Swaragini 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara trying to convince Dadi to let Kissan stay in Dida’s house. She says Kissan is innocent and was going to commit suicide. Dadi asks them to do what they want? Kissan says I will take bath first and asks Swara to show washroom first. He says he will touch Dadi’s feet. Dadi asks him to go. He touches Dadi’s feet and goes to washroom. Dadi asks Sumi, what Swara is doing here, as she went to Maheshwari house. Sumi says something has happened. Swara takes Kissan to Dida’s house. Kissan says he will do and take the table from her hand. He makes the fan rotate and falls down. Swara laughs. He looks at her. Swara tells him that washroom is that side. Kissan says okay. He closes the door. Swara goes. Kissan sits down and picks their wedding photo frame. He promises to Swara

and himself that he will make everything fine. Swara gets Sahil’s call and is about to pick call, but just then Dadi calls her. Dadi tells Sumi that Swara shouldn’t have left that house, she has to remember that she was very much happy with Sanskar and in that relation. Swara comes to Dadi.

Dadi says why did you come back? She says you are bahu of that house and it is your house. Swara says I can’t stay there. I went there to take care of Ragini, but can’t stay with that man under the same roof. She says whenever I see him, I recall that he is the murderer. Dadi says he is your husband. Swara says I know, but whenever I see him, I just remembers that he shot at me. Dadi says your sister also needs you. Swara says how I will take care of Ragini, when I couldn’t forget it. She feels pain in her head. Shekhar asks her to rest and asks Dadi to give her some time. Sanskar calls laksh. Sujata takes the call and asks where are you? Ram asks where are you? Sanskar says I am at my friend’s home. Sujata asks him to return. Sanskar says he will come, and asks them to take care of Swara in his absence.

Sanskar disconnects the call and sees Swara standing………. He makes excuses. Swara says I know, you had talked to your mum. Kissan says yes…and says my mum got happy knowing I got a partner to take part in IGT. He says his mum will distribute sweets in Patna. Swara asks him to tell what he would like to have in tea. Kissan says he wants to have masala tea which she used to make and asks her to add kali mirchi also. Swara says you talk so much and asks him to eat breakfast. All the Maheshwari family are sad.

Sujata imagines Sanskar there and gets happy. She gets sad then. Ragini and Laksh pacify her. Sujata cries and feels bad for Sanskar. Laksh says he will return and have food with you. He asks her to have food. Sujata refuses. Parineeta brings something in plate and asks Annapurna to check the masala in the vegetable dish. She brings Papaya in the plate and thinks to kill Ragini’s baby. Sanskar starts practicing the song. Swara says Kissan. She says God will get upset with you. Kissan says you are my guru and I will do as you says. Swara sings Maine Tenu Samjhava….ji…….Sanskar recalls all their happy moments. Swara sings the song and plays harmonium.

Parineeta asks Ragini to eat fruits. Ragini says thanks and takes papaya. She is about to eat, when Annapurna stops her. Laksh asks what happened? Ragini says I was just eating fruits. Annapurna says it is poison for you as you are pregnant. Annapurna asks Parineeta, how can you give papaya to her. Parineeta says she forgot that she is pregnant. Sujata taunts her and says when you can’t give us happiness, and is pain when someone else giving us baby. Sujata takes papaya from Ragini’s plate and thanks god. Ragini tells Laksh that she will talk to Sumi and is worried about their lie. Laksh says he is also worried and asks her not to take any tension.

Kissan says you sings well and have much confidence. He says I will make you learn something and asks her to counts the numbers. Swara says 123…go. Kissan sings lipstick..lolipop song…and dances with Swara. Sahil comes and is shocked.

Sahil asks Swara to come with him and takes her forcibly. Kissan looks on. Ragini and Laksh are going back home after meeting Swara, and just then Ragini sees lorry about to hit their car. She alerts Laksh. Laksh hits his car with a tree. Ragini gets injured, blood falls down her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sriranjani

    Noo……This shd not happen…………. Save Raglak and Swasan from Pari and Sahil

  2. episode is nice.. but hating pari drama.. she hell bent to destroy ragini.. hope sujju dont turn negative…. i want her to come to know about pari who is main responsible for swasan condition and want her reaction when she comes top know about pari… dont want her -ve for swasan… want pari truth out asap.. hating her more.. and how sahil forcily dragging swara.. but soon he comes to know kisan real identity.. hope swara dont mu sanskar.. want shil vs sanskar.. or sahil vs swasan..

  3. I never thought I’ll type this , but thank u cv’s for the samjavan scene…. It was so heart throbbing and hair raising that i thought my hair wanted to jump outta my hand the way they stood up during the scene. The flashbacks and Kisan’s playful peeping…
    If I had one chance to get into the television into the serial world, I would have kicked that Sahil in the face, knock him out with his own guitar and finally drop that harmonium on his chest.

  4. swasan moments were good pari is turning into a total negative shade how can she even think of killing a unborn and omg raglak s accident hope so they are safe .The way laksh helps ragini is just wonderful love raglak.

  5. stop this pari drama and give raglak proper track


      Ur raglak don’t deserve a proper track jst go to hell u blo*dy RAGLAKIANS with ur raglak u bull shit

  6. Xxxx

    I guess sanskar comes to know about sahil’s face…..
    really hope raglak solid track in future…..

  7. papaya is bad for pregnant women ? really ? btw ty so much for update.

