Swaragini 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara tells that Ragini loves you even now. Laksh asks her to bury and forget the past. She leaves. Someone hears their conversation. Durga Prasad comes for dinner and asks to serve the food. Uttara looks at the dish and says it is Laksh’s favourite food. Annapurna cries. The man keeping an eye on Laksh calls Durga Prasad and tells him something. Durga Prasad gets angry and tells Annapurna that Laksh is staying with Garodia family. He says Laksh is insulting his family for Garodia’s. Ragini comes to call Laksh. Dadi maa asks her to knock on the door. Laksh opens the door and asks do you have any work. Ragini gives the bag and says it has clothes inside for you. He says he didn’t bring the clothes. He sees the clothes and asks whether it is for me. Ragini asks him to adjust for a night. Laksh asks

do you want me to wear this. Dadi maa comes and asks him to wear it for a night and says they will bring tomorrow. She says Shekhar also wears this. Laksh says he wears saree. Shekhar comes and asks what happened. Laksh says this color will not suit me. Dadi maa takes Ragini with her. Laksh talks to Shekhar, while the latter is rude to him. Shekhar says I hope this is not your trick and gives his clothes. Laksh wears Shekhar’s clothes and says he doesn’t have any other option left.

Ragini tells Swara about Laksh and laughs. Swara sees her crying. Ragini says she would be happy if she chooses Laksh with maa and papa. She asks whether I will be called selfish. She then thinks she can’t think like that. Swara says you are not selfish, but strong. She asks her to forget Laksh and move on. Ragini says how to forget him. Whenever I try to forget him, he comes infront of me. She sees Laksh changing clothes and leaves to give milk to Dada ji. Laksh sees Swara. She signs him to come upstairs. Laksh comes to terrace and gets tensed about his cloth string. Swara pulls it and ties it around his waist. She asks him to go from there and says Ragini loves you even now. She is upset that she didn’t choose you. She asks him to say that he doesn’t love her and didn’t want to marry. Laksh asks her to say being her sister. Swara says she can’t tell and asks him to say. Laksh says I will tell her after our plan gets successful. Swara says okay and turns to go. She then turns to him and asks why you don’t love her. Laksh says Ragini is completely different from him.

Laksh says he needs a life partner who will be his best friend, who scolds her and also have fun with her. Swara asks him to tell the truth. Laksh says tomorrow is important day for us. Daadi maa tries talking to neighbors, but they ignore her and moves from there. She sees Dida arranging for the puja. Sumi says she made the rangoli and asks how is it. Dida seems angry with her. Sumi asks her to tell. Dida says ok. Shekhar comes and looks at Sumi. Laksh notices them staring at each other. Shekhar signs her that Rangoli is good and asks her to wipe the color on her face. Sumi smiles and wipes it. Laksh smiles. Dadi maa sees them. Laksh looks for Swara. Swara tries to wear the saree and finds it difficult. Sumi comes and makes her wear the saree. Sumi goes asking her to pin her saree. Swara wonders how to pin her pallu.

She gets Laksh’s call asking her to come. Swara asks why you are troubling me? He sees her in saree and says saree. Swara says I know what I am wearing. Laksh says we shall start the plan and calls her sona. Swara asks him to execute the plan himself. Laksh says ok, I will come to convince your Dida to invite Dadi maa. Ragini comes to Laksh and gives him tea. Laksh thinks to tell the truth to Ragini and asks her to come inside. Ragini says she can’t come inside. Laksh says it is your Dad’s room. Ragini gets tensed. Laksh says we will go on the terrace and talk. The servant comes and asks Ragini to serve food. Laksh asks Ragini to listen to him. The servant says Dadimaa didn’t give him permission to talk to Ragini alone. Sumi talks to panditji on phone. Swara talks to Sumi and praises rangoli. Sumi sees Laksh signing Swara something. Swara tells Dida that she was thinking to start afresh on new year day. She suggests to invite Shekhar’s family to celebration New Year. Dida and Dadi maa look on shocked.

Swara tells Shekhar that it was their plan to unite Dida and Dadimaa. Laksh says once our plan is a success then it will be enjoyable. They shake hands. Dida throws colors on Dadi maa.

