Swaragini 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar asking Laksh from where he got the money. Laksh tells that his friend gave me money. Sanskar asks who was that friend. Swara also asks him. Laksh asks them to relax and says it is just 1 lakh rupees. Sumi says it is not a small amount. Sujata asks if this money is stolen. Laksh says no, and says this money is given to me by my friend and says he will give him another 4 lakhs. He says I will bring Maa and Papa soon. Swara insists to talk to his friend. Laksh is shocked, and asks what you will talk to my friend. Ragini says if Laksh is saying that his friend gave him money, then he must be saying truth. She applies ointment on his hand. Swara asks Laksh to call his friend and says I think we shall thank your friend. Ragini asks can’t you see he is hurt. Suddenly Laksh

falls down and money bundle falls from his pocket. Dadi peeps in their house and hears them. Everyone is shocked to see the money.

Sanskar asks Laksh to tell from where did he get the money? And asks if there is something you are hiding from us. He asks him to tell truth. Laksh asks him to question Adarsh..and asks if his act was justified, Parineeta’s behavior is justified etc. Sanskar says I don’t want to judge them, Adarsh is dead for me. He says I just wants to know if my brother is doing wrong thing being pressurized by someone. Laksh accepts to have been doing wrong thing and says this is what you want to hear naa. He says money matters to me at this point of time, so that I can get my parents out from hell…He says if I have to kill someone to save my parents, then also I will not back off. Sanskar asks did you get mad? Laksh says yes, I am. He says I can’t see tears in my parents eyes, and says they gave me much happiness, but now they are in trouble. Sanskar hugs him and asks him to leave wrong work and says we will fight together. Laksh says nothing will change, I have done enough of good boy’s role.

Just then women from human rights organization come there. Woman says we got written statement of Durga Prasad and Annapurna, and they have written that they are living there with their wish and whatever problems are in their lives are because of Swara and Ragini. Sujata says it is a lie. Swara checks it and says it is a lie. She says surely Adarsh and Parineeta must have taken their sign forcibly. Ragini says something is wrong for sure. Woman says I talked to them personally and they said that they are happy there. She says I can’t help you and goes. Dadi continues to peep in their house and hear them.

Laksh asks why you people are shock and asks them about their lecture. He says this is today’s truth which Adarsh proved, that harish chandra’s era is gone, and only bad people can win. He says Adarsh became owner of the company as he started walking on wrong path. He decides that he will walk on wrong path and will bring his parents home. Sanskar says I will not let you do this, and asks him not to ruin his life. Laksh asks him to get 5 lakhs and says I will leave this work. Sanskar says I am trying to get money, and asks him to give some time. Laksh gives 5 mins, and asks shall I let my parents get rotten in hell. He says I can earn 5 lakhs in 5 days and will get them back. He asks him to relax and says nothing will happen. Sanskar says criminal life don’t give a chance to return to our world. Laksh says it is enough now, and I don’t want to return. Laksh picks the money bundle and declares to everyone that nobody shall stop him, else he will break relation with them. Everyone is shocked. Sumi says Laksh. Sujata says don’t know what happened to him, and asks God to stop him from walking on wrong path. Ragini is in shock. Swara and Sumi stand supporting her.

Sanskar gets Laksh arrested. Ragini asks Sanskar why did you get him arrested. Sanskar says nothing will happen to him, and says he is safe, but Laksh is badly beaten in the lock up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. feeling bad for laksh adarsh and pari have crossed the limit

  2. Astra

    Oh laksh…??

  3. Hating the storyline day by day!! Idiot CV’s!! Only watching for my SWASAN.

  4. Laaakkkshhhhh !!!!!!! ???????

  5. plzz watch swaragini for varun and Namish bcoz they were awesome guys increase trp

  6. Don’t even feel like to comment on this track!

  7. Thank you so much H Hasan

    I fed up with this it is only repeating and repeating !!!!!!!! I stopped watching this serial ages ago but I only read the written updates for 2 mins to see THE END but now I feel like I am gonna skip the written updates and come back after this track end.

    1. Exactly. Same thought ??? Nonsensical storyline . Shitt???

  8. Lila

    Oh wow…. let’s make the main lead (Raglak) negative again. Great going cvs of SR. Ur nothing but pathetic to come up with these types of plots

  9. Mica

    omg… omg.. I L O V E Y O U Laksh!!!!!!
    your anger expression, your annoyed expression, your mocked words so hilarious !!!
    i just laughing.. laughing and laughing..
    today episode more funny than Big Bang Theory !!
    hatts off to my beloved CVS….
    Waiting SwaSan vs RagLak , will be EPIC !

    1. Heltej

      Is that true? Next track is swasan vs raglak?
      I dint watch yesterday’s episode… !

      1. Mica

        i saw promo in Bollywood Life, ragini will confront Sanskar about sending laksh to jail, sanskar will say everything is fine meanwhile laksh get torture in jail.. than Ragini say that she will stand beside her husband… uuhh…

    2. Heltej

      Ohh… Next negative track on the way??

  10. Feel so bad for Ragini

  11. Non stop difficulties for them. Really nonsense. Please swara do something ?

  12. Namish nailed it truly yesterday! He was totally rocking yesterday. Yesterday’s episode was worth watching ? After so many days Swaragini was good! Ragini supporting Laksh in any situation was really very cute ? Hope the upcoming episodes are also worth watching like how it was before ?

  13. Omg I left watching the serial when maheshwari family moved to baadi…dayss are passed story is on the same track ..nothing changed its getting worse day by day ..agar ye serial waalon kko ek problem Mila thoh usme ek mahine thak chipkke rahthe he …ab cvs yee Pari and Adarsh ka character kitna spoil karenge its out of limit now …?

  14. i dont understand why raglak have to be wrong ALWAYS???ryt frm the start raglak fans had nothing worth watching except for very few scenes.raglak track toh bhul hi jao.even nw raglak vs swasan track.tn definitely swasan will be good so obviously raglak have to make mistakes.even after requesting sooo much cvs r ignoring raglak fans.hate u cvs.SR z currently the worst show.love u raglak.love u temish.

  15. Fed up this show full of negative, this serial also repeating same as satiya n ssk crap serials, rashmi Sharma CVS can’t think innovative, pari is been negative from March n stooping so low, nowhere in this world it will happen, please end show at least we can watch lead pairs in any other serial

  16. saw the repeat telecast laksh totally nailed it sanskar was looking soooooooo cute and laksh was looking soooooooo handsome in the precap

  17. go to hell you idiot pari and adarsh

  18. I just hate this story line day by day

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