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The Episode starts with Ragini stopping from signing the papers and tells Dadi that it was written that I am returning everything back to them. Dadi says a big betrayal. Ragini asks where are the real papers and asks Swara to return her papers. Swara says which papers and refuses to have any papers. Ragini threatens Durga Prasad to give the papers else she will complete the story which she has left in a middle. Dadi asks Servant to bring the dancers back home. Durga Prasad asks Swara to give the papers. Swara says I don’t have any papers. Dadi asks Servant to bring papers and blackmails Durga Prasad. Dadi says I will introduce that dancer to everyone. Ragini says she is a very good singer and says she shall meet everyone. Durga Prasad asks Swara to bring the papers. Sujata tells Annapurna, why did

Durga Prasad agreeing to Ragini’s wishes. Swara recalls the promise made to Durga Prasad and brings the papers back. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to sign on the papers. Durga Prasad signs on the papers, followed by Ragini. Durga Prasad goes from there……Swara thinks why did Durga Prasad agree to Ragini’s saying and gets doubtful.

Swara is sitting on the stairs. Durga Prasad comes. Swara asks why did you give the papers to Ragini. Durga Prasad says I don’t have the strength to fight more. Swara says I am fighting for you naa…..Durga Prasad says I am thankful to you, but I have lost everything. There is no advantage in fighting and asks her to leave them, and move on in her life. He says everyone have to pay for their work. Ragini asks Swara to go back to her house, and says you can’t make me lose even if you want it. She says if you try to do this again, then I will not spare me and kick you out of house. Swara asks her to eat almonds, and tells my divorce will not happen. She says if you try to make me leave then I will call women organization. Ragini says Sanskar don’t want to see your face and says she is Sanskar’s bhabhi and his well wisher. Sanskar comes and says he knows about her fake concern. He warns her not to say anything to his wife else no one is bad than him. Dadi comes and supports Ragini saying Swara can’t harm you. She asks her to go back home, and says whatever is happening here is well deserved by them, let them suffer and do not interfere. Swara thanks Sanskar. Sanskar says I feel the same, you should go from here.

Ragini comes to Durga Prasad’s room late in night and says it is good that you are awake. She asks Durga Prasad to wear his specs and says she wants money which he is having. She says she have to pay salaries. Annapurna says you can ask money in the morning. Ragini says I want money now itself. Durga Prasad gives her a bundle of notes. Ragini sees more money in the locker and asks that too. Annapurna says it is for our need. Ragini says give that money too. Annapurna and Durga Prasad are shocked. Durga Prasad gives that money too. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that their driver needs 5000 Rs. for his wife’s operation, and asks him to take that money. Ragini says why I shall give money to him. Laksh coemes and holds her hand.

Laksh says this money is for Mamma and Papa’s expenses. Ragini says I am owner of this house. Laksh says you are forgetting whatever you have done with us, and you will get rotten in jail for that. Durga Prasad asks him to leave Ragini’s hand. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to pick the fallen money from floor and give her. Durga Prasad picks the money from floor and gives in her hand. She takes all the money and asks Laksh to accept the truth that she is owner of the house and will always be. She says everyone is suffering because of you, and says your future is locked in my hand, and asks him to accept defeat and behave with respect.

Baji Rao and Mastani come to make Swara and Sanskar understand their love for each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. loving sanky’s attitude…he still defends swara..Love u sanskaar…
    Ragini is too much,but teju u rock….

  2. Better after teju’s quitting, just rename it as swara and make season 2 ,and unite swasan…It wud be better than replacing ragini….disgusting writers

  3. i think swaragini cv’s gone mad.. showing full of negativity in serial.. serial name is “swaragini -jodein rishton ke sur”.. now is they they are showing same rishton ke sur .. no then why they put the serial name like that stop showing negativity of serial manata hoon ke serial me vamp hona chahiye but what type of this ragini doing what about her punishment when she tried to kill swara 2times and she kidnapped her own mother and she want to proove swara is characterless and double taking with sanskaar and laksh at a time what the hell is this.. stop this nonsense crap.. when she doing all this she didnt get punishment but when laksh try to kill her she and her dadi send him to jail and take is property and treating them as servents.. whats nonsense story is this.. is their any redemption is there for her or not??


    Oh gosh can’t bear this ragini… Bakwas bandh Karo

  5. guys dont know this article is true or not but this is shared by metro masti..true or false i dont know.. just i am sharing
    metro masti.com
    sr: ragini agrees to divorce laksha for maheshwari property.
    the high voltage drama in color’s show swaragini has reached its peak with ragini taking control of entire maheshwari family and humilating them.
    it is known that ragini throws party in maheshwari house and turns swara and dp as servents.
    ragini also brings a mysterious lady in the party. who turns out to be dp’d past life.
    seeing the woman dp and annapurna get stunned.
    in the upcoming episodes dp will ask ragini to stop the humoilation and torture.
    angered ragini will ask dp to name the entire property in her name so that she can divorce laksh and leave him forever.
    dp will helplessy agree for ragini’s demands and will write off property to ragini .
    let’s see if swara manages to stop ragini from evil plans.

