Swaragini 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata telling Laksh that she didn’t bring the barood and haven’t tried to kill Kavya. Laksh accuses her and says just like you tried to burn my room. Swara tries to make him understand and says you have proved wrong today. You will repent one day for your blind faith on Kavya. Sanskar says I will not forgive you. Laksh says I don’t want your forgiveness. Inspector says your lecture is good, keep it safely to use in jail. Police team arrest everyone. Adarsh tells Laksh that you have crossed all limits today and can’t be my brother. Police takes everyone. Kavya hugs Laksh.

Groom’s mum says she have brought shagun bangles for Ragini. Sumi asks Ragini if she is happy with the alliance. Groom’s mum says you can talk to my son. Sumi says our daughter is ready for

this alliance. Groom’s mum says can I make my bahu wear bangles now. She holds Ragini’s hand and sees ring on her finger. Dadi asks her to take it out. Groom’s mum asks if this ring was given by your first husband. Shekhar says we have already told you about her marriage. Groom’s mum and dad say that when she couldn’t forget her first husband then how will she keep our son happy. Sumi speaks on Ragini’s behalf. Groom’s mum insults Sumi for marrying in old age. She says why did Ragini get divorced? Dadi says her husband took her signatures without letting her know. Groom’s mum insults them and says no one will marry Ragini now. Dadi challenges her that she will get ragini married within 15 days. Groom’s mum asks her not to challenge when she can’t fulfill. They leave. Dadi asks Ragini to have trust on her. Ragini goes inside sadly.

Swara asks water. Inspector treats them like a criminal. Swara says we are just in custody and nothing is proved against us. Inspector asks Constable to give them water, and also takes their phones. Swara asks Annapurna to drink water. Annapurna says I can’t believe that Laksh have left Ragini for that Kavya. Ragini thinks about neighbors’ taunt and also the guy’s mum taunts. She recalls Dadi’s challenge and cries. Sumi comes there. Ragini tells her that she has forgiven Laksh. Sumi says I trust you. Shekhar says we are happy that you agreed to obey us and move on in life. He says we will search a good guy for you, who will want just you and not look at your past. Sumi tells Ragini that everyone has a fair chance to move on and be happy in life. Swara tells Inspector that she wants to make a phone call. He let her call. Swara calls Ragini. Ragini picks the call. Swara asks if maa papa is near you. Ragini says yes. Swara asks her to hear carefully and don’t react. She tells her everything and a flashback is shown. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini tells Shekhar that she will go and meet Swara outside the house. She comes to the Police station and meets Maheshwari family. She hugs Swara and assures them that she will freed them. Inspector says you can’t do anything as they are suffering for their doings. Ragini says you will repent when I will prove their innocence. She tells Sanskar that she has talked to Inspector and he said that they will not get bail today as the court is closed.

Inspector asks Constable to keep men and women in different lock ups. Ragini promises Annapurna that she will not let them spend night in the lock up. She hugs Swara and asks her to trust her. They are taken to different lock ups. Ragini looks angrily. Kavya tells Laksh that she can’t believe until now what his family have done. Ragini comes shouting Laksh. Laksh hears her voice and comes out of room. He asks what you are doing here? Ragini says I was not believing that you can stoop to low level. I came here to make myself understand that it was good that I have forgotten you. She says I don’t love you now. Laksh is shocked.

Laksh comes to his room and sees Kavya trying to commit suicide by hanging from the fan. Later Inspector tells everyone that they got Kavya’s dead body and the murderer is Laksh. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    toi week spoilers:
    15th mar:police arrest the whole mm family for attempted murder of kavya. meanwhile, the parents who look to marry their son to ragini realise that she is still not overcome her past relationship.
    16th mar:ragini goes to mm house and confronts laksh about his blind support for kavya. will laksh realise his folly or will swara and family rant in jail?
    17th mar: ragini tries to arrenge for the bail money to mm family. meanwhile, lakshya realises kavya intentions but is unaware that he is the target of her new plan.
    18th aug: lakshya disposes kavya’s body in the jungle. meanwhile, ragini manages to get bail for some members of maheshwari family. later, police arrest lakshya for kavya’s murder.

