Swaragini 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sujata telling that Parineeta is involved in newspaper conspiracy. Ragini says no, and says I mean to say that Parineeta bhabhi can’t do this, as she is a woman and can’t harm other woman. Everyone looks on. Sanskar tells that media got those pics from stranger and published it thinking to be sensational news. Durga Prasad asks them to forget it, and says whoever try to pull you backwards, remains at the back. Laksh says you said right. They eat food. Ragini calls blackmailer and asks what do you want? She says I have done everything as you said and asks him not to harm her brother. Blackmailer says I thought Swara will be kicked out of house, and my revenge would have been completed. Ragini asks what revenge and says we don’t know you.

Swara comes to study room and

sees her pics in the laptop. She thinks these are the same pics which appeared in the newspaper. She sees printer and cries thinking family member is involved and gave those pics in media. She thinks who hates me so much, that he did this. She cries and finds Ragini’s bangle part there. Ragini comes there and asks what you are doing in the study room. Swara is shocked to see missing part, and thinks I can’t believe this. She asks why you hate me so much, that it affects everything. She thinks there might be a big reason behind her doings. They hear Sujata talking and go.

Sanskar says we have decided to give you off from kitchen and make food. Sujata laughs. Ram asks Annapurna to go out with Sujata till they make food. Annapurna says we will go and watch picture. Ragini gets phone call from the blackmailer. She attends it and asks him to come infront of her and not to hide his face behind black jacket. Blackmailer says you can know me later, and asks her not to go anywhere. Ragini says okay, I will not go anywhere and says I am coming to meet my brother. Sujata asks Ragini to come with them. Ragini says I have taken appointment in parlour. Swara says I will also come. Ragini asks her to go with them. Sujata says okay, we will go. All the men of the house make food. Laksh rolls chapatis, while Sanskar makes Dal. Durga Prasad cooks something in oven and it burns. Laksh opens it and says you have kept steel spoon in oven. Durga Prasad asks them to concentrate on cooking rather than pointing fingers on each other. He says we are Maheshwaris and keep up the promise.

Annapurna, Sujata and others come home and see the food served. Sanskar says we will serve the food and asks them to sit. They see the food nicely made. Ragini sees her anklet stuck and tries to free it. Swara sees her dirty feet and asks what you got done in parlour. Ragini says pedicure. Swara thinks she is lying again. Servant comes and says hotel have sent raita. Laksh and Sanskar look at each other. Durga Prasad asks when did we order food. Annapurna says so this is the reason. Laksh stands up, says papa made this. He lifted phone and order food. We are Maheshwari’s and fulfill our promise. Everyone laugh. Swara sees Ragini tensed. Sanskar and Laksh serve icecream to everyone. Durga Prasad gets a call and he says that we need to go to get stone samples from Jaipur. He asks Laksh to go. Laksh agrees. Ragini gets a message asking her to stop Laksh and sends Sanskar to Jaipur.

Ragini tells Durga Prasad that Laksh can’t go to Jaipur. Everyone looks on surprisingly. She says I mean to say if you have any objection if Sanskar goes. Sanskar agrees. Durga Prasad asks what is the matter? Ragini says she has to go with Laksh to her friend’s marriage. Swara asks whose marriage? Are you talking about Ritu’s marriage. Ragini says yes. Swara thinks Ritu got married 3 years ago. She asks Ragini to wind kitchen work with her. Swara asks Ragini about her nail polish. She says parlour was closed today. Ragini makes excuses and says she went to other branch. Swara thinks something is wrong for sure. Later Ragini finds a chit, asking her to meet him at 1:30 am if she wants to need his truth.

Ragini comes out and says I can’t be your puppet and do as you says. She asks who are you. The person standing as a blackmailer as Swara. Ragini is shocked to see her and asks how did you know? She is about to go, but Swara stops her and says you came to meet black jacket man who is blackmailing you. She says I heard you talking to him. Ragini says you know everything and asks did you tell Sanskar or Laksh. Swara says no and asks her to tell everything.

