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The Episode starts with Simar and Swara searching for Chandramani. Swara asks Simar to relax and says we have to do something. She asks Simar to think from calm mind. Simar says I can’t. Swara asks if some maili powers are responsible for this. Simar looks at her ring and tells about Chandramani. She says Chandramani can change the earth position, and tells that Sid’s mind is influenced by the evil powers. She tells recent happenings to Swara. Swara says we shall go and look out for that mani. They go out of house. Swara asks where did you bury that chandramani. Simar gets confused and thinks how I will find it and get my family. Swara asks her to relax and starts digging the place. Simar recalls and tells Swara that the chandramani is here. Swara digs the land and tells Simar that there is no chandramani

here. Simar says someone might have taken it from here. Simar gets call from her house and asks Swara to come. Ragini gets a call and asks Swara when she is coming back. Swara tells her that she will call her later and disconnects the call. Simar rushes back home along with Simar and opens the lock. She sees phone working and calls everyone, but there is nobody at home.

Suddenly rays fall on Swara. Simar says it is because of Chandramani and tells Swara that they have to catch it. They try to hold it, but Chandramani starts moving and vanishes. Simar says we have to damage it anyhow. Swara says I have an idea and closes the doors. Chandramani keeps on moving and vanishes. Simar brings a blanket and goes following Chandramani. Swara nods no. They see Chandramani moving again and glittering. Simar puts blanket on it and asks Swara to bring something to break it. Swara tries to break it, but couldn’t. Simar says Jai Mata ji….They see Chandramani broken into pieces. Swara and Simar smiles. Just then they see Chandramani fixing its pieces itself, and finds a gap in it. Simar shows Swara that the piece is there. Swara tries to pick the chandramani piece, but then chandramani big piece hits Swara. Simar brings mata rani chunari, and tells Swara that Chandramani is not that much powerful and can’t harm anyone now. She takes Chandramani’s small piece from her hand and ties it in mata ki chunari. She says we have to keep it at someplace that it can’t unite. Swara says Kali baadi, and tells about it power. Simar folds her hands and asks her to bury it in Kaali baadi. Swara says ofcourse I will do it for you and your family. She hugs her. Swara looks at Simar and prays to goddess for Simar. Simar looks at the goddess and pray for Swara’s safety.

Swara’s car stops on the way. Simar asks what happened? Driver tells her that car is not working and asks her to visit kaali baadi temple by walk. Swara says okay. She gets Sanskar’s call. Sanskar asks her where is she? Swara tells him that she will meet him at home after doing Simar’s work. She is going towards the temple. Some goons see sparkling light coming from the chunari, and thinks to steal it. They follow Swara. Swara starts running, but goons comes infront of her. Swara asks them to let her go. Goon refuses and asks what is inside it. Swara folds her hands and asks them to let her go. They look at her bangles. Swara gives her bangles to the goons and thinks about Sanskar gifting it to her. The goons get happy seeing the diamond bangles and let her go. She runs from there and digs the land in the temple premises. She opens the chunari and sees mani, before burying in the land. She asks Durga Maa to make everything fine. She leaves from there. Goons sees her from far. Swara calls Simar and tells her that Chandramani melted and she buried it. The goons see Swara leaving and thinks to dig the land and get the buried thing. They get Chandramani piece, but it flies in air. Simar thanks Swara for her help and thanks God.

Parineeta gives answer to Sujata when she asks her about her pallu. Adarsh asks Parineeta to keep keys safely. Parineeta is happy and thinks everything is happening as per her wish.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god..plz aur mahasangam mat karo..i don’t like swara in ssk..it full of supernatural creatures..and supports superstation…i dislike ssk..

    1. I also don’t like it.in the show there is lack of swasaan moments which is very bad

    2. Pls swara ko bangles vaapis mil jaye N swasan m koi confusion na ho………..I request to the writers??? and pls kabhi mahasangam n all that merging mat krwana specially in Swaragini………

  2. Will these bangle matter make sanskaar angry on swara and separate swara and sanskaar

    1. i think there wud b a big fight between swara n sanskar abt this matter.. as i heard a few days ago tht therez goinna b a big fight between swara n sanskaar (bt abt a different matter).. n mayb pareenita wud take this as an oppurtunity as she dosent like swara.. n wud put oil on d fire.. MAYB

  3. Will sanskaarto be angry on swara

    1. For giving bangle to the thieves

  4. what d f**k…why dey always editng swasan kissing scene only…whats d prblm with d editer…dey didnt shw ice pack scene nd kissing scene…really hate editers for dat…
    nd cmng to todays epi…d wost epi i wr seen….what d need of merging SR with dat crap shw ssk….i feel like hitting writrs with smthng…totally bakwas….i really dnt like dat crap ssk supernatural nd all…blo*dy bull shit…pls dnt brng any supernatural power toSR…i thnk writer can also brng any ghost or vamp along with swara to mm to make d shw more crap…todays epi was really waste of time
    nd why swara give her bangles to dat goons???is simar is more imp dan sanskar???pls dnt create any misunderstandng btw swasan….
    nd one more thng we knw dat chantramani is d nxt villian den wt d need of dis crap???pls writets dnt merge sr with ssk…cant bear anymore
    anyways lvd todays swasan scene…

