Swaragini 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Durga Prasad asks Shekhar, if Laksh called them. Shekhar says yes. Sujata asks Annapurna why did Laksh asks them to come in hall. Annapurna says she didn’t know. Durga Prasad asks her to call Ragini. Parineeta says she is not at home. Annapurna says where did she go? Shekhar says I hope she is fine. Durga Prasad says we shall wait for Laksh, as he wants to tell something. Annapurna fears and prays for their safety. Laksh comes out and asks Sanskar to come in his car. Swara says I will come with Sanskar. Laksh is taken aback. Sanskar says we will meet at home. They sit in their cars and leave for Maheshwari house. Ragini thinks about Dadi’s words that she is supporting her as she is right. She recalls Swara asking her to tell the truth before it is too late. She recalls Sumi slapping her asking

her to tell the truth. Swara recalls her happy moments with Ragini and also recalls Ragini pushing her in river. She recalls Ragini acceptance of her crimes and asking her not to snatch Laksh from her. She recalls Laksh telling that she don’t deserve him. Sanskar sees Swara crying and says that’s why you didn’t go with Laksh. He says I will not stop you from crying today. He says we have won Swara. Swara says I know, but I am not happy still. I just wanted Papa and Maa to be together and clear their misunderstandings. Sanskar says you are still worried about Ragini. He says we have reached home. Swara thanks Sanskar and says this would not have been possible without your support. She thanks him again. Laksh and Ragini also come in their car.

Swara tells Laksh to end the matter right here, and says nobody will be able bear this betrayal. She says you knew the truth now, and it is enough for me. Laksh says no, and says everyone should know about her truth. I will tell her truth to everyone at home. He holds her hand and takes her inside. Sujata says they didn’t come till now. Just then they see Laksh in an injured state bringing Ragini home, followed by Sanskar and Swara. Durga Prasad says Laksh. Laksh pushes Ragini on the ground. Annapurna asks Laksh, what happened to you.

Laksh says I am fine and this is artificial blood. Durga Prasad asks why did you called us here at mid night. Laksh asks them to see the video to know about it. He puts the CD on the TV. They see Sanskar holding the knife. Laksh shares his plan with Swara and Sanskar, and tells he is doubtful on Ragini. He says Ragini has got him, but she will accept her crime seeing him dying. He says if she is innocent then it is okay, but if she is guilty then her truth will come out. They see Sanskar stabbing Laksh. Dadi says they are trapping my Ragini again. Laksh says Ragini is the one who trapped everyone. Then they see Ragini accepting her crimes, trying to kill Swara and all the conspiracies. They see Ragini stabbing Swara and trying to kill her again. Sumi looks at Shekhar. Sujata says it is good that truth is out now. Dadi stares Ragini in shock. She recalls Ragini telling that she didn’t go to temple with Swara. She recalls Ragini’s suicide attempt and that Swara wants to snatch Laksh from her.

Dadi recalls telling Ragini that she will punish her if she does any mistake. She goes to Swara past Ragini, and tells I always taunt your Dida and Sumi for their upbringing, but today my values have made my head low. She says I was blinded by her love. I couldn’t understand what is wrong and right. She says I insulted you and raised doubt on your character. Swara says you have a misunderstanding. Dadi apologizes to Sumi for her behavior. Sumi cries. Shekhar says Sumi was right. A flashback is shown, they were seen fighting. Shekhar says we can’t be one. FB ends. He holds his hand and apologizes to Sumi for making fun of their relation and not believing her. Ragini stands in shock and crying. He asks for a chance, and says he will try to fulfill duties of a husband and father. Sumi asks him not to apologize and says Swara said that it was a misunderstanding. She says we were hopeful that we will unite when truth comes out. He looks at Ragini and goes towards Swara. He bends on his feet and touches her feet. Swara stops him. Shekhar says I didn’t respect my daughter and have done a big sin. Swara says what you are saying? Shekhar says I don’t deserve to be called as a father. I have differentiated between my two daughters. He says I did wrong, and gave birth to a criminal daughter.

Durga Prasad tells Ragini that Laksh will not accept her after knowing about her crimes. He asks her to go away from Laksh’s life and home. Ragini walks towards the door and turns back to look at Swara and all.

