Swaragini 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar and Laksh looks at Swara while she is leaving with her parents. Jaane Kaise Toote Hai Rishte…..Alvida song plays…………………..Sanskar comes to his room and gets sad. He recalls his happy moments with Swara. Swara recalls Laksh breaking their marriage decoration board. She recalls Ragini pushing her in river, and Laksh throwing her out of house. She gets restless and comes in her balcony……….Laksh is restless in his room and regrets for his behavior with Swara, and recalls her wedding with Sanskar. He recalls calling her characterless for staying with Sanskar, and gets teary eyes. Ragini recalls Laksh telling her that he never love her, and saying you never deserve anyone’s love. Sanskar imagines Swara sitting on his bed and looks on sadly. He imagines her sadly. Swara sees

Ragini coming home and getting inside the house. She asks her where was you, and asks to open the door. Sumi, Shekhar and Dadi come there. Swara asks them to ask Ragini to open the door. Dadi says leave her, she shall realize that her doings were very cheap. Shekhar says Maa is right, leave Ragini now. Sumi asks Swara to give some time to Ragini and says she has lost everything today. She takes Swara from there. Ragini cries in her room.

Later in the night, Ragini comes to Swara while she is sleeping peacefully and keeps her hand on her. Swara wakes up and is surprised to see her. She switches on the lights and asks you are here? Ragini asks her not to get scared and says I didn’t come to hurt you. Swara says I didn’t mean that. Why you are awake till late at night.

Sanskar is restless too. Laksh comes to him and says actually I want to talk to you Bhai since long. He apologizes and says sorry for hurting him. He says I proved you and Swara wrong everytime and says sorry Bhai…….Sanskar keeps his hand on him, calls him lucky and says forget it all. Ragini says I have defamed every relation and snatched everyone’s happiness without realizing my mistake. I got blinded and forgot that you are my sister. She says I must deserve this shock to come out my conspiracy. She says it was good that I got cursed given by Nani Maa. She says Durga Prasad said that I didn’t apologize to anyone. She says how can I apologize, I can’t do eye contact with everyone. She says I thought what to do for penance all night, and found one way. Swara asks what? Ragini says Durga Prasad told about our divorce, so I was thinking…..may be you both after our divorce……Swara is shocked.

Sanskar asks Laksh to forget it. Laksh says how can you forgive me so easily. I have insulted you and proved your truth wrong. Sanskar holds him and says I accept that you did wrong, but you set everything right today. They recall their childhood fight and union. Laksh apologizes. Sanskar and Laksh hug each other tearfully. Durga Prasad and Annapurna look at them. Durga Prasad says whatever happened few days back, I was doubting on my upbringing and thought I couldn’t teach them good values. He says I have gained trust back on my upbringing and says something good happened after a big drama.

Laksh thanks Sanskar and says Swara…….He says he says I am a fool not to believe on my love and hurt her. When she was going, I couldn’t apologize to her. Sanskar looks down sadly. Laksh asks him to help him, and says please make me meet her once. Sanskar asks me…………………Laksh says yes. Swara says I and Laksh together, it is not possible. Ragini says truth was infront of me, but I couldn’t see. She says we were married, but we had never marital relation. She says Laksh always loved you. Swara says I don’t want to hear all that and says I am not returning in his life. She says he is your husband for me and will always be. Ragini gets up and says I did much wrong and you always tried to stop me. She says I am trying to do good thing for the first time, then why you are stopping me……Dadi comes and says as you are acting again. She says I woke up to take water. She asks her to stop shedding crocodile tears. Swara says you are thinking her wrong. Dadi says Ragini is trapping you again and you are trapping. She asks if she is not done yet and throws her out of room asking to go from there.

Swara asks Dadi not to talk to Ragini like that. She says Ragini is really repenting for her mistake. Dadi says Ragini didn’t tell this truth with her consent and the truth came out forcibly. She says she must be conspiring again, this is not my upbringing and cries saying don’t know why she is doing like this. Swara makes her sit. Dadi says I always loved her, trust her, and don’t know if I will be able to give chance to her again. Sumi asks Shekhar to give a chance to Ragini and asks him to think. She says I will bring milk for you. Ragini brings milk for Shekhar. Shekhar asks her to drink first. Ragini drinks surprisingly. He checks his watch and says 20 sec have passed, nothing have happened to you, it means this milk doesn’t contain poison. Ragini is shocked and goes. Sumi asks Shekhar, what he has said? Shekhar says if she can pushed her sister in river, can kidnap her mum, then why can’t she give poison to her dad. Sumi says she is our daughter and it is our duty to bring her back on path. Shekhar says she will not get forgiveness and love from me all her life. Ragini cries hearing them and thinks about Laksh’s words that old Ragini was good, and this Ragini doesn’t deserve anyone’s love.

