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The Episode starts with Laksh coming home and accuses Kavya for lying him and giving drug to him. He asks if you have ran away with that man, when he don’t see her and hears noise coming out from room. He goes towards the room. He opens the door and the rope is pulled hanging Kavya. He sees Kavya hanging herself. He runs to her and holds her. He makes her lie down on the bed and checks her breath (Kavya must have stopped her breath to make him fool again). He gets tensed and shocked. Ragini tells Sumi that she needs a big amount of money as her friend’s papa is in hospital after the accident. Shekhar says I have 1 Lakh rupees. Ragini looks on. Laksh thinks what to do as Kavya have trapped him. He thinks to call Swara and Sanskar and call Police. He is shocked and don’t know what to do. He asks what

wrong did I do? Why did you do this. He thinks I won’t let anything happen to my Maa, Papa and family. He thinks I have to do something. He lifts Kavya to take her somewhere.

Ragini thinks what to do and from where to get the money. Dadi comes and asks Ragini to come. Dadi shows the jewellery of Janki and says she used to say that she will give it to you on your marriage. She keeps it back in the locker. Laksh wraps up Kavya and keeps her in the car. Kavya opens her eyes and smiles. She closes her eyes again. Ragini comes to Dadi’s room when she is sleeping. Dadi wakes up and closes the window. Ragini hides. She comes out after Dadi sleeps again and steals the jewellery from the locker. Ragini thinks about Dadi’s words and feels bad. Dadi is seen sleeping. Laksh comes to the jungle and burns the body without seeing if she is really Kavya or not.

Ragini comes to the Police station and gives the money. She says she can’t bring the lawyer, but can get them freed with the money. Everyone is emotional. Swara asks from where did you get the money? Ragini asks her to leave it. Ragini asks Inspector to free the men also. Inspector says I can’t leave them. Ragini asks why? When you are freeing them then why can’t them. Inspector says we got this email from Kavya. Sujata says what did she say? Inspector says Kavya mailed that she is in danger and if anything happens to her then Maheshwari men will be blamed. He says we got Kavya’s half burnt body and arrested the person who have done this. Swara, Ragini and others are shocked. Constables brings Laksh. Laksh looks down with guilt. Everyone is shocked.

Sujata asks did you kill Kavya? Inspector says yes, and that was gruesome. Laksh says I don’t repent for this. Swara asks what you are saying? Laksh says she have trapped me, and I am trapped. He apologizes to Swara for not trusting her again, and says he can’t take Ragini’s name…and apologizes to her for breaking her heart and playing with her emotions. Swara asks what you have done? Inspector says we got Kavya’s mail and reached to the spot. We couldn’t save Kavya, but arrested this murderer. Annapurna and others look at him emotionally. Laksh also looks at them with teary eyes. Ragini looks on.

All the Maheshwari ladies with Swara and Ragini come back home, and sees light off. Just then TV switches on and Kavya appears on TV saying she is not dead and just acted to be dead. Ragini tells Swara that they have to get the recording. Just then TV bursts and they shout.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sharon shrivatsav

    Oh! Lakshya is trapped badly now!!!!???But I’m sure ragini will save him…..???and thanks h hasan for live update…… ???

    1. Sharon shrivatsav

      Hope they don’t drag this story for months together…..and reunite raglak soon….???

  2. Can someone please change the writer he’s such an idiot…. He doesn’t have any of writing a story….. He should take the help of ff writers. They are a 1000 times better than him.

    1. hey….tooba..when will u upload reality behind truth?????

  3. Feeling pity for Laksh… Hope Swara and Ragini find some way or the other to get Laksh out of jail… the reason behind Kavya taking revenge on Laksh is really stupid and childish… Dnt these cvs get any other reason for her revenge…

    This video is for Raglak fans

  4. Arunika Dasgupta

    OMG!!!! Kavya is sooo cunning…vamp ho to aise!!!
    Lakshya is served right but I want Sanky out of jail ASAP….I hope the CVs do the needful!!
    Also want #SwaSanTrack!!!