  2. nidhi

    ahaan i had waited for this moment since ages ragini kudos to you awesome bravo you go girl you deserve way better than this laksh ji 😛

  3. Ani

    Ragini wow super acting… Dnt knw if this Kavya is really dead or acting to be dead… Wat abt this kartick… No news abt him…

  4. anu

    if article:
    swara shocked with kavya’s revelation on swaragini!!
    what is the ulterior motive of kavya on colors swaragini?
    as the current track of color’s swaragini features all the men of maheshwari house getting arrested for attempt to murder.(actual its only laksh, about all men dont know i think hole mm clan). the plot will get thicker in the upcoming episodes with laksh to getting arrested for killing kavya, who is pretending to be dead.
    and we has promised to break the suspense behind kavya’s mysterious past..well the cat is finally out of the bag! read on..
    our source informed, “swara who is worried for the family will soon come to know about kavya’s past from annapurna. so here it goes.
    (flash back) there used to be a house numbered as 211, which belonged to durgaprasad’s business partner- malhotra, who was no more, he had two children kartik and tanya, who were guarded by their uncle. once, while laksh goes there to play with tanya, their careless action leads to a major fire in the house. the guardian uncle dies in the accident. however the police only arrests tanya, while lakshya does not gets charged for the incident.”
    this give birth to the idea of revenge in tanya’s mind, she finds it unfair that she was kept in juvenile correction centre during her childhood, while lakshya came out clean.
    now there is a buzz doing arounds tanya’s real identity. whether kavya is tanya or has she came to take revenge for tanya is the suspense.
    keep reading this space for more updates of the show.

  5. sudarshini

    hey,are u guyz watched CNL?namish&tejaswi totaly rocked!whn teju sit near to chintu,namish complaints that y she dont do romance wid him,why dnt she sit wid him..lol.nami is an awesome dancer.and teju hot&slim body,vo patli kamar..uff.. i wonder how can she maintain such a bodylanguage..dressing sense,hairstyle,height,smartness awesome! i found it many tyms tht he has a crush on teju.he proposed teju many tyms..but my favourite is that hug day segment.where teja askd namish&varun kiss each other.bt namish dragged her towards him&forcefuly kissed on her cheekz evn she pushed him..i am sure namish likes tejaswi very much..

  6. anandi

    Laksh u deserve that as u blindly have faith on kavya more then ur family with whom u live for years. U derseve it and kavya now u target him nice. This new drama. She’s dead. I can’t believe. The serial is loosing its charm by this.

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Phele mujge lga ki Kavya Laksh ko drags de rehi hai ya fir laksh ka koi mask pehan ke rehe raha hoga (jiski possiblity hai) but ab lgta hai ki kavaya and that duplicate (burn hand wala, may be or other) unka kaam Luteri Dulhan hai jo ameer family ko aise hi fasati hai, i think police bhi unke sath milli hui hai….

  8. So does this old auntie kavya really dies or she’s acting. And why is it the weird ones always hanging them selfs, first it was that ragini actually twice and now that annoying kavya auntie.

  9. Hey
    Rids, shuva, nik, neha, sunshine, Lee, Needhi, scarlet, kirti, saba, tara, bhuvhi and all where are you guys?? You all may not remember me but I do. You all used to comment here as Swasan fans. Come on guys come back and comment here the way you all used to. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    • Tara

      Woww I’m so happy you still remember all our bond ??❤.. missing swasan scenes so much nd also many our besties are missing. Very disappointed nd thought all forgot our old bond… vry vry happy seeing ur cmnt. If all comes, v ll start back our cmnts abt swaragini, criticisms ? widout some happy drama.. serial is little boring

      • Hi tara welcome back and please do comment here. Yeah me too missing Swasan scene and yeah hope all the other Swasan fans comes back. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    • jollybembi

      Hi enemy where were u i was missing u n ur comments yaar n wow uevn remember our bonding n swasan fangiri its nyc 2 c u back
      O i forgot 2 say dat kirti is my pen name wich i used fr sumtym n i reveald it in dec or jan

      • Hi jollybembi how are you? I’m so happy that you’re back. Keep on commenting here. Now days they don’t show that much of Swasan scenes. Anyways Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  10. Angel

    Hii Guyz..after reading update I knew yahi hona tha.. we will get babaji ka thullu only..nly drama of Kobra n gadha gang ka leader luxji..poor sanky jaise photoframe bangaya hai show me..like in other RS shows juzz bcz dey dnt hav story..show jald hi band krna hai kya inko..idiots kahike? kya tha yr hmara swaragini kya banadiya ye log ne..kyu ye log tracks repeat kr rahe hai..kuchh achha soch nai paa rahe toh kabhi FF padh liya karo der story is far better dan dis original story..I wish ki writer ko samjhe ki high voltage drama is nt story before its too late..ppl will loose interest.. Bring our old SR back..

