Swaragini 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadi comes and asks Ragini and Swara to sleep else people will taunt her seeing their faces. Next day, Swara sits for her mehendi ritual. Parineeta teases Swara taking Laksh’s name. Annapurna gives shagun mehendi to Dadi. Dadi asks her to apply mehendi on Swara’s hand. Swara touches their feet and take blessings from them. Annapurna applies mehendi on Swara’s hand. Sujata smirks. Annapurna asks for Ragini and she comes. Everyone smile looking at her. Ragini takes Annapurna and Sujata’s blessings. Annapurna compliments her beauty. Sujata says this beauty will go to other’s home. She says Ragini is looking more beautiful than Swara. Ragini smiles and says no one can look beautiful than swara today.

Ragini takes selfie with Swara. She says she will apply mehendi on her hand. Their friends

say that Ragini has confused everyone as she is looking like a bride. Ragini laughs. Swara says she will apply mehendi to Ragini on her marriage day and her groom will be more good than Laksh. Ragini asks will you snatch him also from me. Swara is shocked and says sorry. Ragini says she was just joking and applies mehendi on Swara’s hand. Mehendi Hai Rach ne Wali plays……Ragini dances and sings the song. Dadi looks on happily. Ragini sees someone writing Laksh’s initial on Swara’s hand and gets angry. Sumi asks Swara, are you happy? Swara says she is very happy, but her mehendi will be incomplete until Dida sees it.

She goes to Dida and asks her to wake up. Ragini brings her dress and says your inlaws’ have sent it. Swara asks Ragini to dial Laksh’s number. Ragini says Laksh’s call is not connecting and asks her to talk later. Just then Laksh calls her and Swara takes the call. Swara asks Laksh what he wants to say. Laksh is about to say, but Ragini doesn’t let her talk saying Dadi is calling them. Swara says she didn’t hear Dadi’s voice. Ragini makes an excuse and takes her phone. Dida hears them and moves her finger. Swara is still in thinking.

Ragini calls the repair shop and gets to know that Swara’s phone is repaired. She messages Sanskar to collect Swara’s phone, and says they will meet in the evening.

Everyone come to Laksh’s house for Swara and Laksh’s sangeet. They greet each other. Swara and Laksh try to speak to each other, but are interrupted by Parineeta. Dadi tells Annapurna that Swara will get ready here, and sends Ragini with her. Sanskar as a repair shop owner talks to Swara on Ragini’s number and asks her to collect phone from the shop. He insists her to take the phone today itself. Swara says she will come. Ragini asks how can you go? Swara asks her to call Laksh, and says she will inform him before leaving. Ragini says okay and goes.

Laksh is busy attending the guests. Evil Ragini comes to Laksh and says hi. Laksh asks where is Swara? Ragini asks him to have patience. She comes to Swara and says Laksh is busy. She asks her to go tomorrow and then says you can wait. Swara says she can’t wait and wonders what to do. Swara tells her that she will come back soon and asks Ragini to handle everything. Evil and worst Ragini closes the door and takes the bridal’s dress with her madness. She says Laksh is mine and will be mine only. I loved him truly.

Evil and Psycho Ragini wears Swara’s bridal clothes and jewellery and then calls Laksh informong him that Swara is not in the room. Sumi sees Swara coming home and is shocked.

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  1. ?pradishma?

    Hate u rags always….. how can u fall sooooooo low….. u r really cheap u don’t even deserve a slap u deserve many kicks

  2. dhanu

    Friends I have heard on wedding day rag will sit mandap as bride and meanwhile sanskar is sitting as groom to take revenge of Laksh or dp .but San don’t know rag sitting as bride .and both ragsan are marry

    • ?pradishma?

      No one scold tejaswi v r scolding rags not tejaswi chill…. if swara becomes negative v will also scold her…..

  3. sruthi

    ragini. why are u doing this u knows swalak love each other.. then u should get away from them.. do u know what is love. lov is caring.u can care for laksh n u can love laksh all the time. but u should not interfere in his happiness.
    we shud give up for the happiness of our loved one…
    pls raginii. this is not ur character..
    and directors why u r showing this generation guyz like this…n I like ragini very much. before swaragini also in sanskaar serial I like her very much. but now u r doing her fans to hate tejawini… pls directors change the track

  4. sruthi

    wowwww . thank u dhanu di for ur wonderful news. thank u di….yeah ragsan is good than raglak…
    superb news. waiting for that episode..

    frnz I learnt mathematics from this…

    ragini (-) × sansjaar (-) = (+) ragsan…
    swara (+) × laksh (+) = (+) swalak..

    (-) means evilness
    (+) means good..

    hope ragsan will bcum good after the marriage…

    ya rags is exactly like tapasya..

  5. aliya

    Guys r u serious about the news that ragini n sanskar will get married!? Bcz if this is true then this is the best thing in this serial! ????
    N then they will be exposed also! ???

  6. sruthi

    oh. OK dhanu di. but hoping for ragsan marriage…
    ragsan n swalak in same house.. interesting.. this is also like uttaran..
    vijay ichha
    veer tapasya..