  5. It seems as if kavya is keeping an eye on them

  6. so thats why mm mens in jail till now and rags comes ps in sanskar place and sanskar goes out.. wow thats about tdy segmnt as rags in place of sanskar and lucky thinks it his bhai and asks forgiveness from his elder brother andkeeps crying on his shoulder but its ragini who is in sanky place.. monday we see sr and kd merger episode “sach ka khulasa” so think fb of laksh tanya child hood.. hope small swasan scene tmrw. we get.

  7. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    should i be happy that laksh has changed or
    should be sad that kavya is still in their lives
    it is like kabhi kushi kabhi gham

  8. Thnkz hasan 4 supr fst updt Its gud tht laskh has now opened his eyes ………arghhh just hate this kavya…well i hope swaragini solves this mystery soon cause i m fed up with her dramas

  9. promo: mahayudha kd and swaragini 21st march
    “chupkar war karna unki fitrat hai,(shows kd actress) kavya tells, aag jaroor lagegi vo says ar is baar nahi (shows swara, ragini, aradhya) 21st march hoga saazisoh ka maha-khulasa, kavya tells 1 1 sec aap logo ke liye bahuth keemti hai(shows swaragini stare eachother) shuru hogi jo khoj swaragini mein, vo puri hogi krishnadasi mein. swaragini and aradhya tells hum milkar karengi sazzisho ka kulasa””

  10. worst serial stop this nonsense and bring New girlfriend for lakash and New boyfriend for Ragini

  11. Huhuhuuuuuu…….laksh finally realized what he done and ragini s love

  12. Where was the TV in Mahesh warm house??

    1. radhika madan

      There was

  13. Ragini u rock !!!!
    Laksh u r too late
    Now at least realize ur and ragini love

  14. Aww..bechara baby luxji fir fasadiya awesome wife ne..i think swaragini police is antaryami luxji waha kand kr rahe the aur ye thrki inspector ko kaise pata chala police stn me baithke?kavya ne email me murder place ka address likhke bheja isko saying we gt mail..ajeeb hai ye inspector..
    Luxji baby koi toh kaam thik se kiya karo..hayee re phuti kismat pakda gaya..jb sb itna smjha rahe the tb ye robot tha ab baby ne isse diya BJKT..fasgaya firse..kaise akal ka dushman hai ye..koi kaam poora nai krta..y nly men of mm responsible achanak ladies iski sagi kaise ho gayi..lets see wat happens in nxt week ab luxji turn to enjoy jail trip..enjoy baby..

  15. Gosh finally kavya is exposed but I swear if ragini still doesn’t forgive laksh she is mad she shouldn’t forget that everything started with her insulting the MM I agree laksh first didn’t accept ragini but at least he wasn’t that mean he started hating her after she became owner of the family now I just want ragini to free laksh, laksh to tell ragini he loves her because I know inside he does and save ragini from karthik, last but not least ragini to forgive laksh because if she takes forever to forgive him it will just be bad and she should trust laksh when he says karthik is kavya/tanya’s brother and the want revenge!!!

    1. Serial track is going to be worsened..yaar…they will drag this episode too fat…isliye chod ho diya hai dekhna swaragini..bechari ragini ko to isolate ki kr diye the bich main..phir kahan ki swaragini.anyways it’s nice that they are taking both ragini and swara as lead…ragini’s role is again rising…as expected…ab ye serial ko plz plz jyaada bore mt banao..and don’t change the villans again nd again..pahle dadi ,phir durga prasad,phir koi nayi mila to lead pair ragini ko Hi bana diye …really it’s just a crap…really disappointed wid this story.

      Nd guys damn sure they won’t unite raglak now …abhi kisi aur ko villan banana baki hoga ya phir ko naye villan ki entry karayenge after kavya.
      Nd to the writers .if u want the trp should be maintained to ye phaltu story mat likhna..make this track interesting giving each role equal opportunities.. Jaise for example ..abhi ragini nd swara lead main hai,vo achchi baat hai PR whether sankar is a fool ,ab uska koi role hi nahi hai..it’s really a crap..:(

  16. Happy for raglak at least they are getting screen space

  17. Mr tharki oops Inspector ji..lksh ko thoda jail me rehne do tb dimag thoda chalega..warna he always aaa bail mujhe Maar types..I think inspector ko aur criminals ko rkhne ke liye jaga nai bachi hogi bcz pura mm khnadan ne already book kiya hua hai..permanent contract with police..most frequent member is luxji..inspector ke saath achhi jamegi iski..same types u know..luxji trust ke maamle those dhile isilye hr tym BJKT milta isse..ab sudhargaya aisa lg raha bt kuchh bhi bharosa nai hai is awesome wife ke pati ka..kb akal bechke aayega kuchh bharosa nai hai..I wish ab jail se aane ke baad akal thodi milegi usse..toh apne soutan se lad payega?get well soon luxxxji.. Aaj ragu andhere me bohot pretty lg rahi thi..??
    N yes guyzz in poll conducted by tellechakkar betn divyanka tripathi,niti,sriti,radhika madaan,n our helly..n helly won d poll..lv u helly??