  11. sanita philip

    tejaswi is such a versatile actor.in a recent article mentioned it(link on raglak page).she got nomination for best actor in both +ve&-ve role in d same year(ITA!!!).also she only got mention frm swaragini tht most wowed actor 2015 along wid ashoka,ishita etc..and she included in the list of best leading roles in -ve along wid mouni,ada,rashmi,pragya aka sriti,ishita aka divyanka,RK aka vivian,milan/ranveer aka shakti etc.and also she did various roles like +ve,semi-ve,-ve,semi+ve,+ve etc.portrayd love,pain,fun,crisp,whn vamp tht angry,cruelity,jasoosi etc..u just luk on tht precap u can see tht how she nailed on as strong ragini while raglak face off frm poor ragini.those who saying she gv same exprsn(only hely holics saying so),undstnd its only ur jealous.and tht swara givng same exprsn either in pain or in powerful role.she nevr portrayed expresions like ragini.

    • un

      It’s awesome news.i love her acting skill so much.thanks for sharing yar.helly is good actress. But tejwi is awesome and best actress.no doubt.

  12. sanita philip

    i read on “helly holics ” post(not like to mention her name),namish in a dilemma&hated teju..lol.joke of d year 😛 !! whn ragini played -ve,namish himself said that if any girl like ragini love him,no doubt he would be hers.in evry iv it is proved that namish mostly liked teju&ur ego article cant change d fact.and also for that writer(frm hellyholics) kind info not only namish,varun also like teju more.in a recent IV at GPA,varun said tht”tejaswi is his bst frnd,he only stayed here for her,&called her as ‘extreme beautiful'”and also when d reporter ask abt his costars performance he said that “i luk forward to tejuz performance&eagerly waiting for it” .the funniest point is tht evn hely performed on d same stage but he didnt mention her name..oh!now i realised why she posted such an article.while hearing ds,no teju haters can control their frustration&ego.lol

    • kavya

      I never knew that helly has gone soo mad in teju and ya teju is really an awesome actress. She has portrayed every shade perfectly.?

    • Sharon shrivatsav

      Very true and even I am a fan of teju???…..she gives best expressions???and is the best actor…..and I totally agree for both of ur comments sanita dear….?????and I think they give imp to teju at least now….hopefully they do it soon…. and watching this show only bcoz of teju ????…..

    • Hi

      Varun said that bcos teju was wid hi! If he had was wid helly he would have said the same thing about helly.
      Helly has a great personality….and in the interviews she is mature and is not CHIPKU!!
      N I dnt think any helly fan is jealous of teju they all like her too…it’s jst that they didn’t like it when in an interview tej said that the PR house is biased towards helly….watevr helly has achieved it is not bcos if her own hard work.
      And helly is also an amazing actress as u can see from the huge no . of fan following she has…and getting nominated is not really a big thing but winning the award is imp….and helly owned it.
      N helly has the charm to attractthe viewers…she is young and talented….whereas in my opinion tejawi looks dull in positive roles it’s boring but she is good at negative roles but the funniest part is that tejawi did QUITTING DRAMA so that her character is turned positive again. I find this immature….n all co-actors of swaragini like eachother.

  13. sanita philip

    I cant stop laughing after reading that gr8 article by NA________(hellyholics) .how much jealous&insecure they are!u thnk y?plz read 1)throughout d article its clear tht d author fears tht whether they loss swara fans or any swara fans turn to ragini fan 2) thy hardly trying none never 4get what ragini did&magnifying hr wrong deeds evn her small mistake 3)evry1 knws teju keep a gud frndshp wid evry1 so namu&varn more lyk her.bt she wrote tht thy r in cofused etc lol 4)it is clear tht she wants ragini as a permanent vilan&wishes evry1 hate ragini love swara&forcing ppl to tweet 5)her article sounds vry wel tht how much she jealous 2wards ragini/ragini 6)She cant digest d fact ragini back to her soul means +ve role 7)she wants the serial only d stry f swara&wishing ragni -ve again.also she vry much afraid if any1 love ragini or not lol

    • Hi

      Get out of ur imagination…noone is jealous of tejaswi.. It’s just that tejaswi looked better in negative role n looks very boring in positive role….n ppl will obviously love swara the character more as she is like an ideal girl whereas ragini I is a bit confused soul

  14. Angel

    I saw colors holi celebration promo on you tube..all couples r der xcpt SR couples.. Y dis rangeela(colors) doing dis..swaragini r sisters nt couples..wan SR cples to dance in holi celebration..at least we will see dem hppy der rather dan dis pakao illogical drama..

