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Swara lights the stove. Ragini comes there. Swara asks her to come in without seeing her. Ragini looks for Sanskar. Swara says Sanskar went out. Ragini asks why did you do this? Swara says I have proved what I wanted. Ragini says you have failed as Laksh trust me even now. Swara says as I have promised that I won’t let you fall. Ragini says how can you do this with me, I am your sister. Swara asks when you pushed me in water, made my video, that time if I was not your sister. She asks her to tell the truth infront of all. Ragini says she can’t and will not let her expose her. She says I will make you away from this house. Swara says I have won half battle and you accepted truth with your own mouth. Ragini says I was not in my senses then. Swara promises to make her confess truth everything soon

without influence of any medicine.

Ragini comes to Sujata and says Swara have to go from here. She asks for her help. Sujata says sure. Ragini opens the window and looks out. Sujata says everything will be splashed. Ragini says truth has to come out today. Sanskar tells Swara that they can get food from outside and says we are living in tent because of helplessness and not because we don’t have money. Swara says she is doing with her choice and is trying to light the stove. Sanskar asks where is the gas cylinder. Swara laughs and tells that gas cylinder is not compatible to it. He tries to light the stove. They share a light moment and laugh. Sanskar says I didn’t have this much masti amidst the problems. Swara asks if I am problem? Sanskar says you are masti. Sujata comes and says I am your mum. She asks him to come out.

Sujata brings food for Sanskar and asks why you are getting enmity with Ragini. Sanskar says we are getting successful slowly. Sujata says if Swara tries to do anything to you, then…….Sanskar asks her not to get tensed. Sujata says she was acting yesterday. Sanskar asks why did you do this. She asks him to give water. While he goes to bring water, Sujata cuts the tent’s rope with scissor and calls Ragini. Ragini asks her to leave some knots so that it falls in the night. Sanskar gives her water. Sujata thinks she is doing this for his betterment.

Adarsh talks to his girl friend. Parineeta comes. Adarsh lies that he was talking to client. Parineeta says she is upset because of Swara. She says Swara is behind us now. Adarsh makes her sit and says we will not be affected with her lie as we know the truth. Parineeta cries resting her head on his shoulder. Swara and Sanskar think about Ragini’s next conspiracy. Swara says Ragini is complicating things, and they have to end it to make everything right.

Ragini looks out at the tent and comes to Laksh, but he is asleep. She opens the door making noise to wake him up and then leaves. Laksh calls and follows her. Ragini pretends and says you have woken up. Laksh asks where you are going? Ragini says she is going out for a walk. She says married people should not feel alone, but our matter is different. Laksh asks her to stop and says he will also accompany her. Ragini gets happy as her plan is awaiting. She thanks him. Laksh asks why you are tensed? Ragini says she is restless thinking about today’s incident. Laksh asks her to relax and says everyone trust you. Ragini says she is afraid of Swara’s conspiracy and drama. She hugs him and looks at the tent rope to open. Laksh asks her to relax. Ragini says she can’t see family in pain. Laksh says we can just hope that she stop lying. Ragini says Sanskar is with her and he is son of this house. She says I am sure that their marriage motive is not right. We got married with all the rituals being helpless, but they got married with their choice. Laksh asks her to come. Tent flies away. Laksh and Ragini see Swara and Sanskar sleeping separately. Ragini acts and says they are sleeping alone. Laksh says their relation is fake. Ragini says our relation is also like this. Laksh is shocked.

Ragini says they got married with their wish, then why do they sleep apart. She says Swara is trying to snatch him from her, through the help of Sanskar. She says even Sanskar want to take revenge for Kavita’s death. Laksh says you said right and goes to their tent. Ragini acts and asks what you are doing. Laksh throws water on Sanskar and wakes him up. Swara also wakes up. Sanskar asks what is this bad behavior? Laksh says I don’t want to hear your nonsense and asks him to leave in the morning else I will inform everyone about your fake marriage.