Durga Prasad tells that Sanskar and Swara’s marriage should be given a chance. Dadi agrees. Even Sumi agrees and says I have no problem. Laksh apologizes to Swara. Swara says it is okay. Laksh holds her hand and asks can we begin our relation after our divorce. Ragini hears them and is shocked. Sanskar looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Archies

    How bad Swara didn’t even think once about Sanskar …. and Laksh i hate him…. he is using Sanskar to get Swara just like Ragini……. Selfish can’t see his brother’s pain

    • riley

      They were bad Fb’s which Swara had of Ragini and Lakshya…. she loved them the most and they betrayed her. She didn’t have, no Fb’s of Sanskaar because he was always with her and he didn’t betray her. The FB were bad ones

  2. Suzy

    This serial is really annoying me, why make swara and laksh and now swara and sanskar, now that I love sanskar and swara together, I know they will break up, but sanskars love is so pure and sweet. Swara wont give him a chance cause she still loves laksh, hate this drama

    • Ridz

      No they vil not. Ragini s memory loss drama s gonna come very soon.. Tat ll be the reason for lakshya ragini re union…. So swasan t s

  3. sun

    all the rashmi sharma production stories are similar to each other

    in sns – first raashi should marry ahem..but later he married gopi.

    in ssk – roli married prem.later he married simar.

    now in swaragini – laksh should marry swara..but he married ragini..now

  4. Honest

    Why are we saying swara won’t give sanskar a chance?? It’s possible right? Please let that be possible! SWASAN!!!!

  5. Honey

    Nice to see Laksh and sanskar together.. But I think swara won’t go back to Laksh.. Because from her(swara) site Laksh is ragini’s husband.. Still swara love Ragini so she will not ruine life of Ragini.. Really felt pitty for sanskar.. I wish swara should stay back with sanskar…
    But what is the new plan of Ragini.. Really irritating…

  6. How shameful for laksh.if he still loves swara then he should go and expres his love and except his mistake himself not taking help from sanskar while he knows that sanskar loves swara very much now

  7. R

    I felt very bad
    Swara even didn’t think abt sanskar for atleast one moment.
    OMG! I was in tears watching sanskaar
    His expressions were very good..
    even swara didn’t remember his friendship also so saaaadddd

  8. tia

    swara is mahaan she will nt give laksh any chance n wil keepher marriage with sanskar fir sake of ragini guys dnt u gt it??

  9. Kajal patial

    Plse sanskaar or swara ko mila do inki jodi hit h t.v industry m sabsa best in dono ki k swara and sanskaar

    laksh ko es serial sa baahar phank do selfish khin ka gadha or ragini k liya bhi koi smart sa boy es serial m lekar aayo

    sanskaar and swara ki jodi best h

  10. Innu

    Sanskar was d one who came with a negetive note…. he had a hand in making ragini dis way….
    Bt den he changd… nd trust me i love swara nd sanskar tgether nw….
    Watever b d case…. lakshy claimed tat he once lovd swara…. how can a person badmouth his love so publically… nt just one tym …. bt evry single tym….
    Even though i once loved their jodi…. nw im rooting fr swara nd sanskar….
    Nd i want d old ragini back

    • jhanvi

      Ya Right he told swara as a ” characterless,”. How can he said that abt a one whom he really loves …..

  11. Aru

    I feel bad for sanskar ….poor guy….I think swaragini will return to sanskar………………
    lagtha hai ki Ragini ab acha banegi…..banegi?

  12. Vinu

    I’m 100% sure they will unite swasan but after heavy drama…. here the point is laksh swara sanskar didn’t get their first love…. the one and only who will succeed in getting her love is ragini… at the end this only happens… but my only request is don’t make laksh selfish or negative like ragini… We can’t watch the same revenge or selfish story in the name of love….

