Swaragini 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad talking to the client and says consignment will reach him in 2 days. Ragini asks him to deliver the consignment in a day and says she want them to work faster. Durga Prasad is shocked. Swara asks Annapurna to have water. Laksh thanks Swara. Swara comes to Sanskar. Sanskar tells her that Ragini is ill treating them and asks did you see? He apologizes and says I don’t want to share all this with you. Swara asks why? Sanskar says as we are not friends and husband-wife anymore. He says this will not happen from now. Swara feels helpless and thinks what to do to make you belief. How to make you understand that I came for you, and thinks to make him realize her love. Ragini thinks everything will be hers in 25 mins, and thinks to settle the scores for her tears

and that too with interest. Swara tells herself that she has just 25 mins to save the house. Ragini asks Laksh to come with her. She asks him to walk behind her and says she will feel good. Swara whispers something in a girl’s ears asking her to do something. The girls go yo Ragini, and asks for a selfie with her.

Ragini keeps the papers and takes the pic. Swara is about to take the papers, but Dadi takes the papers. A neighbor brings Swara to Sanskar, and asks if they have any fight? Swara says he might be joking. Neighbor blesses them. swara tries to speak to him, but he ignore her and goes. Swara thinks it is 7: 45 now. She takes the tray from Uttara and goes near Ragini. She throws the juice on her intentionally and asks her to give papers else it will be wet. Ragini asks her not to tell her and says she will see. Ragini wipes her saree and takes the file back. Ragini asks her not to think to do anything wrong. Later Swara calls Durga Prasad and tells him that she has changed the papers. Durga Prasad says she might get the new papers. Swara says once she signed this papers, she can’t make new papers.

Dadi tells Ragini that special dancer has arrived. Durga Prasad is still on call with Swara, and hears the lady dancer’s voice. He gets shocked. Swara says hello bade Papa…….The dancer says she is going to sing a special song for a special someone and he knows about her. Swara asks can you hear me. The dancer says I sung this song for that man. She sings a song…Aaja….Everyone claps for her. Durga Prasad is shocked. Dadi asks Durga Prasad if he remember something. Ragini says picture is still remaining. Dadi asks where are the papers. Ragini says it is with me. They blackmail Durga Prasad. Ragini says it is 8 pm now. Papa ji will sign on these Papers and will name his company on my name. Dadi asks everyone to clap. Durga Prasad is sad. Ragini asks him to sign first. He signs on the papers. Ragini is about to sign. Swara thinks sign on these fake papers.

Bajirao Mastani comes to help Swara and Sanskar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Akshatha

    Plźz change the concept make swasan close plzz jaldi change raginis character plzzz she shld nt lv ths show plzz swasan and raglak

  2. anu

    swasan scene is superb and they make episode worth it but remaining is bakwas totally.. and then however he wants to cold towards her but he cannot control his heart. he can not let her humilated he might saying the reason is causes its family matterhe starts confiding in her and stops himself..
    now swara telling thume apna pyaar ka ehsaas dila kar rahoogi. what she will do how she will tells him.. 2missions one is manaoing stubborn pati and secondd bachao mm family….

  3. riya

    don’t make this serial as sasural simar ka bring swasan scene more plz I’m fed up with this rag…. I’m watching this serial only for swasan …………swasan scene more…..

    • Misha

      I like sanskaar is angry with swara plzz continue this for sometym like swara convincing sanskaar more some small nouk jouk betwee them and then like finally sanskaar agrees swara. Swasan are the best in this show. If swasan goes apart noone might watch the show

  4. jo

    swaragini spoiler: swara decides to findout why durgaprasad not standing against ragini. she thinks to find the secret by which ragini is blackmailing durgaprasad. swara doesnot sign on divorce papers and come’s back as sanskaar’s wife’s rights. she wants one chance to seek forgiveness from sanskaar and win his love and trust.

  5. manu

    its total negativity they are showing in serial… in tmrw episode after reading ragini signs papers and all property goes to her both maheshwari and karma sons company. tmrw she will ask money dp gives and ap tells that 5000 extra give to driver as he wants for his wife operation but ragini asks why and lakshya comes and stops her by holding her hand money falls down she asks dp to give him he picks up mny and gives her she taunt laksh and goes swara is there at door… hope tmrw we will see some swasan scences..and waiting for bm episode and hope mu between them clear soon and she tells she loves him.. want them unite soon..

  6. Harsha

    Nyc episode.So sad abt DP.Nagin Dadi and Psycho Ragini together blackmailing DP.But Swara well done in the episode by exchanging the papers.Plz Sanskar not behave rude with Swara.Plz Swara ko apnalo.I think Teju will once again become +ve and SWARAGINI

  7. bhuvi

    Ragini… Do one thing… Kill everybody in mm along with your irritating dadi… After that kill yourself… Orelse we will kill ourselves for wastin our precious time over this illogical n crime serial…I was tolerating all des rubbish oly for swasan…

  8. Anzana Bista

    After knowing about the news Teju quiting the show i dont feel like watching but still for Teju till she is in the show i will watch…

    No RagLak scene 🙁

  9. plz writers kuch v kark ragini ko pstv banao fir tej ko v roklo uske bad ap jise v pair banao koi fark nahi padega avi to sab dhire dhire show dekhna band kar rahe he plz acpt ds request

  10. nik

    I hvnt watched d episode till now n won’t watch also . Good job wrtrs n kp it up coz with all dis crap u brought dis show 2 words its downfall which soon will trn 2 its distruction .Bt wtever hpns I ll continue supporting n cheering swasan n ll always b a swasan fn. SWASAN rocks n SWASAN 4ever n ever.

