Swaragini 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Kissan telling Swara that he is happy today and that’s why have chocolate. Swara says she likes it too. Sahil comes there and is shocked and jealous. Sanskar tells Swara that every girl likes it. He gives her chocolate. Swara says hi to Sahil. Sahil gives her CD and asks her to come and have food outside. Swara says I will wrap up my rehearsal and come with you. She introduces them. Kissan sings I am no.1 singer from Patna. Swara says he is also a singer. She tells Sahil that Kissan is participating in IGT and she is helping him. Sahil says you are wasting your time on him. Swara says Kissan will learn soon. Kissan falls down. Swara cares for him. Laksh tells Annapurna that Swara called them to Baadi. Ragini tells Laksh that she will bring her mobile and is about to go to

her room, but falls. Parineeta asks where is her mind, if she forget that she is pregnant. Sujata asks Parineeta to bring Ragini’s phone from her room. Annapurna tells Ragini that she will be making desi ghee laddoo for her. Sujata asks her to add extra ghee in it. Parineeta being jealous thinks this happiness will not be longer.

Parineeta buys a medicine from nurse to abort Ragini’s baby. Nurse tells that the baby will die in the womb itself. Parineeta thinks she will see to it that baby dies.

Swara asks Kissan to sit silently and give his leg. Kissan refuses. Swara checks for the wound and asks Sahil to give antiseptic. Kissan shouts. Swara asks what happened? I didn’t even touch it. Kissan says pain goes if I shouts. Swara says you are mad. Sahil says I know IGT’s judges. Kissan says then you can refer me, and then says no, seeing Swara angry. Swara asks Kissan to do the practice. Sahil thinks Swara is his and make jodi with him only. Swara says we will finish rehearal soon as my sister is coming to meet me. Kissan asks if your sister is devi to appear just as her name is taken.

Ragini comes. Swara asks how do you know that she is my sister. Kissan says you told me. Ragini says you are Kissan from Patna. Kissan falls down on her feet and says you are really a Devi. Ragini says maa told me and asks him to get up. Swara smiles. Kissan greets her. Swara tells ragini that she did wrong and asks what to do to make everyone happy. Laksh says everyone is fine. Swara asks about Sanskar. Laksh says he is at his friend’s house and will return soon. Kissan asks Swara to introduce them. Swara introduces them. Kissan asks what is your motive Laksh? Laksh says my motive is fulfilled and signs at Ragini, and says your motive needs to be fulfilled. Sanskar says my personality is famous and everyone will say that they have seen me. Laksh sees his wig coming out and hugs him. Kissan says he needs to go to loo. Ragini asks Swara, who is he and smiles. She asks her not to worry…Swaragini plays……..

Swara thinks Kissan haven’t come till now and says if there is some problem. She goes inside, and rubs her eyes. Kissan asks what happened? Swara says something fell in her eyes. Kissan says I will blow it and thinks he will get Swara’s love. Sahil comes there again and says I can’t see her in someone’s embrace. Sahil thinks how can this guy touch my Swara. Swara says Sahil…you came. Sahil says lets go, I have booked table in the restaurant. Kissan gives her chocolate. Swara asks Kissan to practice the song which she taught him. Sahil gets angry and asks until when you will teach him. Swara asks what happened? Why you are shouting? Sahil says I had parked the car at wrong side and that’s why I am worried. They leave. Sanskar understands his jealousy.

Sahil happens to see Sanskar as he removes his wig. Ragini and Laksh meet with an accident as the truck hits their car. Ragini gets injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sammy

    The best dialogue of swaragini till now is BHAIS KI POOCH ….and MOOM ….this time sanky rocked ..and Swara shocked

  2. Sriranjani

    Shit I don’t want Sahil to know that Sanskaar is Kissan…………….. Worst Epi and Best epi coz How can Pari be soo cruel towards Ragini’s Unborn baby( I know that Ragini is faking her pregnancy but what to do?) Save Raglak and Swasan from Sahil and Pari.

  3. nice balenced episode pari drama irked.. literally she want ragini child die. gets medicine.. what swara eating non-veg.. tmrw swara comes mm and sujju scolds her.. raglak arrives and all gets shocked to see them.. hope swara not eat non-veg .. if it happen sujju toh gayi.. hope she wont eat.. hay sanskar understands his jealousy.. .