    • ?pradishma?

      No thanks or sry sru…. neither u will say sry nor me…. and i also want yaar that news to cum true….. it will amazing then rags and sans will pay for their sins….

  7. m.hifam

    Wow.a hat a great news.f it happens I’ll be very happy.both of them should repay for their sins and for what they deserve.

  8. ?pradishma?

    I had heard it somewhere that mishkat verma will be for rags…. anyways I don’t care who is for rags…. bus she should be away from swalak

  9. dhanu

    Noting special prads today when i wakeupiit’s little bit latet and other time I was work study

  10. sruthi

    OK Pradi. no sry n thanks…

    but I don’t want uttaran part two… its same track. I m a crazy fan of uttaran. i love veer n tapasya n iccha.
    do u watch [email protected] dhanu

    • ?pradishma?

      gud, No sru….. but everyone talks about uttran and its story is like swaragini or i can say swaragini story is like that…..

  11. ?pradishma?

    Kabir of nauc sru…. nd yes where r they…. shab di cums till now… and even punkin anu liya comes by this time

  12. dhanu

    I hate ragini really very much. She is like tapasya and more than thapasya .but sometimes when sanskar act like mad i was lough. That time in worker come to dp home when San tease dp. But i think San thought will wrong hoga lack laksh is innecent

  13. Mahika jain

    Yeh guys this serial based on swara lakshya oh god both are get married soon ragini I hate you ideaiot get lost frm laksya swara both should leave happy dida teek hojahoo jaldi ragini aramizadi kamini ki sachaI jaldi samne lekhe ahooo plss the

  14. sruthi

    oh OK OK. Pradi…

    uttaran is story of two frnz iccha n tapasya. .. tapu is rich . is poor. tapu dad brings iccha to his home for companion to tapu. but her dadi will poison her mind against ichha. tapu also does all the things told by her dadi… one day veer come to see tapu as his family planned to get veer marry to tapu.but tapu love other guy so she sends iccha to talk with veer. but the guy tapu love is not rich as veer. soon iccha n veer faal in love n veer plans his marriage with iccha. but tapu got irriated by ichha as she is going to be daughter in law of a rich family. so on the wedding day of veer ichha . tapu gets herself ready as bride n tapu cuts her hand and threatens to kill herself.,so ichha sacrifice her love n she gets veer and tapu married…this is starting. …uttaran is big story..

  15. Mahika jain

    pls dida get wel soon laksya marry soon wit swara director we all fed up ra g ini bakwas character pls throw him out ya rags marry sankaar tum crimanals ki achi jodi hai maroo tum dono salo kamino laksya aur swara ko bakshdo pls

  16. sruthi

    Uttaran is the story of two friends Ichcha and Tapasya with diametrically opposite backgrounds. Tapasya is the daughter of a wealthy couple, Divya and Jogi Thakur; while Ichcha is the daughter of their poor, live-in domestic help, Damini Bharati. Ichcha uses clothes and other possessions that are cast-off by Tapasya. In spite of the vast difference in status, the little girls become best friends. Jogi Thakur discovers that he had accidentally caused the death of Ichcha’s father long ago. He feels guilt-stricken and decides to become Ichcha’s foster father, giving her the best possible upbringing. However, jealousy creeps into the girls relationship as Ichcha wins over Tapasya’s family with her simple nature and good character. Divya’s aunt Sumitra Devi (Nani), being resentful of Damini and Ichcha, poisons Tapasya’s mind against her friend. Sumitra spreads rumors about Ichcha and Damini to Tapasya and she begins to hate her from that moment. Uttaran story After 10 years They eventually grow up. A rich and extremely handsome guy named Veer Singh Bundela enters in their life, Jogi Thakur expects Tapasya to marry Veer but Tapasya already has a boyfriend, Sidharth a.k.a Sid. Tapasya tells Ichcha to marry Veer and tells her everything about Sid. After some time Veer falls for sweet and simple Ichcha. Veer asks Jogi Thakur in hand of Ichcha and he accepts. Then Tapasya gets jealous because Ichcha got a very rich and handsome guy and Ichcha is very happy with Veer, and both love each other truly and deeply. They get engaged. On the day of Veer and Ichcha’s wedding Tapasya cuts her wrist with a knife to marry Veer. Seeing Tapasya in this situation Ichcha gives her dress, her sindoor, her wonderful engagement ring she got from her Veer and everything to Tapasya and offers her to marry Veer and Damini never agrees wholeheartedly with Ichcha and tells that Veer is Ichcha ‘s Uttaran to Tapasya, thus completing the cycle of all the Uttaran Tapasya gave Ichcha from childhood. No one recognizes Tapasya in the wedding dress because of the veil covering her face and when they go home and Veer takes off the veil, he gets so angry. Tapasya falsely explains that Ichcha didn’t want to marry Veer. But Veer denies the fact and goes out of the house to Jogi Thakur’s house and reveals the truth. Ichcha also accepts her doing. Veer’s grandfather and Gunwanti accepts Tapasya as the daughter-in-law of the house, but Veer never accepted Tapasya as his wedded wife. Jogi Thakur also gets mad at Tapasya. It is soon revealed that Veer has an elder brother, Vansh Singh Bundela, a drug addict- spoiled by Tej Singh, Baldev Singh’s illegal son. Meanwhile, Damini decides to leave the Thakur house with Ichcha, which bothers Jogi so much that he gets a heart attack. This prompts Damini to change her decision. After Jogi is discharged from the hospital, he goes to recuperate at a hill resort, with Divya and Damini in attendance. Meanwhile, Tapasya, frustrated with Veer returns to her parents house and humiliates Ichcha as much as she can. Meanwhile, Veer’s widowed cousin sister steps into the Bundela house as a simple nature lady, but came into the house just to create misunderstandings between people. One day, Veer gives divorce papers to Tapasya and asks her to sign them. He says that after divorcing Tapasya, he will marry Ichcha. Ichcha angrily slaps him and says she’ll never marry him because he is Tapasya’s husband now. Paras, one of the slum children taught by Ichcha in her school, becomes a drug addict. Ichcha admits Paras to a rehabilitation center, and, unknowingly, Veer also admits Vansh into the same center. Vansh meets Ichcha at the rehabilitation center and takes a liking to her. Meanwhile, Tapasya somehow convinces her ex-flame Sid to gun down Ichha. Luckily, Veer finds it out and beats up Sid. Accidentally, Ichcha is shot. Veer immediately hospitalizes heavily injured Ichcha. Sid is arrested and produced before Ichcha for identification.

