Swaragini 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sanskar asking Pragya not to show favor on him and go to that girl. Swara asks the shop keeper about the girl. He says she went with her father. Swara thanks God. Sanskar sits in his car and asks Swara to sit quietly. Swara looks on. They are on the way. Sumi calls Swara and asks when you are coming home. Swara asks if everything is fine? Sanskar takes the phone and puts it on loudspeaker. Shekhar takes the call and tells Swara that Ragini’s decision is right. When she wants to move on, then we shall support her. He says we have talked to Ragini and Nikhil….Sanskar looks at Swara and recalls asking her to marry him. Swara asks Shekhar what is Ragini’s answer. Shekhar says she said yes. Swara says I want to talk to her, give phone to her. Shekhar says she….Swara says

okay, I will talk to her face to face, and she has to answer for my every question.

Sanskar tells Swara that there is something wrong. Swara says even she is thinking the same. Shekhar tells Ragini that they can hide Laksh’s truth from Swara, but what about Annapurna and Durga Prasad. He says we have to tell them as they are his parents. Ragini says no, and says they are hopeful that Laksh will return and will break with this news. She is worried about Swara and Sanskar’s relation too. Shekhar tells Sumi that they shall tell Annapurna and Durga Prasad about Laksh’s death. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that they shall go to some particular temple and pray for Laksh’s return. He says that temple is very popular.

Shekhar and Sumi come there. Annapurna says we were talking to visit temple for Laksh. Sumi cries hearing that. Durga Prasad asks what happened? Annapurna says I know that Ragini wants to move on in life, but I am sure that Laksh will return, I am going to do mannat. Sumi says now no mannat or puja can bring Laksh back, as he went very far from all of us. Laksh is no more. Annapurna and Durga Prasad are shocked and shattered. Laksh’s photo frame falls down from Annapurna’s hand. She shouts Laksh……….Girl cries and asks Laksh not to put ointment on her wound. His wife Mansi comes there. Laksh asks her to rest and continues to play with girl…Mishu. Mansi smiles. Laksh puts ointment while talking to her. He says Mishu is my life. Mansi says and I? Mishu says partner. Someone comes and takes Laksh’s signatures on the papers.

Swara tells Sanskar that she will talk to Ragini. Sanskar reminds him that even he has equal right to talk to Ragini being Laksh’s brother. Swara says you hurt others in anger, and I don’t want to talk like that. Sanskar and Swara argue.

Sumi consoles Annapurna and says we had hidden this fact as Ragini doesn’t want you people to know this truth. Annapurna says she died every moment for our hope. Sanskar and Swara come inside. Sanskar says I don’t believe your decision. Ragini asks which decision, my decision to move on or to marry Nikhil. Sanskar assures her that he will bring Laksh back. Ragini says he will not return. Sanskar is shocked.

Precap: Annapurna comes to Baadi. Ragini gives her mangalsutra while tears in her eyes and gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Silent_writer

    He is laksh only swasan rocked but feeling bad for ap n dp loved today epi

  2. Aasthu

    I wonder if that papers are for trapping Laksh in that relationship……swasan fight was kinda cute……….

    New spoilers for swaragini………

    Swaragini: Everyone get shocked seeing Abhimanyu. Ragini meets with an accident. Laksh cares for her. Ragini calls him Laksh. Abhimanyu denies it. Ragini wants the family to meet Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu comes home to take his daughter. He explains everyone that he is not Laksh.

    I wonder why Laksh thinking abt swasan was not shown!!!!!!! I wonder how that Mansi can remain all smiles when her husband just died!!!!!! How can she be so selfish as to make Laksh in this relationship when she knows the pain of losing a loved one…………..I only hope she doesn’t turn -ve……………….I think maybe Swara will once again become a detective…….but cv’s this time u have to add Rags too………..there is no need for Sanskar to be on her team as he will reach the place where Swara intends to go and will bump look into her eyes and later scold her for bumping into him…………

    Hey Micuuuuuuuu…………how r u??????

    1. haha aasthu u r correct… no need to inform sanskaar…he will reach their himself…
      for adding one more lovely moments in the moments of swasan…
      n don’t get confused I’m Aditi Singh… remember… if not see Friday’s comment…

    2. Mica

      may Mansi don’t know that he is not Abhimanyu as she was coma and Abhimanyu similar as Laksh..but somehow she is kinda cunning when the man entered and handed the bag/paper to Abhi…
      huh! how could you give that awful suggestion to my swasan.. don’t you imagine how boring Sanskar and swara ‘s life without bumped each other and share eye lock ? 🙁 🙁
      they will have no reason to meet each other..huhuhuhu..
      (actually it’s we, who will boring not to see their romance as we are shameless fans :3 :3)
      I’m fine dearrrr..how are you ?

  3. awsome update

  4. Waiting for laksh to return in his family

  5. Tank you dear hassan for the update
    well today episode was good
    My swasan even angry can communicate with eye contact…both are worries for Ragini and both are sad…Sanskar was really shocked when hearing Ragini will move on her life with Nikhil feeling sad he has accused My Swara earlier to marry him and in that instant Swara was feeling proud as if she was sceaming no one but you Sanskar in my life you are my life without even saying a word..
    Laksh seems lost as if he is feeling guilty for some reasons…all that results in his new avatar whom i cant understand at all
    Annapurna and Durga was dying thousand times when hearing Sharmishta as if all their world collapses just in a blink of an eye
    Sawasan talking to Ragini made her nervous telling the truth cz she knows deeply well Swara will know..Swara os her elder sister who knows her like an oprn book..
    Precap is interesting same as all the situations to come

  6. I think story of Laksh is similar to Rowdy Rathore. Where Laksh will pretend to be that girls father as the child needs him more than Ragini…

    1. Yes xoxo I also think the same. Let’s wait for upcoming episodes.

  7. Lounaa

    and finally i am a registred member
    clapping now??????

