Swaragini 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadi scolds Ragini and Swara for joking with Laksh. Swara says she recalls promise made to her. Dadi takes Ragini with her and says I thought you have forgotten Laksh. Ragini lies to her saying she forgot Laksh and didn’t think about the past alliance with Laksh when talking to him. She makes Dadi feel guilty. Dadi apologizes to her for slapping her and says I was scared. She asks her not to fall in the past. Ragini says she knows what she is doing and is free from the past.

She gets Laksh’s phone call. Dadi leaves from here. Evil Ragini picks the call. Laksh asks what is this bad joke? Why you were talking like Swara, when I was talking personal things. Ragini apologizes. Laksh says why did you do this? Ragini says I can’t tell you the reason and disconnects the call. Laksh calls her repeatedly.

Ragini picks the call and says you will not understand me then why you are calling me. Laksh thinks what has happened to her. Ragini picks the call and Laksh gives her promise not to disconnect the call. Ragini asks him to meet her tomorrow. Laksh agrees.

Next day Laksh comes to meet Ragini and asks what happened? Ragini says she is not understanding about the happenings. Ragini says she couldn’t understand if everything is happening with Swara or is she lying? She tells him that Swara was in dizzy state and tells everything. She tells she is worried and tells Swara is lying. Laksh hears her. Laksh gets some videos and tells Ragini that Inspector sent her. Swara comes to get her phone repair. Sanskar is keeping an eye on her. Swara gives her phone for repair and leaves. Laksh sees the video of the pub and the hotel. He is shocked to see Swara going to the pub and hotel herself. Ragini instigates Laksh against Swara and says she is afraid.

Sumi does all the decorations for Swara’s mehendi. Dadi comes and gives her suggestions. Swara hugs her and says she is not missing Dida today because of her. Dadi asks where is Ragini? Laksh tells Ragini that he wants to talk to Swara now itself. Ragini says you can talk to me. Laksh insists to talk Swara. Ragini asks do you want to break relation with Swara? Laksh says he can’t think about breaking his alliance with Swara and says he just want to clear the misunderstandings. He asks her to bring Swara on the terrace. Ragini says she can’t bring her now and asks him to talk in the night. Laksh agrees and leaves.

In the night, Ragini informs Swara that Laksh came to meet her. Swara goes in a hurry. Ragini recalls Swara informing her that Laksh was waiting for him. Swara comes to Ragini and asks what happened? Ragini says she was remembering past things. Swara asks why did he want to meet me? They come to terrace. Laksh says he wants to talk to her and apologizes for calling her there. He asks Ragini to go. Swara asks why did you call me? Laksh holds her hand and asks are you fine? Swara says she is fine. Laksh says he wants to show her something? Laksh is about to show her recording. Ragini is keeping an eye on them and takes Laksh’s call purposely. Ragini tells them that Dadi was coming. She thinks what to do when Swara starts telling Laksh about the person attacking her. Ragini throws something to divert their attention and calls someone. Dadi hears it and asks who is on terrace.

Ragini sings a song during Swara’s mehendi ritual. Swara says she will apply mehendi on Ragini’s hand and her groom will be more good than Laksh. Ragini asks will you snatch my groom this time too. Swara is shocked and her smile vanishes.

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  1. This thing is getting too much,till when they drag this evil things before they start exposing it?is not everyone that enjoys watching evil deeds but it seems these directors have nothing positive to offer than glorifying evil nature,so irritating.

  2. Torandu

    Superb question ragini…. How this sisters falling in love with the same guy… Swara knows that ragini loves laksh … Then how can she fall in love with laksh if she really cares for ragini … She might have thought about raginis pain before falling in love with laksh ….All are selfish …

    • ?pradishma?

      Noo swara didn’t did anything wrong dear….. she cares for her unlike rags who drugs her and flirts with her sisters fiance…

  3. Fake rags…day by day this serial i going worst i cant able to watch swaragini nowadays…as bcoz ebil ragini was irriating so much of her evil deeds when swaralaksh willl unite then only i will see the epidode but now i willonly read tu…lol swalak plz snatch this evil ragini

  4. Kat

    Oh god i really feel like slapping that jerk Ragini. How could a sister do this kind of dirty thing to another sister!!!!

  5. 4th …plz unite swaalak i cant able to watch a singgle episode bcoz there is only ragini with laksh showing her evil deeds…..lolbyee guys hope you al are agree with me….and amena ks for your daily updatez i am so glad that so many serials u are updating and itxso much difficult to write on many serial thanks once again hopefully i want swalak…

  6. Shera(liya)


    Ohho it doesnt mean that i ll sacrifice my biriyani.i want it tmrw
    gud ni8 prads,anu,sru,shabbu akka,bestieee sweet nd all.tc

    • ?pradishma?

      Shweet dreams liya tc keep smiling dear and sleep well v both will get our biryani tmrw promised by by day girlll…..bye sherni keep roaring lioness ????

  7. ADELE( Anu)

    Byee everyone!!! I m having my tuition tm @ 6:00!! Sorry guyz!!!! Especially vidya……..so can’t come at 6:00……..i will talk wid u all for 2-3 mins….only….n catch u all at 7:00

  8. ADELE( Anu)

    My fav Indian foods- chicken n egg biriyabi, chicken-egg fried rice wid kebabs, n anything that tastes gud to my tongue?