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  1. Torandu

    Don’t worry ragini … Today everyone is against you …but one day they will realize your love for laksh …and..this swara ..you are disgusting … Feeling like killing you … Yes …. First you snatches laksh from rag ..now again you made everyone against ragini …you are a selfish not ragini …I hate you …

    • Jashia

      Love and extreme desire are two different things. Swara ne Ragini se kuch nahi liya rather it was Ragini who convinced Swara to do the marriage with Laksh. If she wanted she could’ve told Swara but she chose the wrong way and that’s what happens with the wrong person always…..
      Aaj bhi Swara ko Ragini ki tension hai. Issi liye usne Laksh se bhi boli to not to tell anyone anything…… Thn how did Swara become selfish??????

      • Laxmi

        I accept ur view. I too felt the same. If ragini cant forget laksh means she wont to prove her depth of love and marry him. Not by showing her own sister as chracterless…..
        Laksh never loved her.
        Seperate laksh from his real love and giving him pain is that right….
        True meaning of love is making ur partner happy….

      • AS

        true very true . killing some one for love is correct????????
        if a beggar comes to us will we marry him if he proposes to us or a person will force on us it means love. how sic mentality.
        this is why girls r being attacked with acid bcoz of this sic mentality means that the person love means we have to love. though rags is seen here as possesive or extreme obsessiveness. she needs to consult a psychiatrist.

    • malvika

      Correct your words… Ragini is selfish not swara… she tried to kill her own sister for a guy… she dint evn think of her parents relationship ….. she pushed her nani…. she kidnapped her own mother… wat selfish work did swara do… insted she told laksh not to tel anyone about ragini

    • aru

      Aap lok kaise insaan hai abhi bhi ragini me liye boltha hai. Swara kya selfishness kiya hai. Ithna kuch hojane me bavajudh bhi vo rag ke liye care karthi hai. Ragini ke “pyaar” hi nahi, but is physical desire only. Rag is a Cheap woman.

  2. Torandu

    Enaku swara pidikala …Ava yena unmaiyin suyaromam mathriyum ragini than ellam thappum panra mathriyum kamikiringa ..actually swara than ithu ellathuku. Karanam … Ava laksh kuda limit oda pazhagi iruntha laksh Ava Mela feeling vanthurukathu ..swara va pathale apdiye kovam kovam uh varuthu . ..

    • aru

      O yaar
      Unkitte enna sollanomnne theriyale. Raginikkake pesi pesi neeyum aapide aakathe. Enna love enntralum koodepiranda thangachiye kolla paathathu nyayama? Neeye Sol…but one thing .all is fair with love endru mattum sollathe….

      • ash

        Idhellam irukkattum, nambikkainnu solrangale, ennaporuththavaraikkum laksh is best. Enna kalyanththukku munnadi laksh, swara rendu perum vera idaththula irundhanga.irandu puramum enemies (rag&san).idhayum thandi laksh swaravai nabinan. Ippo san, rag, swara ellarum ore veetile.sanskar ellathaiyum kannale pakkaran. Idhu eppadi nambikkaiyagum. Kannala illame manasale pakkarudhukku per thane nambikkai. Appadinna Sans vida Laksh thane Swara mela adhiga nambikkai vachchavanagiran. What do you say …

    • Laxmi

      Even after ragini wedding swara gave chance to ragini. But ragini forced her to bring the truth infront of everyone.
      She not even think about her true love laksh happiness. She proved her sis as character less. She spoiled her future….
      Is this is the way to show her love ?
      Lies in relationships never stay for long time. She dont have trust in her love….

    • Pavithrakrishnan

      Ssss I hate swara ,sanskaar nd laksh che wat a damn swara ne thaan Ragini life spoil aanathu reason ne mattum thaan roamba nallava maathiri act panni ipo ellarkitta irunthum raginiya pirichita che ur such a damn go to hell enaku sama kovam varuthu

      • Torandu

        Nega mattum than ragini ya support panni pesuringa….nandrigal …. Ithu serial thana … Mathavanga swara va support pannum pothu nama ragini ya support pannina thappa … Yen ellam ipdi pesuranga …idhu real illa reel nu avangaluku theriyutha illaiyene enaku doubt a iruku …pavithrakrisnan

      • Pavithrakrishnan

        S ma first of al diz s a serial elarum Ava correctu iva correctu nu solliye sama tension aaguthu ennay pottu sama tension pandeaanga na fb la samaya thitti comment pannita innaiku ennala thaangamudiyala epa paathalum swara swara swara apadi ena thaan iruku??

