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The Episode starts with Sanskar crying and breaks down calling Swara. Sahil is seen taking Swara out of river. Durga Prasad holds Sanskar….Sanskar says Swara is alive and begs him to find Swara. Sahil tries to wake up Swara and thinks why don’t people kill easily and waste others time. He tries to make her gain consciousness and presses her tummy to make her expel water. He thinks how to make her conscious and gets closer to her. Swara expels water on his face. Sahil says very funny. Laksh tells Sanskar that we will search Swara. Sanskar asks Inspector to find Swara. Inspector says we tried a lot, but we lost hope as we got Rajat’s body. Sanskar says this can’t happen. Inspector says I can understand your situation. Sanskar says you can’t understand me and asks if anyone close to you left you.

He says until I am breathing, this proves that Swara is alive….Ragini cries. Laksh cries. Sanskar asks Laksh to say that Swara is alive. Sahil takes unconscious Swara in his car and calls Dr. Banerjee. He asks him to come to his house.

Sanskar tells that Swara can’t go anywhere. Sujata cries and says she can’t leave us. She will be back and asks him to rest. Annapurna couldn’t see his state. Sujata says Sanskar have to accept that Swara can’t return. Annapurna says she is no more. They cry. Doctor checks Swara and says she will take some time to gain consciousness. Sahil asks how she is now? Doctor says better and says she is leaving nurse with her. Sahil says great, I can’t take care of her all night. Servant comes and gives him tea. He asks who is she? Sahil says I don’t know her, you can ask after she wakes up. He asks if Maa called? Servant says no.

Dadi asks Sumi to drink milk. Sumi cries and looks at Swara’s pic. Dadi consoles Sumi and asks her to cry her heart out. She says did you understand what I told you. She says if you would have aborted this child then this wouldn’t have happened. She says this baby is inauspicious. Ragini is making kada in the kitchen and recalls Inspector words. Sujata comes. Ragini asks her to make Utara have kada. Sujata asks her to rest. Ragini says she will make food. Sujata says Swara was your sister. Ragini asks her to give kada to Utara. Laksh comes to kitchen and makes sandwich. Ragini says I will make for you. Laksh says you didn’t have food and asks her to eat it. Ragini says she is not feeling like eating and asks him not to force her. Servant comes and asks about Durga Prasad’s medicine. Ragini says I will give and goes. She comes to Durga Prasad’s room and gives him medicine. Annapurna comes.

Ragini says food will be ready in few mins and asks them to come down. Annapurna tells Durga prasad that Ragini didn’t sit for a min and is working alone, it seems like she is trying to divert her mind. Laksh comes infront of Ragini. Ragini asks him to let her go and says she has much work. Laksh says you didn’t cry fully. Ragini says she don’t want to talk. Laksh says Swara is gone? Ragini says I know. He says Swara was your sister, will you not cry? He asks her not to hide her pain from him. Ragini says Swara is my sister, and says she will be back. Parineeta hears them and recalls planning with Rajat, and Swara saying you know all. Ragini says Swara will return and cries hugging Laksh.

Parineeta cries seeing Ragini crying and feels guilty. She tells Adarsh that she never wanted Swara to die. Adarsh asks her not to blame herself and takes her with him. Laksh consoles Ragini and kisses on her forehead. Laksh gets a call and he goes. Ragini says Swara is fine and will return soon. She asks herself to take care of Sanskar and family. She says I can’t accept that Swara can leave her, and says one day she will return for sure. She comes to Utara’s room and sees her sleeping. She recalls that day and cries asking Swara to return. She says everything is incomplete without you. Swaragini is incomplete…Swara.

Swara gets a dream and gets flashes of Sanskar shooting at Rajat. Ragini finds a bullet there on the floor. She gets doubtful. Sahil takes care of Swara. Servant comes and asks what happened? Sahil says nurse was sleeping on duty so I fired her from the job. Servant kaka says he will take care of her. Ragini thinks to inform Laksh and then thinks she will enquire first before letting everyone know.

Ragini finds a gun in the flour box. Swara gains consciousness and gets hysterical seeing Sahil’s pendant. Sanskar feels her and says you are fine Swara…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Huh? Mere swasan ka kya hoga?

