Swaragini 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laksh talking to Swara and tells that he lied to her in the farm house that he freed her from his love. He says I am freeing you today. He says I don’t know what to do to get freedom from Ragini and get our everything. Swara thinks we have to spoil our hands to get everything back. She asks servant if he brought the thing which she asked him to bring. Ragini thinks what she is upto and goes to her. Swara turns and the spices fall on Ragini. Swara takes the keys silently. Ragini feels the spices effect and comes to her room. Swara thinks she don’t want to hurt Ragini. Durga Prasad tells Sanskar that he is very apologetic to him as his company is gone in Ragini’s hands. Sanskar says he can sacrifice anything for them. He says he is trying to make a new company. He indirectly

taunts Swara. Swara hears him and is sad.

Annapurna tells the employees that she will get them their salary. Driver asks for some money for his wife’s treatment. Ragini comes. Durga Prasad asks Ragini to bring the money to give salary to the employees. Ragini says I am not finding keys. Laksh says papa asked you money. Ragini asks him to talk with respect and says she kept money in the locker. Annapurna says how can you lose the keys and asks her not to insult them if she don’t want to give money. Dadi says why you are insulting my grand daughter and says they are searching for keys. Driver says my wife’s operation is tonight, and asks for money. Laksh says you will get money by evening and says we will get keys made. Swara comes holding the keys. Dadi and Ragini hear the keys noise when Swara comes. Swara says may be she is hearing the keys noise and tells that Ragini is careless and not suitable to take care of big responsibility. She shows the keys.

Ragini asks her to return her keys. Swara says no way, and says it is God’s sign that you are not ready to take this house responsibility. Sujata backs Swara. Swara says you lost these keys, and now you will never get it. She asks Durga Prasad and Annapurna to open the locker and gives salaries to the employees. They go to the locker room. Swara says I don’t have right to open locker and asks Annapurna to open it. Annapurna tries opening the locker……but couldn’t. Ragini comes there with Dadi. She says what did you think that I am a fool? I have changed the keys at night itself. She opens the locker and asks Durga Prasad how much money he needs? Sanskar says we don’t need anything, and gives money to Durga Prasad to pay to staff. Durga Prasad takes the money and asks Annapurna to come. Dadi asks Ragini not to worry and says you are steps ahead of Swara. Ragini says until Swara stays here, it will be difficult for me. Dadi says what to do? Ragini says I have a plan, and says I called someone in the evening.

Swara receives the party photos and calls Sanskar. Laksh sees Swara calling and asks him to pick the call. Sanskar ignores her. Laksh asks what is your problem with her. Sanskar says why do you want me to behave nicely with her. Laksh says you didn’t know the reason for her return. You didn’t talk to her even once. He goes to bring file. Ragini picks the call on Landline. Sanskar also picks the call. Swara tells him that Durga Prasad’s expression was tensed after seeing the dancer and asks him to come there. Sanskar says okay. Ragini says I can’t let Swara know durga prasad’s truth and says she has to stop her. She calls someone and asks the goons to do something to separate Swara and Sanskar. Dadi asks what you are doing? Ragini says it is necessary to teach a lesson to Sanskar as he is coming infront of m. Sanskar comes and calls Swara….Baji Rao Mastani team comes there to perform. Ranveer dances on the song. He sees a goon coming to kill Sanskar and stops him. He beats the goon and saves Sanskar.

BajiRao and Mastani try to convince Swara and Sanskar to rethink about their love. Ragini talks to two men at home and tells that Swara is staying in the house forcibly. The men ask her to leave the house within 5 days else they will kick her out. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tara

    By precap I understood why sanskar acts like he believing ragini’s words that swara signed divorce papers nd asked 10 crore as alimony. He is acting like he blvs ragini. He wants to save swara and wishes her to move on in her life. It will be gud if swara understands him and stop another stupid track like she starts to show anger on him for not trusting her. Irritatinggggg

  2. Faima

    What a srl! Realy flng bad…i thnk theju did gd decsion ..ths wrttr s wll nvr chnge..i thnk we all shld stp wtchn nd cmntng such a srl .