  17. sruthi

    Tapasya gets panicky. Ichcha says that she does not recognize him. In fact, she knows him as Tapasya’s boyfriend but wants to shield her friend from the consequences of the crime. Meanwhile Vansh falls in love with Ichcha. Veer’s mother Gunwanti gets tense; because now both her sons love the same girl and starts to hate Ichcha. Vansh asks Ichcha’s family for her hand in marriage, but Jogi Thakur flatly refuses to let her marry a recovering drug addict. However, Ichcha accepts Vansh’s proposal in order that Veer may forget about her and move on with Tapasya and convinces her family. When Veer comes to know about this, he is shocked and frustrated with everyone but sacrifices his love for his brother’s life. Tapasya, who can’t stand seeing Ichcha happy, tells Vansh about his bride’s and younger brother’s romance in the past. Vansh is deeply disturbed but goes through the marriage rituals with Ichcha for the name and status of Jogi Thakur. After the wedding, he sets about wrecking his own and his wife’s lives. Meanwhile, a girl names Masoom enters the Thakur house, saying that she is his daughter. This creates misunderstandings between Divya and Jogi. Vansh starts suspecting that Ichcha is secretly still involved with Veer and harasses her. Veer and Tapasya move out of the household to give some space to Vansh and Ichcha. Vansh’s condition worsens as he begins to suspect Ichcha all the time with Veer or with other men. Ichcha and Veer meet each other for Vansh’s medicines, and Vansh finds it out. Further investigation leads him to Tapasya, where in a dramatic scene; reveals how she was the one who brought about all misunderstandings to Sid. Vansh gets furious and threatens to kill her. But Tapasya twists his words around and tells him that he is more to blame then her, having suspected his own wife and brother. Unable to face this truth, Vansh kills himself,Tapasya runs away. Ghosts of sadness close in on Ichcha once again. Having seen Veer with Vansh killed, Ichcha misunderstands Veer for killing his own brother to gain Ichcha for himself and blames him in front of everybody. But nobody believe her and Gunwanti slaps her. Veer is arrested by the police but is set free by Tapasya, who reveals the truth that Vansh committed suicide. Veer starts suspecting Tapasya to be at the spot of Vansh’s death seeing her dupatta in the police station as evidence at spot. Tapasya gets fearful and has nightmares of getting caught by the police for abetting a suicide. Her fear gets realized when Sid threatens to reveal her role in Vansh’s death. Even though Tapasya bribes Sid, he reveals the truth to Veer. Veer gets Sid arrested and exposes Tapasya in front of everybody. Ichcha realizes her mistake and apologises. Veer throws Tapasya down and pushes her out of the house. Jogi Thakur banishes Tapasya from his house. Tapasya is no abandoned. Tapasya moves to a hotel and meets a wealthy man named Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. She becomes his lucky mascot in games of cards. He is attracted to her but also realizes the selfish and calculating nature behind her beautiful face. Later, Tapasya completely runs out of money. She is forced to stay in a slum and wear second-hand clothes cast off by rich women and once even Ichcha’s saree. Tapasya gets a taste of the life once led by Ichcha. Veer tries to help Ichcha as a good friend, but Ichcha misunderstands and humiliates Veer and tells him to leave her alone. Veer does as she asks but then she realizes her mistake and tries reuniting with him, but Veer flatly refuses. Meanwhile it has come into light that Masoom is actually set by Pushkar to gain all the wealth. They are exposed and thrown out of the house. Ichcha goes to Vrindavan.Meanwhile,Gunwanti chooses Veer’s childhood friend, Khinjal, as his new fiancee. On the day of their engagement, Veer receives the news that a fire has broken out in the spiritual retreat where Ichcha is staying. He drops the ring and immediately goes to the rescue.

