Swaragini 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini coming to meet Swara. She asks if Sanskar came to meet her. Swara says yes and tells that Sanskar came and promised to marry her tomorrow. She asks her to make him understand that it is not possible. Ragini says she will make him understand that marriage doesn’t happen like this. She says marriage cannot happen without mehendi, and asks Swara to forward her hand. She applies mehendi on her hand and writes S for sanskar. Swaragini plays……………Laksh comes home. Ragini tells him that she is very much scared. She says tomorrow is marriage, and there is no proof for Swara’s innocence. Laksh asks her to calm down and says we will get proofs. Ragini says we can’t get any proof and Swara will be shifted to other jail. Laksh says marriage will happen tomorrow and

asks her not to worry. Ragini gets angry and says she is failing to save her sister. Laksh asks then what Sanskar is doing? He is making arrangements for marriage. Sanskar is seen busy in the marriage arrangements. Annapurna tries talking to him. Sanskar says marriage will happen as scheduled. Sujata says my son is getting mad.

Sanskar asks Uttara to pack return gifts for guests. Kavita asks Sanskar what he is doing? Tomorrow swara is shifting to jail, and you are doing the arrangements here. Sanskar says that’s what you wanted me to do. Kavita gets happy and surprised. Ragini hears him. Sanskar asks Kavita to bring proof of innocence. Kavita says ok and says Swara will be freed tomorrow. Later Ragini asks Sanskar, what he is doing? Sanskar says Kavita kept the condition of marriage. He says he is sure that Kavita will get that chip to the mandap. He says he will take chip from her anyhow. He apologizes to her. Ragini promises to support her and says she will hold Swara and take her to mandap as promised.

Sujata asks Sanskar what he is doing? She says Swara is in jail and says how you will marry her then. Sanskar says he will explain later. He asks Durga Prasad to let the marriage happen here, and thinks he couldn’t keep an eye on Kavita in Baadi. Laksh agrees with Sanskar. Durga Prasad agrees, and says Shekhar and Sharmistha shouldn’t feel bad. Laksh tells Ragini that he wants to talk to her.

Swara is seen sitting in jail and thinks when she didn’t want to marry him, then got married forcibly, but now when she wants to marry him, they are separated. She recalls Sanskar’s words. Sanskar looks at the moon and thinks he will marry Swara only. He thinks this moon have binded our hope. Swara also looks at the moon. She says I have full faith on our love. Laksh is talking to someone and says marriage will happen tomorrow itself. He asks the person not to take Ragini’s tension and says she deserved this. Ragini comes and hears him. Ragini asks with whom he is talking to? Laksh says he was talking to his client and asks her to call and check. Ragini says no. Laksh asks her to go and sleep. Ragini feels Laksh’s behavior strange. Swara thinks why Kavita was saved from the camera. She thinks this can happen, and thinks she has to inform Sanskar about this. She sees constable sleeping and tries to steal her phone. She gets the stick and manage to take the phone. She calls Sanskar and asks him to reach lawyer’s office fast and call her back. Sanskar calls Swara along with Ragini. Swara tells him that Kavita is surely entered the hotel room through the window and asks him to find the proofs.

Sanskar asks Lawyer to talk to the investigating officer. He calls Inspector and asks him to send investigating team, Sanskar and Ragini go along with the team. They get blood marks near the window. Inspector sends it to the forensic lab. Sanskar tells Swara that they got proofs. Inspector tells Sanskar that report came and the blood sample is of someone else. Sanskar and Ragini are shocked.

Sanskar and Kavita are taking pheras. Swara elopes while she is on the way to other jail. She comes to Maheshwari house and breaks the ghat bandhan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s episode was very interesting… It is conform tat Laksh will marry his ex gf and I am sure tat Kanchi is not acting as his ex gf as she is acting is a new serial KASAM..

