Swaragini 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh’s friend Om brings a man to act as buying Dida’s house. Swara sees them and takes Om behind pillar. Man clashes with Dida. Laksh says he is Mr. Sarkar and came to see her house. She takes him in. Laksh then goes to Swara and asks what is she doing. She says Dida has seen Nikhil already as inspector, so he cannot go in front of Dida or Daadi and asks him to go and provoke Daadi. Laksh goes to Daadima and tells Dida got a new buyer and she should go and show her power. Swara calls Om and asks why did he bring an overacting actor. Sarkar is seen asking weird questions to Dida. Dida gets irked. Swara enters and asks him to take it or leave. Dida asks her to shut up and says Sarkar that she is a kid. Sarkar says he liked her house as it is bengali smell. She asks him to give.

He asks what. She says advance. He says he will pay at once next when after getting money from outstation. Swara asks him to give advance, else go. He takes out 10 rs and says it is token amount. Dida says he will keep it in front of god and asks him to get money next week. He says he will once he gets money. Swara feels relaxed thinking Dida will stop thinking about selling house for some days.

Dida takes Sarkar out and introduces him to Sumi as their house buyer. He tries to leave when Swara asks him to stop and continue his acting. He tells Dida that he wants to see chawl and know its history. She asks why. He says he is a history professor. Swara asks him to watch the function also. He says he will. She goes to bring prasad for him.

Swara scolds Laksh that his plan is waste as Daadi did not come out at all. Ragini sees Daadi coming out and shows it to Swara. Swara gets happy and says plan is working.

Daadi goes and stands in front of dida. Dida asks her not to interrupt her function and drama. Daadi takes mic and says bengalan already made a drama, she asked her for function promising she will do her satkar/felicitate her. Dida asks why will she. Sarkar asks who is she. Swara goes to Dida and asks her not to do any drama in front of Sarka. She goes back to Sarkar and asks him to continue his acting. Daadi asks who is he. She says he is guest just like she is. She makes daadi sit on chair and gives her prasad. Daadi says she will not take prasad from her. Sarkar asks why is her neighour talking like an enemy. Dida keeps prasad in daadi’s hand. Daadi asks she is giving only prasad to her, but in her house, she prepares 56 varieties of food for guests. Laksh signals daadi to continue. Daadi asks dida to get her paan as she did not eat it from her hand since 30 years. Dida gets angry. Swara asks her to calm down as Sarkar is still he. Dida says she will get paan. Swara says she will get it and goes in.

Ragini calls Swara. She says it is Laksh’s plan to add bhang in paan. She turns back and is shocked to see Dida who asks why is she taking so much time and takes paan from her. She sees letter on floor, but leaves when Daadi calls her. Swara reads letter and is shocked to see Sarkar’s rehearsal slip. She thinks if Dida had seen her, their plan would have been finished.

Dida gives paan to Daadi. Daadi says she may have mixed something to harm her and asks to have it herself and prepare another paan for her. Dida angrily eats paan and prepares one for daadi. Daadi asks her to dance and taunts that she is old now. Dida asks everyone to start dancing back. Swara also dancing with others. Laksh stops her. She asks what is he doing. He shows broken bangle under he feet. She thanks him. Daadi gets irked seeing Sumi and Shekhar together laughing.

Precap: Daadi and Dida smear each others face with kumkum and dance on dola re dola….song..

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. waiting for tmrw.precap is intresting

  2. I nope did a and dadimaa accept each other
    But like all Indian drama there is gonna be a big twist

  3. Ragini had no imp in this epi. Waiting for rag -lucky scenes

  4. Another boring episode. Only reason people are watchin this serial is to see who does laksh end up with. I am just reading updates now. Dnt watch the serial anymore

  5. Lucky is going to fall in love with Swara. He does not love ragini and all the ragini-lakshya scenes are from Ragini’s side only. Lakshya himself said that Lucky is his true personality. He and Swara are slowly coming closer.

  6. Dadi will Accept sharmistha but its all her plan to takeaway sharmishthas property

  7. The most shit epi of the week…blah

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