  18. sruthi

    Kinjal goes away with a satisfaction that Veer will be happy. Veer proposes to Ichcha in hand, who accepts. Their marriage brings happiness to them but not to Veer’s mother and grandfather, who are furious with the couple for violating family traditions. Ichcha becomes hurt but Veer cheers her up. Misunderstandings occur between Veer and his grandfather, and Veer too becomes frustrated. Tapasya, having faced many hardships and grown somewhat wiser, is accepted back by Jogi. She returns to her parents house but has a plan for revenge against those who hurt her. She begins by re-entering the Bundela house, pretending that she is expecting Veer’s child. Gunwanti accepts her just because she believes that the child is Vansh. Tapasya tries to create a rift between Veer and Ichcha but the plan fails. In a dramatic scene, then, it is revealed that Tapasya is really pregnant, a fact of which even she has remained unaware so far. She is overjoyed and thinks that now Veer will come back to her. The Thakur household also faces problems when Sumitra Devi and her son create misunderstandings between Divya and Jogi. Tapasya receives a phone call from a stranger, saying that he knows a secret about her. Tapasya brushes it aside, but she actually has a secret which is related to her unborn child. The baby she is expecting is actually not of Veer but of Rathore. In the past, Tapasya and Rathore had a one-night stand, but she was intoxicated, not fully in her senses, at the time. Ichcha discovers that Tapasya’s baby could not have been fathered by Veer, as he is impotent. She gives Tapasya 15 days to tell the truth and leave the Bundela house. Later, Tapasya also finds out about Veer’s impotency. She threatens to reveal Veer’s secret and embarrass him if Ichcha tells the truth about the father of the unborn baby. A brother-sister duo, Satyaveer and Sanchi, tries to ruin Veer and his family because of some old grievances. Temporarily, Ichcha and Tapasya join forces to save Veer and their friendship is re-kindled. Satya and Sanchi are exposed by Ichcha. Sanchi traps Veer in a false case of molestation. He is arrested but Rathore offers to get him released. In return, Rathore wants to marry Tapasya and even comes to Bundela house with a wedding procession. But Tapasya refuses him. Rathore convinces Satya and Sanchi to drop their verdict and flee the country. The case against Veer collapses. Veer returns from jail, and Ichcha urges Tapasya to tell him the truth. Tapasya refuses. Ichcha herself tells Veer the truth. However, Veer’s new medical reports show that he isn’t impotent because of the medicines Ichcha gave him. Veer doubts Ichcha, they quarrel and she is heartbroken. She decides to leave the Bundela house. Tapasya gives birth to a baby girl. Damini decides to leave the Thakur house because a jealous Divya wrongly accuses her of stealing Jogi’s love. Ichcha and Damini decide to start afresh. Veer comes to know the truth about the baby’s parentage and realizing his mistake starts looking for Ichcha. Tapasya is thrown out of Bundela house by Veer. She leaves her baby for some time outside an orphanage and goes to meet Rathore. When he assures her that he truly loves her, and not just his baby, she accepts his proposal of marriage. He goes to get his daughter from the orphanage, only to find that she is missing. Meanwhile Ichcha finds Tapasya’s daughter, abandoned near a bus station by a man who had taken her from the orphanage. Ichcha and Damini name her Mukta and take care of her. They also meet an ailing old man whose son Avinash is plotting to get rid of him. Ichcha helps to get the son arrested. The old man has a little grandson named Kanha, whose parents are dead. Kanha and Ichcha take a great liking to each other. Soon, Ichcha finds out that she is expecting a child of her own. 5 months later, the old man passes away and leaves all his property to Ichcha and Kanha. Avinash is released from jail and plans to kill them. .

