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The Episode starts with Durga Prasad telling that Ragini have taken a right decision and asks Swara and Sanskar to unite again. Swara says Ragini is not doing right. Annapurna says time has come to take a right decision, and tells Sanskar that she lost her two sons and don’t want to lose him. Sanskar hugs her and asks why she is saying this. Annapurna asks Swara and Sanskar to forget their bitterness between them and get back together. She tells Ragini that she will make her daughter and do her bidaai. She asks Ragini to bring mangalsultra which Laksh made her wear it, and says time has come to free you. Ragini cries and gets her mangalsutra. Swara asks if you really want to do this. Durga Prasad says Ragini have accepted the fact, whoever goes doesn’t come back, there is no point in waiting for

the person.

Ragini gives her mangalsutra in Annapurna’s hand. Chirag drops Uttara home. Uttara thank him. Chirag looks on and tells that you don’t make a quick decision and take only after a lot of thinking. Uttara says yes, and says friends…Chirag recalls his promise made to his parents. He says friends for life, I wish I could drop you till your door. Uttara says she doesn’t want her family to know about him. He says okay.

Swara couldn’t see Ragini returning her mangalsutra and runs out. She recalls what Durga Prasad have said. Annapurna hugs Ragini and cries and says I don’t know from where you got this much strength. She says let them get back together, then we will tell them complete truth. Ragini says we will tell them later that Laksh is no more and cries hugging Annapurna. Durga Prasad feels equal pain. Ram and Sujata are returning home. They see Chirag leaving and get down the car. Ram questions Uttara about Chirag.

Swara cries. Sanskar tries to console her. He says we can’t get back together, so we shall lie that we will patch up, but continue to search Laksh. Swara is shocked. Sanskar reminds her that she has broken relation with him six months back. Swara reminds what he told one week before that, he will fight with Laksh and even if he is saved then also he will break relation with her. He says we have to act to be together. Swara says if we love someone immensely, then that person breaks us heavily. Sanskar says even I had loved you immensely. Swara says you have changed. Sanskar says you have changed too.

Swara says you are my husband and will always be. She says may be your hatred have changed you so much, and if you had control your anger then we would not have seen Ragini’s drama. Swara says Ragini have realized today that she can’t wait for Laksh anymore and all the elders agreed. Sanskar says what we will do now. Swara says we will act and find about her drama. They come back. Ragini asks what you both have decided. Swara says we have decided to unite. Sanskar says we will resolve the issues. Ragini asks them to prove that everything is fine. She asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor again and prove that you both are together again. She says then only I will believe you both. Swara says okay…and goes to bring sindoor.

Ragini and laksh collide with each other. Laksh asks her to walk carefully. Ragini hears his voice and turns back. Laksh also turns back. They see each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg waiting for tomorrow episode jolly jolly raglak/ragabi meet

  2. Raina

    i loved swasan emotional conversation today. felt bad for ragini when she gave her mangalsutra to annapurna. where are u all my innocent friends?

    1. Raina

      can’t believe i’m the first.

      1. Raina

        umm sorry, i’m not the first

  3. A.xx

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ??
    Finally they have seen each other not seen the episode because I’m not in India but hoping he doesn’t pretend not to remember her ?? Love that they have met and can’t wait for them to reunite ???

    1. Hi from where are u? Coz even am not Indian

  4. Nandhininandhu

    Nice episode loveit

  5. Wow , Finally Swasan realised their mistakes.. Their talks were so emotional…I m crying…My Shona, You are looking so beautiful today…I loved today’s episode..

    OMG, Raglak are going to meey…Yipeeeeeeeee…Balleee, Balleeee Oye Shava Shava..