    1. Sry guys gave wrong info abt Laksh’s ex gf… Not sure abt it…

      1. No its rgt laksh ex gf is entering the show played by roop dogal the one in balika vadhu ….. so its true

  2. so sad for swara……..any how the precap is good.expecting sanskar and swara’s happy moments and romance soon.

    1. thank u hasan for the fast update

  3. Guys with whom laksh is talking I think kanchi Singh enters the show what was ragini state then.

    1. It’s roop dogal the one from balika vadhu

  4. laksh dude you seriously got some issues with your brain i mean agaar badla lene hi tha then play with her dignity ? ragini deserves someone really better than you atleast !

  5. Wow hats off to d writers fr d stupid track n idiotic twists. Really dey need to read d ffs yaar fr getting good ideas n track. O god i cant see atleast sanky in such a helpless state yaar n today i really felt pity fr swasan but felt relieved after reading d precap

  6. Y can’t ragini call at once ???came to know that laksh ex gf will enter….its better to bring a person who will whole heartedlu loves ragini….such as to make laksh jealous…and…..regret for divorcing her
    …..why can’t the scriptwriters move acc to viewers wish….laksh and sanskar have ex gf….y could they bring someone to love girls in the story…

  7. roop durgapal to play lakshya’s ex on swaragini.:
    another ex girl friend to enter!
    actress roop durgapal, recently seen on balika vadhu, will now be entering swaragini.
    according to our sources, roop will enter the show as lakshya’s ex- girlfriend. she is going to be a trouble maker in the lives of ragini and swara.
    we tried to contacting roop but remained unavailble.
    look like the writers of this show are obsessed over ex-girl friends!! the question that arises now is whether laksh’s ex-gf will team up with sanskar’s ex and cause trouble for swara and ragini. ? it would be good to see them joining hands. , only time will tell if something like this would happens!!
    keep reading this space for updates.

  8. Hahahaha….. I am damn sure…. They will show this precap for a week or two………..

    1. I agree…..

  9. Eagerly waiting for swasan marriage… & what’s wrng with laksh he is not at all concerned abt swasan… Bechari meri ragini nw she will b shattered seeing laksh marrying another girl…feeling very bad for her…

    1. I think this cvs are bringing Laksh’s ex gf just to make Laksh realise his love for Ragini wen she will not be with him…

  10. Thank u for the update as i missed today’s episode.. Laksh, I know accordind to u ragini deserves it but man.. When ragini was positive she suffered betrayal , and when she became negative all started hating her.. Now she has again become positive but what is the use of she again suffers betrayal .. What she did was wrong and u had the right to punish her but getting intimate with a girl and dumping her is not at all right.. And now u r ready to marry someone for taking revenge.. By doing so u r spoiling 3 lives . life of ragini , life of the girl u r going to marry and mainly spoiling ur life .. Cv’s u r promoting evil banes of our society publically.. We r much disappointed by it .. And in all there’s just one good news that swasan will unite

  11. Hey guys my comment is a complain for the cv’s because Lakshya or swaragini or sanskaar do what they are been told

  12. overall epi was gud bt character of sujatha is vry funny and also
    how this police constable dont get any questions when sanskar was talking to swara on phone
    strange isnt it???? lolz indian drama anything can happen

  13. Uffff…its better to skip few episodes..even a kinder garden children can write wat s next in this serial. Cv’s dont drag too much thinking tat we were watching these crappy episodes with much interest.. Draging draging draging..

    And laksh, everything happened cos of u..
    Bcos of u stupidity swaragini split, ragini turned negative etc..And now u r ditching her..History repeats againnnn…oh god..shut this crap..

    1. Its not the fault of laksh okkkkkkk he didn’t told swaragini to split and ragini to turn negative so please don’t blame laksh and laksh is doing right with ragini she deserves it

      1. it is mainly because of laksh. he played with the emotions of ragini. he agreed to marry and then breaks it “TWICE”.which makes ragini negative. since u are a swalak fan let me ask u did laksh trust swara? he did not. ifhe had then he would have married swara not ragini. laksh is somewhat selfish in my views.

