Swaragini 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dadi praying to God and says I will not let go of this golden chance and will smashed them under my feet. Laksh asks Ragini if she will support him. Ragini looks on. Laksh says I thought you are with me. Ragini says I am with you, as I know that your intention is not wrong. Laksh thanks her and says I know that you cares for me, and says Sanskar and Swara are honest people and will not understand me. He asks her to support him and trust him. Ragini says I am with you, and I want you to understand that I never want you to get hurt. She makes him have food with her hand. Laksh thanks his boss for the opportunity which he has given him. Boss says it is okay and asks can you deliver all parcels today. Laksh says yes. Boss says parcels are three this time and danger is thrice too.

He asks him to deliver parcel to red car parked there. Laksh thinks this is last day, and then I don’t have to see this man’s face or do this wrong work. He comes to car and knocks on it. He is shocked to see Police sitting in car.

Police team surround him and asks him not to show smartness. Even Laksh’s boss is arrested. Sanskar comes there. Laksh is shocked and says Bhai…you have done this. Sanskar says I don’t have any option than this. I am your brother and I won’t let you walk on wrong path. Boss gets angry with Laksh and Sanskar. Sanskar gets angry on Boss and says you have pushed my brother on wrong path. Boss says hold on…I didn’t call him. He came to my doorstep by himself, and asks Laksh if you have seen your brother’s true face. He says your brother is the reason of your arrest, and says I will come out of jail soon. He says it is good that I am orphan and can’t get betrayed by family. Laksh asks what you have done Sanskar….Inspector says I will see you in the lock up and opens the parcel. They find diamonds in it. Even Laksh is shocked as he was unaware about the contents in the parcel. Laksh is arrested. He looks at Sanskar and says I never thought that you will betray me so big. Sanskar looks at him. Laksh gets tears in his eyes, as he feels betrayed.

Sujata and Swara are shocked as they hear about Laksh’s arrest because of Sanskar. Sujata asks why did you do this with your brother. Sumi says Sanskar did this to save Laksh. Ragini hears this and something falls from her hands…She asks what did you do this….? You have sent my Laksh to jail, how can you do this. I know he did a mistake, but he can get back to right path. You know well that whatever he did was to save Papa and Maa. She says I will do what I can do now. She says I won’t let my Laksh stay there, and says I will go now and free him. Sanskar holds her hand asking her to stop. He says I know you are upset, but you have to understand that I have done this for his betterment being his brother. He says that Inspector is known to me, and will not touch Laksh and will not file any case. Laksh is treated as a criminal in the police station and they clicked his pic with his crime written on it. Inspector asks Laksh to sign on the blank papers. Laksh refuses to sign.

Inspector says you will repent and asks him to sign. He picks the papers and gives to Laksh. Sanskar assures Ragini that Laksh is safe in the police station. Inspector ties Laksh and beats him with rod. Sanskar says Laksh needs to realize his mistake. Ragini says I want to meet him right now, and says she is feeling something is wrong. Laksh is badly beaten, and recalls Sanskar’s words and boss words that his brother have ditched him. Swara tells Ragini that they will go in the morning. Inspector asks Constables to beat him once he gains consciousness, and asks him to beat till morning.

Inspector calls Adarsh and tells that his work is done, and says he has used his money for a right thing. Later Parineeta tells Dadi that they work is done. Dadi reminds them about their condition, and says you have to give 40 percent of property to my lado..Ragini. Parineeta refuses. Dadi threatens to ruin them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. boring crap show. crap epi..
    worst track till date

  2. boring crap show. crap epi..
    worst track till date
    but adore swara

  3. bearing this idiotic show only to watch hellu

  4. poor laksh hate u cvs

  5. guys i hear that SR timeslot wll change..frm 9.30 to 10.30..if time changes to 10.30 trp again reduce and soon swanagini go off air..then we dont get to see hellu varun namis swasan raglak together.then i m nt able to see swara and swasan

  6. loved ragini supporting laksh police will remain corrupt
    oh no!!!!!!!!!! adarsh and pari are trying to break swasanraglak hope laksh understands
    sanskar was looking so cute and laksh so handsome
    and now the precap waiting for it
    truly said there is no honour among thieves pari adarsh and dadi will bring their downfall on their own
    and who the hell is the writer the roles they are making adarsh pari and dadi play it has become impossible to forgive them everyone has a heart they have destroyed their images

  7. feeling bad for laksh and ragini

  8. Hate adarsh!!! How can anyone do this with their brother!? Starting hating the show too!!! Watching it only for swasan and raglak?
    Pari and adarsh showed their true colours and betrayed dadi??
    Horrible episode!

    1. what is the conditon which dadi talk about it ?

      1. I think she asked asked for a share in the property for her laado(ragini)..

      2. may b for keeping an eye on swaragini’s movements…..she askd 40% pf properties….
        and i thnik again sanskar-laksh war will strat 🙁

        plz any1 corct me if am wrong…

  9. Awsm…
    now swasan vs raglak track will start hope dat cvs dont mess it up
    want tashan from both sides

  10. They shld end d show. It cant get any worse dan dis.

  11. krishnadasi & ashoka will go off-air , one another show but it’s not revelead yet ! hope it’s not SR but if it’s SR then the time slot will change to 10:30 don’t know bc im not an indian person
    hope they make it at 7:30

    1. another show might be ssk

      1. Aasthu

        I hope it is………..its high time they end that stupid show………..