    1. Fairy

      Heheheh yes dr..finally raglak meet!!!yeyy!!soooo xcieteddd!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 n sry for cmng late yaaar!!! 🙁

      1. Ishanvi

        I m angry with you..You ruined our first date

      2. Fairy

        m so so soooooo sry yaaaar!!!plz plz maaf kr de!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 *poutt…. pkka i”ll nver repeat it …gf plz forgive ur bf dis tym 😉 😉 😉

  6. Aasthu

    I admire Ragini’s courage……….swasan I wish they had united for real and not as an act…but happy that they decided to do an act……maybe after a while Sanskar’s anger will diminish and by the time swasan unite maybe raglak too will unite..their dialogues were really nyc…………disgusted at Uttara’s behavior………………how can someone be soooooo stupid??????? Its such girls who make women appear as weak and makes others think that women is a gender which can be easily cheated……I wish she had shown half the sense of swaragini…………..they know whom to trust and love………..now I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode……………Laksh’s behavior makes me believe that he has not lost his memory but is acting as Abhimanyu for……………….I don’t know……….

    Hey Micuuuuuu I’m fine………just a lil bit mad after studying…………Aditi I’m sorry for not acknowledging ur comment………….Swasan fans will be delighted at swasan’s decision……Micu don’t get me wrong……I’m not a swasan fan………..I’m an ARDHIKA fan…….I’m crazy about them………..

    1. Mica

      hahaha..i know it dear, you are Ardhika fans cum swaragini fans 😀 😀
      *wishing MMz sequel

      1. Good evening Miccccuuuuu……yup u guessed right…..but my interests are not constant……why I may stop watching SR after some time…..I don know…….currently I’m interested in SR, Udaan……MMZ is always constant…….by the by….I nvr knew u were this naughty!!!!!!! Wishing to see Arjun shirtless huh??????? ?……well I’ll tell u….he looks sooo hot that way……its very funny to watch one MMZ epi where Arjun flaunts his bare back infront of his Rads…….simply to occupy the bed……n Rads decides to sleep in the balcony………but u know what happened nxt????? They both got locked up in the balcony coz they were fighting for a single blanket………Arjun woke up in the mrng to see hs ladylove sleeping on his sholder………oh that was simply a wonderful scene………check it out in hotstar f u r free Miccuu……u’ll fall in love with the couple……….

      2. Mica

        huh!.. you know what..i watched it, i (mean the scene) hundred times, how can i forget to lonavla incident, the scene when arjun laugh for the first time, when Radhika teased him bout his nose, but in gummybear ff, it’s mentioned that his’s is full with mark 😀 😀
        that why i said i regret that i knew Ardhika too late, i read the comments on the written update too, the ardhika fans togetherness… Renu’s analysis goosshh 😀
        i fallen in love already dear to Ardhika..
        i hardly watch hindi serial before….i watched MATSH couple times but got disappointed on last episode, watched MMZ hundred times, it’s short but i love the ending…and now for Swasan..goooosshh…it’s drive me crazy….

      3. Aasthu

        you watched it!!!!!! I too have watched so much time……..but haven’t got bored…….I know I nvr will………u know what??? I made my cuz too mad abt ARDHIKA………she is not a serial person………..she said I spoiled her………….haha…………..its nvr too late Micuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………………I told u na….just comment and u r frnds forever………………….if u r free read Jessie’s “My sweet mistake” and comment……..she is a really good friend………….and abt ardhika fans togetherness………yes……..that’s the imp feature……..u know what Micuuuu if we inform them that its our b’day they mi8 surprise us with updates dedicated to us……..I sy it frm my experience……….I had requested them just to update on my b’day and they dedicated their chappy’s for me……………that brings tears of happiness……………when is ur b’day Micuuuuuuuuu ?????????????

  7. anonymous(raglak)


  8. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update..
    goosshh..i’m fainting to read the precap… i dunno why, huh!

    1. Raina

      are u not well or what?

