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Shekhar tells Swara that he will be punished for giving birth to Ragini, and then turns to Ragini. He says I will take you home after you gets thrown from this house, but I will never regard you as my daughter again. Dadi apologizes to everyone and says they accept punishment for Ragini. Annapurna asks Ragini, why did you do this? She asks what did you get by playing with our emotions and betraying us. Durga Prasad says these talks are useless now. He says everyone hates Ragini now. He says I can understand what you would have felt when Laksh had broken relation with you. You have changed meaning of a right and wrong. You have made a joke of relations and your hand didn’t shake while trying to kill Swara. He asks Annapurna to take her to her room, and make her leave in the morning. He tells her that

Laksh will never accept her after her doings, and asks her to leave from their house. He says I will talk to lawyer and get divorce papers made soon. Laksh says you said right. He tells Ragini that he would have forgiven her if she would told him truth once. He says but you told innumerable lies. Ragini cries. She walks for a while and turns to apologizes to everyone before leaving the house.

Sanskar holds Sumi’s hand and gives her hand in Shekhar’s hand. He tells Swara, that you want this. He says Swara wanted you both to unite and that’s why we have feigned marriage. He apologizes and says we didn’t have any other way out. He says I will accept punishment. Sujata says we are not angry with you. She says you didn’t do anything wrong. She tells Durga Prasad to get Swara and Sanskar’s divorce papers ready, with Laksh and Ragini’s divorce. Durga Prasad says they are married now and it is not a joke. Sujata says their marriage was forced one, and tells that Ragini had kidnapped Sumi and threatened Swara to marry Sanskar else she will kill her. Shekhar asks Dadi, if Sumi was saying right. Dadi says Ragini has trapped me in motherly love and confirms. Sanskar asks them not to talk about it. Durga Prasad says I don’t believe that you can do such a thing. Dadi says Ragini lied to you one more thing, she says that night Sanskar didn’t do anything to her. She says Ragini acted to make Swara and Sanskar leave the house.

Shekhar shouts Maa. Sumi asks him to end the matter and says truth is known to everyone. She says everyone of us do mistakes sometime in our life. She asks Dadi not to cry and says whatever you do was intentional. Dadi apologizes. Durga Prasad says Sumi is right and we shall not look back at past. Sujata asks him to get Swara and Sanskar divorce, as their marriage is forced one. Durga Prasad agrees and says he will talk to lawyer about two divorces. Sanskar, Swara and Laksh looks on. Parineeta hugs Swara and says I have mistaken you. I will miss you. Swara says me too, and asks her to forgive Adarsh soon. She touches Sujata’s feet. Sujata says I have no complains with you and says I will always believe you. She hugs her. She touches Annapurna’s feet. Annapurna says trust strength is big and blesses for her win. She touches Durga Prasad’s feet. Durga Prasad says this house door will always be open for you. He says your truth, honestly and believe made us proud. She comes to Laksh and thanks him for helping her uniting her parents. She goes towards Sanskar. Sanskar asks her not to change. She nods and smiles. Shekhar holds Swara and Sumi’s hand, and says lets go home. Dadi folds her hand and leaves. Laksh and Sanskar look at Swara while she is leaving.

Laksh asks Sanskar to help him meet Swara and says he wants to apologize to her. Sanskar looks on emotionally. Ragini tells Swara that she was thinking what to do for repentance, and says after our divorce, you can get back to Laksh. Swara is surprised. Laksh and Swara meet somewhere. Laksh holds her hand and says after our divorces, can we start our relation again? Swara is shocked and surprised. Ragini is hiding somewhere and listening to them shockingly with teary eyes. Sanskar gets emotional and awaits Swara’s reply.

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  1. god!!!!! sona pls refuse Laky ..I want u and sanskar to be pair ..I want swasan and raglaks..
    pls don’t separate them
    we r waiting for swasan love track.

  2. Toooo much over… How the parents of ragini allow to live in their house why they quite as they don’t know anything
    Ragini the cheapest lady n swara the follest lady in the world….??

  3. ragini wont change ever!!!!

    when she told swara that swalak can be together after the divorce…. she was very innocent.it showed that she really what it to happen but the hiding face showed the ragini who will continue her doings again

    1. Exactly…. Tat s wat t s. Tat female vil not change

  4. shifa(shakira)

    i agree with lara

    1. thnx shifu di

  5. Post Ragini truth revelation now family planning asking Swara’s (Helly Shah) for Lakshya (Namish Taneja) where Swara said she needed sometime for herself.
    Shekhar and Sharmista will be celebrating Mata ki Chowki and at the same time Ragini will get current shock where she will be admitted in the hospital but everyone will be shocked to see her behaving normally and asking everyone why she is in the hospital.
    Later doctor says because of the current shock she lost her memory and she is having partial amnesia.
    Initial days also we have seen Sanskar (Varun kapoor) been playing a mental patient and amnesia too whereas now it is Ragini’s turn
    Does Ragini really had memory loss or it is her another plan to get Lakshya?

    1. Yes m sure t s another plan. Tat grl can never be good.. She might pretend remembering only lakshya nd her engagement ….

  6. Hi guys what I wrote up is true. I read it somewhere and copied and paste it so that you guys can read. That ragini I new she won’t change and she will be up to her dirty games again, she will do anything to get Laksh back.

    1. I think its Swara and Ragini’s plan.

  7. she wil lsurely say no for laksh

  8. i want swasan but i dont want raglak…..

  9. yup swara pls don’t accept laksh’s proposal….he was d one who never believed u whenever u tried to expose d truth even last time he didn’t believe but sanskar s not like tat he had changed his evil mind wen u advised him… its just bcoz of u… ooh pls swara accept sanskar he lives fr u…. love u swasan

  10. Please unite swalak plzzzz…..

  11. Please swara sanskaar ko choose karo na ki laksh ko laksh bekaar h ek dam bekaar h laksh

    sanskaar and swara pls ekhata ho jao na pls

  12. i read somewere that in upcoming episode ragini lost her memory due to electric shock

  13. want to see sanskar and swara nly together
    no laksh donot deserve swara as he as no trust on her

  14. I like ragini a lott n her character too…she loved laksh so much its fault of swara to fall in love with laksh even after knowing that he sister loves him truly… anyway what ragini plotted was wrong… n she had been too bad… please dnt make her chracter more cunning… n negative…she is a fabulous actress and i like her a lott… get her changed n introduce a character who is handsome n falls love with ragini… yaar sab bhi swara ke picchee??? Not happening at all… let laksh remain single through out his life… he doesn’t trust swara … even after getting engaged n even after his marriage he is same … i love swara i love swara… arey jab pyar tha then where is his trust???? Please please ragini ko ek accha n srong character dedoo… she is so cute… please…. n unite swara n sanskar… dont make him fail two times in love…

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