    1. Raw papayas have abortificent properties and can cause a miscarriage. I don’t know how or why, though.

      1. oh the raw one, ic, ty for the answer, i just know bout raw pineapple or grape or durian that bad for 1st trimester on pregnancy.tyty

  8. I think it is more better to have one hero and heroine otherwise there raise problems like swaragini…

  9. Main is sahil ki jaan lena chahti hoon.
    Uski himmat kaisi hui swasan ke beech aane ki …
    Kisi aur ki patni se pyar karta hai…
    Dear readers. …
    I am learning Hindi
    Pehli baar maine hindi mein comment kiya hai
    Agar koi mistakes hai,toh pls bathayiye..thaaki main apni aapko correct kar sakun..??

    1. well done. keep on going.

      1. Tanq so much sri

  10. *beech mein

  11. This kissan track is soo good.. Also nowadays raglak scenes are very good.. Now shahil.. I guess as shahil don’t know that it’s sanskar, sanskar will come to know about shahil..

    1. Juggu

      Hi adithi nanu vandhuten

      It is nt fair hw could swara forget everything sanskar done to her he is d awesomest husband in d world.

      I hate that sahil.it is nt fair to plan to get others love when they hope gud

      1. couldn’t agree more to you juggu…. sooo much sweet memories between them to forget huhuhuhu

  12. sahil to expose kisan’s ‘real identity’ in swaragini!!
    sahil will plot the circumstances to keep the love birds, swara and sanskar at bay.
    sanskar’s ‘dhamakedar’ entry as kisan on the poppy bollywood tune in yesterday’s episode of swaragini(colors) took us back to remaining entry of rv(shakti arora) in MATSH!
    but apart from sanskar’s entry on the buoyant tune, we noticed that after a lot of intense serious drama, the show is now incorporating an element of comedy.
    swara’s hero hasnow turned into the rock star kisan and trying his best to woo his lady love.
    the episodes ahead will get all the more interesting as kisan will enter swara’s home to learn music, coming across as a filmy and “happy-go-lucky” person.
    but, can everything go well for too long in a daily soap?
    macho man, anuj sachdeva who entered in the serial as sahil is the new villan to distrupt the love story and now he will plot the circumstances to keep the love birds, swara and sanskar at bay. in the midst of this , sahil will findout kisan’s real identity and will try to expose him too!!
    going by the way the track has started , we guess the daily soap will only get more engaging with each passing day! what are your views on the upcoming track? drop your comments in the comment section below.

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    nowadays swaragini is quite interesting as I love sanky’s kisshan disguise haha kisshan is so funny and swasan wow they rock well i didnt watch this show much due to timings and also irritated with the high drama, but now my holidays started watched it love swara-kisshan i mean swara-sanskaar bond 😛 and this sanlak bari bhabi is so irritating in the first episode i saw i knew she will become villain one day, and actually more than swara sahil and pari suits more as a pair 😛 and kisshan rocks 😛 excellent acting by varun 😛

    1. Juggu

      Hi jo

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hi juggu 😛

  14. swara and sanskar in reality show!!
    swara and sanskar to audition for a popular reality show.
    color’s swaragini is always bringing forth some intresting twist and turns for their audience. the show will be soon be coming up with yet another intresting drama.
    as reality shows have been trnding on our indian telivision, makers are trying something unusal this time- collaboration of a daily soap with reality show!
    AS PER THE UPCOMING TRACK, sanskar has entered swara’s life as rockstar kisan and he wants to be a part of popula reality show india’s got talent 7. so, swara and sanskar actually went tothe sets of india’s got talent 7 sets to give an audition for the show. however, this particular episode will be aired on swaragini only.
    when we contacted helly shah, she refused to comment on the same.
    are you excited to watch the special episode? comments below.

  15. Sahil i will kill you
    Tum swara ke peeche kyu pade ho she is a maarid girl
    Love you Varun you are such a best actor

  16. Is that true anu wow!! I’m waiting for it I didn’t expect it but auditions are also finished for IGT now hunarvaar will be there. I have a doubt will they be selected?? Well more than 90% of me is saying NOoooo. I loved it now swaragini become more fav of mine well I’m a mad fan of SWARGINI. Will swara continue the show, I mean she is also taking part in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Dancing with stars.
    Now my heart says that swara should never get her memory back
    areey pehle reason to jaanlooooooo I said it because I’m loving this Kisan trak and if her memory comes back than kisan will also go back to his home Patna. I know it’s difficult for sanskaar to be like that but what can I do………..

  17. Guys maheswari house me police ane waali ha
    Swara ko arrest karne ke liye
    Actualy police ko kahin se ye news milti hai ki swara ne sanskar ka murder kardiya but dont worry aur sanskar is perfectly fine aur police sanskar ko sahi dekhkar wapas chai jati hai
    I think ye sahil ka hi koi naya plan hai sanskar ko swara se door karne ka

  18. Oh my my….raglak accident…hope dey wl b f9…coz i jst love ragini n wtch swaragini nly bcoz of her…..tejaswi u rocks…

  19. salina kapoor

    sanskar koo police keee hawale maat karna.Sanskar koo swara kee sath rako taki swara koo sab jaldi yaad aa jae. where z dida?????? usko bhi jaldi seee wapis lao n dadi kaa husband yani shekar keee papa ko bhi lao taki family complete hooo jae.N ds z my favourite sereial.

  20. What? Pls let swara remember fastly . . . And make rag really pregnent . . .

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