  5. ye simar bhi na nw she s coming in btwn swasan nw only we lost rosid swasan just nw startd their hpy life hope nothing happens wrong btwn swasan

  6. let swaragini njoy their lives with sanlak they hv their own family unhe apna family sambalnedho dont merge with anyothr serials especially with simar not at all ssk has become really a nonsense roli did a nice thing quitting the show hope she has a bright future beyond ssk

  7. after rosid swasan is d cutest couple n sanskar is too cute unhe apne life mei aage badnedho time waste math karo with all these illogical serials

  8. swara and ragini will follow uttara to find out abt her bf

    1. That’s ri8 but swara will investigate it because she is the police here. Here unjust things are happening .the writers always forgotten their tagline swaragini not swara .pls give the equal imp to ragini .

  9. swara and ragini will follow uttara to find out abt her bf.. uttaras bf wud b played by mohit abrol who was last seen in meri aashiqui as nirbhay.. mohit claims tht his role is tht of a man wid a grey side

  10. Wat hpnt to da writer? Y did he join dat sasural drama………….. dnt brng any serious fyt btwn swara and sanskaar…….plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  11. very true hw could swara do that ???
    I want sanskar to b angry and swara to pacify him with her cuteness.. and stop this trishakti .. n maha sangam … let the serial have their own individuality ..

  12. I’m blo*dy facking fuming right now???? what’s wrong with the writers why the hell are they blo*dy combining that shit crap sasural simar Ka with swaragini. Hate them to the core. After ragini turned positive the writers gone psyco, they gone mad. Why are they showing full of shit here. F off to the writers I will blo*dy curse you to the core, go to hell. Today’s epi was blo*dy boring, I was bored to death. And yeah why some of Swasan’s scenes were deleted?? I’m just waiting for the day when that freak show ends, I will be over the moon. Sorry guys For using such bad language it’s just that I don’t like it when that freak show appears with swaragini. Today’s epi was total wast of space.

    1. Oops spelling mistake

  13. It’s blo*dy enemy (Anjum) not e

  14. Sasural simar ka is such a dumb and unrealistic serial ??

  15. I m totally irritated with this mahasangamam I hate today’s episode..

  16. swara saved the world.. wow.. we should be grateful to her that earth is saved.. such a crap.. yuckkkk.. now swara isn’t just Dp’s daughter, she is the daughter of whole universe.. 😀 simar devi, swara devi & cv’s devta ki mahanata.. uff.. beyond words..

  17. Now raglak has no work in the show.. they are Normal people not some dev- devi.. they can’t save the world like swara.. shame on raglak.. and we raglak fans are the foolest people in the world.. bcoz we were hoping we’ll get raglak equal screen space after their marriage.. but why should they get importance?? they are normal people na..& cvs love to show mahan devi track rather than normal people track.. how easily we raglak fans got fooled.. 🙁

  18. Where is Ragini and Laksh ??? Fed up only Swara and Sanskar. The role of Ragini was only of seconds or what?? Partiality ??? When Raglak scene was there the TRP increased from 2.0 to 2.3 Why are they treating their character as like of dadi,Sujata and other family members ??

    1. U r ri8 it is very cruel .I like swara and sanskaar but the partiality ….
      Serial name is SWARAGINI but now its only SWARA .ragini nahi ! The parineetha prblm and uttara’s love matter and DP’s birthday party and now the fool serial ssk all all for swara
      Ragini ko ….
      Its very cruel
      Unjust things are happening I don’t like
      All plans are making swara and ragini…have no role hate it
      We want both (swara and ragini ) scene

      1. Yeah what a joke trp dropped bcoz of raglak and you know that do you.

    2. Hey are you a psychic, how do you know that trp increased bcoz of raglak. They hardly show raglak scenes and here you’re saying that the TRP increased bcoz of them.

      1. at least they showed some… what else they are saying.. now they are not showing even that much… they have stop showing raglak scenes thats why the trp are decreasing..

      2. Excuse me there were raglak scenes last week marriage and all and TRP is of last week. I don’t wanna argue with you but please understand that the TRP was increased.