      1. Mica

        hahaha.. just happy to see our friends happiness…

  9. Swara u r awesome… Loved swasan scene n precap is also awesome.. may Ragini find her Laksh soon…. can’t bear to see her sad….. oh swasan forget ur sayings and unite for real… u both love each other

  10. Mica

    goosshh, just cloud nine, heart attack, jumping in happiness or what soever to describe..
    finally..our swasan do FAKE UNION….
    their smooth conversation, without yelling, without anger, i’m craving on this..
    Swara, you gain your confidence after saw his guilty feeling to accused you about Nikhil..
    your confession…….
    Sanskar, you are such gentlemen, no matter what, you asked her decision first …

    Ragini and Anandpura..gooosshhh, you both

    Uttara, you are too innocent dear..just to innocent..
    Ram uncle..finally.. 😀 😀

    about cruella devil family, why they are sooo stupid, if only they want maheswary’s property only, their demand about maheswary bengali bahu obviously unnecessary thing.
    i’ll advice you to play smoothy and smart, don’t create any problem, you will success for sure….
    but huh! may they knew about this Swara Sanskar Maheswary’s power.. muahaha

    1. Lounaa

      Dear Mica
      Jumping as well your wish come true…Swara and Sanskar dialogue was my dream come true…both equally hurted and yet deeply badly in love…
      Sanskar who felt guilty after knowing Ragini will marry Nikhil and thus accusing wrongly My Swara who was now said he is will and always be her husband…they both complete each other in all angles…YIIIPIIII YIIIIPIIII my Swasan again with each other.
      as for Uttara we will have a new story now specially Sujatha will encourage her and we will watch Uttara in Danger again
      Annapurna and Durga they made me cry thousand times
      Precap is what i am waiting patiently…

      1. Mica

        yeaahhh,,,,,no matter how much they hold the ego, if it’s come to family’s matter, they show the maturity…
        “maturity my foot, huh! they even want the same, they miss each other but covered by ego” *i’m blabbering 😀 😀

    2. finally ur wish is granted…

      1. Mica

        yeah dear….we are sooooooooooooo HAPPYYYYYY!
        if only kiss random man is allowed, i want to kiss CVS… 😀 😀 *with kitkat

    3. Fairy

      Hehehehe yes dr even i think dat cruella devil family knew dat if swara sanskaar maheshwari wl b dere den dey cnt even take a peny from maheshwaries .. 😉 😉 😉
      Yeah rags n ap scene ws soo emotiinal yaaar!!! 🙁 🙁 …
      Waitng for nxt episode 😉 😉 😉

      1. Mica

        yay! i’m not raglakian….but i can feel how happy raglakian to see the precap..
        goosshhhh…you all waiting those meeting for century…congrat!!!
        be frank, i somehow angry to CVS to made Ragini believe that Laksh nomore..
        i mean she is in love with laksh deeply, why she can’t feel that Laksh still breath
        out there…
        CVS made Sanskar believe that Swara alive those ages, why can’t Ragini ?
        but somehow it for my swasan betterment, aaww thank you..
        and the precap..that Ragini the one who find Laksh first, it reduce my anger to cvs..
        since somehow it’s more EPIC than when ragini come to know from other,,,

      2. Fairy

        yeah dr!!!it seems lyk a dream ???…huff!!atlast v”ll see dem together 😉 😉 ..
        actually dr dis tym ragini’s heart is more concerened for her sister… shez not thinkng about nythng else rather den to unite swasan!!
        n m thnkuful to cvs dat now dey r showng d real meaning of serial swaragini…d two soul sis who cn do nythng for eo… previously swara ws nly justifyng d title bt now rags also justifyed it!!so m really happy wid d ongoing track….
        n rags love for laksh ws so strong dat she believed dat hes alive for so long…bt wen she saw d pic of laksh in newspaper n doc confirmed her dat hez dead,she jst broked down…bt at dat tym swara’s condition striked her mind..n now shez fullfillng her sisters duty…everyone knows how much she loved laksh..n nybody cn get broken after knowng about d death of dere loved one..bt dis tym shez being sooo strong..shez ctrllng her emotions n gvng strength to everyone..n m lovng dis shade of her!!!moreover dis show is about swaragini 😉
        n arent u xcieted for swasan reunion ??????? swasan r sayng dat dey”ll do fake relation bt v all know dat dey jst cnt ctrl dere romance seeing eo hehehhehe…it”ll really amazng to see dem together 😉 😉