      • Pavithrakrishnan

        Yen swara thaan roamba nallavanga la yen avangalukku yosika theriyatha thannoda sister fiancé ah eppadi namma accept Panna mudiynu??? Athu lam thappu ila ivangalukku ?? Apo Ragini evolo kashtapatturuppa? Ella ponnukummey thannoda first love ND avangaloda marriage periya kanavu thanaku vara husband ah yaaravathu pirika nenacha avangalaala thaangamudiyathu ena porutha varaikum Ragini s alwayzzz gud

      • ash

        Hello, Raginikku vandha love attractionala vandhadhu. Ava onnum manasa parthu love pannalai. Idhuve laksh mattum oru smartanavana illama irundha appavum ragini ivalavu mad a irruppala.vittu tholayattum irrukkamattala?

  3. Honey

    I thought dadi will slap her hard.. But I got disappointed that no one punished her.. What is the promo that Laksh asking swara to return back to him… How could he ask that.. He don’t deserve swara.. I wish swara should not go back to Laksh and should stay back with sanskar… Love swasan.. <3

  4. anu laya

    @ Torando – I agree u lyk ragini but what did swara do? She just tried to unite her parents is that wrong and one more thing when did swara snatch laksh? It was only ragini who did all wrong just for her own happiness

    • Torandu

      It was just a serial why you people are taking it serious … I wrote my view.. If you find it wrong ..never mind it …

      • Ridz

        Yes it’s a serial nd ur view s amazing. It’s jus tat t s lil criminal minded… U being a fan of ragini s acceptable. U justifying wat she did s right s not acceptable. Tat s t

  5. raji

    Happy for swara bt feeling sad for ragini. In past when swara was blamed she had sumi, sanskar and dida for support bt ragini is all alone without a single support. Bt dnt forget ragini is such a swt girl and she will defenitly turn positive after this incident. Luv u ragini and swara

    • aru

      Ithane safe drama me baat vo positive hoga?,nahi bhi hoga? But still if she turn good , what will guarantee that she return to her hidden face while a dislike situation?
      That is a point hai na?

  6. Vinu

    Happieeee for today’s episode… eagerly waited for this episode .. pls dont make swara the great… let ragini get good punishment from all.. Make her repent well for her doings… then unite raglak and swasan…

    • Laxmi

      Want to give some space for sanskar and swara.
      She want to realize the feel
      I dont want to see their love bloom only because the marriage is over. ..

    • Ridz

      Ha ha I knw I found t shocking too.. I can understand ppl being her fans but I don’t understand ppl supporting her character

      • AS

        i also felt vry odd seeing ragini fans. means i like tejaswi in 26/13 but here ragini isnot good. means killing someone and repenting felt like those romantic killers who kill their girl friend and lover bcoz the girl dont accept their proposal or throw acid or malign the character of the girl.
        in the end they live hapilly and the girls family suffer. moreover if also also someone left means u will go to the extent of killing .this means will we marry an persons who will force himself/herself on us?. i will always love tejaswi but not ragini even if she repents.even trying of killing someone is a crime under indian penal code. she has ocd that is obsessive compulsive disorder requires psychiatrist even needs to go to jail.

  7. Ridz

    Swara vil not steal lakshya. More over lakshya never liked ragini. Right from before he started liking swara. Ragini s love might be true but her ways were wrong.

  8. Aashi

    Torandu..haha…are u mad.. Ragini snatched laksh frm swara…ragini u r discusting…i hate ragini.,swara still loves her sister thats why am little angry with u swara…but still love u.

