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Swara asks Laksh when she can give a chance to him, then why can’t he give chance to Ragini. She asks him to show maturely and understanding towards Ragini. Laksh agrees to give chance to Ragini. Ragini gets happy. Swara thanks him. Laksh says I can’t guarantee that she will become part of my life, but I will give her a chance. Swara hugs Ragini happily and says I am very happy for you. She says lets go and have icecream. She says we will go home and tell truth to everyone. Laksh says you are forgetting something and says your purse is inside. Swara goes to get her purse and asks Ragini to give her phone. Swara takes her phone and tells that she will call Sanskar. Sanskar is at office and thinks about Ragini’s words. Swara calls him, but he rejects the call. She calls him again. Swara asks why

did you go without meeting me. She thanks him for making her understand that she shall give chance to Laksh. She says I want to give you good news. Sanskar disconnects the call.

Ragini tells Laksh that she is happy as he is ready to give chance, and want to forget Swara. Laksh says I said that, but it is a lie. He says you understand meaning of lie….Ragini says you don’t want to give me a chance. Laksh asks what do you think, and says he wants to get Swara with her wish and not by force. He says I will make her my friend first and then will make her realize feelings for me. He asks her to do the penance by uniting them. She says you have taught me that everything is fair in love and war. Ragini says I really loved you, and says sometimes I do forget. She says I will fulfill my promise. She asks what I shall do. Laksh asks her to support her in his lie and tell Swara that she don’t want to be with him. Ragini asks what we shall do as Swara wants to tell everything to family.

Swara comes back. Laksh tells her that they shall not tell family about the truth, as they will send Ragini back to Baadi. He says he wants to give chance to Ragini and his family will not agree if they come to know about the truth. Swara agrees and hugs Ragini. Ragini thinks she has to get everything.

Durga Prasad and Ram are happy with the arrangements. They talk to Pandit ji. Just then electricity goes off, Utara comes and keep hand on Annapurna’s eyes. Annapurna, Sujata and everyone are happy to see her back. Durga Prasad asks Ram, if Sanskar took Laksh’s signs. Ram says we will ask now. Durga Prasad tells that before the Lakshmi puja, they want to do puja of the accounts too. Sanskar tries to speak. Laksh comes with Ragini and Swara. He apologizes and says he was busy that’s why he couldn’t sign. Utara greets Swara and Ragini. Swara calls Sanskar slowly. Sanskar looks at Swara and thinks about her words sadly. Pandit ji asks if the bahus will make rangoli. Sujata says never. Pandit ji says I thought new bahus will make rangoli. Swara says we will make rangoli.

Pandit ji says whenever new bahu makes rangoli, it will prospers her husband’s business. Swara says she agreed as Panditji might have misunderstood them. Sujata is angry. Swara tries speaking to Sanskar. Laksh hugs Sanskar and says I am happy because of you. Sanskar goes without talking to them. Laksh thinks why he is angry. Sujata tells Annapurna that new bahus are making rangoli. Ragini sees them and starts acting. She says Swara that you might be happy. Swara says she is okay, but is worried for Annapurna and Sujata. Sujata says we want to know why did you agree? She asks what do you want to do? Swara says I have taken this decision so that Pandit ji doesn’t think us wrong. Annapurna asks with which right, she is doing all this.

Few neighbors come to Maheshwari house and praise rangoli made by Ragini and Swara. Sujata takes them inside. Ragini asks what happened? Swara says Annapurna and Sujata are angry with her and wonders about the reason for their anger. Sanskar is driving the car and thinks about Laksh words. He thinks do if I have the right to be called as your husband.

Laksh brings gift for Swara. Swara asks him to give gift to Ragini. Laksh says he didn’t bring anything for Ragini. Swara asks him to give the lehenga to Ragini. Laksh asks Swara to keep it. Swara applies color on Laksh’s face and says her revenge is fulfilled. They start laughing while holding hands. Sanskar brings the gift for Swara and is heartbroken seeing them laughing. Ragini is angered too.

Swara goes to Sanskar’s room. Sujata sees her going to his room. Swara ties holy thread on Sanskar’s hand. Ragini changes the plate and puts Swara’s plate in Laksh’s room. She then tells him that Swara might want him back in her life.

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  1. Sorry guys BT I think that writers may agn mk sanskar negative so as viewers can change their mind regrdng swasan n rather prefer swalak n also lak… has agn bcm swara’s frnd so as to remind viewers swalak chmstry coz the way San… was lukng to swara n lak while swara was applying color on lak…. face mks me think that. N sorry agn coz I don’t want to hrt swasan fans as I m also a swasan fnn wana see them 2gthr

    1. If they spoil sanskar character!! I’ll really stop that drama! But one thing more, I think he also looks fabulous in negative character too ?

  2. Gives you have not accessed by Friday afternoon

  3. Guys I don’t think that sanskar is not trstng swara rt now coz this is not a matter of trust as she doesn’t HV told him anything till now n only coz of circmstncs San… has misundrstud the situatn n I m dfntly sure if she will tell him the truth he will blv hr.