    1. Hi angel
      Yeah seen it our helly madam won the poll I’m so happy for her?

      1. Well hello there Anjum
        What’s up how are you? Yeah me too seen it our sweet beautiful helly won the poll. And yeah I’ve checked the meaning of my name in the Internet and you’re right my name means precious gem thanks babe. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    2. Yeah nafisa Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  18. Laksh burns kavyas body then too she is still alive..
    I think that fellow inspector is also partner of kavya.. cant he differentiate between dead body n alive human body..
    Cvs showed kavyas body in fire then too she is alive

    1. I think wen laksh go to take that kerosene then only that kavya mst hve left

    2. Same doubt here,or are they trying to show he burned somebody else’ body,but where did that come from,how did Kavya know where he was going to dump her?or are they trying to show Karthik put some other body in Laksh’s car while he went inside,but if police arrested Laksh from the spot,how can she escape and put somebody else’s body,may be they will show he went to drain petrol from tank,after that would have gone to buy match box,writers,we cant expect other than that from you all,utter confusion and we know you will show some illogical explanation and wind up this plot,hope that mahasangam episode will be exciting,expose Kavya a little convincingly, as somebody said above,read the fan fictions,those who read it will agree,a few of them are like neatly written scripts,others also will give you ideas,swaragini serial would have reached number1 if this show had better writers because cast is so amazing,but plot is overdramatic and repetitive,first it was kidnap season, then ex girl friend,thank God Kaveri was not DP’s ex,and you can’t just come out of drugs, don’t know which drug you are showing,it should be banned if such a drug is there in Indian market,crime rate will increase,tolerating all the crap and watching only for Swasan.

      1. Hey mithu
        I totally agree with you and me too tolerating all the nonsense becoz of Swasan.?

  19. Nice episode.

  20. Itches become boring story. The same concept of trapping earlier it was swaraj then ragini, sanskar and now laksh……Need to bring new concept.

  21. why kavya is doing all this, what is her prolm, plz change this track nd shw anothr track with some sense nd logic

  22. Nice track
    But please bring a new loving and caring boy for Ragini other than kartik and Lakshya

  23. Swaragini fan

    I’m confuse laksh will accept/love rag or not. Now also this show dosen’t show unity first it’s swara and now rags. People are fighting bcoz of it that’s not good. I’m very upset from this and what’s meaning of poll. I’m a silent reader but thought to comment.

  24. Hey guys…happy to see a strong,bold and determined ragini…..in everyone’s including swara’s eyes there was a respect towards ragini who fulfill her promise to free them….rag’s rocks….and i think after kavya’s problem got solved laksh will realise his love for ragini but she will not accept him soon…laksh want to work hard to make them sure that he deserves ragini rather than karthik or anyone else…

  25. Well hello everyone and good morning to all swaragini fans, Swasan fans and raglak fans what’s up guys How are you all?

    1. Hi nafisa how are you ?

  26. how stupid is this cop. He arrested all at the maheshwari house and all the male were in lockup except for laksh when Kaviya was murdered. How are the rest of the male involved when they were locked up and the cop knows that kaviya is dead. All this time I was thinking that Laksh should have call the police but after this sherlocks detective work, I can understand his hesitance.

  27. Nice episode, acha hai Ki ab tho lakshay ko samaj aya wo kitna stupid hai nd Ragini plzz dnt ever forgive him. WO tho tumhare pyar ka layak nahi hai ?

    1. Well if that drama Queen ragini with crocodile tears could be forgiven then why not Laksh. I’m not a big fan of Laksh but in my point of view ragini did worse and she got away with it. She even did worse things then that kavya aunty.

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