Swaragini 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kavita saying she is not weak and will take care of herself. She asks Sanskar and Swara to promice that they will be together and will never feel guilty about her. Swara hugs her and looks at Sanskar. Sanskar is about to say sorry. Kavita asks him not to say sorry and thanks Sanskar for leaving the relation at the right moment. She says I will search a guy more good than you. Sanskar smiles. He says Kavita…..Kavita asks him not to tell anything and gives him a flower so that he couldn’t forget her. She asks him to take care and gets down the temple stairs holding the rest of the flowers. Swara tells Sanskar, why did you tell her that you can’t be happy with her. Sanskar says this is truth and I couldn’t take a wrong promise. I don’t love you, but love you, damm it.

Kavita is sitting beside the stairs and cries badly. Sanskar tells Swara that he couldn’t be happy with Kavita as he wants to be with her all her life. Swara cries. Sanskar asks why you are crying? Swara says as I love you. She says I love you Sanskar……………..She says I can’t live without love. Tere liye music plays………………Sanskar and Swara hug each other. Tere Liye song plays……………They recall the past happenings while having an intense hug.

Sanskar apologizes for giving her much pain, and for bringing tears in her big eyes, and for keeping away from her even though after loving her. Swara thanks her for coming in her life, for giving her dream and for making her feel that nobody can love her more than him. Then they say no sorry and no thank you in friendship. They say I love you to each other and hug again happily.

Urvashi comes back home and tells Dadi that she is feeling food to have went to Ragini’s house. Sumi says Swara went as she was worried about her. Urvashi says she can take care of herself. Swara comes running and feels shy. Urvashi asks why you are shying. Swara says I went to see you. Urvashi asks what is the matter? Swara asks about Shekhar and asks Dadi to come inside. Urvashi tells this bengali is strange, and is celebrating even though her husband have divorced her. Dadi says she doesn’t care about her and don’t want her to interfere in Ragini’s life.

Sanskar tells family that they have decided…..Swara tells her family that they have decided to unite. Dada ji blesses them. Sumi asks how this has happened? Swara tells she went to temple insearch of Urvashi and there all the misunderstandings were cleared. Sanskar tells that he has realized that he loves Swara and was lying to Swara and Kavita, both. Ragini looks on shocked.

Ram says you have taken a right decision at last. Sujata thinks Swara and Ragini will do Mahabharat again and wonders what will happen with them. Laksh hears it and congratulates Sanskar with a hug and a broad smile. Shekhar hugs Swara and says he has heard a good news after much time. Durga Prasad says I am happy for you. Ragini says you are forgetting one thing, and says you all couldn’t see Kavita’s pain. Kavita comes and says it is not like that. Sanskar goes to her. Kavita says you did what I asked you to do. I have seen happiness on your face after many days, and I am the reason for your happiness now. I don’t have anything against anyone. I came to take my stuff. Annapurna asks Sanskar to let kavita go now. Ragini asks Uttara to distribute sweets.

Ragini asks Kavita how can she go? Kavita says it is my destiny. Laksh says nobody will come in between you both now. Ragini asks Kavita, how can you leave your love and go. Kavita says I have understood that you don’t like Swara, but I am happy to have taken this decision. She comes out and sees Sanskar standing.

Sanskar apologizes and says sorry. Kavita asks him not to say sorry else she will cry. She says I will be absolutely fine and says if she gets in any problem then will tell him. Sanskar says okay. Kavita hugs him and says sorry for it. She asks him to give more love to Swara and gives her best wishes before leaving. Sanskar looks on.

Dadi says everything will happen again and where will Swara stay? Annapurna, Sujata and all of the family members come there. Sumi asks how are you all? Durga Prasad says we are very happy with their decision. Ram says it seems you knows about the good news. Sumi says I will bring tea and breakfast. Durga Prasad says first lets talk about important thing. Annapurna says Sanskar wants to say something before us. Sanskar says I don’t know from where to start and apologizes for the recent happenings. He says he wants Swara to hear his talk. Swara comes just then. Shekhar says God has fulfilled your wish. Sanskar asks Swara’s hand in marriage for him from Shekhar, and says he want their new life to start with their blessings. He says Swara is my life and I promise to keep her happy all her life, and will never let any tear come in her yees.

