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Sanskar sees Laksh and Swara laughing holding hands. He gets sad and thinks of Ragini’s words that Laksh has convinced Swara. Swara sees Sanskar coming and asks when did you come? Sanskar hides the gift and tries to go. Swara asks what happened to you? Sanskar says I am tired? And gets teary eyed. Swara asks aren’t you happy? Sanskar says I am very happy and goes. Swara wonders what happened to him. Neighbor thanks Sujata for giving her recipe. Sujata tells Sanskar that she will serve him food. Laksh tells Swara that he will take revenge from her as she has applied color on his face. Swara asks him to go. Annapurna, Sujata and Ragini see them talking. Annapurna asks her to come. Ragini comes to Swara and asks if Laksh brought this dress for you. Swara says no, Laksh has brought it for you…..Ragini

gets happy. Laksh smiles disappears and says hesitantly says yes. Swara gives the dress to Ragini. Laksh says it will look good on you. Sujata asks what is happening? Laksh gave gift to Swara, and my son is very sad.

Annapurna asks her not to think wrong. Swara tells Ragini that Laksh wants to give her a chance and that’s why gifted this lehenga. She asks her to talk to him with love and then their relation will be fine. Ragini asks her to talk to Sanskar. Swara says I will talk to him in the morning. Ragini asks her to talk to Sanskar now itself and clear the matter.

Sujata is in her room. Ragini knocks on her door seeing Swara going to Sanskar’s room. Sujata opens the door and sees nobody. She thinks what is happening? Just then she sees Swara going to Sanskar’s room. Ragini is seen hiding. Sujata goes to Annapurna and tells her that Swara is going towards Sanskar’s room. Swara knocks on the door. Annapurna says she is going to guest room and says Sanskar stays here. Sanskar opens the door and sees Swara standing. Swara says I want to talk to you and gets inside. She then closes the door. Sujata is shocked and says what did she want to do. She was with Laksh in the morning and then she is with Sanskar now. Ragini thinks nobody wants to accept her, and she wants Swara to have the same feeling of rejection. Sanskar asks Swara what happened? Why you are behaving strangely. Sanskar refuses. Swara asks him to talk to her. She asks why you are ignoring me. Sanskar says I can’t ignore you. She says you would have got happy if you had gone to farmhouse. Sanskar says I am happy with your union with Laksh. Swara is shocked and asks what?

Sanskar says you both have decided to unite, and says I heard you both laughing loudly. Laksh was looking happy? Swara asks him to come out of dreams, and says I thought that I will listen to Laksh then will refuse him. She says Laksh asked me to return to my life and says he wants to move ahead in life…..She says you thought me wrong. Sanskar says I did a mistake. Swara says how can you think that we can unite. Sanskar says you both were laughing loudly so I was mistaken. He asks is he makes difference for her. Swara says you matters to me. Sanskar says this heart can do mistakes also. Swara says Laksh is ready to give a chance to Ragini. Sanskar asks really? Swara says yes. She says when family members agree to accept Ragini, we will tell family that her memory is back. She says she is thinking to open school, and says it is her childhood dream. She says she will implement her idea after their divorce. Sanskar looks on sad.

Swara says we will be divorced as I beat you much. She thanks him and asks him to sleep. She sees gift kept on the sofa and asks if he brought it for Utara. Sanskar says I brought it for you. Swara says I made rangoli for your prosperity in business and you are not giving me gift. Sanskar gives her gift. Swara says your choice is good. Sanskar says my choice is very good that’s why has chosen you. Swara looks on uncomfortable and tells good bye. She then says thank you and leaves. Sanskar smiles.

Sujata tells Annapurna that Swara was in Sanskar’s room till late. Annapurna asks Swara about her relationship with Laksh. Swara says we are just good friends and asks her to confirm with Laksh. Sujata asks why did you stayed back? Swara says I am staying for Ragini. Sujata asks why did you go to his room? Swara says she wanted to talk to Sanskar. She asks Annapurna if she trust her. Annapurna says yes and asks her to sleep.

Ragini gets trapped in her own conspiracy and gets kidnapped. She shouts. Laksh, Swara and Sanskar are doubted.