  15. Well I don’t hate tejaswi nor I’m a big fan of hers and I don’t know why some people has to compare tejaswi with helly. Yes tejaswi is a good actress and so is helly but helly she’s my favourite. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  16. sanita philip

    i want to ask tht “gr8 author” why she was insecure herself?ragini introduced as a +ve one,change as grey shaded 1 for some extent&now back to her role.y r u fearing? 😀 coz she knew vry wel tht raginiz -ve role gave more sympathy towards swara,and she feared vry much tht hr +vity may loss swaraz sympathy. :-)) laksh-rag engaged,thn swara lovd ragz fiance,take ragz place by creating frndship.thn ragni retake it.the main dffrnce is that they continued swara as +ve bt made ragini as -ve.thts y she got sympathy.any teju fanclub nvr published any article against teju,bt ds helly holics got insecure&started to fear(u can clearly undstnd while readng it) and publishing articles,stories against teju..itna gabrane ki koi bat nehi he JST A SERIAL,DONT TAKE IT AS SERIOUS 😀

    • Aliya

      Sanita,understand your thoughts,as you said,it is just a serial,so bashers will continue that,but I think true fans will remain loyal to the actors they love and understand what we see are just characters,even I am a Tejaswi fan and looking forward to see more scenes of hers.

    • Hi

      U knw wat sanita Philip after reading ur comments it feels as if you are insecure of swara!!!!
      Hahaha haha it true isn’t it??
      Grow up girl!!!
      N one more thing laksh was forcefully engaged to ragini….he never liked her …..n if u have seen swaragini from the starting then swara met laksh before ragini….
      N ya there are many ppl who loved swara more than ragini even when ragini was positive

  17. Prit

    Hai sanita…
    This is only for u….
    Sry if I ll hurt u…
    Helly and teju have same importance in serial…and we love both of them equally… Plz don’t fight like small children…
    People love Helly bcz she has the romance scene with vk and mostly teju don’t have any kind of scene like that..
    But still in my view people love swasan and raglak equally….
    And helly also wrote in twitter that they all share good bonding in sets and she requested all fan to keep unity…
    And in ur comment u also wrote something which hurt helly fans…
    So plz stop fighting… It is a serial…and after all helly is the smallest among them so she may not be comfortable…
    And raglaksan r close among themselves… It’s better not to fight by taking their personal life…
    I hope you will understand me…

      • Hi

        No laksh ragini and sanskar that is namish tejaswi and varun all are aged between 23 – 26 year old whereas helly has just turned 20.

    • sanita philip

      dear prit, please read my all comments.i have no problem with helly.but this helly holics posted a article against ragini.thats y i posted it as a reply.thank u.

    • Angel

      You r right prit its der personal lyf..dey will decide..n first of all varun n teju r frnds since 8 yrs namish also said dat dey r frnds even b4 SR..wats d big deal..yr..bt Fans wer fighting on dis topic too much afterwards helly had to request all fans to stop fight on insta..Don’t fight like dat..helly also said she doesn’t lyk wen swara n ragini fans fight with each other n told dem to be united..n all share gd bonding on set..we should be swaragini fans nt swara and ragini..lv both of dem..??

      • Nuszoya

        Yeah agree with u angel.. We should b swaragini fans only as both are equally important for is and both actings are just amazing

  18. sanita philip

    sry read as any tejaswi fan club nevr published article against swara/helly..bt … (cre;i used some informations, got from ragini fans(with proof))

    • Malar

      Hey don’t fight yaar..they r only serial characters.. Apart from this theju and helly r good friends..helly her self stated this on Twitter..look how they cute together..cute swaragini..

    • Hi

      Have I seen helly’s account on Instagram
      Teju fans go crazy over there and abuse helly and what not atleast helly fans never abuse teju

  19. vanitha Bengaluru

    sanita,i am agree with ur some views.i read that article but i want to say only one thing to that writer she needs to consult a psychatrist! i am not bashing her but saying seriously.because it is just a serial&ragini not introduced as a vilan like tapsi or rashi (both were permanant vilan from the begining) .she is the gud character but changed like simar,ishita,Pragya etc for a small period.