Shekhar hugs him happily accepting the alliance. He tells durga Prasad that engagement function shall be done today. Durga Prasad says they are ready and come with all the arrangements. Annapurna gives shagun for Swara. Swara takes elders’ blessings and touch their feet. She hugs Sumi then. Durga Prasad says engagement function will be in our house. Sanskar says but in the evening and asks if they permit then can I take her out today. Ram asks Sujata if she isn’t happy with Swara. Sujata says she is happy and likes Swara, but is afraid to see Swara and Ragini’s fight. Uttara talks to Parineeta and informs her that Sanskar has taken Swara out. They will reach in the evening for their engagement. She says no one can put black eye on their happiness. Ragini looks on unhappy.

Sanskar takes Swara out. She is happy to see the special arrangement, as the flowers are thrown on them from the helicopter. Sanskar proposes her for marriage. Swara and Sanskar hug as she accepts his proposal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Manvi

    I hate this serial so much but I love tejaswi so muchhhhh I m dealt crazy for her.she is cute…..but mujhe woh log bilkul pasand nhi h jo ragini ko valid dete dete tejaswi ko dene lagte h I think woh log pagal ho gay h …inse unki character dikhti h ligneous hands h woven log aap teju ko yeah raginj ko bura kahne se pahle soch lena ki agar aap swara ke fan ho agar teju ke fan kuch bolde toh kitna bura lagega… yukkkkk how disgusting peoples ……..sab sirf ragini ke burai dekhte h jab achieve this rabbi bhi or buried h tabhi bhi kuch log ki adat hoti h logo me sirf burai dekhne ki…aaj sanskar bahut zachary dikha raha but ragini aysi h sirf uski wahjah se…….agar ki dil ko itna toda jaye toh uske paas dil hi nhi rahta h…….
    or swara ab kehti h ki laksh se pyar karna uska bachpna tha ok…..per uske uss pachpane ragini ki life barbad kar di ………but anyway mein diluted se chati hu ki ragini yeh show chod de I mean teju …..because she deserve better character in her life……..plsss teju yeh show chod do…..because yaha koi bhi tumhare acting ko samjhne salary nhi h
    …..or haaa gali dena ka itna hi shoal h toh writer ko do naki meri teju or ragini…..

    • Naira

      I agree with you that people should not hate Tejaswi…but you see her character in the show….She had been conspiring against her sister for her love(the guy who doesn’t even love her)…..Swaragini fans have hatred for Ragini and not Tejaswi…..And you can’t say that Swara ke bachpane neh Ragini ki zindegi kharab kardi…This is because Swara would never choose her love over her sister……If ragini would once ask Swara to leave Laksh then she would have done that immediately but she tried of killing her sister…and now when Swara and Sanskar started loving each other,Ragini wants to destroy Swara’s happiness….In other words Ragini is after Swara’s happiness and not Laksh…….To be honest I like Tejaswi more then Helly but in the serial its definitely Swara,… Sorry if u are hurt by my words…I also agree that gali writers ko deni chahiye aur Tehaswi ko nehi…

      • ladoo

        Yes …u r right…but the whole mistake is not of ragini or swara…the whole mistake is of laksh…ragini is a traditional girl…she doesn’t get a chance even to say feeling in front of family also…no one cares about her feelings…everyone asking her to do what they say…she brought up like that only…but swara…she enjoyed all the freedom of world….she can say what she wants…but ragini can’t….laksh betrayed by doing engagement with her two times….swara also developed in ragini’s mind that laksh is loving ragini only….swara never tried to tell ragini about laksh is loving her rather than ragini….

        Don’t u think ragini heart is betrayed they both…one is her sister…for whom she gave the respect of sister in front of world…another one laksh who she’s loves a lot….onetime already convinced to forget laksh…but again how??Sanskar what Sanskar did u all takes him a hero…he is the only person who pollute ragini’s mind…while she is in hospital…by instigating her that she should marry laksh….he too betrayed by taking swara side….ragini didn’t do intentionally or it is not her plan to get swalak to one…it is sanskar’s plan…. But Sanskar is good now ragini is bad….wow what a parshiyality….ragini doesn’t threw swara intentionally into the river..she just pushed her…not to touch her…she fell down…she then also cries and tries to help swara….