  19. sruthi

    Ichcha and Damini escape with Kanha and Mukta. Meanwhile, Rathore and Tapasya get married and start planning a family. Disheartened by Ichcha’s absence, Veer decides to migrate to the U.S.A. Ichcha still thinks that Tapasya is with Veer. However, Ichcha and Damini meet Jogi Thakur by accident one day. He tells them about all that has happened in their absence. Ichcha re-unites with Veer, also revealing the fact that she is pregnant just as he is about to leave for the U.S.A. Veer is in his cloud nine. Ichcha and Veer return home, where everyone is overjoyed. On the other hand, Tapasya learns that she can never have another child because of some medical problems. Hearing this, Ichcha offers to give Mukta to Tapasya(not knowing that they are really mother and daughter)but the offer is refused. Ichcha gives birth to a son. Everyone in Veer’s family are very happy. However, Sumitra Devi and her son steal the baby boy by bribing a nurse. The Bundelas are told by the nurse that their baby choked to death. This leaves Ichcha and Veer depressed. Sumitra Devi’s son Pushkar is caught by Rathore and Tapasya as he is about to abandon the baby. Rathore and Tapasya are delighted with the child and take him home. They decide to adopt him since they are childless. Ichcha and Veer decide that they will not have another child; instead they will focus all their attention on Kanha and Mukta. Rathore and Tapasya celebrate the arrival of their adopted son with a party. They name the boy Yuvraj. Ichcha also attends the party. When Yuvraj is alone and crying in hunger, Ichcha’s maternal instincts are aroused and she feeds him. Seeing this, Tapasya gets upset and Sumitra Devi insults Ichcha as much as they can. A few days later, Ichcha again visits Tapasya’s house and feeds Yuvraj. Rathore seems to understand her feelings. But Tapasya again lashes out at Ichcha, who apologizes and leaves. Now used to his mother’s milk, Yuvraj refuses to have any other food. Out of concern for the child’s health, Rathore asks Ichcha to feed Yuvraj every day while Tapasya is away. One day, Ichcha is doing so in the room of a hotel owned by Rathore. Tapasya, who suspects this, makes a false complaint to the police, which raids the hotel. In a panic, Ichcha calls Veer and tells him everything. Veer shows trust in his wife but advises Rathore to tell Tapasya everything. Later, Rathore finds that Tapasya is responsible for the police raid and quarrels with her. However, they make up after some time. A man who looks exactly like Vansh arrives at the Bundela house. He claims that he is the elder son of the family. Gunwanti supports him but the others consider him an imposter. Later, in Jogi Thakur’s house, their new maid servant stabs Divya and tries to abscond with the valuables and cash that she has stolen. Damini saves Divya’s life and foils the robbery. The next day Tapasya thanks Damini for saving her mother’s life. Later, Tapasya goes to Bundela house and apologizes for her past mistakes. She sees Vansh’s lookalike and gets dumbfounded. She tells everyone that the man is a fake. Veer returns from a trip and accepts the man in the house as Vansh. This surprises Ichcha. Later, Veer confesses to Ichcha that he knows the man to be an imposter but has been forced to call him Vansh. Veer has been blackmailed by an unknown person to support the imposter, otherwise Ichcha and the children will be harmed. The Vansh-lookalike tries to get close to Ichcha and, when she and Veer object to this, asserts his claim as her legal husband. Veer and the imposter come to blows. However, Gunwanti intervenes and supports Vansh. She tells Veer to accept the truth that ‘Vansh’ is Ichcha’s husband. This upsets Veer and he tells his mother that Ichcha will legally divorce Vansh if necessary. Meanwhile, Tapasya finds clothes and jewellery belonging to Rathore’s first wife, Malvika who is dead, and wears them. Rathore sees her and gets disturbed by past memories.

    rest u read in Wikipedia Pradi .

  20. wins

    Whether it is fake news or not, but if it happens so then it will b the best part of the entire serial.. now the news made me so interesting to watch the serial….

  21. Not good episode if its true than i am exicted on wedding day bcoz ragsanskar deserve this …dhaanu where you read yhis newscan you tdll as bcoz i am not seeing just reading updates so let me know about this news…..swaralakisbest plz swalak reunot soon …i am sk confused about mariage will happen or not anyways hy prads…do you like todaysepisode ……byeee

  22. vishy

    I hate ragini…..how can she stoop so low. Swara did so much for her and she is betraying her……I wish dida wakes up soon and tells everyone the reality of ragini

  23. I really hate ragini and it’s taking so long to exposes ragini and sanskaar true colours omg it will really be fune to see ragini in tears and,how will swara do to see her sister true face

  24. Ruhi

    Hi girls.. Sorry sterday I was applying mehendi,so I dint turned up!! Today toO I may come or not!! Hope u guys enjoy!!
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    N Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim fans of swaragini!! 🙂 😀 hope u all have a blessed ramzan.. Have a nice day guys!! 😉

  25. Ruhi

    N dhanu it was a really awesome news.. Hope this happens soon..

    N ragini tum behen ke naam par kaala saaya ho 😉 .. Tum sudrogi nahi… Hope u marry sanskar n stay happy 😀

  26. ADELE( Anu)

    Gud morning everyone!
    Dhanu di, sara,Shifa di( hope u get my wishes) all EID MUBARAK!!!!

  27. ADELE( Anu)

    Now its a headache for me to watch this!! Can u please stop it ragini? Its d limit yaarrr! get one thing in ur head!! LAKSH WAS NEVER URS N HE WILL BE NEVER BE URS!! HE WAS OF SWARA N ALWAYS BE OF SWARA!!!!!!!!! So juz stop it!!! By doing all this u will only get hatred nothing else yarrr!! Please change d track writers pleaseseeee

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Plzzzzzzz stop it!!!!! If u r really shifa di then y don’t u reply us????? It shows u r fake!!!!! So shut up

    • ?pradishma?

      First of all they or not ur frnds u fakey…. and don’t u dare use shifa di’s name…. if u r real then mail…. I kno u can’t cuz u r fake?!!!!

  28. ?pradishma?

    SHAB DI, ANAM, ZOYA AND MY KYY SARA…. ENJOY IT DEARS…… if possible send me some biryani ?



