Swaragini 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad telling Ragini that he is feeling suffocated here and asks her to take them from there. Ragini gets emotional. Adarsh starts acting and says I have paid your hospital bills and have been taking care of you. Parineeta too acts and says we can’t live without you. Adarsh says you are alive because of us. Swara says it is not true and says you are alive because of him. Swara says we told you that we will take Papa and Maa home. She asks him to pay for all the misdeeds now. Ragini says we are taking them now. Adarsh asks so you people will decide on their behalf. Parineeta acts and says mummy ji is stubborn to do work, but Papa rests all day. She asks them not to interfere. Swara asks them not to act and says you called them by their name. Adarsh asks women organization

to go else he will call police. Woman says it is a good idea and says whoever misbehaves with family will go to jail only. She tells Durga Prasad that they will bring police tomorrow and will take them. Swara asks why tomorrow? Why not today. Woman says they have to complete legal formalities. Swara says you think them as burden naa, so it will get down off from your head. She feels pity on them and says I will see what will be your existence when they are not with you. Ragini looks on with teary eyes.

Sanskar thinks about Boss firing him from the job and gets sad. Swara comes and says finally maa and papa will be here. Sanskar says no, and says he ruined my name and made me thief infront of boss, and says he won’t let them come back to us. Adarsh tells Durga Prasad that he will not let Swara and Ragini see morning again. Sanskar says I am sure he is planning to torture them. Swara tells about the promise made by the organization. Parineeta asks Adarsh to burn them. Annapurna requests them not to do anything. Adarsh calls someone and asks them to burn the baadi. Sanskar tells Swara that Adarsh have stoop low. Parineeta asks Adarsh to show video to them, and asks Annapurna and Durga Prasad to see their family burning. Annapurna pleads infront of them to stop it. Adarsh says okay and asks them to sign on the papers that they are living here happily, and promises not to harm them. He tells Durga Prasad that innocent people will also get killed with his family and asks him to hurry up.

Annapurna and Durga Prasad get scared seeing bomb in the video. Durga prasad agrees to sign and says nothing shall happen to my children. Adarsh calls goons and asks them to stop, don’t do anything until I ask. Durga Prasad being helpless signs on the papers, his tears fall on the papers. Ragini is waiting for Laksh. Swara asks what happened? Ragini shows her bundles of notes.

Adarsh and Parineeta come to Dadi at the baadi. She asks if the work is done. Adarsh says yes, as you said. Dadi says that old man will get ready to get hang also. Parineeta says okay, you are a big villain. Dadi says she will forgive her son and daughter in law if they apologize. Adarsh says okay. Swara asks from where did the money come? Ragini says Laksh didn’t come till now, and says there is something wrong for sure. Sanskar comes and sees money. He gets worried too.

Laksh comes home slightly injured. Ragini asks what happened? Laksh recalls fighting with goons and makes an excuse that he had slipped from bus. He asks everyone why you are staring me. Sanskar keeps money in his hand and asks from where did you get this money? Laksh is shocked.

Sanskar asks Laksh to tell from where did this money come from? Laksh accepts to have been doing wrong work and says he will do anything to free his parents and can kill someone for money. Later women organization employee tells Swara and Ragini that they got written statement from Durga Prasad that they are staying with Adarsh with their wish and have threat to their lives from Swara and Ragini. Swara says it is a lie. Woman says we have to work with the procedure and refuses to help them. Swara and Ragini are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. QueenB

    The cruelty is too much that I can bear in this show 🙁

  2. go to hell u writers and cvs

  3. DP is a strong charcter now he become so helpless.. and dadi what she want from DP why she is doing this? please cvs itna drama math dikho … stop showing this much torture…

    1. and for torturing them hw can they put bomb in badi and try to harm innocent people.. if they want to show they can put bomb in dida house why badi…. achank adri itna villan kise bangayi….

  4. Love u helly luking mindblowing !!!!u r the very best actress I have seen till now ,luv u to the core……..

  5. What’s going in SR now a days?

  6. Too much dragging makes the show boring. Let’s see something new pls.

  7. Sumeeta

    Todays epi is all about sanskar. I liked this sanskar nd swara is also sherni swara.agar future track swasan vs raglak hai to cvs ne ek kam achhi ki hain swasan vs raglak track ki background story achhi hain.
    dadi sab se nahi sirf unki beta nd poti yani unki ladoo mafi mangege to unko wo ghar wapas bula lengi.shomi,chotu nd swara ki koi phikar usko nahi hain.cruel dadi
    Adri nd dadi bahat irretating character hain but swaragini me jo villenious character ki kami thi wo thora sa puri hogayi hain
    Laksh k dialouge se laag raha hai adri laksh ko majboor or ye bhi ho sakta hain influneced karega swasan ko dard pauchahne me.
    Aur HRC k bare me kya bolu.but ek to logically huya wo HRC ki police wali dialouge

  8. Lila

    End this show is all I can say.

  9. Luv u ragini

  10. I’m watching this b’coz of u ragini.Keep going SWARAGINI.All the best to whole cast of SR.

  11. Heights of negativity by the CV’s!!!!?? Only watching for SwaSan….?

  12. Spoiling the culture tis s a son treat his father?? Wrst epi ever

  13. Just stop watching this show and let it finally end… I stopped watching months ago. Just came to see in anything interesting was happening yet again Rona Dona, and badly behaving children. Adarsh attempted to murder a child – he should have been charged and jailed, where was swara’s wonderful detective skills then? Just end this mindless nonsense. I encourage everyone to watch Ishqbaaz it is very different from the usual soaps and highly enjoyable.

    1. Mica

      is there swasan in ishqbaaz ? 😀 *kidding

  14. Mica

    aahhh what sweet discussion of husband and wife…
    how responsible Sanskar to his family …
    love swasan…..

  15. Mica

    trp got dexcreased ? 1,6 hmmm..
    last weeks, we saw swasan & raglak romance but story line was soo bad..hmmm
    CVS gave us boring story line, which is the villain always won…
    i agree a negativity track to extent the story, but please gave us an entertain segment which the hero/heroins wins over the villain sometime….

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