        I seriously hating dis serial it is swaragini but it is better to keep the name as swara vs ragini…or swara a mahan all da time …..very bad writer the way u r shaping…I think u r showing parshiyality on swara and your making to show public that traditional girls are bad they will be cruel…I hate u writer

    • Anaita

      I agree with both of u… i too love tejaswi and i am only watching swaragini for tejaswi but writers r making it swasan.. no matter where is ragini… swara’s name is also involved in the title but they made tejaswi the villain really hating that… and i too support tejaswi…

      • Anaita

        I just wanna say that some people who comment on this page behave so illiterally that they some times forget that this is a serial not a real life story.. how come they are liable to curse tejaswi… Naira i agree wid ur point but in serial’s point of view why d hell are they going personal and commenting on tejaswi…

    • Archiii

      Tumhe sayad ragini pasand hogi… par tum woh dekho ki usne kya kiya okkk..by d way yeh ek show h.. reality show nhi h… yeh sab kuch real nhi h… anyways ab iss show mai yeh dikgayega ki ragini will commit suicide..

  2. Sukanya

    If my guess is crt… both ragini and her maasi r team.. because ragini’s maasi is making attempt to separate swasan and trying to ruin swara image in maheswari family… and ragini is also trying her best to keep swara away from maheswari family..

    Ragini ur character is getting vry bad day by day..u always want to suceed in ur love but u r not letting swara to get love..swara always supporting u in ur difficult times but u always hurt swara and try to throw her out..what did swara done to u..her only mistake she s dng now according to me is supporting u always..

    This serial is getting disgusting day by day…now they r showing as ragini commits sucide..I swear she I’ll never do that..she s just taking that to stop swasan marrige..

  3. Anandi

    I m sooooooooooooooooo happpppppppppppppy. Swasan rocks. They can never be apart. R u all not happY? Dont like reunion of swasan??? Plz telll………..

    • Scarlet

      Happy? I’m supper happy for swasan reunion and I’m dam excited for swasan date

      • nik

        Hiiiiii…scarlet. Me too supeerrrr…happy. Actually I don’t hv words to describe my happiness. N regarding SWASAN date it is one of d best date of dailysoaps I hv ever seen. M also looking forward for it n I think it ll b aired on Monday (18 Jan) 9:30 pm. So swasanians don’t miss it .” SWASAN rocks n SWASAN 4ever n ever.”

      • Scarlet

        Yeah nik absolutely correct swasan date is the best date on Indian television even before the episode airs we are this much excited don’t know what will happen when the episode airs swasan are amazing I’m eagerly waiting for the episode to air

  4. What ever laksh doing fr ragni is absolutely right she deserves it what the nonsense she did to kill swara the way she insulted Annapurna and maheswari family.dadi is too mean she forget the things what ragni did and supporting her and now again hate fr swara and stupid oorvasi mask suits fr rags and dadi

  5. Moni

    Before writers used to justify Ragini character saying that she is doing all for getting love. But now, after getting love of laksh also, she is not happy to see swasan together. People who like Tejaswi as Ragini seem to get confused whether they should hate Tejaswi or Ragini? What is your stand?

  6. Happy for swasan , bt y is Ragini still not feeling happy for swara n hates her plzz writers change ragini’s character to + one .

  7. Aliya

    Itnaaaaa late update??

    N yeah guesss u know what ragini is gonna attempt suicide as laksh ll betrayed her

    Poor ragini.. waise wo abhi b sudhri nhi h…

  8. Guys pls don’t fyt over everyone are saying hate ragini not hate tejaswi so plzzzz dnt blame each other and fa this dnt hate swara too

      • siya

        Not during date… He ll come to baadi at mid night n ask Swara to come outside thro back side way n gift her a dress n ask her to wear it morning as he is going to take her somewher… After that he heads to leave suddenly Swara call him n kiss him in his cheek… N same time mausi ll watch all these things thro window… Dunno Wat she gonna do… May be mausi ll destroy that dress I guess…n the VO mentioned that this happiness is only for sometime becoz Swasan gonna separate…after listening this I felt like I hav fallen in ground from everest…

  9. mausam

    exactly she is a vry gud actor
    wo to khud chahti ki wo ve character me aa jaye bt director hi fool h
    yaha ek hona chaiye lakhsya n swara ko to ho rhe sanskar n swara
    ye to yahi hua na ki kisi ko uske pyar se alg kr do fr gud bn k usi ko pao
    waah ghatiya story

  10. siya

    Plz… Sr team… Don’t make kavitha negative n also turn ragini positive… So much negative characters.. Plz… Close kavitha characters n don’t drag n kill her positive character… I loved her in tis episode…

    • nik

      Hey siya, u forgot one thing in ur request list n its most important. Don’t worry I ll do it on ur n all swasanians behalf so here goes “plzzz…SR team don’t postpone SWASAN marriage , Lt it complete widout any hindrance. We fans r waiting for SWASAN union from a long tm n r8 we r watching swaragini in a hope dat de ll gt married widout any hindrance. Plzzz….don’t break our hope.

