Swaragini 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kavita agreeing to give proof to Sanskar, if he marries her. Sanskar asks how did you kill Urvashi and asks her to tell? Kavita says I will never tell you that. Kavita recalls killing Urvashi and a flashback is shown. Sanskar asks why did you handover me to Swara when you came to know that I love Swara. Kavita says as I thought you will not accept me. Sanskar says that is the difference between you and me, and says he is happy and proud of Swara, and also of his decision as he chose Swara over her. He repents for loving her once. He tries to snatch her phone, but Kavita bites him and throws the phone in air.

Ragini comes to meet Swara and promises to free her from there. Swaragini plays………Kavita tells Sanskar that she has many copies of the video and asks him to

decide as he has two days. Sanskar says he will get stay order on the verdict. Kavita says only I have the concrete proofs and asks him to marry her or let Swara get rotten in jail, take a decision. The lady constables tell Swara that the jail in which she will be transferred is nothing than a kala pani jail. Ragini thanks them for informing them and asks them to leave. Swara cries.

Sanskar comes to Kavita and asks for that recording. Kavita says not that easy. He searches for that recording in the room. Kavita refuses to tell him anything. Sanskar says I will kill you. Kavita says you will not get that recording, and then you will also rot in jail, you can marry Swara there itself. Sanskar gets angry. Kavita says Sanskar is mine and will always be mine.

Sumi cries and feels bad for Swara. Laksh comes there. Ragini asks did lawyer tell anything? Laksh nods no. Shekhar asks what do you mean? Ragini says we will find a way? Ragini gets Sanskar’s call and he asks her to meet him. She asks Laksh to come. Laksh says he will be with family and asks her to take care and go. Ragini goes. Sanskar and Ragini get inside the bakery late at night. Sanskar says Kavita entered in the bakery and sat on the couch. Ragini says alarm is ringing and says Police will come here. Sanskar says something is missing. Ragini tells Sanskar that police have come, and says we will be trapped. Sanskar says there must be one more way here. Just then Inspector arrives there, and asks Sanskar and Ragini, what they are doing here. Ragini says they came to get proof here. Sanskar says theye is some way here. They request the Inspector. They find the exit door. They meet the lawyer and tells him about the exit door of bakery. Lawyer says it proves that she went inside the bakery, but there is no proof that Kavita went to hotel and killed Urvashi. He says there is no CCTV footage of her. He says Swara have the motive to kill Urvashi, but Kavita doesn’t have any. He says sorry. Ragini cries.

Ragini comes home and tells Durga Prasad that they got a proof but lawyer said that it is of no use. She says we have only one day to save Swara, as she will be shifted to other jail day after tomorrow. Durga prasad and others are tensed. Sanskar comes to meet swara in jail. Constable asks him to meet her as from tomorrow he can’t meet her. Sanskar says ok, now you go. Swara says I thought why you didn’t come to meet me since morning, and says its good that you didn’t come. She says you tried to get me out from here, but it seems our relation is not for life.

Swara tells Sanskar that her relation with Ragini got better, but God reserved expiry date for every relation of hers. She asks him to go as she is reminded that they will separate after 2 days. Sanskar keeps dupatta on her head and says we will marry after 2 days. He says this is my promise and I will fulfill my promise. Swara hugs him and cries. Sanskar looks on.

Kavita asks Sanskar, Swara is going to other jail and you are preparing for marriage. Sanskar says this is what you wanted. Later Swara runs away while she is on the way to other jail. She comes to Maheshwari house and sees Sanskar and Kavita taking pheras. She stops the marriage and opens the ghat bandhan. She looks at Sanskar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ek question hai ab ek promo se kitne din dumaing ge …..but promo is awesomeeee

    1. ikr….how many days will we have to wait??? But heights of awesomeness!!