      2. Ssk is going off air and Devanshi is taking over

  12. Please itna drama mat dikhao..watching only for swasan

  13. Mica

    ty for update H. Hasan Mam, ….
    ohohoho.. even god didn’t give a bless for Dadi’s pray..
    wish Dadi realize that what she done hurt Ragini more than someone else in Maheswari family..
    Ragini should ask Laksh to stop instead of support him just because to knowing that Laksh[‘s intention didn’t wrong. sometime, being understand to someone’s wrong deed will lead them to deeper wrong path.
    i didn’t blame raglak at all as the situation so bad, but Ragini is the one who can lead Laksh to the rite path before everything to late.
    meanwhile, as ex criminal (somehow) Sanskar clearly know about “the dark world”, once you choose them, you won’t come back.

    1. Heltej

      Sanskar is right and wrong at the place… Even laksh is right and wrong at the place..
      Sanskar is correct becz its his duty to correct his brother! Sanskar is wrong bcez he wouldnt have send his bro to police… Instead he would have house arrested him… (something like that)
      Laksh is correct becz he has to release his parents from that devils! Laksh is wrong becz he choose a complete wrong path!

      1. Mica

        haa… dear.. it was complicated.. Sanskar thought that it was Laksh boss who dragged Laksh to do wrong job.. he never thought that Laksh himself to choose wrong path, moreover sanskar never think that his friend cum police officer will be corrupt.. aarrgghh!
        yups, as ragini said, his intention wasn’t wrong at all, we knew how desperate Laksh feeling about his parents…but Ragini somehow should stop him, give him a good advice that what he done was wrong, better tried other options, because ragini’s support will make him to justified what he done.
        somehow Laksh already learn a bad thing, that being wrong will make him rich..
        uuhhh poor Laksh.

  14. i dont want to watch the show.itz becmng worst day by day.alot of negetivity.my mamma warn me to stp watchg this crap shw othrrwise she broke remote.but what to do i still watvh the show in hope to see swasan scenes..but i thnk now stp watchng that crap shw..no swasan romantic scenes..really fed up.i m gonna stp watchng the show..soo i want to say

    swara u r sooo beautifull more than beauty ur damn citie yaar..cutie cutie cutie pie..such a doll.my family loves u alot..u r a natural beauty dear..i love to see u in straightend hair..but in straightend hair u look more youngr not even match with ragini.but i really lovve u .u r the only sole rrason that i watch SR.and i love swasan alot.they r reqlly cute couple.such a cute and magical couple..love them to th e core..i m gonna miss u guys..love you swara love you swasan..and love u dida

  15. Aasthu

    CONGRATS CV’s….YOU are doing all that is possible to make this show a crap………..I read tht a fi8 is going to happen btwn Rags and swasan as it was coz of Sans that Laksh is in jail……..and that evil dadi said to adarsh n pari tht after Shekher apologises to hr, she will bring raglak to this house……….idiotic script,……………….I dnt understand y they r spoiling that was once a wonderful show…………can’t they let people live in peace????…….I wonder if the scriptwriter is a sadist who simply cannot bear other’s happiness………….

  16. Heltej

    Next negative track on the way! Where brother will start fighting… I dont know… Y they are fighting! Instead of clearing misunderstanding… They will fight…! Yrkkh fans are lucky atleast in every week they can see functions! Here we waiting when will they show atleast positive track ???… ! Really fedup… Just watching show for helly and tejaswi!

  17. This much negativity??? it’s not good yar… What was swaragini??? now what is swaragini??? n what will swaragini??
    about one thing m damn sure dat this serial is not going to off air soon….

    n about now a days track i think something is beaking in SANLAK’s mind… that’s why they r behaving this way… like they wanna show Adarsh dat both r now apart….hate each other…*(to trap Adarsh)*

    but dont know na what will happen… CV s can do anything… means annnyyytthhiinngg….

    1. Heltej

      Kakali…. Cv’s are mad! They can do anything…. Next will be swara changing into negative and ragini will be jasoos… Pari will give birth to babby! Dadi will go against pari and adrash… Laksh and sanskar will be doing servant’s job….! Much irritated with story! Anyone wants to bash me…. Please bash me for this comment!

      1. I don’t !u said it absoulutely ri8 ….lol

      2. Heltej

        Pia… ????? please dont say like that… Bash yaaar ????

      3. Mica

        weeww better to hug you than bash you.. let us frustrated together ! 😀

      4. Heltej

        Mica… Come girl we will do virtual hug??

  18. they ruined laksh’s character now I hate him to the core whatever da reason maybe crime is crime no one does it without a reason sanky did ri8 laksh shud be jaied

    1. Heltej

      Sanskar is right and wrong at the place… Even laksh is right and wrong at the place..
      Sanskar is correct becz its his duty to correct his brother! Sanskar is wrong bcez he wouldnt have send his bro to police… Instead he would have house arrested him… (something like that)
      Laksh is correct becz he has to release his parents from that devils! Laksh is wrong becz he choose a complete wrong path!

      1. Mica

        uuhh.. why Sanskar didn’t wait until Laksh got 5 laks 😀

      2. Heltej

        No patience… Busy in correcting laksh! ??

  19. swasan vs raglak war will start i think and all the fans of the show will get happy

  20. Good this show is going off air we can’t watch so much negative, great CVS congrats for creating such negativeness

    1. And where did u find d news of it going off air?

  21. I thot they will use this opportunity of laksh doing wrong things to make ragini get angry with him and the separation of RagLak but…

  22. Watching only for ragini….☺

  23. story is gone off track.

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