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The Episode starts with Doctor checking Sanskar and giving him injection. Durga Prasad looks on sadly and goes out of room. Annapurna asks what happened? Where is Swara? Durga Prasad says Police got Rajat’s dead body….Utara looks on with teary eyes. She tells Annapurna that she is happy that Rajat left from their lives. Annapurna asks him about Swara. Durga Prasad says Police couldn’t find Swara…..Sujata asks what do you mean? Durga Prasad says Police couldn’t find her till now, and we just got her pendant and nothing else. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad says according to the Police…..Sujata asks what? Durga Prasad says Police said that we couldn’t get her back, and we should get ourselves ready for the situation. Sujata says Swara have to return for my son, else he will die. Doctor comes

out and says Sanskar is in deep shock, and will sleep for few hours as I gave him injection. Laksh sits by his side and recalls Sanskar and Swara’s lovely moments. Sujata cries badly. Annapurna gives her strength and asks her not to lose hope. She says we have to take care of Sanskar till Swara’s returns, else she will tell that we didn’t take care of him properly. Parineeta looks on unaffected.

Sujata runs to Sanskar’s room and cries hugging him. She tries to take out pendant from his hand. Annapurna asks her to let it be in his hands. Utara blames herself. Annapurna says it is not your mistake. Laksh asks Utara not to say that and consoles her. Durga Prasad asks everyone to come out of Sanskar’s room as he needs to rest. Laksh tells Sanskar that he has not lost strength and Swara will return as she is a fighter like you. He cries and says nothing will happen to her.

Sumi sits in shock. Doctor checks her and says she is in extreme shock. She has to rest for her baby’s sake. Shekhar thanks her. Ragini is sitting at Sumi’s side. Dadi brings milk and gives to Sumi. Sumi says I will drink it after Swara comes. Dadi sits and asks Sumi to calm down. She asks her to come home with her, and says it is enough now. She asks Shekhar to return home. Ragini cries hugging Shekhar. Shekhar says she has united us while leaving. Ragini says Swara haven’t gone anywhere, and will return. She says I have promised mum that I will bring her back and I will fulfill my promise. Dadi thinks this baby is responsible for this, and thinks she won’t let anything happen to Sumi and Shekhar because of this baby. Laksh comes there. Ragini hugs him and cries. Ragini asks how is everyone at home. Laksh says everyone is trying to come to terms. Shekhar asks them to go home. Laksh says we will stay here tonight. Shekhar says no, and asks them to go home. Laksh hugs Dadi. He touches Sumi’s feet and tries to give her strength. Ragini hugs her and leaves with Laksh.

Sanskar is in his room and recalls Swara’s grah pravesh…..and the sweet moments with her. Chandariya Jeeni Re plays………………Ragini cries badly hugging Laksh. Annapurna and Durga Prasad misses Swara and recalls the moments. Sujata goes through the same emotional turmoil. Sanskar opens his eyes and the chain falls from his hand.

Police Inspector comes and tells Durga Prasad that they got Rajat’s body. Ragini asks what about Swara? Inspector says our research team tried to search her and enquired in the neighboring places, but we couldn’t find her. He says if we wouldn’t had got Rajat’s body then we would have been hopeful, but this didn’t happen. Ragini says how can you talk like this? She asks Laksh to ask Inspector to help them. She asks him to go and bring her sister. Inspector asks Durga Prasad to sign on the release paper as they are closing the case. He says according to us, Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari is no more. Everyone is shocked. Ragini asks him not to say that, and says her heart says that her sister is alive. She says Swara can’t leave us. She is my sister….and cries. Laksh asks Ragini to take care of herself. Ragini folds her hands and asks Inspector not to close case as Swara is alive. Sanskar hears everything and says nothing has happened to her. I don’t accept this. My Swara can’t leave me and go…..