  30. Shera(liya)

    Good news saisha di..thnx 4 the new.

    Yahoo…ragini fell in the well,dug by her.hehe

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    liya i know u all will be angry at me… but its time for me to leave social networks. I promise u that I will take good marks in board…

    athu …
    yeah athu.. pls come to tu. my sisters are waiting for u… i mids u too. i have talked to u two days only..but I really miss u.

  42. sruthi


    my queen. u also become friend with me in sns…but u are not coming to tu for many days.. u r so sweet as its mentioned in our name… don’t forget me Riya… . miss u

  43. sruthi

    Sara …

    my pinky .. u r a lovely frnd in tu.. thank u dear… I become frnd with u only four weeks before. but we became so close…n tell to ur brother that I will miss him also.. alijohn. is he elder or younger than u..be happy sara n don’t forget me.. I ll come next year.. don’t be angry at me for leaving u all. sorry.. miss u pinky.. I will always hear ur name in my skl as my friend sakthi ‘s nickname also pinky. whenever I hear her name it will remind u only… miss u n love u sis..

  44. sruthi

    ria saisha…

    I will leave after party…
    Riya is my other friend..

    but I will never forget u saisha. I have given my I’d in previous page. mail me plz… miss u ria.. don’t worry ria.. be happy.

  45. Shera(liya)

    Sru,1 year a long time yaar…plz do try to contact us in btw othervise v may lose u totally…anything can happen in 1 year..nd yeah sru tu is gng 2 change na..v cant meet after 1 yr at tu also 😥

  46. ?pradishma?

    Sru…. ?????I can’t stop u cuz studies r important …..but as liya said… u will have to bring good marks sweetie….. v are always with so what if v will not be able to chat….. but v wil be always in each others heart forever…. n ever…. how cum I will forget u….. u will be always with me….. in my heart and I will be always with u not as a dark light whose darkness will scare u but as a bright light who will Never leave u even in darks….. IF possible least cum in month…. IF POSSIBLE…… STUDY WELL ALL THE BEST!!! SCORE GUD MARKS IN EXAM AND COME BACK SOON……. LUV U TOO EVEN MORE THAN U….. MISS U LOADS…. in vacations trying cmg once….. AND concentrate on ur studies….. be POSITIVE ALWAYS AND NEVER GIVE UP….. AND NEVER EVER RUN AWAY FROM PROBLEMS
    ……..LUV U SIS….. ??????I don’t any strength now….. first athu then my buddy and now now u…….. I kno u will not leave me ….u will come.. and u will have to cum back for ur sisters……m 101% sure u will cum back with awsum!!! Results….. take care…and now who will say me to have salty dreams and will look after my sugar level?i kno very bad one but habit na….. luv u luv u ……miss u….. ???

  47. sruthi

    plz ria Liya . this is the last day of me with u all . don’t be sad..
    cutieee I will definitely come . n I will say good news to all about my board marks…

    Sara don’t be sad dear. be happy…

    why Pradi didn’t come.

  48. Shera(liya)

    I just wanna hug my pillow nd cry aloud..may be after 1 year,i may leave.its my boards…

  49. Dreamer ?

    Sorry for not being able to comment here for the past two days ? I got caught up in some important work and I had to miss the party that happened on Friday ? Really sorry guys ? I just got to know about the new improvisation TU has made…though it is going to be the best for everyone as there would be no longer any abusive comments, I’m reall

    • Dreamer ?

      I’m really sorry I accidentally pressed the post comment button…I will finish off what I wanted to say here:

      I’m really upset that I won’t be able to chat with all of you ? I am going to miss each and every one of you…Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you guys ?? You guys have added colours to my life and I am grateful for that…Thank you for befriending me and for spending your time to chat with me ? You guys are the best and I will miss you a lot ? Always stay happy and blessed…and my heartfelt wishes for you to achieve success in all the tasks you are going to undertake in the future ? I love you all and I will truly miss you ?? Once again…Thank you for everything.

    • Dreamer ?

      I am going to miss you soooo much Sara ?? Thank you for always sticking by me and for always being there to help me ? I will never forget you…?

  50. sruthi


    naan ingirundhu polam nu mudivu edurhiruken.. sorry dreamer..enaku our help panreengala.. enoda Liya ku Tamil teach pannunga . naan Liya Ku Tamil solli tharen nu promise pannen.. but IPO adha enala kaapatha mudiala.. neenga konjam teach panrengala
    .naan kandupa thirumbi varuven. adhu varaikum enna marandhudaadeenga … miss u dreamy .. pls help me..tu LA kidaicha best Tamil friend neengalum shabbuvum n susi akka dhan.. ennoda best tamil friend neenga dhan.neengalum IPO tenth padikureenga. nalla padinga..

    • Dreamer ?

      I am going to miss you Sruthi ?? You were the first Tamil friend I Haas here on TU ? Thank you for everything you have done for me ? All the best for your national exams and am sure you will ace it ? I am really going to miss you and kavalaipadathinga Naan kandipa Liyaku time kidaikkum pothellam Tamil solli kudukiren ?