  9. Hai torandu why do u always support ragini? She is wrong then y do u support her I dnt understand?
    Yes ragini loves laksh so much Bt he nvr loved her there is no mistake of swara in ruining raginis life.
    Love should be btw both sides. But raginis is one side love and swalak is both sides. Then how can she snatch love?
    Love mean giving. But here ragini is snatching even from her love laksh by becoming very selfish
    Y do u support her? I just don’t understand ur concern for her?
    Only ur the person supporting her in this page. I saw ur comments many times taking raginis side
    I don’t meant to hurt you.
    I just got a doubt dts y asking u dts it. Don’t think otherwise. If ur hurt am sry

    • Torandu

      Because everyone in this page supporting swara .. So for a change I am supporting ragini …it is just a serial ..if you all take it serious then I can’t do anything … Its all about your thinking …

      • I know it’s just a drama but why would you support her character which is a spycopath. That psyco ragini is crazy, she tried to kill her own sister twice. That psyco ragini pushed swara in the river and she also stabbed swara with a knife even tough the knife was fake. And also she kidnaped her own mother and then she threatened swara that if she doesn’t marry sanskar then she will forget that the lady who she kept captive is her mother. How could she get that low to get Laksh.

  10. Brity

    Yes… Ragini is out…But guys I think our villan won’t go away so easily… SOMETHING BIG IS GONNA HAPPEN…

  11. srija

    Even I hate swara I don’t know why…… I fell Ragini isn’t d one to blame cuz shez doing all this for her liv nly…. Hope laksh understand this…

    • Laxmi

      Hurting her own love laksh and keep herself alone happy. ..
      What kind of love is that…..
      Cant she feel his pain…..
      She cant Seperate from laksh because she loved him a lot. Did she ever thought how much his feeling hurt how he feel…..
      Even after marriage her only intention is physically close to laksh …
      Its not love…….

    • Laksh and understand ragini, he hates her now for all the evil things she did. And also if he didn’t understand swara then what makes you think that he will understand that psyco ragini. And why should he understand that psycopath, all she did was ruined people’s lives. She is very shellfish.

  12. ishveer

    I hate uuuuuu… Ragini from the bottom of the heart..

    U r a chacterless women…. I am sooooo happy ragini’s truth come out….l like swara very much…ragini ur selfish… U need anything that’s want u can do anything …what chacter u are ….selfishhhhhhhhh…u deserve it more than that….l like swara …u r innocent…why u give apologize to that dvil evil ragini… She is not deserve ur apologize swara….she need punishment…. I hate dvil ragini……today epi was awesome… I like it…

  13. Swara will not go to Laksh!!! She should remain with Sanskaar as he is her husband and she believes in the institution of marriage so she will not move away from it neither Sanskaar would be able to take it!!! I hope Laksh carry on with his life in a better way!!! Swasan will be united slowly… Sanskaar never had hard feelings for swara even wn he was with ragini!!!

  14. Ridz

    My favorite dialogue is… Lakshya saying tum kisi ki pyaar ki layak nahi ho… I loved t . nd wen shekhar said she s kalank..

  15. Srikeerthi

    Finaly everyone got to know about Ragini.she should be punished more.such a selfish girl.hate u Ragini n Lu u swara…

  16. Ridz

    But u know dadi might be nice now
    I hv a feeling she ll not totally give up ragini. She s not all tat good also

  17. ishveer

    Today I like laksh….plz laksh u don’t accept that dvil evil ragini..if swara will not accept u,don’t accept that evil ragini…plzzzzzzzzz……

  18. Torandu

    Hello ..everyone I know it is just a drama … I have seen everyone supporting swara and writing bad about ragini … I know ragini did wrong things which no one will do … It is just a serial … Everyone was supporting swara so for a change I started supporting ragini .. I have seen more bad words about ragini … If you have rights to write bad about ragini then I too have rights to write bad about swara. ..