Sahil is seen jogging and calls someone. He asks Raj to make deal papers, and fires him for the mistake. His face is shown as he sees Swara in the river. Immediately he takes out his watch and ear phones, mobiles, and his tshirt, and jumps in the water to save Swara. Durga Prasad says Inspector said…..Sanskar says he is lying. Nothing has happened to my Swara……He looks at the pendant and says recalls Swara saying I love you…..He says nothing can happen to her….Sahil searches in the water and finally finds Swara. He lifts her and takes her out of water.

Sanskar asks Inspector if he has lost someone close to him. He says until I am breathing, Swara is alive. Swara gets flashes of Sanskar as he shoots at Rajat, and then she falling down in the river. She gets restless while in unconscious state. Sahil looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swara is getting flashes of sanskar ? bt she ws abt to love laksh again na ?

  2. I think swara will think rajat as her lover and sanskaar as the villian

  3. What crap is going on in SR??
    Are cvs gone made ???
    Bechara sanskar ki love story hamesha
    Puri hi nahi hoti :-/

  4. What the hell is going on. Cant they have some happy scene instead of showing problem. CV really need some brain.

  5. Pls director make her remember sanskar not laksh

  6. Guyz……. I think thr vl b a track wr swara vl b thinking due sanky oly she lost hr memory……. May b she can evn thnk sanky s bad……. Huffff…… Idiotic CV’s…… My poor sanky?????

    Today epi ws stealed by ragini n sanky…… Thr emotions wr superb…….. It literally made me cry n my heart ache…….

    Hope these ppl get sme sense into thm make our SWASAN togthr agn……. I can’t see thm apart n paind……..

    1. Yup I too thought same… Tabhi to new promo me vo ese react kar rahi thi

  7. I cant tolerate swasan being seperated and new entrt for swara.. Y do cvs always make swasan suffer.. Now i saw that swara will think that its sanskar who tried to kill her and so will seek help of Sahil and he wil be misusing that situation to get closer to her.. I dont wanna see swaras hatred rowards sanskar and making him hurt.. Unite swasan..
    Need to say how mean is that Parineeta.. Hate her more than kavya and kavitha.. She is such a crap

  8. Sad episode.

  9. Please any body tell how many days this ml track end this soon

  10. Ragini is so boring n lame.why the b*t*h crying now she forget when she tried to kill swara but now ragini over loves swara.ragini crying now coz she get married to laksh she get s*x so now she over loves her sister.such a cheap woman ragini is

    1. U r more cheap than her taking serial seriously and hurting her fans

    2. You cheap ghatiya gadha

    3. Sandy u I’m sorry bt ur the b***h here. Sandy once upon a time even I felt like this about ragini. She did try to end her life bt if u remember about 2 months ago during the kavya dramas she was the one who saved her life. So just stop using curse words and go get a life and if u can’t then I wish this sight should be blocked for you. B d way… ARE U MAD???? WHY WOULD U USE WORDS LIKE S*X HERE??? U KNOW SOME KIDS ALSO READ DIS. Sandy just please shut ur fat mouth.

    4. Are you a human????How can you even think like that?
      U seems to be more cruel than old ragini!

    5. It’s showing tats ur comments are reviewed before its published.but why they are not doing their work.they are publishing these sort of stupidy comments.anyhow its good if the peoples talks with good manners.actually this is an serial not an real story to talk this much.this will hurt many fans.