      • sethooty

        Bad news for swasan ..
        SBS segment shows swara ‘s kisses sanskar on cheek …
        Both r very happy, bt SBS tells that these happiness will vanish soon..

      • Scarlet

        Hey guys just chill swasan marriage will happen for sure and currently I’m enjoying swasan date and swasan first kiss and I can’t wait for the episode to air

      • Neha

        He scarlet how can u be sure abt their marriage I mean they repeatedly saying after some days swara will again loss her love n crying situation will begin …so can u plz explain…n scarlet i want u should b ryt n swasan marriage should get complete…hope for a rply frm u

      • siya

        Scarlet… Hope your words comes true… I read kavi ll creative misunderstanding btw Swasan… I hope Swasan stand together wenever n whoever truth to creative problem btw them….but I am worried after watching ssb video where mentioned Swasan happy moment is not going to be long lasting… ‘coz their separation n san ll leave Swara…

      • siya

        I hope san won’t repeat the same mistake whic was done by Laksh… Laksh believed that video n married ragini n I hope San won’t do like that…

  11. Manvi

    yeah guys I agree with u sheela ….I also love swara character so much….and I m really sorry ….mera ap sabko hurt karneka aisa koi intention nahi tha I m really sry sry sryyyyy
    but guys jab meine tejaswi ke facebook page me unhe itni gandi gandi galiya di gayi thi aap imagine bhi nahi kar sakte……uske pics pe sab comments karte …h ….she is looking like a chudail…….satan….I don’t know unke ghar me unki mummy unhe gali dena sikhati h …..very bad….mein abhi std 6 me hu……..I know aap sab mere se bade ho ….samjhdar ho……I m really sry guys sryyyyyyyyyyy
    nahi mein varun dhawan ki burai sun sakti hu nahi aliya or tejaswi ki……so isliye meine yeh sab kah diya sry

  12. sethooty

    Swara kiss on Sanskar cheek sbs segment
    But sad news is dey will separate soon

  13. Anamika

    I also happy. Why some of them need ragini’s equal role? She is a bad person now she turned then what is the need her equality with swara. Why they hate sanskar? We all like tejaswi namish varun and helly. But in swaragini the charatorwise like is goes to swara and sanskar. That is only because of their charactor. Pls anlyse the charactors only. Writer pls don’t turn kavitha anegative one ragini. Today i like what she told to ragini. Pls do not create another ragini.

  14. Neha

    Hey all of can anyone help me?? Actually I want to know whether sanskar listened to the recording which was given by swara by tape recorder?? N if yes dn plz snd me the episode link…plz help guys

    • NRK

      because rags thinks that if swara stays in the house, lucky ‘s focus will go on her. besides, every one will think rags bad and swara devi.

  15. we all hate teju’s character but not teju I think you takes the comments negatively so.try to understand/or you might like the character of teju in swaragini serial so you are writting all these comments.

  16. Dil

    The best episode of Swaragini and Swasan scenes up to date.. The best lov confession i hv evr watched in a daily soap with the amazing chemistry and that tere liye song in bg.. Its so emotional so touched.. I was crying..We were awaiting fr this date since long time.. Finally it has com true.. Love Swasan.. I watched this amazing confess more than ten times..hats off to Cvs fr giving us such a perfect swasan confession scene..

  17. bhuvi

    Hey… Swasanians… How do yo do guys?? Hope yo guys are happy n looking forward for foregoing episodes… Even am excited for Swasan date, engagement, real first peck … After tat???after tat again we ll start to use tissue paper…

    • Scarlet

      Don’t worry dear I will make sure tissue paper doesn’t exist
      Swasan marriage will definitely happen and as long as swasan are together we don’t need any tissue papers and we all know swasan will be together forever

      • bhuvi

        Scarlet darling… I really like your confidence… Hope rs won’t break it… N ya… Swasan is best… That is gonna b the best DATE in Indian serial ever… Nyc try…They rock baby…

  18. I only want to say that director plz only lakhshay and swara will meet and lakhshay have passed in her frst love……….plz. …plz. ..