  51. Shera(liya)

    I understood each nd every lines of u sru nd dont worry sru.u taught me well nd no need 2 feel bad dr…i have send u a mail.check it later.

  52. sruthi

    Pradi i will always be with .u. n u will always be with me at least in memories dont be sad….I ll with u all the time not dark or light. I wilalways pray to god for all my frnz happiness n health

    n cutiee plzzz don’t cry. I can feel that thing. I too feeling that only. pls be confident. i will come . don’t know when but I will come..

  53. ?pradishma?

    How to be happy now… when i kno u will go away from me…… how to b positive sru…..can’t even imagine….

  54. sruthi

    thank u dreamer
    plz avaluku solli kudunga. romba interest enoda Liya Ku tamil kathukanum nu… thank u

    I will see the mail Liya n saisha… n

    dreamer pls send me mail. enaku theriyathu inimel eppo meet pannuvomnu. pls enaku mail anupunga. mail Mela koduthuruken..

    that miss nobody is someone using my nongravator which I gave now…

    • Dreamer ?

      Kavalapadathinga Sruthi…enakku time kidaikkum pothellam Naan Liya ku Tamil sollikudikiren…?

      Naan ungalukku kandipa mail anupuren Sruthi ?

  55. ?pradishma?

    Anuuuuuu pls cum na….. where r u sweetie…. i need u yaar….its a delicate time for all of us…..

  56. Ruhi

    Oh sruthi really gonna miss u alot dear… I really enjoy talking in Tamil with u guys.. But I know studies is important, u have taken correct decision, coz this is ur first step towards ur success.. Hope u achieve more and fulfill all ur wishes.. All the best for ur public exam.. Hope u do the best.. Not hoping, but I’m sure u will give ur best.. Don’t take any tension abt the exam, be relaxed as much as possible and get good marks..

    Really gonna miss u, take care, eat healthy, stay healthy…

    N one more thing don’t be sad dear… cheerup 😀 be happy n keep smiling always 😀 😉 🙂
    N after exam do mail me n tell hw was the papers n hw u wrote it!! N I know u will surely join tu after ur exam n start ur healthy comments.. Will be waiting for ur comment on tu after exams!! Hope u join soon!!!!!

  57. sruthi

    frnz u all made my b day a wonderful one. n the virtual party was marvelous… Liya u wished me first. thank u thank u. I can’t find any words to thank u…I ll never forget this b day in my lifetime…

    dhanu di..
    I plaaned to leave… sorry . u r a best di I got in tu. thank u di…miss u di. don’t forget me…missu

    Pradi.. i too feeling that yaar. but I will talk to u… in mobile at least in a month…

    saisha I got ur mail.n liyas too

    • ?pradishma?

      Thank u so much…… and pls don’t take much stress dear…. cuz i toh… what me.. any of us won’t cum in ur heart unless u remember us with a smile on ur face…..least me…. I won’t cum unless u remember me happiness and be positive stay blessed and never give up sweetie….. luv to and miss u…. but its my promise I won’t be sad and i will always remember u with happiness and all the gud times v spent….. tc…. sisy….. will be with u humesha…

    • Dreamer ?

      I will be there on mail…I will email Sruthi as soon as possible and I will get your email address from her ?

  58. Reh bhi na paein yr, seh bhi na paein yr, behte hi jaye dastaan, umr bhr ka intezaar ek pal bhi na qaraar ungli pe nachaye dastan..

  59. Dreamer ?

    I’m really sorry guys…I’m unable to access my email right now as it keeps getting hanged ? I will email you (Sruthi & Prads) as soon as possible tomorrow ?? Please do forgive me…but I really can’t seem to access my email now and it’s 1am here and I have to go and sleep ? I will surely email you guys tomorrow ? Good night guys…it’s really late here and I’m unable stay awake this late ? Please do forgive me ? And good night and sweet dreams ?? Thank you for everything ? Good night my sweet friends…Always stay happy and blessed ??

  60. sruthi

    pradi.. r u going. plz we will talk as its my last day..i ll talk to u definitely definitely…

    dreamy mail before tomorrow evening bcuz net pack is going to over by tomorrow..

  61. ?pradishma?

    Oye…. sara… change ur emoji now….. itself…. cuz i promised sru now I will not be sad nor i wont let u guys sad…… cuz v have to face problems in our lyf….. whether with sadness so y v should not face it with a smile…. so that the problem will go away…and by being sad… v also sadden our near and dear ones na….. I kno what u all r going through even m going through it…… but v should always find something positive in negative things…… its my pov… and u all kno na I don’t like ppl who run away……m not saying u all r running away but u all r sad and it will make sru more sad…. which v don’t want talk to happen na….. guys so chill yaar….everything happens for good….. pls don’t be sad… ?

  62. sruthi

    bye dreamer..take care. bye . mail before tomorrow evening…bubyemiss u ..?????????

    thank u shabbu for Ur wishes…I will definitely score good marks for u all …

    ii know u all will be double happy if I come back with good marks …

  63. ADELE( Anu)

    Vidyaa??????????????????? u know m crying!! Tears r rolling Down yarrr!???????
    Vidya……I can’t even stop u coz xams r more important………….. Wat shud I say yarrrrr! M not able to say anything!!???