      2. Its my point of view swalak….not to hurt others..

    2. Hey arohi…
      I m not swalak ya swasan fan….
      It’s just my opinion… Even swara also did not belive in sanskar.and i think it’s happened twise..1st ragini’s kidnapping 2nd bcz of dt kavita……. But still they r together..
      Dnt forget even sanskar also equally responsible for ragini’s bad deed…he also used her for his bleedy revange drama…..

      Dnt take side of laksh Swalak…bcz he is same….1st he made a vedio of ragini’s pareants,then he used her twice,he kidnapped ragini,tried to kill her….now he say laksh say ragini deserve dis…..laksh said ragini never can change…jaise isne bade sant mahatma vale kam kiye hai

      1. yea as a matter of fact all the four are somewhat the reason of all these. (or should i say the cv’s are!)
        ragini did all this for her love.but laksh played with her feelings.
        i agree that sanskar was there with ragini at the beginning but he realised his mistake and also tried to stop ragini from doin anything bad but she did not listen .even after everyone came to know abt it she did not realise her mistake.
        and in the case of laksh he used ragini to punish her??? how CHEAP is that??may be he could have done something else topunish her but to get intimate with her and then marry someone else.. is that right??? it is the third time he is playing with her feelings.
        he could have just divorced her ater getting her sign what was the need to get intimate????
        if this process of taking revenge continues what will happen????

        i just hope swasan get some peace time to romance before any drama happens.

      2. swara did not believe in sanskar twice i agree with u.
        but they are together because they love each other. but in the case of swara and laksh i guess that swalaks love was not so stong as that of swasans.

    3. plz dont blame laksh for ragini’s deeds…. everyone has their own mind… so laksh is nt the reason of anyone condition….. its ragini ragini itself

  14. full…of drama epi.. One thing..didnt understand.. Hw can sanskar talk to swara on phone who is in jail in front of police….ha uska naam nai leta toh samjhta bt..naam leke baaat ki….police didnt even asked abt it…n police is investigating after 2 days..n got dat blood sample..toh pehle ky kiya…story ko extent krne ke liye kuchh bhi karenge…. N dat lksh…wo rags ko dhoka dega ye aaj ke segment me bhi bola..usko kisi ki nai padi hai..apni hi duniya me hai..ab ragini ki sautan aayegi…hope ab swasan me problem na aaye..ab raglak ka turn..

  15. full…of drama epi.. One thing..didnt understand.. Hw can sanskar talk to swara on phone who is in jail in front of police….ha uska naam nai leta toh samjhta bt..naam leke baaat ki….police didnt even asked abt it…n police is investigating after 2 days..n got dat blood sample..toh pehle ky kiya…story ko extent krne ke liye kuchh bhi karenge…. N dat lksh…wo rags ko dhoka dega ye aaj ke segment me bhi bola..lets see wat hpns..usko kisi ki nai padi hai..apni hi duniya me hai..ab ragini ki sautan aayegi…hope ab swasan me koi problem na aaye..at least mrg ho jaye uske baad koi bhi drama kro..except cavity..usko wapas mat lana..pls..nw..problems ke liye ab raglak ka turn….usse drama hoga show me..

  16. this foolishness….only swasan brain is working…in entire universe

  17. swasan cosmic connection super.. and hey detective shona vapas aagayi and laksh what he is doing…. ? sujata toh ladke vale kyo karta and ladki vali nahi kar rahi hilarious sujju jiji mara beta pagal horaha hai… crying.. literally i am getting laughing by sujju words.. whats going on…. swasan scene super.