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  1. Wat tu do….. Itz goin tu b d same triangle luv stry … Laksh, plz man, fal fa Ragini not Swara….

  2. Gosh what is happening? Still I like the jodi of Swara and Laksh but Ragini and Laksh look good together as well! I just hope hate families unite soon!

  3. Lakhsy has fallen for swara and that is the better jodi too. Ragini is not the pne for him.

    1. i know its leaning that way but am starting to think its not so black n white anymore.i mean why are they still from time to time show scenes around ragin n lucky?either swashy will create a lift between sisters or swara will refuse lucky bcos of ragini or it will go to a total different direction…………it can be anything to me

      1. U r right swara will scarifice her love

  4. i get u mishti…am xo neutral right now cnt really choose……wish the pairs were in 2 different series.i have decided to focus on the parents n what hitler dad will do

  5. What lakshya says is correc .they both (lakshya and ragini) are so different and what he expects from his wife is not what ragini is! So i am not for that jodi!

  6. Swara fall for laksh …dear swaragini team plc stop this confusion. …swalak should b together

  7. Swara fall for laksh …dear swaragini team plc stop this confusion. ..

  8. Of course it will be swara and lakshya’s pair

  9. swara and lakshya is a cute jodi and they have same lifestyle.ragini is like a typical indian girl so she isnt match 4 lakshya.

    1. Liya u too here

  10. I think because of laksh there will be prob between swaragini. The tyoe of girl he wants is swara. Good writers not giving a clu about this

  11. yesterday episode was good waiting for the today’s episode.

    1. Ya this interesting like nauc

  12. yeah keeping us guessing 1 min u are sure the other u are not so sure

  13. nice episode! waiting for nxt epi to c swara n lucky dance!

    1. me too asha….ragin

    2. xory nish meant to post below asha

  14. not conflicted u guys have your reasons but i stlll prefer rakshy

  15. u guys stop this argument about who should be with lucky its like pouring water into the ground………….u will never reach a conclusion there will always be team swara as well as team ragin and team swaragini

    1. guess u are right leo its all we talk about lets for a day talk of the parent ,grandma,lucky’s family or the union plan…….it really tiring for people to post same opinions day in and day out.dont hate…..i dont have a side ,i just enjoy the entire show wish others could do the same

  16. swara n laksh jodi is better who can very well handle her hitler dad also later..thou ragini loves laksh, im expecting another new hero’s entry for ragini..i dont understand why so many characters in laksh family..hope script writer doesnt make laksh marry ragini n then she faces all the torture like a seedi saadi scared bahu of hitler..pls noooooo..

  17. Whether Laksh marries Ragini or Swara, someone is bound to be heartbroken. Even if there is anothet lead for ragini i dnt think she will be anle to forget Laksh. Laksh marries ragini, it will be swara’s sacrifice. Laksh marries swara it will be Raginis heartbreak. The talk about plan etc etc feels like 3 kids having fun. Can the writers bring a bit of maturity in this serial. One guy is free to meet 2 sister whenever he wants while living in a strict family. Please can you just move on from a triangle love story

    1. u coldnt have said it any better………….they should make a decision and move to better things.

  18. I can even smell a twist where Swara will say she wanted revenge from Ragaini n her family for what they did to her mum. It really will be funny if Ragini misunderstands Laksh’s friendship for love n later says no infront of everyone like shekar did. Should trio Laksh, Swara n Rags need to got college or do a job. Shekar Sumi rather than acting like teenage lovers should act their age n just go n get married.

  19. Ragini and laksh is better.and swara does not like laksh.ragini is so innocent.laksh is playing with a girl’s. Feeling

    1. No ragini is NOT better laskh is better wid swara ragini is fool and the ragini and laksh close scenes are from raginis side not laksh swalak are PERFECT cuz ragini is is traditional and dosent even know that she is stupid laksh wants a modern girl not stupid girl who thinks that a cool boy like laksh will never fall for her

  20. Where is 20th april episode

    1. yeah,me too waiting 4 that.

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