  2. swaragini: swasan married; kavita’s helper revealed..
    colors daily popular show swaragini is turning out to intresting with each passing episode.
    in the upcoming episode sanskar is all set to marry kavita in the mandap.
    however swara comes to the venue clad in her jail attire and sanskar shows the proof that swara is innocent.
    it was later on revealed that kavita along with her mother kaveri murdered urvashi masi. sanskar records all this and hendsover it to police and hence swara is out of jail and kavita along with her mother gets arrested.
    in the fact the love birds swara and sanskar tie a knot on the same mandap and it’s a visual delight for the audience and fans of the show.

  3. Aaaaahhhh!!! Today’s episode……..That dialogue of swara….In my fate The life span of happiness is less and that of troubles is more……It just killed me…..So painful episode…..sanskar was so fierce today…..Precap is shocking….And I want it to happen…..But swara in that prisoner attire noooooooo….I don’t want it…..

  4. I m sure this precap is going to continue till Thursday and then they will show the other parts

  5. swara to stop kavita sanskar to get married.. kavita to be jailed..
    good news is finally flowing in the diehard fans of color’s show swaragini as in the upcoming drama in the show lead to kavita’s arrest.
    upcoming drama will strat with swara getting life time improisment for urvashi mrder.
    kavita blackmailed sanskar for getting marry to her for getting swara out of the jail.
    helplessly he agreed to marry her.
    however, major twist take place swara will escape from police van and will reach mm. she stops sanskar and kavita from taking pheras while police kavita will be utterly shocked.
    police will reach mandap after swara, and sanskar will remove chip from kavita’s hair as proof against kavita..
    kavita and her mother will get arrested for urvashi murder.
    and after much drama finally swara and sanskar unite..

  6. Feeling reviled after seeing the precap… This Kavitha and her mom have done all this… Did they really kill tat maasi or even she is in this plan… Swara shld have given a tight slap to tat b****y Kavitha?

  7. why sanskar is marrying kavitha.if he marries kavitha the serial will so boar

    1. Haven’t u see the precap?????

  8. The preca really have me a sigh of relief .. Otherwise so much melodrama ha become a torture for swaraginians fans.. No swasan will unite but what about raglak.. Really looking forward to see what twist cv’s hace stored for them … If kanchi Singh enters the show, what would be its impact on the show.. Negative or positive .. In January swaragini was in top 10 indian television serial but in the 1st week of February it had lost its position .. Let’s see will it restore it’s position or not!!! Or may b it had restored .. After all I didn’t check the next week trp

  9. Is there a new promo for it ??? If there plsss share the link .

  10. Die kavita die
    Hate you

  11. BTw ppl….i really want the bg music of Swasan….the one that came today when they met….and the other day’s when Sanskar said that you are my life to Swara…pls if someone knows where to get it, tell me

  12. i must say kavita is stupid.

  13. Kanchi Singh will no longer be entering. I think Laksh might turn into another Samrat Singh Rathod abusing his wife and womanising on the sidelines.

  14. nice epi..fight btn cavity n sans.. i ws literally laughing..i knw i shouldn’t have been..bt i couldn’t cntrl myself….chuha billi fight.. ye cavity pata nai kis chakki ka aata khati hai..sans ko hara diya lolzzzz..comedy scene tha…. Bt swasan scene ws so emotional..precap awesome i hope pure week nai yahi na dikhye..wrna friday tk wahi….lets see..

  15. I really that cavity by getting married in this way she would ever be happy precap ☺is sign of relief for swasan fan but laksh wreid sign something bad gone happen??

  16. Laksh behaviour s very suspicious. He s upto something. Precap s awesome. N wt about some one s death. Does that twist still exists? Or with Urvashi s death tat chapter s over? ?