  18. i think lksh shock laga..hai..kitna ajeeb hai wo..der raat gf se baat kr raha..aur puchh raha hws ur date..wtf..uski gf toh uske jaise tharki nikli lolzzzz….ragini ki mat mari gayi thi ki usne lksh se pyaar kiya..bt kya kare cvs ne option nai chooda..n i dnt believe ki ye wahi lksh hai..jo 1 mnth pehle swara ke chakkar me jail gaya..n sudden big change..nw usse kuchh farak nai pad raha..n dat sujju itne drame mai perfect comedy dalti hai..

  19. pls throw kavitha out of show fast

  20. Okay something is wrong with laksh secondly I don’t get who he was talking to and third i saw in spoilers that at the mandap laksh’s ex gf takes place of ragini and the person who he was talking to was his ex gf and then ragini will suicide and laksh will start missing ragini even though his ex gf would be there and ragini will be back with a bang and a new avatar and be a stranger person and not take revenge from laksh but move on in life and then laksh will want ragini back I think that’s what the story would lead to 🙁

  21. Omg what the hell is happening in this story. This is pathetic and irritating. My poor ragini. I hate u Lakshya I hate u to the core. I want ragini to get pregnant and then lucky should beg her to come back to his life but she should ignore him and a new guy should enter her life. A childhood friend or something. But at the end raglak should be together with their child. This is what I’m expecting?. Swasan should lead a happy life too with their kids

  22. Cant dey show dat dis tym ragini has brought d truth out?? Its swaragini..nt only swara..

  23. Sanaiya sagar

    Look like laksh will do something big and shocking.are you agree with me

  24. once ! sanskar wanted to destroy everything for Kavita and now he is strangling the neck of kavita Strange for swara

  25. I think they should introduce someone to love ragini nd laksh must be jealous nd he must regret for avoiding Ragini.

  26. woww wat i want is happening in d shw, swasan unite n laksh marry his gf intead of rags,rags deserv dis,. N peobl who r saing dat laksh is going to get jeolous n all , wanna say to dem , keep in ur mind dat laksh never love ragini, n even he said ragini dont deserve anyones love, so dre is no point of jeolus for watever ragini do in her lyf,

  27. Hey swasan fans how r u all..??
    .swasan forever…

    1. Hi Lee good u r back atleast I found someone after a long time had a good break from all these useless stuff but now finally swasan are getting married but after that again separation

      1. Wat!!!!!…..de ll separate agn.Nooooooo……CVS pls don’t do dis plzzzzzz………

  28. ragini shattered and gets tortured by laksh girl friend..
    the show will witness some heart aching track where in the wedding day it self , laksh will ditch ragini and instead get married to his ex-gf.
    it seems all this while he was just playing around with ragini’s feelings because he wanted to get the property back from her.
    apparently whole family will be shocked to see the revelation.
    intrestingly swara will come out and openly support her sister.
    on the other hand his gf will purposfully torture ragini and make her do all kinds of menial and dirty work.
    however poor ragini will be seen in a state of shock where she will be accepting all the punishments that come on her way.

  29. lakshya’s ex-gf to be nasty towards ragini-swara.
    as known already swara will run away from police van and will stop kavita sanskar wedding.
    kavita will get arrested with proof presented by sanskar and sanskar swara will unite.
    on the other hand laksh will betray ragini &will seek divorce from ragini in wedding mandap.
    his ex-gf will enter the wedding and ruin ragini’s happiness.
    now as per recent information received from source his ex gf will turn evil towards ragini and swara
    swara and ragini will again join hands and fighting against lakshya and his ex-gf ‘s evil plans.

  30. sorry guys but i got to know pairs will be switched in mandap so swalak and ragsan. and also when swara was being taken in van rags was resting her head on sanky so … i really dont want swalak now…in the beginning of swaragini i loved swalak and ragsan but now after all this drama i want swasan and raglak…please dont play with these things… swasan chemistry is much much much better than swalak chemistry…because at the end of the day u are showing that 1st love is always last love…it is not like that…

    1. No nitya it won’t happen . its now cnfrm dat swasan ll gt married bt laksh ll marry his ex kavya. Don’t u guyzzzzz find d names kavita n kavya similar???