      3. Mica

        yeah you rite, that why i said it for my swasan betterment..ahem ahem
        and my grateful for it…*it’s hard you know… 😀
        i just somehow concern to the kind of Ragini’s love to Laksh that made me questioning CVS..huhuhuhu..
        Ragini’s love about priority now…
        of course,,, Swara will become maid at Abhi’s house…

      4. Fairy

        Hmmm!!!may b cvs forgot to tke almonds :p lol ….ahh!!leave it dr our cvs r lill unique 😉 hehehhe 😀 ..b happy on wt v r gettng 😉 ;)..n yes i hve also seen dat now swara wl investigate about abhi 😉

  11. Wow tomorrow raglak will meet.just can’t wait to see them

  12. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. ?

  13. finally today after such a long time… we got what we want… all….
    today’s episode was speechless… not was it is speechless….
    swasan moments… no words….
    specially when sanskar said”what have u thought that we will patch up and unite”….such a liar he is…. yes he was saying that but his eyes cometely said that he wanted to do the same “patch up “…..
    swara’s line “jhine toot kar chaaoo wahi tood dete hai pyaar Bhi aur rishte Bhi”…
    it was all amazing… today I am very very happy and proud to be a swasanian… I have never seen such a Jodi before… I can proudly say that they are my second love….
    now my friends don’t put ur over smart brain in it… I said they are my second love because first is my family and my God….
    but the second place is now booked for swasan….
    n now finally Laksh is back… raglak face off…. wowww I m super excited….

  14. yes mica I tried to log in and tried to open that activation link also… many times… but all was just a waste…

    1. Mica

      huh! naughty TU *pull it’s ear
      complain dear…

  15. Silent_writer

    Oooooo nooooo raglak sees eo am i dreaming cant w8 for precap i knw they will obvio drag the precap for sure but love ragini alot seriously she is strong n swasan lovu both finally u took right decision now there anger will vanish but seriously heart pained looking at rags love it

  16. Fairy

    YeAh!!!!!!finally raglak meeet…super doooper xcieted for it!!!!!! Oh god i jst cnt wait….plz kal jaldi se hojaye 😛 ..impatiently waitng for tommorrows episode 😉 😉 😉

    1. Mica

      no matter what, how hard swasan tried to find laksh, how many time and money sanskar waste to hire detective or run to and fro, but still…
      THERE IS RAGINI WHO FIND LAKSH …it’s destiny, it’s fate 😀 😀

      it applied during fake marriage of swasan to reveal Ragini’s truth too…
      no matter how hard Swasan tried many methods,…

      NO doubt, ….
      aawww my shameless couple….they are coo cweet… *blushing

      1. Huhhhh cute romance ate me alive !!! *shy
        Micaaaaa !!! plzzzz stop it !!! don’t make me remember their romance through eyes !!!
        think about my marks… !!! today i have my English test .. huhhh what will i write?? Goddd !!!
        puuut puuuu !!!

      2. Mica

        hu8h! Kakuuu!!!!!! focuuusss… focuusss..
        another shameless fans, read word “ROMANCE’ and all questions on her exam paper vanished……gooossshhhhh….*pour Kaku’s head with water

      3. Fairy

        Mica yap i totally agree wid u in raglak part…hehehehe let swasan romance dr 😉 n v swaragini fans r always ready to b shameless 😛 ..we had always requested cvs to gve romantic scenes btween couples rather den d family drama n atlast now dey r fulfilling our wwish!!so njoy dr 😉 😉 …
        Kaku-hehehehe dis serial wl surely make us all crazy!!!
        Ahh!!v love swaragini soooooo much…yeah!!v r crazy shameless 😛 dieheart fan of swaragini 😉 😉 😉 n v r proud of it !!!