  17. I heard that swara will gather proof somehow and go to mm. Kavita hides pendrive in her ghunghat. Swara stops marriage and show the proof to police. It will be revealed that kaveri (mom of kavita) also helped kavita. Kaveri and kavita will be arrested. Swasan and raglak will marry on the same mandap. Later it will be revealed that girl who took pheras with laksh is not ragini. She is laksh’s ex girlfriend. Ragini mysteriously disappears. So lucky’s gf will take advantage and marry him. After that sucide track of ragini…………

    1. Is it true tat Laksh will marry his ex gf…

  18. The real drama will take place on the mandap where Swara will come running. As per buzz, she escapes from jail and rushes there. She opens the gathbandhan of Sanskaar and Kavita much to everyone’s shock. The police also reach there. Then,Sanskaar will remove a chip from Kavita’s ghunghat which will nail her as a criminal. Urvashi(Sonia Singh) has been held captive by Kavita and her mother, Kaveri. After this expose, Swara and Sanskaar will get married but troubles will start in Ragini’s life. Stay tuned for more updates…

  19. omg.
    finally….we r getting what we want….kavsan will never be kavsan because their will always be swasan….gonna love it….I m just getting totally mad from next Saturday my exams r going to begin n see what I m doing….god help me….

  20. if it is true den..it will be gd story..i know rags has chnged nw..n nw our old ragu is back bt..usne past me jo kiya wo bahut badi mistakes thi…. I also wnt raglak together bt itna easily nai….swasan ko itna accha story diya toh unko bhi milna chahiye…n i think ki bcz of dis raglak lv story aur bhi..intense n interesting hoga..afterall dey r also leads…i think rags suicide drama will hppn anyways..jo bhi swasan ke shaadi ke baad ho…ab toh wo saath me ho..waise saare mrg functions drame se kharab kr diye..at lst mrg toh thikse ho..baad me koi bhi drama..fine….n if dis news is true den..raglak story iske vajah se interesting hogi..

  21. metro masti.. spoilers.
    swaragini:(1) ragini’s happiness to see swara back to vanish soon..
    viewers and diehard fans of color’s show swaragini can take a breather now finally swara and sanskar reunite and get married.
    however, ragini will not have the same fate and will suffer heart break in the upcoming episodes.
    as revealed earlier, swara will run away from police van and reach the wedding mandap where sanskar is marrying kavita.
    swara will stop the wedding and sanskar will show the mobile chip hidden by kavita to police that proves her guilty.
    ragini to will feel extremely happy for swara and sanskar and will feel glad to get married to lakshya in the same mandap.
    however, ragini is in for big disappointment as lakshya is betraying her.
    ragini will mysteriously be away from the actual wedding phears, and laksh will have pheras with his ex girlfriend.
    ragini will be left shattered and will think of commiting sucide.
    (2).lakshya betray ragini on mandap.
    it seems after alot drama swasan and raglak getting married in swaragini.
    ragini will be assuming that finally her dream will be coming true as swara and she will be marrying sanskar and lakshya respectively on the same mandap on same day.
    but her shock, soon all her dreams will be vanish by her love lakshya.
    he at the end moment will marry another girl instead of ragini revealing her to beabout his ugly plan,which was to regain his property back from her by faking love to her.
    apparently ragini will be shattered listening to the shocking news.
    it will be intresting to see what is going to happen next in the show..

  22. OMG!!! The precap was awesome. At last my favourite jodi is gonna be united.. I don care about the other problems. They are free to come after Swasan’s marriage…

  23. tooo many twists loses the intrests in watching the serial…. bakwaas ho raha hai …

  24. kavita gave sanskar the phone which had the video in its HD. Why didn’t he he try to retrieve the data off it?? The phone only fell apart not smashed.

  25. does cv’s will ever give importance to laksh …….

  26. i love this show… i started watching it a few days before….and now, i have fallen in love with it…… whatever happens, keep swasan together-always…….. however, whatever ragini did in the past, still, lakshya should have not done this to her……plz… this is very common in serials….. when a person is bad, he/she will never die, or even if he/she dies, they will again show that they were never dead…. and when a person is good, or becomes good, they will die very soon…… this is not fair…… i loved that sister relation between swara and ragini after ragini has changed ,and i always want swara and ragini to be together and then only the name of the serial could be acceptable as swaragini…… plz….. swasan,raglak and swaragini should always be together…… always………

  27. colors we readers r expecting 4 the ever waiting moment-swara and sanskar marriage

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