in thick and thin, forget other efforts…

      5. well if swara would have stay with her husband everybody would have called her selfish thinking about her realation if she goes with her sister we will call her somebody with no feelings leaving sanskaar so in all circumstances swara will be called guilty cant see why
        second swara always take the right choice even if it is hard no matter why…swara by leaving sanskaar initiates him ti search for laksh and she is the only one who knoes sanskaar deeply well and no matter how hard he will punish her she knows he loved her million times more but staying next to her sister is the best choice ragini is weak and she can commit anything in a blink of an eye

    2. Mica

      doing right thing won’t drag your self respect dear…
      when Swara forgave Ragini, it’s her self respect..
      when Swara forgave Sanskar, it’s herself respect,…
      when Sanskar forgive Swara (maybe someday) it will be his self respect..
      Forgive someone, will increase your self respect to highest level,…

  14. Manjula20

    Now the track is getting interesting please cvs don’t get a 3rd person between Swasan.
    I was Swaras fan but I started to hate her from that Sahil’s track
    Can you guyz please tell is Swaragini gonna end in December???

    1. Mahjabeen

      Yea dear..its not confirmed..but the makers said if after da leap also da trip will nt increase then till december thy will make dis show end..

      Plss all of u guys just watch swaragini nd increase da trip..otherwise it will end…nd its a confirmed news
      Plsss all raglak nd swasan fans do do watch nd make the trip increase

      1. But they don’t promote the show ! SSK brong serial run since 5 years !!!!
        they’re itersteng with shakti & udaan biaased colors
        hopee they give a promo for SR

  15. Lool whats Ragini not wearing sindoor or mangalsutra got to do Swara and Sanskar? This was dumb move on the directors side.. Im big fan of Swansan and Swara depriving Sanskar from his rights as husband is so unfair..

  16. Kakali

    Thnk u H.Hasan mam for d update..
    Didn’t watch yesterday..hmmmm !! *short term memory loss..

  17. Mahavir

    new track is getting intresting day by day and first of all hiiii!!!! all of u swaragini frnds and i got some information that gayethri uthara’s mother in law will give the marriage contract to swaragini and she will create trouble for them and by swasan is going to became close i wish this is true.

  18. Ap said sanskar won’t allow swara bt hw cn c forgot it’s swara decision sanskar stopped hr bt c doesn’t listen dats y sanskar tld to not Cum hre after

    1. Mica

      you got the answer yourself in your last line

  19. Ladne ki koi zaroorat nahi..laksh is enjoying his holidays 😉 back soon lucky <3

  20. ragini will unite swasan in uttara’s mrrge.tr will be a scene where swara z abt to fall bt sanskar will hold her bt will drop her dwn the nxt minute.vk z enjoying the current track too much. bt jz hope tr will be a nyc track fo raglak too.

  21. Wow (what a confusing logic)…Although I am so glad ,intensed with current track ,there is something wrong about it.
    SwSan track is intense,logical but the rest of series is a mess;(MAHEShWARI family) OMG….I don’t know what happened to them.???? I think Sujata &Sharmishta are the only ones who care a little bit.
    PRODUCERS…WRITERS…DIRECTOR…plz concentrate on the character of Swara too,,because SawSan fans consist consist of Sanskar&Swara lovers.
    SO. CREATIVES of swaragini do ur best to give us SwaSan …who will lives & remains in the hearts of fans as their darling for ever.

  22. love this hate love track between swasan

  23. Hibajasmin

    I think swara is making reasons to go away from sanskaar.vo aise kyun kar rahi hai.she is always in trouble n thereby away from sanskaar.uski life mein athe problems kam hein ki baakiyon ke bhi mein sar dal rahi ho.itna mahan banne ki zaroorat bhi nahi hai.itna kuch karke she is scolding sanskaar.bata nahi kudh ko kya samachthi hai .i think use sanskaar ko divorce dekar politics mein jaana chahiyee.achi speech bhi dethi hai
    When show started i loved both sisters now only love ragini n hate swara.aur sumi use bhi problems ki kami nahi.bata nahi maa beti ke saath kya ho raha
    Actually sankaar aur ragini would be better as a couple.kyun ki ek jagah laksh jo hamesh aise stupidity karte hain .did’nt he think abt ragini?.aur swara jo hamesha baakiyon ke peeche bagthi rahthi hein aur saare musibaton ko ghar pe lekar aathi hain

    1. Kakali

      Hibajasmine dear,, don’t u watch swaragini properly??
      huffff !!! i guess ,, if u would seen you should never said all this..
      yes dear,, our Swara is MAHAN,,, i totally agree with u,,,, bcz she is SWARA,,, she is SWARA..
      whatever she did,,, there is no one who can do this..
      u said she is making reasons to go away from Sanskar !!! haaah !!! like really ,,,then m preety much sure u don’t know her.. u don’t know her LOVE FOR SANSKAR…
      She was scolding Sanskar,,, n wish she will scold Sanskar… coz it was for his betterment.. HER SANSKAR’S BETTERMENT…
      ohhh Ragini n Sanskar will look better with EO… oohhooo !!! now i get it… alllassss !!! hmmm !!! Have a good day dear…

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