    3. Well that’s your opinion which I disagree with.

      1. There are many people who are watching this serial for only swasan -> swara & sanskar … Agree with you priya.

      2. I m agree with u anaita and we r watching swaRAGINI that’s only for RagLak and all the people feel like this they not give imp to raglak and that’s the true one

    4. OHello dhrasthi. Well I used to be a fan of Swalak way back but not anymore. Hate raglak, hate ragini for coming in between Swalak and hate Laksh for marrying that psyco. Things would have been better if that Ragini wouldn’t come between Swalak, they would have been together now. Anyways what’s done is done. I’ve moved on. Between Swasan and raglak I will always choose Swasan.

      1. mee to swalak fan..
        but that blo*dy stupid ragini seperated swalak…hate that blo*dy ragini…she is the real vamb of the serial…she selfish…only have a dream…consumation…blah.. blah…i hate her…if ragini can do any thing…why not kavitha and kavya…i gave a new name to ragini…consumation ragini

    5. Trp didn’t increased bcoz of raglak infact it increased bcoz kavya’ boring track was ended. After a long time we got to see happy moments in Swaragini. And there were some Swasan scenes there too then, with their nok joks. So you can’t just say that the TRP increased bcoz of raglak.

      1. Yes , Priya Agree with you..Not only you even 1st i was swalak fans …I liked old lakshya so much but now it’s not same …& now i am swasan fan…….whoever are saying trp increased because of ragini …i liked to say ..last week swasan fan like me were happy after 2 week , because cv speedily closed that track & swasan fans saw segment & happy because of this & last wk we got swasan scenes because of this people expectation increased & + festival segment …so i don’t think any swasan fans didn’t happy last week …..

      2. I am not opposing but yeah I was fuming with anger bcoz there was no importance of ragini in nowadays episodes 🙂 let’s njoy swaragini’s scene together n I m really sorry if u didn’t liked what I wrote

  19. XXX-man of future

    I think these writers r again ready to bring tragedy in swasan life….they cannot bring peace in their lives.Just only they started to enjoy their lives to their fullest – this so called maha rakshak Simar Devi came and put an end to their budding romantic life.:-(

  20. XXX-man of future

    Can anyone tell me about the position of Swaragini in the TRP charts in the top 10? Please reply. I am waiting 4 it.

    1. HahHaha u really wanna kno the here u go.. Swaragini trp has dropped.. It’s evn lesser than 1.9.. It does nt fit in d top 10 serial range this week..

      1. No SWARAGINI trp is 2.3 on 6th position I checked..

      2. Hey, angel is right. I’ve also checked that the TRP is still the same as before. It could have been up if they show something good other then combining a freak show with swaragini. I remember when there were more Swasan scenes the TRP was high.

    2. Well I’ve seen it in Swaragini Facebook back then, the TRP was high when there were more Swasan scenes.

  21. Some scene of swara sankar n ragini r show in ssk, even sanskar warns swara not take the bangles, hope this will cause big fight btwn them next mahasangam she may the bangle crp serial is ssk, why they have to do this, please give equal importance to all 4

  22. plz writers of swaragini plan honeymoon for three couples ..plz……..

  23. thnk god i didnt waste my tym in watching todays episode…there was nthng related to swaragini nly abt ssk n stupid supernatural things…wats wrng wid the writers r they nt getting ny stry so they r taking help of other stupid serials…who believes in this chandramani kind of things these days…


    nice……… I like this serial and ragini also………

  25. Worst episode of swaragini… now days I only read updates as I watch kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi much better love story

  26. M scared fr dat Bangles thing..I hope sanskar swara ko samjhe..dnt wan any misunderstanding betn Swasan..I dnt wan sanskar charac which is loved by all get spoiled like laksh..laksh is d most impulsive n confused chrac ever seen..dats y I dnt lyk lksh..bt if dis cvs try to mke sanky lyk lksh na dey will spoil d show..bcz Swasan bonding n trust fr each other made me fall for dem..I never seen such an amazing bonding betn ny lead pair..n dats y dey r different from any other TV couple.. If cvs try to spoil it it wud b the worst thing will ever happen in dis show..I dnt wan dat..
    N I cant bear ssk torture..

    1. Hi angel I totally agree with you. I hope nothing happens between them just bcoz of those bangles. I really hated yesterday’s epi, it got to me. I don’t know why that freak show was linked yesterday with swaragini. I was bored that I nearly felt asleep.

  27. A humble request to the writers…….swara ko bangles mil jaye n kabhi swasan m confusion na ho…………n pls don’t merge serials slecially Swaragini………………..

    1. Specially***

    2. Hi there sweety. Hope so fingers crossed that swara finds her bangles.

  28. Where can I watch swaragini with English subtitle

  29. Where can I watch swaragini with English subtitle …..pls reply if anyone knows ..please

  30. Plz orr mahasangam mat karo..iye mahasangam honeke iye swara ne apni bangels de di…jo usko koikimat par kisi ko nahi dena tha….par swara ne de di…..orr iske liyehi phir se swasan ke bich galat phyami hgi…plz ..kese bhi karke. Uyo bangels swarako lotado..plz writter..