  9. Torandu

    If swara really cares for ragini … Then why she loves laksh … Even though she knows that laksh used ragini for his brother happiness…. How swara can love her sister’s lover … Laksh and swara fooled ragini and used her innocence in starting…now its raginis turn … Can’t swara think about ragini that if she comes home with laksh how ragini can tolerate the pain …

    • ?pradishma?

      No u r wrong dear….. rags love was one sided and so swara did right and accepted laksh love cuz they both luv each other… and they didn’t used rags it was dadi who manipulated her and now sanskaar…. cuz if swara scarifices then three lifes will be destroyed fully cuz laksh will never give her the place in his heart of swara and rags will be cheated then by her own sins and she will have to regret so it’s better not to destroy three lives than one’s so called love…. and if rags truly loved laksh na then she would have been happy cuz love is not all about taking its about giving…..

  10. dhanu

    I had sow in swara sangeet ceremony swara will dance after drunk .all r shocked to see her behavior. Omg

  11. m.hifam

    You are absolutely correct pradishma.I feel like slapping ragini.how can a sister do this kind of cheap things to her own sister.this is a wrong morale to every sisters.evil ragini.her love is not a real one.luksh never loves her anyway.that’s enough for me.

  12. Yaa i tooo saw in youtube that swara will drunk & dance in hersangeet ceremony and laksh isshocked to see swara in drunk state…so sad ..and by the way u am good prads & what about you your studies and all & thnks prads forremember mee okk byee & literally i am so sad that ramzan was ending tomorow as tomorowbis last roza/fast n then we all will celebrate eid…..woww and anyone muslim over here ????? If there’s so EID MUBARAK IN ADVANCE…..*) LOL.BYEE GUYS..

    • ?pradishma?

      Hey anam sry I jus came now on tu so I didn’t saw it before. My studies r all good… and don’t be sad what if its ending tmrw there will be many ramzan dear and EID MUBARAK TO U SWEETIE!!enjoy it…. ?

  13. ADELE( Anu)

    Yarrrr plz stop this!!! Ragini u r irritatingggggg!!! Plz stop ur nonsense!! N writers first only trp is low……..n all these r making us irritate….at least me!
    Plz CHANGE d track n show something new n different!!

  14. aliya

    Guys what do u think, will swalak happen!?
    N in the earlier episods both swara and laksh were happy n smart people but now both of them r too serious n sharmiley n responsible!! Earlier they could solve any prob together but now they r just targets n being drifted appart!!?
    The serial is now like old typical daily soap….hell lot of melo drama! What do u think? ?

    • ?pradishma?

      I don’t kno u!!!!! Don’t u dare call me prads it’s for my near and dear one’s not to unknown ppl!!!!

  15. Ruhi

    Who is this new shifa? I think someone have read our previous comments n got to know tat shifa will not come so they are using this chance ..

  16. sherliya

    if u rnt fake,then prove [email protected]

  17. sherliya

    [email protected]

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    • From Sunday, v will only be able to comment abt serial, v won’t be able to chat, our comments will be first reviewed by t u team then it will be posted n v will be able to chat directly not on pages

  18. ?pradishma?

    Don’t u call me prads….I dont kno any shifa… and if i kno I don’t kno with dark green dp mail if u are real di…. u even have my mail I’d……as i said before if u are real then mail me I will believe u shifa

  19. sherliya

    its my dad’s ph dr so i thought to install an emoji keyboard but i wont sign in so using symbols ….tongue wont come

  20. ADELE( Anu)

    Areeyyy I have already visited that page!! Wat I want to know is that y won’t v be able to chat?

  21. sherliya

    oh hope they ll do it 4 us………..means 4 all frnds of tu……..aiyo my assignment!bye

    • ?pradishma?

      Desi tv box they also update written updates cum there on ss pg I commented there if u r there then reply anu I will be confirmed that u r there

  22. Shifa(shakira)

    Helo.guys i am real shifa.i am useing my papa’s phone.is liye symbol change hogaya

    • ?pradishma?

      V don’t care …cuz v kno u r fake…. if u r real then tell me whose dp u have in ur gmail account

  23. Shifa(shakira)

    Helo.guys i am real shifa.i am useing my papa’s phone.is liye symbol change hogaya really.

  24. sruthi

    hi everyone..

    n fake Shifa…
    if u use ur papa phone n if u put the mail I’d correctly symbol doesn’t change…email is represented by symbols.not phones. if u r real send me mail..

    I think I should hide from Pradi n Liya????

  25. ADELE( Anu)

    Yes tell shifa who is ur fav actor!!! I know di’s fav actor! In fact v all know!!! But u don’t!!!????

  26. ?pradishma?

    Ya sru…. punkin and anu too joined me on dtb u too cum v will be able to do group chat there

  27. sruthi

    which one. say crctly guys. plz

    . and Pradi in desitv box I can’t comment … the browser,saying that there is no JavaScript…

  28. ADELE( Anu)

    Vidya, I typed on chrome-” written updates of shastri sisters on desi TV box”.. It came!…

    • ?pradishma?

      Of course yaar…. after that v will go there I kno u me will feel a bit uncomfortable cuz when I came on tu I used feel uncomfortable but on dtb I used to feel familiar but when I started to be here more I felt nice….. it takes time to adjust with new things but slowly slowly v will like it…..

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