Laksh tells Ragini that he still loves Swara and couldn’t forget her. Ragini asks him to bring her back when he forgets Swara completely. Laksh asks Sanskar to do one ritual to prove their marriage and asks him to fill Swara’s maang. Sanskar picks the sindoor bottle and looks at her.

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  1. Oh wat the hell this is dragging too long earlier it used to be sanskar more cunnin than ragini & now ragini has got better

  2. I wish laksh & swara will be together

  3. they r just dragging the story like hell…!! bt m waiting 4 swasan sindoor moment! they look very cute..I want sankar & swara to fall in love w/ each other deeply & also want laksh to realize wht he has lost..!!

  4. so interesting…all d best sanwara

  5. Bore. Damn stupid seriel. Boring

  6. Ragini is there to mess the whole Maheshwari parivar. How come the elders in the parivar remain so quiet and dumb where the lives öf their sons is being messed one after another….Ek dirty gandhi machli poore taalab ko polute kar rahi hai…kya hoga iss parivar ka….

  7. How many days will they show the same precap…laksh is dumbest as ever. ..hope swasan relationship becomes stronger day by day

  8. Yesss!! Finally Sanskar will fill the maang,:) but this b*t*h Ragini is getting better!! 🙁

  9. sanky n ragini to much WU padne mai bhi bored lagne laga hai i like barun kapoor but not sanskar he know everything about laksh n swara relastion phir bhi huhu! don’t understand this story nagini humesha bach jati hai whyyyyyyyyyy??? expose her enough her drama grrrrrrrrrr

    1. Kiska past dekh kar use pyar nai kiya ja sakta. He can love swara one way like ragini loves laksh. But may let swara free to follow her heart

  10. Oh.. Yesterday was too good. But today again same irritating Ragini and her over acting..

  11. I dnt knw y u guys are hoping that swara and laksh to be together..he never trusted swara and is always blaming her believing Ragini word…he just says that he loved swara but never showed that love..but sanskaar being evil has changed now….nd I hope swara and sankar to be together

  12. I wonder what Swara will do now, love Swasan. They are dragging too much now! Expose Ragini and show her as a positive character!!

  13. it is getting boree .And they are dragging the serial

  14. Salome (Swasan 4ever)

    How much they are stretching like chew gum show real face of BC rags.
    OMG!! rags u r such a clever fox chal pe chal chala rahi hai stop ur nonsense aur swara sanskaar ko ek kar do aur tujhe aur lucky ko jo karna karo hume sirf swasan se matlab because of them show is coming in top 5 bas tera drama bande aise natak kar jaise tu buhot satyavadi hai BC,MC

  15. Swalak should get back together
    They are my fave couple

    Ragini needs to calm her life how can she always live as lakshs second option

  16. Before when ragini use to try to commit suicide when no one believed so why doesn’t swara do the same it will give ragini a taste of her own medicine

    Who agrees

  17. Before when ragini use to try to commit suicide when no one believed so why doesn’t swara do the same it will give ragini a taste of her own medicine

  18. laksh i hate u soo muchhhh such a dumb fellow you are.u dont deserve swara..

  19. Arre yaar ye sujata kaisi maa hai jo ki apne hi bete k saath galat karne pr tuli hui hai n wo bhi uss psycho rags k kahne pr oh kya zamaana aagya hai n is stupid laksh ko toh best gadhe ka award milna chahiye coz of his blind faith on dat psycho rags
    oh as usual swasan moments were nice n i lyked sans faith on swara so dey shud nt b sepratd
    highly excitd for d shaadi epi of swasan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. laksh deserves ragini…..laksh go to the helll…..swara and sanskar us tge best…..

  21. Uffff same precap. .. expected.. Please writers change the dialogues of ragini… very very irritating. .. she herself is bad . Even she knows it and blaming swara for her tit for tat… U people r killing us with the show. . Do whatever u want.. first reveal the truth before all.. enough for us… U can pair them with anyone.. no problem… swara suits to anyone. .