  31. How many ex will enter in this show??? First dp’s ex then sanskar’s ex and now laksh’s ex. I am tired of all these. Plz unite swasan and raglak

    1. Varsha Darshini

      Actuall first Aadharsh’s and then Sanskar’s and now Laksh’s. But tesjaswi(Ragini)’s fans dont worry as there will be a new boy entry who will be with Ragini…Actually hate rag-lak as they are not made for each other. Ragsan is good but since there are more swasan fans so there will be a new entry….

  32. She was not dp ex . …. She was blackmailing him….

  33. Even we can say that sanskar big bro ex. Sanskar ex and now laksh ex…

    1. Yep u r ryt yaar n evn i agree wid u

  34. Rally of exs’ in swaragini and rally of ghosts in ssk,what a production house.

    1. Lol , u r too funny yaar.

  35. aafrin fathima

    disgstng lks

  36. guys i donoo wat the writers r upto.. first sankaar was -ve then ragini n know its laksh time…anybody saw saas bahu aur suspence..there they showed that laksh slap shekar..he was behaving bad with ragini also…

  37. Its marriage time in Swaragini. Laksh is getting married to Ragini. Laksh sits in mandap with the bride. The twist here is that the bride is someone else. Ragini comes and stops Laksh. She says the bride is someone else, that’s Kavya. Ragini’s dreams get broken. Laksh has chosen someone else as his life partner. Laksh and Ragini exchanged garlands before. Swara and Sanskaar took wedding rounds, while Laksh took the seven rounds with someone else. Ragini is shocked seeing this, that Laksh did not do mistake. Laksh did this intentionally. Laksh has given divorce to Ragini and married Kavya. Laksh says I did not forgive Ragini, its all fair in love and war. Laksh tells everyone that he took revenge from Ragini. Laksh married Kavya and shows his hatred to Ragini infront of everyone. Ragini gets shattered.

  38. I feel laksh has brought this gal to teach rags a lesson. Tat gal ll ensure rags go through all tat she has done to others. So far we have seen rags turning positive but a real apology from her side to whole family , her parents her sis n most imp laksh . I just hope cvs wld shape it tat way. Once tat realisation part s over he wld reveal the truth tay he had faked all of it. N the marriage was sham. N tat gal s just his friend.

  39. The people who are ahead to blame laksh feeling sad for ragini should think once, u all asking uswalakians that laksh didnt trust swara, that’s OK but keeping aside his love his fathers words and didas warning he trust ragini when these all tend to blame ragini, whom he adores most in the world, whom he trust they won’t lie, but what ragini did to him, she ashamed his trust and his respect, he didn’t even listened his heart even though its saying swara is correct just for ragini, what she did, she insulted his trust, u all want laksh should accept ragini, she is responsible for all this laksh left swaragini aside he never disturbed swara nor ragini, laksh adored ragini more than swara, even though she made his life hell, when the laksh used to hide his tears all for swara, ragini just demanded him for consumation, after her truth is revealed she made memory loss drama again showed that laksh is doing wrong with her being her husband hr loves swara, what the things did to him, will u guys accepts if someone do it with u and insult ur parents in front of u by blacking ur mothers face just because of u, will u allow it????? I just want to ask u this u will forgive her love her whenever he did bad with ragini and swara he is punished by that moment but ragini is not even got any punishment for her single deed and even sanskar, whenever laksh did something he was beaten and kept in jail from the starting, and swara she was too kept in jail unnecessarily and that sanskar and ragini never got any kind of punishment except just someone hating them and seriously want both of them punished siverely, sanskar is equally responsible for ragini’s deeds

  40. @sandy , I agree with you. lakhs is suffering every moment.the main culprit is sanskar. you know sandy swalak fan was much more than swasan.but you know swalak fan was common people. who even don’t know how to use internet.so could not raise their voice for swalak. now I hate swara completely.uski shakal se nafrat he.

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