  6. Hppy 2 c sanskar sprtd swara bt plzzz swasan 2thr plzz

  7. suddenly rags caring sanskar.. me sanskar ki bhabhi hu uska shubh chithak seriously

  8. its enough writers pls stop showing ragini negative…
    make her positive make again swaragini
    i think writers forgotten its name is swaragini

  9. Y no punishments 4 ragini y???? Dadi she gone mad yar hw cn she sprt ragini.. laksh tried 2 kll ragini so he is sfrng n.a. thn y dnt u pnsh ragini 4 her deeds plzzz sab ko eki jaise treat karo nahi tho accha nahi lagega plzz sanskar plzz swara is prefect 4 u k

  10. Ragini crossd her all limits.stop d nagin dadi-psycho ragini’s nonsense drama.its too much.swasan cn ws just superb.helly-varun-teju rockz.namish is just a joke master.I am watching swaragini bcoz of best acting of varun-helly and teju.Teju plz quit d shw

  11. वो राग़िनी की दादी है ना?वो नाग़िन् है नाग़िन्।दादी-लाडू ने मिलकर् बहुत् ही बडिया खेल् खेल् रहा हैँ।स्वरा तुम् डिटेक्टिव् काम् छोडकर् सन्स्कार् से रिश्ता सुधार ने की कोशिश् करो।वर् ना वो सैको राग़िनी ने जेठानी की तलाश् करेग़ी।सन्स्कार् स्वरा को एक् मौका दो plz

    1. even i agree swara should stop to become detective…give more concentration on sanskar…
      atleast try to convince sanskar

      1. Hi meghs
        Yeah you’re right and I got the feeling that the issue between Swasan will take another 3 months cause the writers are very good at that. They will dragg it to the core.

      2. agree shuva they take 3monts to unite swasan maybe on feb 14 valentines day

  12. i guess this show has lost its charm, they just cant comeout with new ideas.

  13. Hi guys,
    Hi nik, rids, neha, sunshine, kirti and everyone. What’s up, how are you all? All I’m gonna say is that Swasan forever, Swasan rocks baby.?

  14. After all this happening when chance will come that annapurna and other family has to choose between swara and ragini they will choose ragini. And call her innocent.

    1. Hi Rekha vaghela
      Yeah maybe you’re right because she some how acts all innocent and gets away with it.

      1. Yes it happened so many times. That now if it happens again I won’t b shocked. She wins confidence by her innocent face

  15. Totally agree with dadi and ragini maheshwari deserves this. They never trusted swara. Its now gods punishment to them. To not trust swara and always taking side of ragini.

  16. I remember few days ago someone commented that this drama shouldn’t be called swaragini infact it should be called psycoragini. And you know what I agree. The only reason I’m blo*dy tolerating all the crap going on in this drama is because of Swasan. I just hope that the writers or the directors don’t blo*dy dragg this serial cause I want to see Swasan together, I hope they get together soon. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    1. Hi shuva well said dear tolerating this crap only for swasan and these writers are not paying any heed to our wishes rather they gonna seperate them as ragini gets swara signature on divorce papers through dp without her knowledge and this time sanky also upset and mu her god knows what these CVS are upto

      1. Hi neha
        How are you? Really is that gonna happen. Now I really think that Swasan won’t unite when they are in their midage but maybe when they are budda and buddi, you know when they’re old and wrinkly. I wonder how long we have wait for Swasan to be together.

  17. tejaswi and helly fan

    everything is too bad but hope swasan realize their love

  18. What the hell how can you do this I saw in sass bhavu aur suspense swasan divorsed how can u do this plzzzzzzżzzzzzzz don’t do this nonsense plzzz I used 2 watch ths nly 4 swasan bt i think it’s better I stop 2 watch this srl i can’t see as swasan separated plzzz????vry vry bad change raginis character plzzz u know i used 2 watch evry episodes 4 atlst 3 tms. Bt if thr is no swasan means I am.No longer going 2 watch thssssssss I hate I makers u hrtd us

  19. Ragini throws swara out of the house by putting blame on her as demanded 10crores and takes her signature without her knowledge and sanskar believes it rubbish this they r in 10th position this serial go still below writers please have some positive in the serial so much negative

  20. latest news swara out of the house .. by cheating ragini got her signature on divorcepaper
    she is leaving mm

  21. i think this time sanskar will not support swara as he wants her to move on her life

  22. its already got 10 in trp
    if they drag nxt it will be out of top 10
    soon trp falls becz of seperation of swasan

  23. i also think writers drag they take too much time to swasan

  24. After that swasan and raglak are going to divorced, I said this ragini wants to make sanskar towards herself what this nonsense now how swara will win sanskar back, how can sanskar think about it that swara can demand 10crores and I think now ragini wants swalak to unite and both have to get pain, u said it already ragini wants to destroy swara, sanskar and laksh, now she demands all mm property to divorce laksh and throw the all maheswari’s out of house, wait see what will happen next

  25. If this happens…I swear I ll never ever back to c this crap anymore… N never read updates also… I hate this… At core… I really mean it…

  26. Swaragini writers,instead of ruining a good serial pls change the track,you can’t move this vehicle on Swasan alone cos Swasan lovers have tolerated a lot of crap for the sake of Swasan but divorce??at the end there will be Swasan and their remarriage but fed up of these kinda plots,pls don’t follow the track of MATSH…

  27. this is the most dumbest serial I hv ever watched.

  28. plz change the road of this serial.. this is gonna be a big flop if u didn’t change its track.

  29. They are extending so much.. swasan fight.. i want to see them together..

  30. Y dd dat nagin dadi intrfr in hr ladoo’s lyf jst non-sns. ragini tum kab tak girni jaogi yaar? kyun tum sanky ke peeche girti ho? ab tumko laksh ke patni hokar jethani ki sttus lene ka bhi shauk hai na?chi charactrls ladki. i hate u ragini.bt teju u rockz

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