  20. No one is going to save this serial nor bring back its glory unless cv’s comes up with logical storylines….

    and H.hasan u have such a patience to tolerate this crap…….

  21. vanitha Bengaluru

    evryone did mistakes including us but needs a second chance like sanskar,ragini,DP,etc. if we apologise,repent&rectify our mistakes,thy should forgiven.because no one is bad from birth to death especialy leading roles.situations may lead us to do wrong,bt whn we realize it,it was the great thing.i noticed a QUESTION on that post that how can ragini back to +ve.ANSWER is simple think how she turned -ve,.none expected such innocent poor&suppressed would turn -ve.bt she changed whn she was blind in love,aftr she realized it&back as old ragini.after all its a serial,enjoy it,i love both swara-ragini equaly.but that article..yes sanita me too wondered.why we creating envy.they all best friends.why we spreading hatred 2wards others..if we hate any one hate it but why forcing others.i think you all understand me.we are not brainless for fighting for fictional characters who are just an imagination of writer.they have no problem each other,then why we creating enemies? ..but seriouly&honestly saying as a sister,that girl need counselling.

    • kavya

      Miss vaniths bangaluru…r u not sanita Philip?? Den why are you commenting as some other person and on your own views.?

    • Hi

      Ragini was again turned to positive because TEJASWI did QUITTING DRAMA and threatened the writers etc that if they won’t change her character from negative to positive then she will leave the show!!!!!

  22. Baisali

    Yeh maheshwari mansion durga prasad ka hai ya phir police waalo ka? Jab dekho much uthake chale aate hai :P. Agar yeh bungalow itna pasand aaya h toh mehmaan banke kuch din ke liye reh lo. I think durga prasad must invite these cops for some days :D. Aurto ke beech rehna bahut pasand h iss inspector ko :D. Jab dekho aurto ko target karta hai. Tharki inspector kahika 😀 :D. Apna ghar samajhke rakha h kamina.

  23. ruby

    waw tejaswi you are really versatile actress. helly same expression and should take acting class from teju. helly muft mein jyada din success nehi milta hey.

    • Angel

      Hey hi dear Ruby..y did u say dat..heltej both r fab actresses..all I think is if u love one of dem don’t like other fine bt if u cannot appreciate ones achievement OK at least don’t post negative cmmnt..helly is nice actress yr bt writer gave her positive shade nly its nt her fault n she won d awards based on votes given by her fans n all viewers.. It’s nt muft me usne bhi utna hi hardwork kiya hai jitna teju ne..n dat in too young age..RS herself said helly is fab actress..Don’t question on someones win..I knw teju is versatile actress I used watch tejus old like 2612,dharohar played different shades beautifully..bt its nt dat helly at lower level..both dem r superb in der place..playing der character really very well..both of dem r Best friends in real life too..lv u heltej ??
      So sry if I hurt you..

    • Hey ruby
      I remember people like you used to bash helly here. Some of them used to discriminate against helly’s looks and always used to compare. One few of tejaswi’s fans called her ugly, fat and saggy face. They used to moan by saying why swara is always showing mahan all the time and why ragini is shown bad. I don’t get people like you is there necessary to compare and Bad mouth like this. You say helly needs to get acting class from tejaswi but the thing is that she’s been acting since she was a child and I don’t see anything wrong with her acting. I’m not a fan of tejaswi but I do think that she’s pretty and talented actress and so is helly.

  24. I like ragani u will find the truth againts kvya and freed all maheshawary family ………
    but please dont marry to laksh again . u will give more pain to laksh they forgive him..
    and date to another handsome boy to gellous to laksh …………
    when he relise the mistake then marry him…….

  25. Isha

    I read many of the comments here regularly . am just wondering that is there any season for comments which are posted here? Reason I ask is previously I used to see lots of Swasan comments and people bad-mouthing Tejaswini(understandable because some people don’t know the difference between Ragini and Tejaswini)
    Now when Ragini has been made positive, I see lots of comments only supporting Tejaswini and bad-mouthing Helly. As a character Swara is always on the right and Ragini flip-flopped between +ve and -ve as per her convenience. as an actress, both Helly and Tejaswini are good actresses (not great as some of the seniors like Dhrasti,Sanaya,Kratika, Shriti to name a few)

    Helly has a different kind of beauty unlike Tejaswini whose beauty will be appealing to more people because of its innocence and sweet looks.