  3. sandya

    if article: divorce, revenge and more drama on swaragini:
    swara will soon get divorced with sanskaar while ragini will through her out of the maheshwari house ..
    the makers of color’s swaragini are all perked up to present an engimatic track in the episodes to come. for now, we have known that sanskaar wanted to divorce swara from some time now while swara has been restraining to do so.
    but the track will take huge turn when the owner of the maheshwari house, ragini will trick swara into signing the divorce papers which demand alimony of 10crores!!
    sources inform, “swara will be shocked to see her signature on the divorce papers and so will the family members . she will try clarifing the misunderstanding with sanskaar but he will refuse to hear her side of the story. ragini being successful with her plan, she will throw swara out of the house”.
    now what will swara do? any guesses?
    an actor on the condition of anonymity confirms,”swara will return to the housewith more strength to fight back the wrong doings by ragini”.
    with the news about tejaswi quitting the show, we guess swara will come back with a bang which will change the fate of maheshwari household.
    keep reading the space for more updates.

  4. mahi

    guys i read that tejaswi is back and she isn’t quiting becoz directors have decided to change her character to positive and in the end of this track she will be positive….i hope this is true

    • Eshaal

      May I know from where did u read that message? As I have read they are bringing Sonia Shah to play negative role. I really like Teju. Though I hate the story writer for making her Vamp.. Can u please tell me? Even I want to see her in Swaragini in a positive role.

  5. anu

    swaragini: swara-sanskaar get divorced, swara return for revenge.
    swaragini will all set to show case some more intresting drama with ragini trying out all her evil ways to harass the maheshwari family members.
    however, ragini will now attack swara and sanskaar’s sweet relationship as she will trick swara into signing the divorce papers demanding alimony of rs.10 crore.
    swara will be shocked after getting trapped and she will try to clarify the matter with sanskaar but sanskaar will not be ready to listen to swara.
    ragini will then kick out swara from the house.
    however, this will not be the end of the journey for swara and sanskaar ‘s relationship as swara will soon make a comeback with a mission to put an end to ragini’s evilness.

  6. Appu

    What boring track is this.it just irritating .i just want to see swasan that’s why im still watching this serial .plzzzzzzzz end this track soon .cant tolerate anymorw.actually getting bored while watching this serial .just want to see swasan that’s its but evrything has a limit na so stop this unbearable drama if u dont want loose trp further more

  7. khushi

    ye kya hua laksh ko….wo sanskaar ko mana rha h..swara k lie….lagta h laksh ab sachi me right track pr jarha h

  8. anu

    OMG- Ragini tricks swara into signing the divorce papers!!
    color’s swaragini recently saw sanskaar asking swarafor divorce and swara refusing to do so . but the upcoming episodes will change the very dynamics of swasan relationship.
    ragini the new owner of the maheshwari house, will soon trick swara into sighning the divoorce papers agreeing to divorce sanskaar but by demanding an alimony of huge sum of money. when swara gets to know that she signed the divorce papers she will be shocked. she will try to talk sanskaar and clear the misunderstandings but he will refuse to hear her side of the story.
    ragini will be on the seventh sky as she succeeded in her plan to seperate swara and sanskaar and throw swara out of the house. but worry not readers as swara will soon return to the house to fight against the injustice done by ragini.
    keep reading the space for more updates.

  9. abi

    first i luv sanskar a lot bt nowadays i hate sanskar…..this s not fair…..ur love s not true if it s true then u might have not hurt her so much…..though she dint trust u she s repenting bt u r not giving any chance to repent…..how mean u r…..bcoz f her u r a nice person now…..u have done a big injustice to her……made her characterless infront of everyone……bt she forgave u very easily…..bt now cha….worst

    • Tara

      No he does this wantedly to make her move on in her life. He thinks she is staying in MM under pressure and for others. She cudn’t fulfill her own wishes. That’s why he is wantedly doing this to make her move on

    • Scarlet

      Sanskar loves swara truly he knows if swara stays in mm ragini will trouble swara alot so sanskar is just saving swara by pretending to be rude and plz try to understand him if you notice today after being rude to swara he looked swara with much concern and care all I wanna say is sanskar loves swara unconditionally

  10. bhuvi

    Go to hell cv… Am fed with this retaliate act of ragini.. I completely lost my zeal n forbearance for this rubbish show now…even sanskar abasing swara in today episode…seriously he s hurting her so much with harsh words…. I felt really bad.. some one commented yest day swaragini show is admitted in icu with ventilation(swasan)… Actual problem is heart, &brain is slowly demising without ventilation.. death is for sure….