  19. diksha

    swara wud hav askd ragini dat she help her reunite their parents and then swara wud let laksh and ragini together then wud have nt gone too far doing all dat wrong stuf

  20. diksha

    swara wud hav askd ragini dat she help her reunite their parents and then swara wud let laksh and ragini together otherwise ragini wud have nt gone too far doing all dat wrong stuf

  21. Laxmi

    In serials most worst part is whoever did wrong will say sorry a single word and escape…..
    Whoever fighting for truth will suffer a lot…

  22. Queen

    Ragini ka pyar saccha h lekin use paane ka tarika galat h
    Ye sahi thode hi tha jo udne kiya
    Pyar ko paane k liye behen ko hi marne ki koshish ki
    Or pehle khud hi swara k heart me laksh k ke liye feelings peda ki pyar to swara ka b
    tha na fir uske saath galat q hua or usne laksh ko cheena ni tha plz ragini ka favour mt kriye

  23. anu

    laksh blames ragini for snatching her sister’s love & now he wants swara who is his brothers love.i knw wrong happened with laksh but if swara can sacrifice her love for ragini why cant laksh even think abt his brother.swara is nw his bhabhi.he should atleast respect tht relation.i am nt saying tht laksh should forget swara or move on swara is his 1st love ofcourse he wants her back but i saw the promo & i felt laksh is behaving like sanskar doesnt exist or sanskar has no feelings he just wants swara back in his life.& wht abt ur brother laksh?u dnt respect his love for swara or u dnt respect his marriage with swara.?

  24. Is that all, is that all that psyco ragini gets. How come dadi didn’t slap her today when she found about ragini’s truth. Why didn’t anyone slap that psycopath. In fact they should slap her until she felt dizzy. I heard that ragini will turn positive but for some reason I got the feeling that she won’t. One thing I’m happy about today’s episode is that psyco ragini got exposed today.

  25. Yaaaaaay!!! Finally…the serial is back on track…shekhar n sum r bak and…ya..now we might get some swan moments @ swathi…. But…. I still wish swaragini n lakshya were together yaar…anyone agrees???

  26. Yaaaaaay!!! Finally…the serial is back on track…shekhar n sum r bak and…ya..now we might get some swasan moments @ swathi…. But…. I still wish swara n lakshya were together yaar…anyone agrees???

  27. Yaaaaaay!!! Finally…the serial is back on track…shekhar n sum r bak together and…ya..now we might get some swasan moments @ swathi…. But…. I still wish swara n lakshya were together yaar…anyone agrees???

  28. Amna Ayub

    Fantastic episode…swasan scene were nice.they understand each other very well.now what will happen next?

  29. Today’s episode was awesome, just great. I’m so glad that crazy ragini’s truth is out. The bit I found funny was that at the end when ragini was goin towards the stairs she was walking like a zombie, she turned and was stairing at Swara. Did she expect swara to stop her from going and persuade everyone to forgive her. Or maybe she was thinking that I will eat your brain for exposing me front of everyone and I will make you pay.

    • Ha ha so funny.
      You are right, ragini was walking like a zombie and when she was stairing at swara, it felt like that she was thinking of eating swara’s brain because that’s what zombies do, they eat brains.

  30. Abram mirza

    Wow ragini truth is out :)):)):))but plzz unite swasan i lv swasan i want to see swasan as a romantic couple

  31. priya

    dont seperate swasan they look like made for each other…..t days eppi was awesome n make me feel relax..

  32. Safna

    They say na to cover one lie you have to say 100 lies.. And no matter how ever strong the lies are truth always comes out..

  33. I too wish for swara and Laksh . But there is a custom in almost every drama that is “sacrifice” 😛 I think swara won’t accept laksh though she loves him for the sake of Ragini . I must say Tejaswi was brilliant . Fantastic acting nd Yup all r brilliant . If sanskar loves swara that much he should try something to unite her with her love laksh (sorry Swasan fans ) . Let see what will happen

  34. flash

    just what has happened to writers of indian dramas.
    no matter on what note they start a serial it will end up being saas-bahu/marraige dramas
    when serial started both rags and swara were college girls and now their lives revolve around maheswari boys!!! fricking insulting!
    sumi has grown such a daughter alone, no matter how much she loves shekhar nothing justifies being with such a spineless man.
    and sorry guys swalak/swasan but please swara alone, being betrayed such badly in so-called love does make sense falling for either one of them. and like all the boys on earth have died and maheswari boys are the ones left and even if so then also it doesn’t make sense. if swara has even a bit iq she should keep her distance from lak+sans+shekhar.