  13. matendo pharida

    mistakes are made by humans so swara should forgive Lakshy. The starter of e problems was sanskar. sans shouldnt be given a chance. swara go back to lakshy. I love ur couple

    • I don’t think that laksh should get forgiveness. He didn’t trust his love. And sanskar who always help swara. And a marrige couldn’t broke with no reason. And soon swasan will be a very good couple.

    • Kat

      My point to. Humans make mistakes. I’m not saying Swara should accept Laksh at once. I’m only saying that she should give Laksh another chance and that’s it. He should be given chance to rectify his mistakes. After that Swara can decide with whom she wants to be with. Then it would be fair. But Swara is always acting like a noble idiot sacrificing everything. Sanskaar did so many WORNG MISDEEDS and he got a second chance. Laksh did ONE MISTAKE of not trusting swara. Then why doesn’t he deserve a 2nd chance????? Laksh is not a bad person coz earlier he trusted Swara many times. But now all of a sudden Sanskaar is everybody’s perfect lover & Laksh is the biggest villain!!!!!! Sanskaar is a good person. He was with Swara & helped her a lot as a good friend. I’m not denying that. All I’m saying is that he should be given a second chance rather that rejecting him at once.

      • Kat

        I mean Laksh. Laksh should be given a 2nd chance rather than rejecting him at once!!! Well this is what I think.

      • Ruhi

        Ya totally agreed… U know what no one recalls that sanskar was obvious to the fact tat swara was innocent . he knows tat swara was doing as per their plan . so he was supporting swara as she cleared his doubt on laksh n dp. laksh wasn’t aware of ragini n sanskar plan ,so he believed wat went in front of him. Sanskar also at first was taking revenge because he thought his gf died becoz of laksh n dp. Later only he understood his mistake tat to becoz of swara . we can’t deny the fact tat laksh n sanskar both are at same fault. I’m not supporting anyone, nor laksh nor sanskar. I just want tat ki no one should blame only laksh. Woh bhi misunderstanding ka shikaar tha..

        No offence against any one.. This is just my point of view..

      • Kat

        Exactly Ruhi! Both Laksh & Sanskaar did the same mistake of not trusting their loved ones. So, why everyone is only blaming Laksh??? And at one point Sanskaar was shameless enough to make a vedio of his brother & brother’s fiancee’s.On the other hand, Sanskaar helped & trusted
        Swara always coz he knew the truth that Ragini & he was responsible for everything that happened to Swara while Laksh was unaware of everything. So he
        believed what he saw. I mean anyone would have taken the same decision Laksh took if they were in Laksh’s shoes. So, I’m also saying that no one should only blame Laksh. He was in a misunderstanding to!!!!

      • Archies

        Ruhi…. he had a misunderstanding we all agree but the point is that when he got angry he repeatedly insulted Swara….. called her names and told her that she was always characterless….. Swara and Sanskar along with her mom and dida repeatedly were shouting at the top of their voices about what happened but he chose not to believe anyone….. if you ever love anyone you will always want to hear their part of the story before making false accusation…… he never tried to find the truth even when Ragini told the truth under drugs or even when Sanskar told the truth ….. he was busy accusing Swara….. Even when Sanskar admitted that he gave her drugs and made her do all that he did pay any heed to those…. finally when everything that happend to swara happened to him he felt she was saying the truth….. Love has a very important ingredient called trust.. love without trust is nothing…… he needed proofs and a witness to tell him that Swara was right……

        AS far as sanskar is concerned yes he knew swara was innocent and his and ragini’s plan destroyed her life and all that but he saved her even before she turned him good… helping her is onething but he didnot just help her, he stood by her at all times as her strength and courage this fight which she won was because of him…. he fought with the world for her and yet doesnot expect anything from her not even love that is called love…. he trusts her very much, all she needs to do is tell him and he will believe it no proofs needed… thats why laksh doesn’t deserve a second chance….. love that need proof is not love….

    • jhanvi

      Agree with u Archies,

      I agree he did mistake nd shld given a second Chance BT I m against lakshya only one reason…., he called swara as ” character less “…..

      I agree he was manipulated by San nd rag nd misunderstanding happens btwn lovers,, it’s normal…., nd that’s y he was nt trusting swara.., nd every time thinks that swara is lying…., BT my point is that how can he called swara ” character less ” only for dis one reason I think that swara shld nt return to lakshya…..