    Pls CVS kuch Karo! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. how sweet swasan’s love feeling is….but yar i was shocked to see the new PROMO…..sanskar looks at swara who screams at him to go away saying you tries to kill me.sanskar tries to go close but sahil comes in between them and swara hides behind sahil leaving sanskar teray eyed……..awwwwwwwwwwww……………………

    1. I cried watching it! ??????
      I am angry on Swara now! How can she do that? That too to my poor Sanky! Huh?

      Part nahi kya hoga mere Sanky ka? Swara bohut pachtaogi tum! ???????????For making my Sanky cry! ? ???????????

  3. This comment is deleted.

    1. How cheap are you? Don’t say anything about Hindus!!

    2. Get out cheap a*****e nobody wants u here. Stupid gadhe. U have no right to insult a religion. I hope this site gets blocked for u in d future. Cuz u deserve it.

  4. Mariam that comment was awful even I am not Hindu and I may not understand their culture fully but we must respect others. This is what breeds hate. This site is for all to enjoy the shows and come in love and peace.

  5. oye hlw madam whoever u r think 100tyms be4 saying sumthng n dnt dare u tell abt india who the hell r u to judge any country or any religion n what u think ki aj ye bolke bohut bda teer mara hai then get it u shity prsn u r black mark on earth n muslim community too coz u r nt a human remember allah n bhagwan are two different names bt hold the same respect n both shows the same path… Path of equality allah k liye sab bande ek hi hai get it and u blo*dy ppl r the reason y there is rift btw countries n communties so jst get it or go to hell

  6. Mariam excuse me? Who are you to say all this? Im Muslim and wouldnt think of writing such ignorrant statement wtf? Watch your mouth and respect others belief. ???

  7. And coming back to Swaragini Im loving the current track, at least Swara is alive and theres hope of Sanskar and her coming back together. ?????

  8. Plz, end this ml track

  9. In promo it s shown tht swara vl b blaming sanky to b killing hr n sahil vl b protecting hr frm sanky……… I’m nt able to evn imagine hw hurt our sanky vl b….. N more than him v swasan fans vl b hurt wid ths…… These CVs suck al d tym……. I hate to see sanky n swara lyk tht……. I won’t watch it till thy get together………

  10. ds episode ws painful… :’-( & d promo.. Hw cn swara blm snskr fr killing hr.. omg … wht wil hppn to our swasn…. plzz ye bkwas trck jldi khtm kro….

  11. What did mariam type?? It must have been awful.

  12. Swasan….. ??? get back together soon….
    Ugghh I don’t like sahil already

  13. what did she say guys plz tell me

  14. Ye kya ho raha hai ????
    Promo was awful
    Plz unite swasan soon
    Sahil is disgusting

  15. Omg really varun again nailed n m tired of saying this the way he was pleeding to dp to search for swara and his dialogue main mar jaaunga,his intensity, his child-like innocence, his belief that swara is alive just made us cry today.and what Marian said that u guys are so much hyper.

  16. come on cv!!!!have some brain…….swasan s given d viewer’s choice “best jodi award”……they r one of d most popular on-screen jodi.definitely viewers want them 2gether,not seperated ofcourse…some swasan fans were in hope dat with d memory loss track there ll b new lovestory of swasan.but with d new promo…..waters r splashed 2 all such hopes as well.its all swahil and god knows swalak ll b there or not!!!needless 2 say swasan fans ll quit d show & trps ll go down..brainless writers u r hurting swasan fans & also shows trps

  17. being a swasan fan i quit d show until n unless my swasan r reunited again

  18. Hey miram u hve no permission to speak like this i m also muslim loved by karan my boyfriend nd we r married also so before speaking something plz think of that words u speak

  19. Oh God!!!!! I want my SwaSan back!!!!??? The new promo where Swara blames Sanskar made me cry…!!!!??? Plzz CV’s reunite our SwaSan and end this damn ML track!!!!??

  20. ita mat socho..last time b kuch death ka promo dikhaya tha par wo hua toh nai na.. so I guess yeh b nai hoga…
    hope for the best …
    swasan rox …
    aur channel wale ite pagal thodi hai k khud hi trp gira de swasan ko alag rkh kar ..akhir unko b business karna hain..

    1. arey aisa kuch tha k karthik k sang fight hogi..wob nai hua …yeh wala b nai hoga

  21. So sad….an kya hoga swasan ka air specially my dear sanky…I m not able 2 see him in this state…Plzzzzz CVS do something…

  22. Iska matalab sanskar lak going to hooghly to temple at that time san come to maya house where swara kept so soon swara should come to badi

  23. Hey guys colors has posted in Twitter that Swaras return would affect Ragini so may be we will have swalak track

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