    Stop comparing both of them and enjoy the show

    • Angel

      Yeaa srsly people here used to praise swasan alot..n bad-mouthing rags bcz of her negative shade its all obvious bcz it’s fictional character bt all love teju..bt suddenly started hating helly juzz dnt understand y..offcurse nw ragu changed to +ve all loves her..bcz her innocence n cuteness..bt y dey r questioning on hellys acting skills..stop fighting like kids if teju fans love her praise her acting skills n helly fans love her appreciate her..bt stop badmouthing abt both of dem..dont compare both of dem both of dem r too gd..

    • Hi

      Ya I agree wid u isha and Angel
      There was atleast a reason being people hating ragini but ppl hate helly out of jealousy o guess as those who hate helly might be just small kids…

    • Hi Isha and Angel
      You’re right about Swasan fans about bashing ragini, I remember and I was one of them but I never said anything bad about tejaswi nor the others becoz we know the difference between ragini and tejaswi. These tejaswi fans were very mean and rude those days even now. Anyways I’m just gonna try to ignore their comments from now on.?

  26. Silent Reader

    I really don’t understand the commenter I’m a silent reader but today I comment because of them.
    I red every comment and was hell shocked. How can people say like this totally embarrassed man. If u don’t like the show then don’t see it y r u watching it. And y r u comparing the characters and acting skills? Helly is five years younger than Teju so ….. hope u all underatand and behave like mature people. It’s totally embarrassed man I want to tell that I’m really very young from u all but see u all r behaving like too small kids. I’m also not a teenager shame guys. Don’t be angry or sad just understand it. Thanku and remember swaragini rocks always when are together.

    • un

      There is 3 years difference between tejswi and helly.and helly is working in television from 6 year old she was.in that case she is senior of tejswi

      • Hi

        But ACC to age she is younger to tej and anyways both are good actresses and both are amazing in their different ways…..ppl just need to grow up

  27. Prit

    So some of u people don’t understand still now…
    U r just badmouthing about helly….and her acting capabilities…
    Un, I know namish is small…but don’t compare him with helly…
    And yes if someone bashed teju then she/he is helly’s fan…not helly…
    So y r u all bashing her???
    It is not fair guys…plz plz understand…
    Don’t criticize any actor or actress’s capabilities… They are trying hard to entertain us….
    And most importantly don’t compare their reel and real life… Plz…
    It’s my request…

  28. kavya

    Guyzzzz can you all please chillaxxx….i mean what the hell is happening here? Why are you all people fighting like this? Teju and helly both of them have got talent and same potentials that is why they were chosen for this serial. Its ok that people are fans of teju or helly but plzzz stop criticizing the others. Its just a serial and both of them are awesome in there parts. Soo plzz just end this topic. All of them are good, swasan raglak…everyone rocks. Just the writers suck? nd now plzz donot criticize helly or teju…atleast for the sake of SWARAGINI. Its my earnest request.


    Hi guys, I am new here & me too watching SR from begining onwards…
    I am not sure but acc to me kavya is not dead & swarag ek saath milke kavya ka sach bahar layegi aur uska plan chopat kar dhegi.
    aur jaise ki info mila hai ki ragini & Karthik will fall in luv…thab laksh will feel jealous aur thab jaake usse apne pyare ka ehsaas hoga but ragini uske saath vaise hi behave karegi jaise laksh uske saath kartha aya hai. Aur vaise bhi Karthik ne tho SBS ke through ye confirm kar dhiya hai ki voh SR ka villain hai….thab laksh will save rags from karthik & thn soon raglak luv story will begin..
    Oh wow! Guys don’t think tht this s the story, this s just my imagination….hope tht story will go like this & raglak will soon unite…..

  30. ww

    oh god. stop bad mouthing about anyone…i think both are awesome actresses and both deserve love. this game of insulting the opposite actress is very bad. teju is beautiful and so is helly guys, and its swaragini and not swara vs ragini so stop fighting like kids. and whenever i open my insta im always hell shocked by peeps comments. also teju fans are spreading fake rumours about helly’s exit from the show. whats going on here !! behave like mature people and stop this non sense.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.