Swara tells Ragini that she has to tell the truth to everyone. She says our existence is because of Swaragini. She says we can solve all problem together. Ragini gets blackmailer’s chit asking her not to go with everyone. Swara and Ragini find cameras in the house. Swara tells Ragini that God will protect their little brother on Janmasthami.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what the hell

  2. Iamsofianeak

    Guys the blackmailer is ADARSH ! ( laksh’bro )
    He want to take revenge on swara et kick her out of the house !
    swara slapped parineta & kicked her out of the house so he asked ragini to slap swara & now to kick her out like swara did with parrrin
    lovee swaragini work togeether , hopeee they exposed adarsh & pari sooon

    1. Sabrina

      Gosh this doesn’t make sense
      if its Arash he is the one that told her to leave not swara plus she tried to harm their sister etc it just doesn’t make sense

  3. Iamsofianeak

    plzzz TU , you’ree so late to uploaddd the WU of swaraginii whyyy


    1. Just shut up miss jealousy

      1. you shut dirty

      2. I wish that tejaswi cud settle in US forever us she chutkara mil jata

    2. Mica

      once temish said a joke bout trp low due no raglak track, they gave less swasan and more raglak track (it’s bout 3 weeks ago), but then we don’t know why they give us many swasan scene nowadays.
      as per swasan’s experience, more problem—->more cute scene because swara always join hand with her beloved husband sanskar to short of the problem.
      i dunno if Ragini prefer to keep the problem herself than share it with her beloved husband laksh to solve the problem.
      so, don’t blame swasan, it’s ragini decision to get a rid of her husband, :P, no raglak but you can watch ragini as single fighter, rite ?

    3. Mica

      it’s not ragini, but tejaswi who is going to USA due personal matter.
      deal with this ? Tejaswi working in this serial as an actress, mean she is earning money as she gets much scene whether if there isn’t any raglak’s scene yet swaragini.
      and now swaragini on the show.

    4. Vyshu10

      First of all, from last week all eps are balanced. But the last two weeks, it was mostly ragini-BM scenes, raglak and family drama. Secondly…..ragini was scared and doing all things BM said until swara found out. Now both are planning together. But ragini will again fall in trouble during janmashtami and swara saves her. I think u don’t like brave ppl and a girl helping her sister in time of need. Thirdly, its teju who went to USA not ragini….but all her scenes are shot beforehand.

    5. hey anisha if it is not raglak track then it is ragini’s track not swara. when ml track was showing there are also some raglak scene. we swasanian are not saying it is raglak track ok

    6. Hey Anisha, we SwaSanians r not saying that its a RagLak track…okk??!! And plzz stop saying that Swara is ‘Mahan’!!! And for ur kind info, its not Ragini, but Teju, who went to USA for some personal works…okk!!

  5. Mica

    i love you swaragini….

  6. But if its adarsh… I thought adarsh hates Parineeta, so why is he helping her?

  7. oh nice to see swaragini work together.sisters rock…

  8. Vyshu10

    Nice ep….MM men cooking was good to watch. Finally, swara found out about BM…now swaragini will expose him soon.

  9. Mica

    can’t stop laughing to watch kitchen’s scene, too hilarious ..
    and Namish..uft he was so s*xy in shirt *drooling

  10. I feel bad for Sanskar and Laksh… always taking a back seat to their wives, they should have some powerful scenes as well. Its boring when its all Swaragini all the time.

  11. Good that Ragini told Swara about her being blackmailed by someone. All though my cute li’l Swara already found that her sister was in some trouble. Wow!! Now SwaRagini will join hands to save their Chotu. This is called sisterly bonding. SwaRagini rocks!!!! SanLak, RP and DP’s kitchen scenes were so funny!!! But I really want SwaRagini to tell SanLak about the blackmailer as soon as possible, so that SwaSan and RagLak can jointly save their Chotu. 🙂

  12. amazing that swaragini are together and it was so funny to see the men cooking

  13. i dont know why i thought the person who call ragini would be swara….n when she turn i was so happy that my chubby find out the truth….aww my doll……is so intelligent…..

  14. Nice episode kitchen seen was very funny
    Love you sanskar 🙂
    Love you varun namish helly and teju

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