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Dida tells Swara that she didn’t know that Laksh would do such a shameful thing. Swara says I couldn’t believe that he would do like this and says she came to talk to her about something. Ragini tells Sumi that she believes to bail Laksh out. Sumi asks are you mad? Laksh took advantage of your and Swara’s innocence. She says he might be innocent. I have full trust on you. Sumi says he might want to trap Swara and marry her. Ragini says someone might have trapped Laksh and tells that Laksh was shocked too, when the goons took his name. She says that Laksh is innocent. Shekhar comes and tells that he permitted Swara to bail Laksh out. She feels Laksh is innocent and someone is trapping him. Ragini is shocked and asks Swara hates Laksh though.

Shekhar says my daughters are same, they can’t

see anything wrong happen with anyone. Dadi shouts at Dida and asks how can you permit this criminal to stay at your house. Dida says she bailed him on Swara’s insistence, and tells that he is not criminal until he is proved guilty. Dadi says you are not doing right thing. Shekhar comes and says he gave permission to Swara and asks Laksh to prove his innocence.

Dadi asks why did you agree? Shekhar says my daughter asked me something for the first time on her birthday. I couldn’t refuse her. He asks Laksh to prove his innocence within 36 hours. Swara tells Shekhar that Police agreed to help them solve the matter, and think Laksh is being framed. Dadi tells Laksh to leave the baadi after proving innocent or guilty, whatever. Swara tells that if Laksh fails to prove his innocence that she will leave the baadi with Laksh. Ragini is shocked. Dida asks Laksh to come inside her house. Laksh thanks Swara for supporting him. Swara says it is okay and determines to know who is behind this conspiracy.

Laksh goes to Dida’s house. Ragini tells Swara, you hate Laksh, then why you are doing this? If you have realized love for him. Swara says I don’t know. I know that I was there in that video and want to prove my innocence with him. Ragini asks why did you think that Laksh is innocent. Swara says I trust him and will come out of this.( good reply Swara, well done). Ragini is shocked.

Community members come to Durga Prasad and says people are questioning them about the head of the community. Durga Prasad says he has decided to resign. Sujata smirks. Sanskar says his face has blackened. The member says sorry for what your son had done. Swara comes with Laksh and Ragini, and says 1 min. Annapurna gets emotional. Durga Prasad stops her and reminds of Laksh’s doings. Swara says he didn’t do any mistake. She holds his hand and bring him inside the house. Some mantras is being played. She says whatever had happened is someone’s preplanned conspiracy. Someone is trapping Laksh and I will prove his innocence. Sanskar sees Ragini and rushes to her. He asks what is this drama. Ragini tells everything have gone wrong. Swara trusts Laksh. Swara tells that she trust Laksh and he can’t do anything wrong.

Durga Prasad says he can’t permit her or her thinking to interfere in his family matter. Swara apologizes and tells him not to leave his position for Laksh. She requests him to give her 36 hours and promises to prove him innocent. Sanskar starts acting and calls him bad guy like Durga Prasad. Swara tells Sanskar that Laksh and his papa are not bad. Swara says she has no intentions behind taking this stand as she knows about his decision. The members ask Swara, how will you prove him innocent? Swara says she has someone and calls the Police. She tells when Ragini was kidnapped, someone sent videos to Laksh through a phone number. Ragini tells but it was a private number. Swara says even Private numbers can be traced through service provider. Sanskar, Sujata and Ragini get tensed. The Police officer take Laksh’s phone. Sujata asks Sanskar, where is your phone. Sanskar says don’t know, it might be in the room. The service provider guy trace the number and give it to Inspector to call. Ragini and Sanskar are shocked.

The Inspector calls on the number and Sanskar’s phone bell rings. Swara finds the phone in the kitchen. Sanskar gets shocked. Later Swara tells Ragini that she has a doubt on Sanskar and feels he is not mad, but acting. She says Sanskar’s weird behavior forcing her to doubt him.

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