  11. z

    tv show news blogspot:
    swaragini: swara-sanskaarget divorced. swara plans against ragini..
    ragini puts a break in swara sanskaar’s blooming love story .
    she has fear that swara can create problem in her mission to destroy maheshwari.
    she takes secretely swara’s sign on divorce papers . ragini also put a fake statement as swara demands one to ten crore alimony in return of divorce to sanskaar.
    swara leaves sanskaar’s house but promise return in his life again.
    sanskaar trust in ragini’s words as he does not believe on love anymore.
    ragini also insult swara breaking her photo and throws her out of the house.
    swara tells sanskaar that her love will make him realize about wrong and right.

  12. manu

    bakwass.. stop the nonsense.. i think cvs forget the date they first showed bm promo on 16th dec then again changed to 17th dec and now now they are showing bm promotions in 18th dec episode.. and please cvs stop ur crap with ragini and dadi… ab bahuth hogaya.. stop it … nonsense .. such an idiotic crap showing…

  13. abi

    guys anyone pls update what sanskar indirectly taunted swara…..pls bcoz they dint mention in this update and i dont know hindi pls anybody tell me

  14. bhuvi

    Before leaving mm swara says she will comeback to house n will sort everything… Even sanskar is misunderstanding her…How can she enter the house after divorce??? Or again he ll do fake marriage wit lucky n enter mm ?? Plz plz… Don’t make these type of crap n spoil the value of relationship… N don’t play with our emotions… I am watching this show oly from starting… Stopped watching yhm n match n kkb …now quiting this too..bye to swaragini.. N bye to swaragini written episode…decided to read ff alone…

  15. Past 2 weeks bajiro mastani are coming… atlest will i find them in tmrw epi or monday ???? Ragini u have to pay for wt ur dng atlast… bt im gonna miss tejaswi….. becoz in later epi i cnt see u…

  16. aditi

    sanskaar will trust ragini means he will not trust Swara.. the same thing happened with laskh… It means sanskaar ‘s love is also not true…

    • Scarlet

      Relax sanskar will trust swara bcuz he knows swara will never ask alumni and I have a strong feeling its swasan plan to trap raging and find out do secret

    • Scarlet

      Sanskar is just pretending to be rude bcz he knows ragini will go any extent to harm swara if she stays in mm and if you notice after being rude to swara he looked swara with much care and concern

  17. neel

    I was watching the show only for swasan. Now if the writers show such crap tat sanskar trust ragini n not swata then the basis of the sweet reln betn them wld b lost. Thn only the unit of swaragini ll watch their own serial. . Bye swaragini. If san doubts n turns negative

    • Scarlet

      Relax I think sanskar will trust swara bcuz he knows swara will never ask 10 crore of alumni and I have a strong feeling that it will be swasan plan to punish ragini and find out dp secret

  18. kirti

    Today i feel lyk killng rags n her dadi n ya evn beat sans badly until he listens wat swara wants to say
    O now evn i think to stop watching it but wud watch only of tomorrow fr d bm promos n wud stop frm 21 dec onwards coz of dis bhangaar n irritating drama going on

  19. nehasuhana

    Watching the show only for sweet swasan but now what can I do because of idiot sanskar plssss writers unite swasan very soon plsssssss

  20. arshi

    Its better to watch tarak mehta ka ooltah chashma rather than watching these frustrating shows…i think from now on,i’ll stop watching all the serials of zee tv,star plus,colors & start watching tmkoc & comedy n8s wid kapil…these are better coz atleast we can laugh our heart out…

  21. sofy

    Excuse me abi.. Nw what sanskar doing is ryt.. She always hurts sanskar and at last says sorry.. Is that ryt?? Swara sanskar ko trust nehi karthi..swara ko bhi samachana padegana jab hum kisi se pyar karthe he vo Hamein ignore Kare or hurt Kare tho sabse syatha dhardh hotha he..

  22. Saranya

    Today laksh words are good. Hope this is true without any drama. May be swasan should plan against Ragini. Laksh may be include in this drama to change Ragini as positive or try to get divorce from her.