  4. devakhi&swasan


  5. Sanskar rocks
    Swara and kisan ……..
    Varun is the best

  6. where is swasan cosomic connection,.. why she didnt get any flahses?? why cv’s nt showing any improvement in her… please show this… cv’s forget this after swara back in badi… please show this…

  7. Hi swaragini fans…oh my god sanskar’s acting……superb yaar…and i really don’t like this sahil…how dare he to say that swara is his..swara is sanskar ‘s…
    Super epi..enjoyed it very much

  8. really sanskars acting superb!!!!

  9. nice episode

  10. Is pari even a human being? No wonder why she can’t gave birth to a child. Anyway I want ragini to get pregnent soon.

    1. pari is bad but not as the bad b*t*h as ragini…when rags was killing,kidnapping was she human? but she still did it..rags should never be able to get pregnant for all the criminal acts she did

      1. Nw u become a pari fan…chill she did nt tel anything abt swara….nd stop bashing our ragini if u don’t like her….instead u praise swara….tat ill make some sense….

      2. Sharnalle pls don’t bash ragini. If she has done wrong she saved Swara to. Can you ever be positive and stop bashing?????

  11. east or west raglak is the best

  12. thamiazh magan

    i wish writers can see some nice, rationalized ff regarding memory loss track and follow that

  13. I just wish swasan come together?

  14. Omg….varun u r the best…one side u r making us emotional…other side making us laugh…love swasan

  15. Juggu

    Hope that soon swara regains her memory …….till that no peace fr me. Try sanky try till last breath..?

  16. I am very excited to see why sumi will be negative.she is such a sweet mom that she has no partiality between own and step daughter.bur why she can be selfish.if shekar and dadi comes to know again sumi will be out if the house.eagerly waiting for coming story.and back to current track except kisan remaining ml and pari drama is bore

  17. Sumi will never ever do that. How dare he (sahil) call swara his, really he is psyco and he is also suffering ml swara is married to sanskaar. Now sahil will get to know and he will tell this to swara. I’m eagerly waiting for swara’s reaction will she believe or not??
    Where is everyone no comms so less comms really very bad.

  18. It is confirmed that sharmishta is turning negative…..she herself asked viewers if vr exited fir her negative role…..i am telling this swaragini always turned positive to negative…first sanskar the my Ragini….then my Laksh …n Pari dadi n now its sharmishta…but I don’t understand y she will turn negative…..
    CVs pls for god sake change d story line….now only kissan is nice rest is just waste…..y cant they give proper track for Raglak…..when Raglak git separated they united them in one week but swasan god…..they r just dragging…after ml swara has been changed…i mean she was not hurting anyone afterall she was Mahan…but now…
    Godddd……pls CVs stop this track…

  19. i love varun from the tym wen he acted as mental patient…. kya acting he yaar….hats offffff………

  20. new if article: what? swara behind the bars in swaragini?
    swara will be accused by maheshwari family members in the upcoming episodes.
    one of the most popular shows on colors, swaragini seems to be losing its charm and the attention of its viewers. to make up for the same the makers are trying all way possible tricks to keep the audience hooked the show.
    for making the story engaging than ever, the producers bought in sahil who will now be seen as a black sheep in swara and sanskar’s love story.
    for now, sanskar has disguised as kisan to woo swara back butsahil has come has found out his real identity.
    what will happen is -sujata who is worried about sanskar’s safety will persume that he is dead and will accuse swara for being the reason for his dispair. she will call cops to get swara arrested. in this situation, sanskar disguised as kisan will not be able to see his love being held accountable and hence he will return to maheshwari house leaving kisan’s identity behind.
    but this is just the start of misunderstandings! sahil who learnt about kisan’s real identity will provoke swara by informing her that sanskar is other than kisan. to prove his verdict, he will ask swara to make a phone call and acknowledge kisan as sanskar and clear out her doubt, swara will agree to make that call.
    what next?
    kisan’s phone will surely ring and but it will be found in swara’s bag hence sahil’s effort to prove the same will go in vain!
    with this sahil’s attempt to expose kisan’s identity seeing no positive results, he will be left infuriated and obsessed to win over swara like never before.
    do share your views on the coming track of swaragini.

    1. in this they said sujata call police.. its wrong i think actual its sahil plan to tel identity of kisan to swara…

  21. waiting swara gets her memory back….i will stay back to rerun previous episodes full of swasan’s sweet memories. btw, i love to hear sanskar said ‘MOOM’, his voice soooo unforgetable

  22. I love herry shah
    I love swaragini
    All the best for swaragini team
    Swaragini was wonderful serial to me

  23. Ragini and swara are nice in their role. Sanskar looks at swara desperately. They are looking so sweet

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