Swaragini 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Inspector tells Durga Prasad that Laksh insulted Swara in the night and he was the last seen with her. He tells that he have to arrest Swara. Annapurna tells that he didn’t do anything. Dida says only time will tell. The Inspector asks Laksh to pray, if Swara is not found then he will be charged with murder and kidnapping. Ragini tells that he didn’t do anything. The Inspector arrests Laksh. Sanskar assures Annapurna that he won’t let anything happen to Laksh. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to call the lawyer. Dadi brings her neighbors to show Ragini’s house and praises it. She sees Laksh taken away by the Police and asks Ragini. Ragini tells her that Swara went somewhere and Dida got Laksh arrested. She tells today is my Pagphera rasam and they got my husband arrested.

Dadi assures that

she will solve the matter. She goes to Dida and says you have a misunderstanding. Dida says I don’t have any misunderstanding. Dadi says Swara had eloped from her own marriage. The Inspector and Laksh are standing outside. Laksh asks Dida not to badmouth about Ragini. Dadi argues with her. Ragini asks Dadi not to tell anything to Dida. Dadi says this is my upbringing and values. She is thinking about you. Dida says she talks sweetly and takes everyone in her words, by shedding fake tears. Laksh asks them to stop arguing and says he is worried for Swara. Ragini and Dadi look his concern for Swara. The Inspector takes Laksh with him, Dida also sits in the jeep and goes to Police station. He recalls his meeting with Swara asking her to marry Sanskar. Sumi talks to Swara’s friends and asks her to inform her if Swara comes there. Ragini knocks on the door and Sumi opens to find her.

Sumi turns her face. Dadi tells Ragini that I told you not to come here. Ragini tells Dadi to go and she will come after talking to Sumi. She closes the door and touches Sumi’s feet. Sumi blesses her. Ragini tells her that she needs something else along with her blessings. Sumi says don’t know where did Swara go? Ragini starts acting and tells her that Dida got Laksh arrested as Swara is missing. Sumi looks on surprisingly.

Dida tells Sanskar ( in a godown) that everything is fair in love and war. Sanskar says why you have not informed Sumi. Swara tells that Maa would not have allowed her to do this. Swara says no one can stop her from reaching her goal and she will unite her parents. Sanskar asks what we have to do? Swara tells something. Sanskar says have you gone mad? I don’t agree? Dida says I can’t put your respect on stake. Swara says my intention is right, and I want to unite my parents. She says it all started with Sanskar’s revenge. Sanskar says I know and that’s why I am with you. Swara says are you ready for Plan no. 2. Sanskar says yes. Sumi tells that this is not a drama, but Swara is really missing. Ragini accepts to have cheated Swara as she loves Laksh. Sumi is shocked.

Ragini says Swara did a mistake, by loving her fiance. Sumi says you have taken a wrong step and thinks everyone is wrong. She says Swara agreed after she asked her to accept Laksh. Ragini tells her that Swara has threatened to expose her. She says she didn’t harm anyone intentionally and asks her to give her husband. Dida asks her to shut up and takes her inside to show Sumi’s mangalsutra. She tells about a husband and wife’s strong relation, and says Sumi’s relation is not like you. She asks her to go from their house. Ragini cries. Swara comes from outside. Ragini is shocked to see her. She goes to talk to her, but Swara ignores her and calls Dida and Swara. Sumi opens the door and asks where was you? Dadi tells Swara’s drama will end now. She asks why did you elope now? Last time you trapped my Ragini. Swara tells that she went as she wants to stay alone for sometime. Dadi tells that she used to elope here and then. The neighbors taunt Swara and says Ragini’s life is ruined because of her. The neighbors tell that they want Swara to leave from the Baadi.

Ragini tells Swara that you have taken a good decision by leaving this Baadi, and then Laksh will come closer to me. Swara tells that she will not go anywhere, and will do something which will take away her sleep. Ragini is shocked. Later, Sanskar and Swara come to Baadi wearing garlands. Everyone turns to see them and are shocked.

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  1. swara

    Swara plan work. Yes she is hidden somewhere. It was her plan to keep laksh away from evil rags. Plz unite swalak

  2. Manasa

    ragini bahut selffish hoti ja rahi hai aur usse apni baahein ki zaara si bhi parva nahi hai, aur vo pyaar panne ki khushi ke liye apne maa, baba taak ka rishta toodh diya

    • ?minnie?