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  1. Love swasan. Perfect tryst will b between two when swara too realises her feeling for sanskar

  2. wow…awesome epi..all the misunderstandings is cleared.iam soo happy..writers please unite swasan..

  3. ragini does not deserve laksh……..
    laksh does not deserve swara…….
    swara does not deserve sanskar..

  4. Hi guys,
    I missed today’s episode, I will watch it tomorrow. I read the update and i’m so happy that the farm house situation between swara and laksh is solved. And nik you were right about sanskar, once swara explained everything to him he understood her. At the end of the day He did not went and married some other lady without knowing the truth and start calling her characterless the way laksh did. He believed swara and I’m so happy and can’t wait till when
    swasan unites.
    Swasan forever,
    Swasan rocks.?

  5. That psyco devil ragini gets kidnaped. I wonder who kidnaps her though. Is it true that it will be uttara. Anyways good I hope that teaches her a lesson for messing with people.

  6. I too feel the same shuva
    Hey can we be friends SWASAN rocks I too missed yesterday’s epi surely see it today itself

    1. Hi neha,
      Of course we can and yes
      Swasan rocks.?

  7. Hi swasan fans. I read out the new spoiler. Swara knwn truth abt ragini. Swara slaps ragini in front of whole family :O :O :O :O :O :O

  8. Rocking_Spoiler grin emoticon

    Swara to slap Ragini after coming across her true face.The on-going track of Colors’ popular show ‘Swaragini’ showcases Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) being suspected for spoiling Swara’s (Helly Shah) image in front of Annapurna and Sujata. Ragini is creating situations where Swara is trapped between boththe heroes, Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor).But the upcoming track will put an end to all thewrong intentions of Ragini. Read on…Swara who was unaware about Ragini’s evil motive of spoiling her image, will come across her true face. Swara will find out that Ragini is still the same and has not changed for good. This will definitely shock the darling sister who had blind faith on her wicked sister.What happens next is..Swara will confront Ragini in front of the entire family for her bad deeds. She would get upset, because after doing so much for her, she is still the same and her negative motives too, seem to be unaffected. Watching such disrespect for her, Swara will slap Ragini and break all her relations with her.And then comes the much hyped track, where Ragini will be shown missing and would get kidnapped.

    1. Reallllllllllllllyyyyyy ???? Where u read tis ..? wow happyyy. Truly or Ragini’s dream of being caught

    2. I was read out from swaragini twitter page

  9. Oh no I thought they will show sanskar in pain so I didn’t watch this episode… But the written update and the comments seems so cool… Should watch it at retelicast

  10. I’m happy to see ragini will kidnapped by someone(I dont care who kidnap her) but finally ragini swasan ko sakun to Dain gi naa!!

  11. Divorce divorce go to hell swara…,y u cant give chance to sanskar…

  12. swaragini shocking: identify of ragini kidnapper revealed.
    the promos of show shows that there is going to another major twist as ragini will get kidnapped.
    viewers might wonder who is behind her kidnapping and whether it is ragini itself who has planned this.
    however, the truth will come as big surprise for the viewers of the show.
    currently it is seen that new character named uttara has entered the show and she is sanskaar’s beloved sister who has returned to the house after completing her studies.
    in upcoming episodes it will be seen that ragini will get kidnapped but it is not a fake plan as she would have actually been abducted. however, no one believe her due to her past evil actions.
    very soon, swara, sanskaar and laksh will start to get blamed for her abductions.
    news is that the actual kidnaper will be uttara as she wants to take revenge from ragini for sanskaar’s accident.
    looks like upcoming track will surely grab attention of viewers.

  13. swaragini: swara to slap ragini and break all relations with her.
    the current track of the swaragini shows that ragini is being suspected of spoiling swara’s image infront of ap nd sujju. she creating issues which had made her trapped between laksh and sanskaar.
    swara was earlier unaware about ragini’s evil motives but she will come across her true face.
    it will now be seen that swara will confront her in front of the entire family for her bed deeds.
    swara will feel that she supported ragini so much and still she got back stabbed by her.
    swara will be furious with her for her evil manipulative plans and she will slap ragini and break all relations with her.
    after this slap incident, viewers will get to see kidnapping track of ragini.