  22. i also agree with u kirti nd swasan moment so superb nd cute

  23. give the written update of razia plsss waiting from 1 hour pls ANSARI load razia waiting eagerly

  24. Tharmathin thiruvuruvam swara vazhga vazhga ..haaaahhh irritating swara … Do hell with sanskar but don’t come in between raglak….

  25. Luv u sanskar-swara.
    Hate you laksh, you don’t deserve swara.
    Ye ragini serial killer andh take bura hi rahengs he I kya. Kill her in a shootout…then let laksh go to rishikesh rishi banene

  26. Hey PRI, how can you say that. Any spoiler or something hint?
    Don’t tell me its true.

  27. I hate this ragini acting makes it so anoying she is the anoyest person on earth and this is so boring if i was there I’ll find out who did it in a day not a year colours jezz that bit*** ragini should die a painful death everone. Who made this need to learn english such As how to be imgative not boring old same drama. All the drama i seen always have something to something with love but something happens plz learn something not copy its not fun look how much people hate this and what this specil 1 hour bet anything nothing going to happen ragini going to win. And ragini said ow snaskar touched her In the wrong way ? but they cant see its all make up come on cant you see if someone dot make up jeez im done this drama is stupid ffffff uuuuuu people who made this

  28. Ragini go die plz and why does he always win so boring plz stop and put bigg boss (big broter) im english i like to watch bigg boss its like big brother well indian got copywriters reserved so it okay but my mate make me watch this swaragini it stupid but in England there are no mysterious they are but they only least about a week our 2 never a mouth our a year so plz get tips from me I’ll make it so much better

  29. Who made this are they feeling okay our a they high and dont no what to do

  30. Oh god so many thngs r happening together bt 1 thng wl happen 4 good!!!!! Laksh’s DISBELIEF for Swara nd rags’ INSECURITY wl bring swara n sanskar close….how wonderful it is…
    How cn pple want swara n lucky together as he never believd swara never ever as he had doubt b4 n nw also….ok lucky go to hell as u deserve dat cheappo ragini….wen u cn beat sanskar 4 rags den i thnk u cn also realise how much swasan love each oder(to b happening in future)….

  31. According to a tweet by teju she will not be turning positive anytime soon as their trp has good up since ragini turned evil 🙁 i was hoping to see old Ragini but then again the love story of Sanskar has started they have to keep Ragini bad till Swara starts feeling for Sanskar….. That Aadarsh (Whose the opposite) is reallly bad hope they expose atleast him….

    Loved Swasan’s chitchat infront of the stove. Really cute!!! After the rape accusation i think Swara will take a firm stand to prove her husband’s innocence. every day they have a new twist and turn feel like riding a roller coaster.

  32. Luv d scene of swasan in d beginning of d episode….yaar tak gayi Vo mental Ragini ko dekhke….hw she acts…”y swara y yr u dng dis to me..im ur sis”……she didnt remember swara as her sis before dng wrong with her nd now she asks I’m ur sis swara hw can u do dis to me!!!!!enough of dis track record plss get on d track bring d truth out as fst as psbl.. ND start swasan luv track eagerly waiting 4 those episodes…..swasan rocks?

  33. This jerk Ragini is wau too much!!!!!! How dare she is to poke her head into other people’s bedroom?????????? It’s not like Swasan ever poked their heads into Laksh’s room to see whether he and Ragini sleep together!!!#!! This is the height of shamelessnes!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agree di! N now even laksh!!!

  34. Interesting episode.

  35. Swara and sanskar made a good match..☺
    Let that stupid laksh be with ragini?

  36. I like swaragini serial bt sum dys ragini ‘s over actng s very bore.. bt swara, s s so gudddd nd sankar also.. laksh if he lve swara in true mind never blamed her

  37. Hey anitha n kat i fully agree wid both of u

  38. I dont understand whether ragini is maaaaaaaad or not and if she is then throwwwww her character out of the show?????

  39. I wish dey xposed ragini soon….too much of delaymnt cn also cause detachment from d serial….

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