  31. swaragini fan

    plzzzzzzz no ssk no no no nooooooooooo
    we only want sr onlyyyyyy writers how can u do that apna serial ka level standard dekho or phir mahasangam krna swara is our detective she proves that there is no ghost…. In janki ghost track so this mahasangam is totally confusing her character and none of us want that soooo plzzzzzz. And one more thing again rag ko justice do fans u should be happy that rag was not in this mahasangam. But noooo u want to blame ********* so u ll say like that only.

    (sorry other fans this was for them who crossess their limits not u all love u swaragini and swasanraglak.)

  32. swaragini fan

    plzzzzzzz no ssk no no no nooooooooooo
    we only want sr onlyyyyyy writers how can u do that apna serial ka level standard dekho or phir mahasangam krna swara is our detective she proves that there is no ghost…. In janki ghost track so this mahasangam is totally confusing her character and none of us want that soooo plzzzzzz. And one more thing again rag ko justice do fans u should be happy that rag was not in this mahasangam. But noooo u want to blame ********* so u ll say like that only.

    (sorry other fans this was for them who crossess their limits not u all love u swaragini and swasanraglak.)
    Guys can any one tell me d repeat timings plz

  33. The upcoming episode will show that Swara and Sanskaar has started their new happy married life.

    Swara and Sanskaar are a happy couple and loves each other, Swara is also happy for Ragini and Lakshya.

    Swara and Sanskaar’s love moments convert into fight when Sanskaar finds that Swara has lost his gifted bangles.

    Sanskaar gets upset and angry at Swara and stops talking to Swara.

    Swara tries to apologize to Sanskaar for her mistake and goes after him.
    Swara-Sanskaar’s nok jhok

    Swara holds Sanskaar’s hand and tries to stop him, but in an attempt to free his hand Sanskaar mistakenly slaps Swara.
    Family members sees it and misunderstands as if Sanskaar slapped Swara.
    Ragini takes stand for her sister and comes to support her, but Swara tells everyone that it was a mistake.

    Sanskaar apologizes to Swara but Swara pretends to be angry and shows anger to Sanskaar.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  34. Guys Pl try to understand raglak fans feelings….from beginning onwards they r just focusing on Swasan…think if d same happened to swasan Ho u guys will feel….nobody can c there fav actres give least importance…..n v were so happy on that week when it was full of raglak scenes….both swasan n raglak r pillars of swaragini …plz guys just agree the fact…..trp increased that week when they showed raglak scenes n this is d fact….i knw all raglak fans agree with me…but I want swasan too…..i am not at all interested in bashing any character…i am just saying d fact….

    1. Well you give us a solid proof then we will believe you.

      1. Don’t you think that you’re too over confident. I’m sorry to hurt your feeling but I still disagree.

  35. priya ji…what proof do u want ????there is no need to argue coz of fictional characters. …wats our prob when heltej n all other coactors r besties….y cant v just stop bashing??? wat will v get by that? ?? think dear…sry to say but I don’t think that I am over confident. ….

    1. Well I don’t have any issue with tejaswi but I don’t like her character as ragini in Swaragini that’s all. And 1 more thing I still disagree with you about the TRP thing.

  36. Sanskaar is goinna slap swarafr d bangles.. Ragini will c this n so will sujata.. Sujata will take swara away..

    1. Sanskar doesn’t slap swara purposely, it was an accident. I’ve seen the scene in Swaragini Facebook. Swara holds Sanskaar’s arm and he moves her hand but accidently his hand touches swara’s cheek. He didn’t do it by purpose. He even touched her cheek and said sorry. If you read rose’s comment then you will know the full story.

      1. Ikt he dint slap her on purpose.. I jst dint type it.. -_-

  37. Latest yrp is 2 in previous week it was 2.2

  38. Pareenita is goinna brain wash adarsh’s mind.. N evn hez goinna go against his Bros.. I saw this on telly chakkar.. Idk whether it’s true or nt..

  39. Pls dont do this merger episodes again especially with ssk its full of dayan bhoot naagin and all bt swaragini is not a supernatural drama.so pls dnt combine its stry line with ssk in any further episodes.ssk mein jo bhi dikha rahe hai woh unhe bhi samaj mein nahi aa raha.so pls kamse kam swasan aur raglak me zingadi mein yeh confusion mat dalo unhe chehen se jeene do.aur iss supernatural ko simar ke sasural mein seemit rakho.nd by the way there r a lot of idiots in the ssk then y should that chudail simar call swara all the way from kolkata.she can get help frm her idiotic family members na.simply disturbing others.yeh swaragini aur sdk ka nerger kam aur ssk zyada hai.only simar simar simar maardalo koi usko.nd ab se no swaragini nd ssk mergers pls makers dont do this to your loyal viewrs pls.

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