  8. Plz swaragini Dekalo swaragini off air Jane wala hai

  9. Is it true that swaragini is going off air in december???pls say it’s not true…i’ll miss this serial a lot

  10. Lounaa

    Today episode was great
    Swara and Sanskaar eye contact speak thousand words where silence is screaming…both know each other…Sanskar was shocked when hearing Ragini wants to move on with Nikhil as if he was saying i blamed my Swara in my anger and Swara was screaming silently no body but you Sanskar will ever be my love u complete me in all angles
    Annapourna and Durga were really dying thousand times in just a blink of an eye
    Sanskar and Swara asking Ragini was really something to watch cz Ragini knows deeply well Swara will not believe her she is her elder sister she knows her pain and she knows her well
    Laksh isnt even convincing me in his new Avatar…something fishy even when he signed papers he wasnt allright as if he didnt want or pretending what he doesnt want at all but due to guilt
    Precap is interesting

  11. hey guys finally I’m also registered… today’s episode was fabulous…
    n the most amazing thing is my father let me watch it… yippee…
    n mica majors and asthu Raina… I’m Aditi Singh only I just changed my name…

    1. Lounaa

      adishu as it seems u are not registered yet

  12. A.xx

    fab loved it and honestly i think that those papers form an buisness alliance with the maheshwaris and if what Aasthu is saying is true then Rags needs to go ahead with the marriage with nikhil and make lakshya expose himself because if he is lakshya and he truelly loves her then he wont be able to see her with nikhil can’t wait for them to meet and raglak to unite.xx

  13. Guys the link they send is not working…

    1. Mica

      what link dear ? confirmed link ? did you try to login ?

  14. Amrutha

    Why the signature has shown particularly? Why that lady looking constantly towards laksh/abhi while signing? Something is there? Anyways plz writers don’t cheat us by not giving any proper raglak track, as like during kavya’s track. U completes it in a hurry and disappoint us. Plz don’t do like this . You created a serious mystery , maintain it.
    Why nikhil is hiding and listening to swasan, I am feeling that sometimes he is laksh. Anyways I want see my ragini in a role, not as a supporting artist.

  15. Please don’t stop this serial I request you and world best serial

  16. MickeyMouse

    Maybe Laksh had a memory loss.. and Mansi is brainwashing him..???

  17. MAHIRA

    Soooo beautiful moments between Swasan! Sanskar worrying for swara when he’s going, swara not stubborn ad her usual and agrees, the awful moment they’re discussing like before… Lovely! Even after all that, they’re Swasan, they can fight like children for stupid things they’re together for what is really essential.. Again, I’m in aw for sanskar ‘s worry for swara’s family replying to his wife her answer about laksh (family)
    I was soo sad for ragini she’s suffering like hell.. Ap this the 1st time you understand your bahu’s decision ad what it is… Her worry for them and for Swasan.. Really sad for that dramatic situation
    Laksh /abhi… He’s laksh , impossible he’s not, like you said I think about rowdy rather may be abhi got the accident with laksh and somehow laksh caused his dead so he have to take his place when the little girl was alone her mother on coma
    Waiting for laksh coming to MM but most of all waiting for consoling sanskar even he’ll fight with her… But i and the future bumping moment when he’ll save her from accident…
    *shameless fan club leader*

    1. Mica

      not just bumping.. but uuugghh.. for lift her and carry her in his arm..gooosshhhh..
      *shameless fans member..
      huh! i didn’t think shameless thing even now, but this leader, named Mahira, waking up my…..ahem ahem….

      1. MAHIRA

        My duty dear mica, my duty is to find all shameless moments of our beloved Swasan.. I can detail more than lift and carry… But ehem… Uff.. Waiting the episode…

  18. MAHIRA

    Sorry for errors, in a governmt/politics reunion… Seriously! How to concentrate?

  19. sanskar is so possessive about swara
    so the story is gonna repeat but i don’t want nikhil to fall for ragini
    nikhil should only fall for uttara

  20. Mica

    thank you H.hasan mam for update…
    well Sanskar mistaken that 3 men, huh!
    they didn’t follow or try to harm Swara, they wanted go home to get lunch as their mom called them.. 😛 😛 ..but YAY! there was a reason to picked his Swara….
    Ragini…pleease don’t lose hope..aaarrgghhh
    Anandpura..goosshh it’s too emotional, they have everything, property, money, company,..
    they though that they have perfect sons..everything was fine, everything was perfect..but then..their 2 sons, 1 went in jail another 1 passed away without heirs…..

  21. I also heard Swaragini going off air in December .. but it’s still not confirm as Helly said She has no idea about it !!!

    horrible dream come true if it happens.. seriously praying God to not to do this with us !! *CVs u r soo good,, soo cuteee,,, soo beautiful…
    puuut puuuut *buttering…
    Thnk u H.Hasan mam for update..

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