    • ?pradishma?

      Anu pls don’t be sad yaar….. it is hard for me to make u all normal….. pls yaar……. v should bid her bye with a smile to remember not with tears……. and it will not be a bye i will be c u again….. na

  64. ADELE( Anu)

    Sorry sorry sorry soooooo much guyz!!! From Monday my test r starting……so was studying!!!!! Vidya!! I wish I cud talk to u yarrrr!!!!

    But yes, I will msg u on ur mobile!!

  65. sruthi

    OK bye… I think this is my last message…
    anu don’t forget me .. I have not given the messages forfor shifa n shabbu di… sorry … I will give u in my mails…
    bye everyone. for being such a best frnzzz..
    thank u tu.. u are the reason I m here… I have got so many frnzz bcuz of tu ..

    bye everyone. take care .. be happy n enjoy ur life… be positive n think positive. I wish for all ur success in life..be healthy…

    n don’t believe if someone comes with name sruthi by using this ishveer pic. as I will not change this PiC and I will not come to tu…. I will contact u all in mails…

    my mail I’d is
    [email protected].

    bye .. love u all. n miss u guys..

    inestiees– bye dears. sisters anu Pradi Liya Sara n .. miss u so much n love u a lot….??????

    Pradi anu Liya… love u so much and I will miss u lyk something. byebye…. I will definitely come with good news. n I will contact u all in phone no’s..

    n I m going to deactivate my fb account.. all the 2 accounts…

    bybye c u next year in Ru. love u n miss u guys..

    tell my frnz to come here…to see NY last message for them

    my best frnzz in tu are
    riya sweet
    ria saisha
    Priya Kumar
    sry if I missed any name…miss u frnzz very much ….


  66. sruthi

    anu.. sorry .. I know it will really hurt u Pradi n Liya that I m leaving as u already felt that pain wit athu. . its time for me to leave tu n social networks not not time to leave frnz. so dont worry . i will come …miss u anu

  67. Thanks prads..for remember me to wishing a happy eid mubarak and those who all are muslims so thnks a lot dear ….so sweeet of you now i am looking that youare my good friend in tu page so thanking you a lot prads be happy always… & thanks you too dhanu you reply me….thanks a lot both of u…..swaralaks plz reunite soon ….this is one of my best serial so plz dont /drag/spoil this …but drag our rags sanskaar out…hope its happento be soon ..and i am also wishing eidmubarak to all muslims friends in tu….prads i will give yo briyani Afterwordkkkkk bueee guys….lol

    • ?pradishma?

      How can I ever forget u sweetie and u too be happy always dear….. now next time when I will be able to talk to u don’t kno….. tc… c u always around….

  68. ADELE( Anu)

    Vidya,????? pleaseee come soon!!!! M waiting for u! N plz at least come on mails or message section ……n send me a hi or hello…..plz yaarrr

  69. ADELE( Anu)

    We have already told u that if u are our shifa di, then answer two questions….

    Who is ur favourite actor n send a mail to prads…….

  70. ADELE( Anu)

    To all my besties-
    Guyz, I have told this earlier also……that from 20th I.e from tomorrow, my worksheet tests r starting……..n tomorrow I have maths!?????? n d tests will be continuing for one week………I m not saying I will not be there…..I will come for five mins everyday. But only five mins!!?

    N for today I will come only after 10:00…….b4 that I can’t come………..n for this one week, I will not be there much………as I said….five mins…..?

    So……..byeeeeeee my swwetiessss!!!! N now toh I will be a little tension free as there won’t b any fakers……so my sisters will chat here wid peace!!??

    So…..again…….byeeeeeee byeeeer byeee?????

  71. ADELE( Anu)

    N some days may be I won’t be able to come………as u all know…ICSE syllabus!!!….byeee miss u all!!!!!!!?!??

  72. ADELE( Anu)

    Prads??? Today I didn’t talk only wid u sweety!! R u busy????
    N now I won’t be able to talk wid u all for week……..

  73. dhanu

    Hi anu sis .how r u. What’s happening in this site from tommorow .I don’t understand anything

  74. ADELE( Anu)

    Prads….sara……liya……riya……Dhanu di?????? R u all busy?!? Juz wanted a best of luck from u all……but……
    Anyways I know u all will wish me after u read my msg………☺☺

    This is my last msg for this week…….
    Byeeee all!??

  75. ADELE( Anu)

    @ Dhanu di, vidya left us coz her board xams are starting………
    I m not coming to tu for a week coz of my exams……

  76. ADELE( Anu)

    Thank god u came……..di, can u plz wish me all d best??!!? I know its a lill awkward, but m very tensed….

  77. ADELE( Anu)

    Thank u sooooo much di!!!!! U don’t know but ur best of luck has boosted my confidence! N m feeling a lill gud now…….thank u……..I think I shud leave…..byee???

  78. ?pradishma?


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.