    • Hi nik
      What’s up? How are you?
      I haven’t watched the epi yet but read the update. Infact I still didn’t watched the maha epi yet and also yesterday’s epi yet. All I’ve been doing was reading the updates. I just didn’t get time cause I was busy. Hope fully I’ll watch all the epies that I’ve missed tomorrow. Anyways Swasan forever, Swasan rocks baby.?

  11. nik

    N ya nvr evr thnk dat viewers will accept sm 1 new to tk tejeswis place.We all want only Teju as our ragini that too cute n innocent one. We want swaragini bk. N ya unite swasan as soon as possible n don’t separate them agn. Swasan rocks n swasan 4ever n ever.

  12. nik

    It refers 2 swasan. When they were not united there was everything in swaragini except for them n now when they r united there is nothing in swaragini except for them.Ha ha ha……

  13. nik

    Swaragini medical bulletin” the show has been shifted to ICU n srvivng on ventilator,condition is very critical . we cnt say anything now we can only pray to god.”

  14. MeH

    plss..plss..make ragini pstv….tejaswi ko mat jaane do show se…..maana ki ragini bahut galtiyan ki hai aur use sudhaarne ka mauka bhi nahi mila ab tak…so plss pstv kar do ragini ko…and ha no one can make ragini beautiful as tejaswi do…one more thing is SwaSan alwys roksszz..waitng for d cnfssn….:-)

  15. Saranya

    So boring.Writers pls chane the track yar and unite swasan,raglak&Swaragini. How every time -ve will win. And this is not a CID serial right. Every time how swara only came to know the truth or have the doubt. Others are dumb. Most probably laksh & sans & Ragini (if she changed as+ve) can find the truth as a lead actors to this show na? Pls change the track asap. Other wise it’ll not lead a good result.My thought only.

  16. Sunshine

    Why don’t the makes understand that such back to back twists and turns and lack of logic will not appeal to the viewers. We are not stupid people here. We want normal things in a serial. We do not want a family version of cid or hate story. So please, change the concept. Let everyone move on with their lives. So many exes, so many revenge plots, idk what’s their problem.
    Do the makers think that we are fools to accept whatever we are given? First they ruined the whole plot by creating a love triangle, then they weren’t sure about the couples…what’s wrong with them…can’t they show two decent love stories, positive characters for once. It’s high time we boycott this serial. I’m shifting my dinner time to something early now, or yeh rishta probably.
    My threshold with this serial is gone. Ruined every bit of the lovely serial that this was.

    • Hi sunshine,
      How are you? Yeah I know what you mean. I mean because of the writers this serial is full of negativity, it’s giving out wrong vibes you know. Anyways all I’m gonna say now is that Swasan forever, Swasan rocks.?

      • Sunshine

        I’m good shuva 🙂 absolutely right…it projects people in such poor light…raging is such a witch, swaragini is so helpless…idk why do they do this to women..serials are about women and they don’t portray them in the right way. I’m so done with this serial. I’m shifting to something else, or chucking daily soaps completely. Let me know when swara and Sansa at unite and everything becomes happy.

  17. sanju

    ragini comes to know about paper exchanged in oday episode she also comes to know about its swara’s plan.. and she oversmart that and gets original papers and she get dp signed on it..

  18. Sandya

    All rashmi Sharma serials r scrap and fullbof drama without logic please unite swasan soon make ragini posive kick out Dadi out otherwise serial will go out

  19. Neha

    The best part of this series is swasan just for them this crap is being tolerated but what to do swasan are just too cute can’t stop to watch them but still missed the last three episodes

    • Hi neha
      How are you?
      Where were you, missed reading your comments. Anyway I’m glad that you’re back and yeah I also miss reading rids comments too. And yeah the best thing is about this serial is Swasan, I’m also tolerating all the crap going on in this serial because of Swasan. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  20. Neha

    Swasan are just amazing tolerating this crap just for them their ruthna manana is like a treat not able to watch it from last three days but still after reading the updates I feel so happy hope their mu get cleared soon

  21. Ritzi

    Actually writers has made the serial boooooooring….. … why don’t they understand we wnt more swasan scenes

  22. Priya

    I think dp x must be dadi daughter…may b dp betrayed her tatz wy dadi want to take revenge on him…ragini helping dadi…which make ragini as ve…ha ha tis s my guess…hope it becomes true so tat she may remain in t show…I’m watchin tis crap oly fr teju…

  23. navya

    swaragini : durga prasad’s past returned seeing mysterious woman..
    the current track of swaragini will now bring in a new twist with the entry of new character.
    on one hand it is seen that ragini is kneely waiting durga prasad to signon papers so that his company can get transformed in her name.
    however, swara manges to somehow exchange the papers without ragini coming to know about it.
    on the other hand, a new characters enter the show and sings a song for durga prasad.
    the lady named parvati warns durga prasad that a lot has to be shown to him yet.
    durga prasad is disturbed seeing the lady and dadi also asks him if he remembers the woman.
    what is the mystery behind parvati? will ragini achieve what she want?let’s wait and watch?

  24. nik

    Its a hmbl rqst from all swaragini fans bring Teju bk as positive ragini. Widout Teju no ragini, widout ragini no swaragini. N ya swasan rocks n swasan 4ever n ever…

  25. kirti

    Nik u r ryt n ya ur medical bulletin was so nyc n humourus na dat i was juz unable to cntrl my laughtr
    O bhuvii i agree wid u too
    Todays was so boring but i lyked swasan scene but den also i dint watchd it

  26. Rajput

    Y serial bakaar ho gya

    ragini p positive character acha lagta ha na ki negative

    i will never see this show

    because ragini (teju) Ja rhi h

    bye swaragini

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