      Oh hello from what angle u see that… infact that tittle fits for rags very well she’s such a cheapo Man…..but how can u see it cuz in ur head rags ghost is there na…. RAGS IS DAMM OVER SMART AND IF SHE IS SHE SHOULD AGREE IT AT LEAST RAGS SHOULD NOT PLAY DOUBLE STANDARD

      • Alya

        The character of ragini is getting worse day by day.. I hate ragini and the way she acts to prove her innocence.. such a big liar.. I just hope they don’t drag more now.. already fed up of the drama.

  3. s

    in metro masti its given the news ragini expose swara and sansakar truth out… as they are not married.. read it… in metro masti the article given,,..

    • Rutvi

      I swear man,this serial annoys me..idk i used to love it but seeing Raginis over-smartness irritates me -.-

  4. Binnu

    Rags is over smart…she is extremely cunning behind those sweet looks. Very difficult to expose her. But I feel this story is taking the Uttaran way…same one sister eyes the others lover/husband. We had enough of that crap on colors now again with new faces they are repeating the script…crappyyyy

    like Ichcha too, Swara wil keep losing to the evil Rags, am sure by then Rags is exposed it will be more than 2-3 months at least

  5. ?minnie?

    Those ppl are calling this show shit n they can surely get lost from here if u have 0% interest in this soap……

  6. sonam

    swara stop ua over acting as ur a oly smart gal in dis world fed up of ua over smartness shit it is bcoz of ua over smartness oly u grabbed laksh n once again tat oly ua dng

  7. sonam

    stop dis n all swara if u want to unite ua parents just go n say it in front of every one instead of tat don’t create sum new oversmartnesswaala dramas n all n don’t try to grab laksh once again nw he is married

    • moon

      I think u r right swara shouldn’t have snatch laksh from rags…..It would have been better if laksh would have married to rags then he would have teach this shit rags a nice lesson….n don’t u remember how was laksh before,,, ek bigra hua ladhka. but swara’s love changed made him to a good person …..I just hope rags r laksh ki Saadi pehele hoi hoti kitna maja ata rags ko nahi….phir vo pyaar pyaar khelton sara din ache se bigre hua laksh me saath

  8. Mahika jain

    Bakwas serial hai same uttaran part 2 swara fall love in sankaar ragini ka kuch nai hoga sab bakwas director become mad wen he will die then stroy serial will be end soon

    Comment edited.

  9. VENI

    We will express our views. //

    Comment edited.

    Msg from Team: All comments are reviewed and only fair to good ones are approved.

  10. Ashi

    What rubbish…sonam..i think u r a blind person…cuz swara not overacting,..she is perfect…and i love her acting…ragini ki acting garab he…woh kitna roti he ..but i never felt cry while seeing her…jab swara ki agom se aasu athe he tab mujhe bhi rona aarahahe…ragini kitna bhi koshish karo lekin swara jaise perfect nai ho saktha

  11. Torandu

    Ragini ..you don’t give up …do what you want … Swara you are really really irritating yaar …. Fed up with your plans and smartness … Proving others wrong and acting like good one in others eyes … Swara You please go away from raginis life ..you are always being a biggest problem in ragini and laksh life …

    • Manu

      Sawra to waise b laksh or Ragni ke beech nhi aayegi pr wo yo bs ragni ka sch sb ko btana chahti hai,….

  12. sudeshna

    d people who think swara is oversmart, I have a question 4 u-
    If swara is oversmart then ragini is what???? wo to oversmartness mai swata ki nani nikli…..

    • ?minnie?

      Exactly sudeshna if they are calling swara oversmart then what rags is….?? And dannybell I guess u luv rags thats y u are trying to ruin swara’s image by calling her despo……. in that case continue this crap…. cuz RAGINI IS OVER SMART b*t*h NOT PURE SOUL SWARA

  13. Manu

    Nice show bt ragni ki acting bahut buri hai h pl Ragni ka kush kro,swasan ki shadi ab show or mzedaar ho jaayega,

  14. sandi

    Kya bakwass chal raha hai serial ko nam diya hai swara and ragini jode rishton ki dor yaha pe toh sab ulata chal raha hai then what’s the meaning for serial name and story ka…

  15. ross

    Now swara will stay in maheshwari house as sanskar’s wife (pretending)
    n will reveal raghini’s tru face

  16. swalak

    Maybe swara and sanskar is just acting to get married…its a wild guess but i really want swalak!!!!