  14. Faiza

    I was literally laughing while reading the shekhar-ragini’s part. i was feeling that shekhar is now in his sense thats why he is testing his daughter’s intention

  15. I know that even sanskar tried to separate laksh and swara bt he didn’t have intentions to kill anyone…. and soon he realizes his mistakes and he helps swara first when they come together they say they got married bt that time he doesn’t love swara he still helped her so he is right guy.guys laksh after knowing ragini properly didn’t believe in swara so her trust on luv has come to end will she able to give sanskar I think yes she needs someone to take her out of the situation…and she will try to get ragini and laksh.I want swasan and lakrag…

  16. Ridz

    No swalak re union guys. Pakka it is. There s a major memory loss twist coming up. Where ragini loses memory. M sure she s faking t … So ppl vil start sympathizing her and swara doesn’t divorce sanskaar because she wants lakshya to accept ragini… Soooi swasan…. God sanskaar s sweetest…. He deserves swara.. He s smarter than lakshya nd very sweet..

  17. Ridz

    But before raglak union I want her to cry a lot different a lot.. I hope tat happens… She shud not get lakshya so easily..memory loss s very bad…. Everyone vil forgive her easily

  18. MeH

    its shameful that laksh is again asking swara a chance…he lost that ryt long ago….bechaara sanskaar…cant see him lyk dis…am sure swara wil not give laksh a chnc…hopng for the best…luv u SwaSan

  19. Jas

    Whole maheswari family will come to badi and ragini wil plan something she wil get electric shock in front of whole family and wil pretend that she has lost her memory only thing she wil remember is her marriage with lucky and to make her get her memory back whole family wil convince lucky to take her back to maheswari house but he wil refuse to do so actualy ragini wil pretnd this so that she can take laksh back

    wil laksh agree or not?

  20. Mitali

    Whole maheswari family will come to badi and ragini wil plan something she wil get electric shock in front of whole family and wil pretend that she has lost her memory only thing she wil remember is her marriage with lucky and to make her get her memory back whole family wil convince lucky to take her back to maheswari house but he wil refuse to do so actualy ragini wil pretnd this so that she can take laksh back

    wil laksh agree or not?

    • Ridz

      Exactly if she remember s the marriage she shud remember hw t happnd also… I can’t believe ppl r trusting her. Isn’t t obvious

    • Archies

      one thing is that because of this now Swara also has to return to MM with Sanskar as his wife… i’m waiting for that

  21. swarm

    Ragini again doing dram…..dvil ragini never end ur drammmmm….I hate u……shameless ragini again and again u do trouble to poor swara….swara y u help that dvil ragini…..ragini go a hell,I hate uuuuuuuuuuuu……….

  22. pls swara do not accept laksh proposal…i knw she not dng anythng like dat bcz ma shona lvs her sis more dan laksh……so swasan gonna to happen….my shona ur so cute yaar. damn cute yaar …nd ur dance in ITA ws superb…..lv u shona…ur d best ummahhh

    nd d more happiest thng is dat dis week swaragini in no:1 position

  23. nalini

    Nice episode..but swara shouldn’t give Lashk a chance but be with Sanskar and understand his love for her

  24. Ridz

    I think I ll stop watching if they agree for lakshya ragini re union based on her fakin memory loss.. Common ya she shud be.punished. I agree swasan but no raglak
    …. M nt happy wth her punishment

  25. That psyco ragini, she won’t change and I can’t believe why will everyone believe that she really lost her memory. She is wired, she holds the wire purposely so that she gets electricute.Once a psyco always will be a psyco. I read that only Laksh won’t believe her.

  26. Plzzz..unite swara nd lakshya not swara sanskar nd laksh ragini bcozz laksh nd swara lovs each other not swara sanskar nd laksh ragini…,,,that’s the main reason for reunion of swara nd laksh,…it should be swalak’s only not swasan nd raglak,….,.,,plzzz itzz a humble request?

  27. I want swalaksh. But Swasan will take place !! I think so . Swaragini is the only seriel I watch, only bcs of Swalaksh. I think it’s time to stop watching it . Swalaksh is not going to happen anyway…….sad very sad 🙁

  28. Psyco ragini is up to her old games again. I read somewhere that swara and ragini will become enemies again. She will hold the wire purposely and then she will get current shock. She will then pretend that she lost her memory. She will also use her memory loss excuse to get Laksh back. Everyone will believe her but not Laksh, he will think that ragini is up to her old tricks again.