    1. Exactly I was thinking the same. At he end of the day he wouldn’t go and marry some other lady and start calling her characterless without knowing the truth. That’s what laksh did, he believed that psyco ragini blindly and married her. He could have waited for swara but he didn’t. And im sure that once swara tells sanskar about the farm house situation I’m sure he will anderstand her. Not like that cry baby laksh.

  4. toi spoilers of week:
    17th nov: ragini plans things in such a way that the family members catch swara entering sanskaar’s room in the middle of the night. later, ap and sujju are shocked to see her.
    18th nov: ap tells sujju that there might be another side to all accusations on swara. sujju gets confused on hearing this. will ap come to know rags plan?
    19nov: ragini successfully manipulates ap and sujju regarding swara as well as both the boys in the house. will the family decides to confront swara.
    20th nov: lakshya and sanskaar fight over swara. on the other hand , ap and sujju accuse swara of leading them on. has ragini’s plan worked successfully..?

  5. They’re totally spoiling their serial! Aisa hi chalta raha to sub ne serial daikhna chor daina hai and I’m sure if they killed sanskar or separate swasan, 90% viewers yeh drama chor Dain ge because we all love swasan

  6. I wish that what I SD rgrdng San… Trng negtv would never cm true.

  7. What d shit is going on, I just don’t understand?? As this serial is of four people, the writers have to give importance to all the four characters….so they are putting up all these stupidity….
    Laksh wants Swara in his life ……
    Ragini wants Laksh in her life……
    Sanskar loves Swara but is uniting her with Laksh….
    And the most imp celebrity SWARA
    She wants to, for gods sake, I don’t know what she want to do ………..
    I’m just starting to hate this serial
    Some more stupidity and I am going to stop watching this serial…………..


    1. Right dear! I think they should rename it swaraswara and really cant understand what this girl want?

  8. i hate sanskar… wo kavi nhi sudhrega. wo to abhi bhi lucky k hi pichhe padha hai. isiliye to swara ko pana chahti hai. yarr true love main eisa nhi hota. koi dusra ayega aur usise pyar ho jyega. swara only luvs laksh. so hazaro mistakes k baad bhi pyar change nhi hota sanskar k tarha. swara is correct. aisi hi hoti h pyaar..

  9. swara is the real bengali girl. hum bengali girls hazaro se pyar nhi karte. pyar to ak hi se hota hai. chahe jo bhi situation aye, pyar same hi rahta hai.

    1. Yup! And v all knows how much she still loves laksh just coZ for ragini’s sake with a heavy heart she had to say she doesn’t loves hin anymore coz if she doesn’t then she wouldn’t have cried for him n when he said live ur life u won’t come in ur way…. she was in pain….

      Rags loves laksh
      Laksh truly loves swara
      Swara truly loves laksh
      And sanskaar likes swara
      Wow!!!coz of two one sided so called lovers! Two lovers are going through hell! Without each other!

      1. Yeah they changed the whole story…hate this serial….annoying. .

  10. Hiiii mini how r u…????
    I dont get ur point ……
    Sanskaar kaise behave kar raha hai….wo sirf swara ko ignore kr ra hai….bussss…
    Usne swara ko kuch galat ni kaha like charecterlessss n all that so plzzzzzzzzzz….

  11. Hiiii nik tumhe aisa kyu lagata hai ki sans negative ban sakta hai plzzzz replyyy…..
    N anu thnk u dear for fast update…….
    Love that line…
    Sanskaar manage to get out of car safely n iss sabka shock swara ko lagata hai n wo sanskaar ki care karti uske age piche rahti hai n wowwwww……….shuva nik shreya saba swasan will unite soon…….

    1. Right lee! They’re just spoiling the drama! We didn’t find laksh’s love in Swara’s while she gives more important to sanskar! and one more important thing, she just forget that she’s still wife of sanskar! At the end poor sanskar! why is he just tolerating all this rubbish! If laksh us se puchta hai to woh us shameless laksh ko Ku nahi bolta k woh mere wife and tumhari Bhabhi hai!! Yar such main kabhi kabhar rishto ka mazaq bana daite hain

    2. Thanks Lee,
      That’s what I want to hear for now.

  12. Hey guys tl me when will the best hpn. Will it hpn this week or not?????

  13. Swalak forever

  14. Swalak seems more cute than Swasan if Sanskaar deserves a chance why doesn’t Laksh At last even he trusted Swara for a long time. Swara just stop it now. Why is she playing with the 2 guys

    1. Sanskaar has done a bigger and a badder deed and was forgiven easily then why not Laksh for a smaller one

      1. That’s because laksh is a fool, he believed that ragini and married her. And one more thing he him self said that even God comes down and tells him that swara is right he still wouldn’t believe her. Now he blo*dy knows the truth and he wants her back.

  15. I think swasan will make a good pair.
    Swasan forever,
    Swasan rocks.?
    Raglak go to hell, them both are spoilt brats.

