Swaragini 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadimaa thinks Swara has gone mad to think that I will join them. Dida calls Dadi maa and invite her for bengali new year celebrations. She says we distribute the prasad to the poor and orphans and your condition is not less than them. Sumi tries to speak, but Swara stops her. Dida says bengali day is so big, we can’t refuse even our enemies. We called the beggars to take the prasad and asks her to take it. Dadi maa gets angry and goes without replying. She calls for Ragini and asks her to serve the breakfast. Laksh signs Swara. Dida sees him.

Dada ji doesn’t eat and says he can’t bear anymore. Shekhar tells Dadimaa to attend the function. Dadi maa says she don’t want to go to jail by killing Dida. She says I saw how you praised Sumi’s rangoli and asks him to go. Laksh comes and says

idea is not bad. He then says Dida said so much. I mean that woman…..you shall reply to her. You shall go and take revenge. He says how can they start new year by spoiling our new year. Shekhar asks what are you saying? Dadimaa stops him. Laksh says they are trying to sell their home. He says what did I said yesterday. Dadimaa says that we have to keep enemies near. She gets thinking.

Swara asks Dida why you are fighting and asks her to make a new start. Dida goes angrily. Sumi takes Swara and says she wants to talk. Shekhar asks Laksh, why you wants to make them fight. Ragini says we did this to unite Dadi maa and Dida. Swara says I will tell you and says it is actually our plan to unite Dida and Dadi. Laksh has not done anything. Sumi says this is your plan. Laksh says they have to take out their anger and unite. Swara and Ragini say they have to clear their heart. Swara says until they forget the past, how can they see your future. Sumi says it is not that easy. Laksh says our way is wrong, but…..Shekhar says you are mastermind in lying. Ragini says his intentions are good. Laksh says we don’t have any other option. Shekhar and Sumi leave without saying anything. Ragini says our plan failed. Laksh says they didn’t stop us, plan is on. Ragini says she is tensed and asks shall we do this. Laksh says if our plan is successful then everyone will celebrate new year which we have not thought about. They shake hands.

Dida plays the shank. Pandit ji tells about the new year. Dida takes the microphone and sings the bhajan. Laksh looks on. Shekhar wishes new year to Sumi. She smiles. Pandit ji wishes her new year and asks her to give prasad to others. Dida calls for Dadi maa. Dadi maa breaks the utensils. Dida tells that she doesn’t requests even Shonu like this. She wishes new year to everyone. Swara wishes them happy new year.

Laksh calls Omi and asks where is the customer. Omi says he is getting into the character. He says he got the theatre actor. Laksh asks him to bring fast. Omi brings him there. The neighbor asks Sumi to dance. Sumi refuses. She takes Swara to dance. They wish new year. Laksh signs Swara something. Swara dances on the song Dhol Baaje………..Laksh and Ragini look smilingly. The crowd pull Laksh to dance floor. Laksh dances with Swara. Omi comes and signs Laksh. Sumi sees Omi and the fake customer and asks who are they? Swara says he is fake customer. Sumi says he is the one who came indisguise of an Inspector. Swara gets worried thinking if Dida and Dadi maa will identity him.

Dadimaa tells Dida to give pan. Dida throws colors on her face. Dida and Dadimaa dance on the song Dola Re Dola.

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  2. awesome episode! swara lucky dance was so cute!

  3. My god i want ti see the dance

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  5. Dance was superb

  6. oh god!swara and lakshya danced together.superb.

  7. Ragini yu r tuuuu gud dear….. Swara won’t accpt Laksh…. Coz Swara luvz Ragini… Dey r true sistz….

  8. Swara does not like.she loves ragini so much.swara wll love any one not lucky

  9. Swara does not like lucky.she loves ragini so much.swara wll love any one not lucky

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