  11. Swara has some crazy luck when it comes to drowning! Whoever pushes her she just doesn’t die 😛

  12. episode is good.. sujju reaction for swara she knows sanky will die if swara is nt there ap dilogue is good.. and the song where all remember swara and hw much she wants family… andswasan love conection when he says she alive and swara is shown… sanky nailed it.. sanlak bonding super… seeing negative flash she thinks sanskar is reason for her condition and blames him.. but her heart denies it and mean time sahil fall for her when she get full flash that time sahil turns obessed lover.. i saw scrooling tv “swara and sanskar ka pyaar ko lagegi apni nazar” first i was shock with apni hi nazar means.. but i think that seeing precap she got flashes of sanskar and shooting first may be she thinks that he is the reason for swara condition and she blames him.. now there is confliction between her mind and her heart.. and by seeing new promo its confirmed to me that she blames him and hides behind sahil…. sanky is broken..
    new promo.” swasan in red saree and white dress and sanky sees swara and calls swara.. she gets scared of seeing him and goes away and said then says tumne mujhe marne ki koshish ki hai.. and sanky tries to hold her sahil comes in between swasan and swara hides behind sahil… vo said kyo swara lagaya apnhe hi pyar pe aisa ilzam..”
    i think in one metro masti article came swara hates sanky and blames him true.. and entertainment tadka article also true swasan confrontation soon happen where she think sanky try to kill her where her heart says its nt true.. and in one aricle said now sanky try to woo swara his lady love to get her and her memory back like srk in rbnbdj… waiting to see how sanky handle this..

    will they be able to find swara or will be a hit and miss case?
    color’s beloved show swaragini is undergoing a major twist with swara losing her memory and meeting a new guy in her life. as we are all well aware of anuj sachdeva entering as sahil on the show, lets see what is in store for swara.
    in the upcoming episodes, sahil will enter as a saviour to swara. he will find swara lying on the bank of a river and will jump in to save her. he will then take swara to his place, while swara will be still in unconsious state.
    amid all this, the viewers will get to see sanskar and laksh landing up to sahil’s place, where swara is kept.
    well, dont get too excited as they haven’t found out swara whereabouts yet. the duo brothers actually went there for some other purpose, unaware of the fact that swara is there. they would have gone to sahil house to meet his mother for some work. but the question here comes in.. will they be able to find swara. or it will be a hit and miss case?
    what do you guys have to say about the upcoming track? do share your views in the comment box below.

  14. Now.. Thats not good.. Swara thinking that sanskar is the one who tried to kill her.. Im really worried about sanky.. How can he bear this..

  15. It is very sad that again seperation for swasan. But swara will face memory loss. Then this new entry starts loving her. He will become like a psycho lov She will not love laksh. She will forget everyone.

  16. Pls make swasan unite and give some more screen space to raglak also…. The shows name is swaragini not swara sanskar…. I can’t see more problems in swasan’s life keep them happy… I don’t like this memory loss track….
    Hi guys previously I was a silent reader but can I join u guys now?

  17. Noooooo….plzz why d hell soo many hurdles in swasan’s story….i cant see dis plzzz???????

  18. Hello buddies how are yo all….???omg… Such an emotional episode… Can’t see sanskar in that state… N upcoming episodes are really shocking where swara ll think sanskar was the one tried to kill her ..It ll break sanskar totally n I dunno how we swasanians ll bear to watch it… But I hope sanskar won’t lose confidence on his love n become firm to get back swara in his life… Waiting for that day.. N CV mind one thing always that yo can bring billion guys in swara life but we won’t change… We was swasanians n we are swasanians n will be swasanians .. They are heart beat of swaragini…

  19. OMG actually today swasan really really nailed it.and today even sujju was too good along with dp and today laksh expression was like he has lost something dearer to him very much. And sanskaar really I was literally crying when the song was playing in BG and although he was in sleeping mode but still he made us cry today I hv even recorded the epi n m seeing it again and again. The most emotional was when shekhar was remembering swara and her that dialogue bout father.and in last varun really nailed the scene.

  20. Plz.. End this ml track

  21. don’t know why i am watching this show ?

  22. Plzzz end this track of swaragini plzzz it’s a humble request … Do u really think that the TRP will all swasan fans r really upset so it will decrease and we don’t want this to happen plzzz we need swara and sanskar back together plzzzzzzzz …… I literally cried when I saw that swara will accures sanskar of murder I can’t see that plzzzz it’s a request to the makers and writers

  23. mehmilibrahim


  24. It seems as though d writers r out of ideas. If dey dont ve anything worth showing den dey shld seriously stop telecasting d show. N dey shld really unite swara sanskar b4 d trp plunges dwn.

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