  23. I hope ragini will change into positive…but this is tooooo much of her evil side:-(i really lyk her..so teju dont quit..and plz change to positive:-/did anyone noticed that sumi and shekhar is missing… I think that ragini is currently positive but doing evil things for someone(may be the new entry-dp’s x galfrnd may use rags to take revenge)4 the sake of her family….

  24. Shwetha

    Sanskar is not against Swara,he is angry and disappointed but he will never hurt Swara,considering the number of times Swara has insulted his love his reaction is justified but Swaragini writers, this much is enough,he has avoided her,now unite them…divorce is also not fun and easy to get from court,so for heaven sake,turn the story to positive track and give some importance to other characters like Parineeta,Adarsh,Ram Prasad etc.And Tejaswi love u loadzz..you are a born actress,natural acting and please don’t quit if they change your character to positive. No swaragini without you.

  25. shivani

    Ragini iz such a***** I juz hate her She looks so innocent but reality iz other ?
    SwaSan looks nice today I think Laksh wiil help to close SwaSan ?

  26. shagun

    what the crap is going on in swaragini– laksh wanted swara a nd now he dont and the writers
    are spoiling swasan image an relationship in the show…
    because of these things i only read the swaragini ff …
    want old swaragini back

  27. Shivani

    Yes even I think friends that sanskar is just acting….maybe its a swasan plan to trap ragini and to save dp….shayad iss BM promotion ke baad se hi swasan union n planning dono start hojaiga
    Par agar swasan ek nahi hue toh ill stop watching this show..yaaar m a big fan of swasan especially sanskar hez just a handsome hunk love him vryyyy much…plz unite swasan soon

  28. meghs

    sanskar loves swara but he thinks she is under pressure come to mm not for him so he is behaving rude .. for move on her life

  29. Thungyani

    I jst wish all the problems, misunderstanding betwn swara and sanskar vl sort out soon… only then the episodes vl good with mch interesting… and sanskar why r u behavin so wried with swara??as if lik u gav up lovin her…not fair ok!! U mst gv a chance to swara…u guys r jst perfect! Dnt hurt swara more…pls… she understood the true love now

  30. bb

    the frst thng is i really felt sad for ragini frm d start.. mana ki ragini is ivrdoing it.. bt start me hi agar swara ne sacrifice krk laksh aur ragini ko ek krk mahaan bnneka dream na dekha hota . den aaj kuch aur baat hoti… is pure show me ek ko sahi ek ko galat btaya ha raha h.. jb ki ye show swaa aur ragini.. doni k bare me h.. no wonder . y tejasvi decided to leave d show…

  31. bb

    d show is all about swara swara nd swara.. wer iß ragini.. nd d innocence which she hd.. ragini is such a b*t*h cz of swara overdoing her goodness..nd bcmin mahaan

  32. bb

    and in this whole thng . laksh is lookin like an asshole.. cz he has no brains to save his family. unlike sanskaar. who is leaving ni stone unturned.. for saving his family

  33. Rabeeca

    I just want to see swasan romane..sanskar is soo cute n so is swara…writers plzz show their love track..i think everyone is just waiting fr it….
    Plzz bring it soon..otherwise when everyone will quit the show..there will be no use to put this track later. ..everyone is waiting fr it…
    Plzz bring it soon
    Otherwise i too will quit show. .i cant wait more for it

  34. Akshatha

    Ragini plzzz dnt separate swasan plzzz I cnt tolerate ths plzzz swasan ko ek karo unko ek karo nahi tho swaragini ko main kabi nahi dekungi plzz ff is btr thn real srl swasan ko ek karo muje bahuth gussa as rahe his ???? get bad i hope sanskar swara ko rokega plzz sans plzz

  35. nik

    Now de ll drag it as far as possible , so agn we hv 2 wt for swasan reunion. N ya I really wish dat teju stays bk n we can see hr in swaragini in a positive role.

  36. jyo

    tgi spoiler swaragini:
    swara is leaving the house after saying bye to everyone. she vows to return home and to make everything right . ragini check’s swar’s bag and finds her few clothes and a family photo frame which she breaks angrily. swara shout’s at ragini and picks the family photo from the floor. everyone looks on helplessely and couldn’t go against ragini’s wish.

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