  29. dhanu

    Hi friends yesterday episode was good. Before I’m also fan of swarya I’m really very sad ??????that day when laksh married rags but after some time i also felt that swasan is the best and now I’m become a fan of swasan ?????? and also when swara loved laksh she nave explained her feelings to laksh I think she is such damm confused about her feelings ??????

  30. ADELE( Anu)

    Ragini shud never be given a chance!!!!
    For all she did,she only deserves a harsh punishment….. Coz if she is forgiven now, she will do it all again!!
    N I think swara shud give a chance to laksh……coz wat laksh did; did coz he didn’t know da whole truth….
    N sorry to swasan fans…………itz juz a thing that came to my heart so m saying……….

    Yes,I know love happens naturally n no one can stop it………..but sanskar’s first love was kavita……….then how cud he fall in love wid shona??? N that too he knew it well that his own bro loves shona……….still?????!!!

    How can he juz fall in love lyk that????
    First of all his first love was kavita……n second he knows that shona loves laksh n laksh loves shona…………,!

    • Ridz

      Just lik how swara fell In love wth lakshya even though she knew ragini loves him.. Common y love happnd s not the question. Who are worth t s the question

  31. sree

    I like swalaksh jodi.because even when laksh strongly belived swara cheated his love for her was the only reason behind every reaction and sanskar falled for swara because actualy he was feeling guilty
    then he should also feel guilty that more than swara ragini is the one suffered more because of his plan.that accident and any other changes ragini had was all because of his brain washing only… plus he already have a first love and during taking revenge only he fell for another girl…

  32. Anu

    Dono bhai swara se pyaar karte h
    Dono behen laksh se pyaar karti h
    Bechare sanskar aur ragini se koi pyaar nhi karta lol

    Anyways I like swalak but I love swasan
    Swasan is better than swalak but can’t se laksh tears it so sad

    Chahe swara kise bhi chune sans aur laksh ek ka dil toh totega Hi
    Aur dono Hi bahut cute h but sanskar is more cute and handsome than laksh
    I support only swasan but I don’t like raglak

  33. Ridz

    Yeah me too swalak o swasan I don care. No raglak ever tat s t . I want her to be punished. Lik properly. She shud see hell..

  34. Paridhi

    No nevr… Ragini cnt be chngd.. She z villian of d shw.. Jo doosro ke saamne bahut innocent hone ka dikhaava kartha hai nah vah bilikul aisa nahi rahta.. Sme s appilcble to rags also hihihi.. @pragna

  35. Pathanga

    No nevr… Ragini cnt be chngd.. She z villian of d shw.. Jo doosro ke saamne bahut innocent hone ka dikhaava kartha hai nah vah bilikul aisa nahi rahta.. Sme s appilcble to rags also hihihi.. @pragna

    • Archies

      Ragini will remain villain till Swasan become a couple….. She was made a negative character to bring these two together….. I’m not supporting what Ragini did but i really feel bad for her…. when she did wrong everyone trusted her and now when she wants to make amends all are forcing her to be bad again…… No one is saying anything to Laksh who is the reason for all this drama…… had he not repeatedly chose to use her for his convenience… broke her heart so many times she would have been the sweet girl like before…. now he wants Swara and is running behind her…..knowing she is married not asking whether she wants to remain that way or not directly saying marry me….. selfish…… how is he different from Ragini???

  36. srija

    I want swara n sanskar together n Ragini n laksh together….. Ragini n laksh rock together as a Jodi….. Hope dey vl nly continue together happily….

  37. mitali

    sans arrives at gadodia house and asks swara to come along for some divorce formalities however both the families decide to stop them from getting divorced
    but swara gets upsad seeing that sans takes her to laksh instead of divorce lawyer later lakrh tells swara that he wantr to get back with her
    will swara accept her sisters husband
    everyone in family try to convince swara and sans to stay together meanwhile rags tells laksh that she wantr him to get bk with swara
    is this one of raginis plan
    in order to forget laksh swara will tell the family that she is ready totake her relationship with sans a step ahead
    how will laksh and rags react to this
    during durga puja swara dragr rags to backyard later ragr gets very upset and takes the law into her own hands causing a commotion

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