  35. Ranim

    Superb episod plz don’t seprete swara and sanskar.don’t unit swara and laksh and not again ragini. And swaralaksh fan sorry but i think u r crazy 4 swaralaksh. But laksh can’t deserv swara becoz he can’t beleive and trust on her and how can u seprete a couple 4 their x love.can u do this in ur life 4 u or any ur relative. Plz writer don’t seprete swarasanskar and laksh live alone without swara and ragini and it is nessery ragini not come again in swara’s life now time is 4 swara and sanskar’s love story. If u drag the show i will left this. Plz plz

  36. Rimjhim

    Any one know about swaragini fun fiction what is this and where i can watch this plz any one have any idea about this then tel me plz

  37. Rimjhim

    Superb episod plz don’t seprete swara and sanskar.don’t unit swara and laksh and not again ragini. And swaralaksh fan sorry but i think u r crazy 4 swaralaksh. But laksh can’t deserv swara becoz he can’t beleive and trust on her and how can u seprete a couple 4 their x love.can u do this in ur life 4 u or any ur relative. Plz writer don’t seprete swarasanskar and laksh live alone without swara and ragini and it is nessery ragini not come again in swara’s life now time is 4 swara and sanskar’s love story. If u drag the show i will left this. Plz plz

  38. ash

    Kannala parthu laksh mela attraction aagi vandha love RAGINIyoda thappu
    than solradhu, seiradhu mattume sarinnu ninaithu mathavangala kashtappaduththuvadhu SWARAvoda thappu
    SANSKAR aarambathuleye thappu panniyachu.
    ippadi 2 ponnugalukku naduvula mattikkitu muzhikiradhu LAKSHoda thappu

    ippadi thappu thappa nadakkura serial padhu ezhudhara comment peeriiya thappa than irrukkum

  39. Hi I’m new here from trinidad love Indian soaps
    Why did they name the show swaragini it should of been swara only.why did they make ragini the bad one

  40. laara

    i expected more than what i saw in epi.when all they were against swara,they used to say things very hurtful…

    now ragini’s drama is over and everyone knew the truth…..but i felt that sekhar and dadi didnt do anything special.atleast they could have slapped her.

  41. Natasha

    Swara will not divorce sanskar and will ask laksh to give ragini a chance to change but ragini won’t change!!!
    I wish to see swara and sanskar together, they look cute together!
    Swasan won’t separate!!!

  42. Ridz

    Read this

    Swara to unite lakshya and ragini
    ow in it’s upcoming episodes, Ragini will try to convince all but she will be thrown out of the house and Swara will come back to the colony. No one in the Gadodia family will support Ragini.

    Later, Swara will tell Ragini that she wants to make amends and will promise to bring Lakshya back into her life.

    Stay tuned to TellyDhamaal for more latest updates from Swaragini!

  43. SWARA in any case should not leave Sanskar and accept Laksh. Both the both boys may like Swara and have love for her, but she is ladki of bad soch and Sachayee. ….she cannot be selfish .Her intention to come to Maheshwari home was to unite her parents and prove her image of being a true person which was tarnished by her own sister with her lies, cruelty and mean , cunning ways. Swara had not betrayed anyone . So she had the right to prove it . She succeeded in doing it where Sanskar had played a great role of supporting her like a true friend. Now when he loves Swara and is married to her, he deserves not to be left alone for ever and his feelings for her be ignored by Swara. Swara may not have love for him but she cannot forget the real friend who was with her throughout when she was in traumatic condition and in real crisis of being hated by everyone because of Ragini who took things for granted each time and misused the privileged she was blessed with just to win Laksh, who failed to understand Swara and each time accused her for the mistakes ,which she never did. I pity Laksh who is indeed a loser for not being able to differentiate a real HEERA from an ordinary crazy girl like Ragini 🙂

    • Jennifer?

      My cutie pie I know dat u r a diehard swalakian….
      Dats y u may b dishearten by dis news …..

      But remember 1 thing my lil sis
      Actors make place in our heart also not only on television… So keep swalak in ur heart 4ever and love them …..

      I know u might misunderstand my comment..

      But my cutie pie I really do care 4U dats y m saying….
      B happy always✌✌??

      And sorry if I hurted U
      Do 4giv ur Jenny di?

  44. Plz plz don’t make swara and shankar devotes I will stop seeing the serial if thy broke up I need thy b together I love the couple ummmmmeahhhhhhh

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