  17. Sam

    Yeah guys ur rite…!! Ragini is so cheap.. Such selfish girl I’ve nevr seen in ma lyf.. She’ll never b happy wit Laksh. Swara is innocent .. She really needs a chance to prove her innocence cuz this cheap ragini made her fall of da Bridge but god saved her..!! Yeppiee waitin fr Raginis turn to ruin her ownslf 😀

  18. nira

    swasan fans plz start sending msgs on fb n twitter n show dem dat we lv swasan n nt gonna accept swalak as laksh z mrd nw

  19. Remember uttaran. At the end did u consider that tapasya was bad and evil. ???. U r also going to regret ur decision on rags. Its writers choice if they turn rags character more positive than swara than will u blame swara???

  20. Benea

    Guyyyssss…. This is UTTARAN reloaded/version1.2 Good for nothing and a hopeless serial. The colours channel doesnot have anything other than these cheap daily soaps. The viewers are just fools to watch this stupidity. From evening 6 to night 11 they does not have anything other than all these rubbish. I do know who all are the writers, just wanted give a slap….

  21. ?minnie?

    Y are u blaming swara yaar c on guys still u all haven’t understood how pure soul swara is she only wanted her ma baba united and now also she want that its not her over smartness at all its her goodness not over goodness…… and didn’t u all saw how rags was acting to defend dida in front of dadi n laksh to show how much great she is….. THIS THING U ALL DIDN’T UNDERSTOOD WOW!!! GREAT HATS OFF TO U ALL PPL

  22. ?minnie?

    What’s wrong with u dannybell y are u after ruining swara’s image like rags….. its not her over goodness its her goodness n purity…. before also she wanted to unite her ma baba and now also she want to do that…… she already said that she only wants to show rags real face some that sumi and shekhar will reunite…… she doesn’t want laksh she’s on if her sis wants him

  23. ?minnie?

    Excuse me she is not all grabbing laksh its not grabbing improve ur English first its snatching and swara doesn’t want to snatch laksh at all OK…. it was rags who wanted to snatch laksh from her sis swara… and u kno what if once only once rags could have said swara that pls I want to marry laksh swara would have happily scarified her love for her useless sis ragini(syco)OK laksh himself fell in love with her she didn’t used any cheap tricks OK like ur ragini or she didn’t tried to do black magic Or tried many times to kill her sis or drugged her…… laksh tell for her goodness her purity and laksh never wanted a girl like ragini never he wanted a free spirited modern girl who will b his frnd first than wife….. OK u despo and swara forwarded one step towards laksh after his proposal when rags told her ….so stop spreading crap against swara

  24. Yes Vinnie and Mine you both are right …. ❤ Swasan and Swalak ❤

    ?? ? ??
    ? Love YOU ?
    ?? ? ??
    ❤❤❤❤SWARA ❤❤❤❤

  25. Roma

    Laksh seriously dont deserve Swara now… he should have stand for Swara alone with Sharmishtha and dida on the wedding night if his love for her is blind

  26. Simzain

    swara is not oversmart she is acting wise…ager wo ragini ki sachayi bina kisi proof ke subko batati to kaun blve kerta uska n ragini wld hve cried buckets n shred dat crocodile tears to proove her innocense…swara wil now make her life living hell n ragini wil def make a mistake in she wil b caught but wo shayad abhi 2-3 mahino ke baad hoga…n i think tab tak sanskar wil fal in luv wid swara i feel so…n naam swarigini hone se kya hota hai aise kayi shows hai jisme sisters who luved each other lots have turned agnst each other due to certain circumstances…fr ex in bidaai ragini went aganst sadhna so it happens n may b til d end ragini wil also feel dat she did wrong as laksh wil nvr luv her n aftr knwng her truth she wil loose him as a friend also coz her crime is more severe den wat swara has dun to laksh(as he thinks so coz of ragini)…well i think it wil b intrstng to watch swaraz moves against ragini as it says dat every dog has its day its now swaraz turn to tke on ragini..sau lauhaar ki to ek sonar ki weldun swara go for it nail it….

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