  17. Amrutha

    Yeah finally they see each other. abhi don’t act too smart, swara and ragini will find you .Inka nikhil evaru? anyways nikhil mystery also related with laksh missing . I like nikhil innocent looks while ragini was crying. Anyway nikhil please help to my ragini to get her laksh back plz,you only can do?

  18. Kakali

    Thnk u H.Hasan Mam for update !!!
    Waaaa SWASAN !!! *one n only unique piece mady by CVs !!!
    Proud of them for their FAKE UNION !!!
    Swara Sanskar = “Yumpossiable”…
    That’s why my heart beat !!! puuuut puuuut !!!

    Precap -*chewing my nails !!!
    RagLak !! meet !!!
    omgggg still unable to believe *waring oxygen mask for lack of break due to continuous running n jumping ….
    Gd Mrng to alllll!!! ;-*

    1. Mica

      morning Kakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  19. I am waiting for tommorow episode

  20. Hai guys may I join u. Waiting for today’s episode

    1. Fairy

      hey dr ofcourse u cn join us .. ???welcome to swaragini family dr!!!!!n yap v all r waitng for todays episode 😉 😉 😉 ..

  21. it was so emotional
    sanskar and annapurna talk
    ragini so broken
    swasan fighting sitting on the top of their so called ego(i am a swasanian)
    but happy to get the old ragini back
    i’ll surely hate laksh if he is just faking and giving ragini pain
    awesome precap

    one of the thing that i found amusing that have u noticed how swasan love story always started with a fake acting to be together

    1. Mica

      yeah Myna…. we always notice that 😀 😀
      what to say, fake relationship, but true romance…goooshhh

  22. uttara is just going the right way
    this time ragini may fall off the cliff while saving uttara

  23. nikhil will save uttara i think

  24. swasan are pros at acting to find truth
    its just so amusing

  25. Sanskaar proved that he is the best awesome and cutie hubby and ofcourse he is the perfect gentleman my god the way he looks sgunning yaar tumhare jaan dekhne ki mein mar jayenge cutie i really wait for them to reunite its really scrotching the way he looks and his act mu god sanskaar u r the best no words abt ragini xause she perfectly nailed her role with those girly eyes and especially in emltional scene sucha dilwale aur himmatwali ladki hai woh and swara rocked onced again she made me cry with her act and rosy cheeks while cring such a natural act he is stunning but anyways sanskaar is heartthrobbing and heart stealer of the show his black eyes trapped me with black magic kya karo mein koi mujhe bachao yaar actually im asilent reader but i will comment whenever i feel sanky is hot and s*xy in episodes love u varun

  26. agreed Mica di
    they are just faking to hate each other

  27. Hi everyone, What’s up, how are you all.
    It’s been so long that i didn’t comment here.
    Now that I did I see some new names here.
    Hey rids, neha, nik, Lee and all where are you guys?? Where are my talking buddies?? Miss you guys and your comments.

    Ps- swasan forever swasan rocks

  28. Lots of Love to you Tejaswi….Only u can do such roles…..
    When u gave mangalsutra to Annaporna made me emotional….
    Please unite Raglak….Unable to see Ragini like…
    Love you so much Ragini…???????????

  29. MAHIRA

    Couldn’t comment today… Really hard working day… But oh God… I loved that episode… Finally my sweet swara is back “you were, is, and will always be my husband”
    Finally my beloved sanskar is back haa he’s angry, haa he’s stubborn but yet he’s sanskar who cares for swara seeing her crying, who after all gives her the fake solution like when he proposed her fake marriage and his voice trembling in that own hearted conversation… It’s like it began
    Ragini, Maheshwaris … Its like if all what did swara for them is returning to her in that union for her and sanskar’s love…
    I cried all along the episode
    Waiting for raglak bumping :p
    Waiting for Swasan romance (carry+loving look back…)

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