  16. Reply, Hi Lee sorry yar as I also don’t want sanskar to trn ngtv . I just thought it coz writers can do anything to incrs the trp.n also they rmkng lak… the older one , frndly to swara.

  17. Wooooo this tm ragini really got kidnapd , very hppy.

  18. Swara should tell sanskar that what hpnd at the farmhouse, othr wise she will b on the verge of loosing hr lv once agn, n this tm really a true one.

    1. Yeh nik,
      I too think she should.
      And also I’m sure sanskar will understand her.

  19. What hpnd to this mhswri fmly they r doutng swara once agn n flng in trp of rags evn knowing what type of gl she is????? I MST say sch a brnless people. Gnpti bapa plz give sdbudhi to entire team of swaragini.

    1. you are absolutely right

  20. One more info…. Ragini tries to hide swara from laksh. One more shetani plan.

  21. I lv swalak but writers ne sb khrab kr diya now i hate this serial very much plzz writers is drama ko bnd kr do

  22. Here is 1 bengali girl lyk me who tells bengali girls hazaron se pyar nahi karti bt let me tell her if she undrstands da meaning of “SELF RESPECT” Being a bengali girl doesnt mean a different definition of love…i think love is different for all— some becum selfless,,some mad ,,some obssesive,,some selfish n some learns from past mistakes….

    A bengali girl can b characterless…a tamil girl wl love selflessly a gujarati girl may marry for money a kashmiri girl can sacrifice her life for a guy….
    Some hav da capacity to move on some dont…
    And in this serial it is completely personal to like a character as per own nature and satisfaction dat simply doesnt mean to say such non sense thngs

    1. Gujju girl never marry for money they are married to the person whom her parents find more beneficial.

  23. Nnno sanskar is a good person..but he does not suit for swara….laksh and swara….y sanskar is jeolous…dn what is dffrnce between him and ragini…pls unite swara and laksh…and find another girl for sanskar

  24. Dear Swaragini team please stop this drama and unite SwaLaksh.
    Dear SwaSan aka Varun Kapoor fans please please stop abusing Laksh if you guys can !!
    Thank you.

  25. Guyzzz jo ff abhi recently post hua hai hai wo written update ke page pe dikh re hai kya kyuki mere isme ni are …………..plzzzzzz someaone replyyyy…..

  26. Sanskar never asked to b forgiven for his deed. And the proof is he accepted his fate that swara can’t b his due to his past mistake. So their is no comparison between Laksh and sanskar. Lakshmi is immature. He was supporting ragini one day and now hate her through the core. He used to love swara and than next moment he didn’t think of trusting swara. Sanskar is going through a lot. Still holding it together that’s maturity and it is needed in every successful relationship. Puppy love of swalaksh failed. But mature love don’t. If swara has attained enough maturity than she will realise this soon.

    1. yeah true rekha dont pple notice how laksh started to support rags lie to have swara back…i mean if u hate sum one u hate dat person but laksh was like he will take the help from rags wen he needs it and next moment he will forget that very person who helped him……like an ungrateful person….wen sanskar was sopporting swara he hated him and next time he cam to sanskar told sorry for his purpose only(wen he proposed swara after knowing rags truth)….
      wen he came to know that sanskar loves swara he accusd sanskar of stealing swara from him……i mean swara was not his property dat sanskar stole…however he himself borrowed sanskar’s quality to love unconditionally

  27. Aur verse bhi Bhabhi se pyar to incest kehte I think!!! Indian serials show crap now a days

  28. Laksh loves swara
    Sanskar loves swara
    Ragini loves laksh
    And swara duffer is totally unaware of her own feelings. And u can’t let or ex b ur best friend if u still have even 0.5% feelings for him. So she definitely does not love Laksh rite now. Nor she is still clear about her feelings for sanskar. She thinks sanskar as a friend or more than a friend. And their is no way k ye Bhabhi dewar ek ho jayenge

  29. And when a spouse die people move on. And sanskar had a life and had to forgive laksh and move on. He tried to protect laksh from ragini. How can u doubt his intention !!!! He doesn’t want swara to b in this marriage and wants her to b free. Still doubting sanskar!!! That h8s

    1. 100% right rekha.
      Well said.

  30. Nik and lee! You both are right! But I think writer should justify ragini’s character! At least she’s clear in her purpose or aim but others what want, it’s still unclear! This drama is making me mad

  31. Aur ye laksh ki vakalat bandh karo woh dudh pita bacha tha Jo ragini ki bato me a gaya. Na hi ragini bacchi thi Jo sanskar ki bato me aa kar apni hi behen ko marne nikal padi. Rag laksh belong together because they r much alike. As the serial will proceed u will see their similarity

    1. Right rekha u said the very correct thing seriously wo dono koi dudh pita bachcha nahi h jo dusro ki baaton me aa jaye

    2. Well said dear ….!!!!!

  32. Hey friends do u know, sanskar’s sister UTTRA will find out about ragini’s STUPID IDIOT idea

  33. And will kiddnap ragini to take revenge

    1. Good this time that psyco really gets kidnap.

  34. hi friends

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