  19. yes this is first of swara I’m so existed for swasan date or truly one of the best couple’s of the new generation I’m a big fan of a swasan rockz

  20. Aliya

    Ragini is gonna dir in swaragini. ..
    Swasan wll get married to each other bt ll separate soon…

    Hate it yaar…
    Without ragini how is swaragini pssble??i can’t get it

    N haan. … plzzzz YouTube p videos nhi upload ho rahi h… anyone knows why??
    Or cn tell me where can i watch dem?? Plzzzzz

  21. maya

    I just want swasan not anything Else plz swasan marriage must happen stupid writer any twist u bring means I vil
    .surely kill u

  22. jaf

    What yaar evrytym ragini- teju!
    Stop this…
    Plz unpleasant to ears !
    Morevr i m gonna kill those writers soon i promise , i ll kill them
    They may nt get evn to knw who did it…..
    Mere hi hathon se marenge seperating SWASAN…again….?????????

  23. Scarlet

    Hii nik shuva neha bhuvi ridz siya and all swasanians
    11 and half hours left for the most awaited episode of swaragini bcuz today is SWASAN RANG DE TU MOHE GAREUA
    get ready guys for the most romantic date of Indian television do catchup swaragini today @9:30 pm only on colors

  24. rids

    Hellp my darling frnds… yes m verry excited about todays episode…. yaaaayyyyy…. finally I ll watch today. .

    • nik

      Hiiii…rids. How r u n ??? N how was yr exams???? N ya excited about SWASAN date n u know wat soon there ll b one more SWASAN date. I think after watching SWASAN bk to bk two dates their fans ll die wid happiness n no one ll b there at d tm of there one more bitter separation.

  25. nik

    Guyz we were requesting wrtrs for SWASAN romance from very long n finally de accepted our request n r8 they r giving us SWASAN romantic scenes dat too in bulk.

  26. sarah

    oh my GOD! how can anyone stoop so low. every time when i think that ragini cannot stoop more low beyond this, she stoops even more low. what does she want now? she has got laksh. she is happy na? she is not just selfish, but much beyond that. selfish people will be satisfied after they get what they want. but ragini can never be happy. she got what she wants now why is she after swara’s happiness. does she want to get sanskaar as well? then who is characterless? actually a person like ragini can never love anyone. she loves herself not even laksh
    its good laksh is betraying her. i want to see true pain in her face as well as on the face of dadi and urvashi.
    what does urvashi want? she neither lets stay swara peacefully in her house nor lets her to go with her husband.
    if sujatha is insecure that swara and ragini will fight, she should warn ragini not to do any wrong things as she very well knows that she is the reason for all nonsense.
    teju is doing a very good job as a villian but she needs to be given a positive role. she is so cute and beautiful than swara. i want to see her transforming. or atleast she should quit the show and teach a lesson to the makers. she will get even better roles. she is a talented actress whose talent is being wasted

  27. nik

    Guyz we really hated n ll hate swaragini wrtrs for d bitter twists de brought n ll bring in d show but for one thing I would like to thanks dm n its SWASAN cute n romantic scenes specially d date “SWASAN date.” Its to swaragini wrtrs THANNKKKSSS……………

  28. rids

    Og omg tat picnic scene is also cute. Swara wore tat blue dress sanskaar gifted… nd yes its rsgini who commits suicide…..

    • nik

      Ya bhuvi n rids, I too watched it. So guyz after date there ll b picnic also. I think d cmng twist is going to b more bitter dn keraila dats why de r adding so much sweetener. But adding sweetener to keraila ll not reduce its bitterness moreover it ll spoil its taste . Anyways I m not interested in karaila juice.

      • bhuvi

        Even I hate it… N coming to serial…its my humble request to rashmi sharma that, “if yo want to stop Swasan marriage means no prob stop it…but don’t separate by creating misunderstandings n don’t create haterness btw them… I can bear their physical separation but can’t bear their separation due to hater..plz… I ll clearly stAte yo that viewers won’t quit it if yo don’t trun their love to hate…

      • Anita

        Yes dr…
        Wat you guessed is right….tat d upcoming episodes will be so sweet to bear Swasan seperation. …
        And yes..all soaps follow d same trick….
        Matsh….a very gud xample

  29. i am so sad, mujhe teju bahut pasand hai vo ek ache roll deserve karthi hai vo,he bhagavan uska next roll bahut ache hona chahiye or serial super hit hona chahiye

  30. maya

    so cute and love in 2 days epi I love u swasan swasan always rocks but 2 day mind blowing I hate laksh 2 the Kore just kill laksh

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