  14. guys i watch tellybyte video its swasan scene and ragini also there… this is ragini next plan to tarnish swara image in front of family she wants to send swara and laksh going for trip..
    its rag ridiculous plan hope her plan will backfires this time.. and i think after this only swara comes to know rags evil motive and she slaps and confronts her. nd breaks her relationships with her …(swara is in dress which sanskar gifted her in episode and he is in red sherwani which matching to swara’s dupatta red colour) ..
    actually in this video swasan are shown and rags made a plan&told swara .. rags want to go with swara banaras from 20 to 25 to do pooja for maika and sasural safety. but atually rags plan is not going to banaras she booked tickets for swara and laksh honeymoon from 20 to 25. but basically all thinks that swara banaras jaane ka bahane going out with laksh. this is rags plan nd nobody going to banaras. best part in this video is “”sanskaar tells swara to he will also come and he promised to her that he will not disturbed her and nahi tang karunga.. she tells sorry actually she is going with ragini,(she dont no about rags plan) he tells so, its only it sisters plan aur koi nahi jaa sakta.. again she said sorry… again 3rd time when tells sorry to him he said ha ok.. uski koi jarurat nahi hai uske keemat tho tume chukana hi padegi..””””.. she is blushing and sansky is fliring…
    i think sanskar figure outs ragini plan and backfires.. and may be this leads to swara eventually come across her sister evil motives and true face.. so she will ask her infront of family members and her furious is leads to slap ragini?? hope this slapping drama comes.. and sanskaar findouts this… but when is car bomb blast drama happen.. wating for this…

    1. Thank u sanju for info…

  15. Wow sanju,
    Thanks for the information and your too anu.

  16. I think the all plans doing laksh…becoz he already said that ragini will do any evil plan again he will thrown out ragini from his life…so this is the evidence…swara last admit that ..but its not true ..may be it would be wrong

  17. Boring episode. No interesting part. Only misunderstanding cleared. Swasan lovers likes. Such a long dialogue between swasan. Irritating precap to see ragini alias theju s face reaction.How could she give that type of expression. Really my blood is boiling. No sympathy to her. Anything will happend to ragini no one will sympathise her. She gave best face reaction and get worst compliment from viewers. Her cotumes is one of the reason to hate. The team gave teju as perfect villain. Everything is perfect to her to hate. Nothing to say more. We


  19. Uttara is already in Swaragini na ? Now she’s also conspiring!?! Arrey she was kind of teenager ,I think. These writers. I was watching old Swaragini. Poor Lucky nd Ragini. Looks like Tejaswi is enjoying this negative shade of Ragini. Still many confusions . Ragini doesn’t love Laksh anymore. Maheswari boys are best friend and good friend of Swara. Sanskar loves Swara. Laksh loves swara. Ragini is trying to kill Sanskar , spoil Swara’s image nd make Laksh feel what she felt , I mean that feeling when your love loves someone else ( Sanskar). But , if it so , why is she trying to kill Sanskar? She should awake the love in Swara for Sanskar na (As she did it for Laksh )??Instead of killing him !! Whatever it is , I don’t want Lakshya to be next villain. I want SwaLaksh to unite but it won’t happen unless & until Sanskar turns 2 b a villain (again!!)….waiting but not watching:-P

  20. Guyzzz to phir sanskarr ke gadi ka bomb blast kb higa swara banaras jaane ke baad ya phir new apoiler aya hai n according to tgat sana say ki agar swara ruk gai nai gai to wo sansjaar se pyaar jrti hi aisa sans ne kaha…n
    guyzzzvread the spoiler its amazingggggggggggggg

  21. Swasan love going to begin ..
    Before going trip to Banaras swara informs sanskar….again sanskar expresses his feelings…
    Pls swara understand sanskar….anyway lot of twist unfold

  22. Wowwwwww ausum episode wish that only n only sea San should unite my that swalak I actually don’t like swalak pair we only want sea San to unite as they r d cutest pair evry

  23. Let swara and lakshay unite bcz his feelings r true towards swara

  24. Shivani Bongale

    When will blast scene happen…waiting eagerly for it…uske baad swasan or pass aajayenge 😀

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