Swaragini 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Sujata if all the arrangements are done? Sujata says yes. Kavya tells Annapurna that she wants to take part in the puja. Sujata says yes. Annapurna says let her attend as she is also our bahu now. Kavya promises that she will do as she says. Annapurna looks at the lehenga of Swara and Parineeta, brought by Sujata. Parineeta and Swara come and say it is good. Kavya touches Sujata’s feet scaring her. She looks at the jewellery and says it is beautiful. Sujata says it is not for you. Kavya likes a heavy necklace. Sujata says it is very costly. Annapurna asks Kavya to keep it. Kavya thanks her. Swara looks on.

Ragini thinks about Laksh’s praising words and his betrayal thereafter. She looks at the maang ka tika while the song Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays…………….She

recalls his marriage with Kavya. Sumi tells Ragini that the groom’s family have come. She asks her to come. Ragini says Maa. Sumi says I can feel what you are feeling right now and says we will not say yes until you approves. Kavya takes part in the puja arrangements. Someone comes. Kavya tells them that he is her tailor and came for altering her dress.

Sumi brings Ragini in the hall. Dadi says my lado is here and asks her to sit. Groom’s mum likes her and says your dadi praised your singing ability. Ragini says Dadi just praising her. Sumi praises Ragini a lot and says whereever she will go, that family will be lucky to have her. Groom’s mum says don’t feel bad, but she is not your daughter. Ragini says relations are made by feelings and not by blood. Groom and his mum like Ragini. Groom says yes for the alliance. Ragini shyly smiles. Kavya’s tailor ties something on to her dupatta. Kavya asks him to do work nicely. He smiles.

Sujata tells Swara that she is sensing something is wrong and says Kavya is acting to be good since morning, says some blast will happen today. She asks God to save them from Kavya. Swara says I will keep an eye on her. She recalls Kavya threat. Sujata asks her if Kavya have done something. Kavya holds her pallu and put it on fire silently. Laksh sees her pallu burning and runs towards her. The crackers stitched on her pallu get bursted and Kavya falls down. She pretends to get injured. Annapurna and others are shocked. Swara asks Uttara to call doctor. Kavya asks Swara to stop her acting, and says you have planned to kill me.

Sujata asks Uttara not to open the window. Swara asks Kavya to stop her drama. Laksh says who is doing drama will be revealed, and calls Inspector. Swara says who called you here? Laksh says I called him here. He says Kavya called me before puja as everyone was staring at her and she was feeling strange. He blames them for trying to kill Kavya. Constable tells Inspector that their was a fire material in her dupatta. Kavya says it was given by Annapurna. Swara tells Inspector that Kavya is lying and tried to framed them infront of society people, but she was caught. Inspector reminds her of the warning which he gave her and says he has arrested the men of the house from their office. He says he is arresting everyone for trying to kill Kavya. Sanskar says this girl. ……Inspector says she is innocent and you are guilty. Annapurna asks laksh, if he will send them to jail. Laksh looks on.

Inspector arrests all Maheshwari family and take them to Police station. Ragini comes to Maheshwari house and calls Laksh. She asks him how can he do this with his family and says she is happy that she don’t love him now. Laksh looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. only sujju dialogues are intrested to see noting no swasan only kavya drama and again total waste episode only drama last precap me mens came and police arrest them also.. good ki rags chillavoungi at laksh acha hua ab hum apse pyaar nahi karte..

  2. Wow ragini u give solid answer to that stupid laksh…
    Now he feel understand…..

  3. Ragini super acting… I can feel the pain Wen she was thinking of her past memories and oly she can act like tat… Oly a best actor can make the audience feel their emotions/feelings… These police men r just stupid… They just cum and arrest them without enquiring or searching for the proof… Super precap… Waiting for Tomo episode… Ragini super dialogue… Atlast she spoke her heart out…

    1. Y cnt this Laksh think tat even wen Ragini misbehaved with their family they nvr tried to kill her or threaten her… Instead they just kept quiet and was tolerating everything… Then y they r gonna try to kill tat Aunty Kavya….

  4. Wow ragini u give solid answer to that stupid laksh…
    Now he will understand…..

  5. how can inspector arrest them from in office when all are at office???

    1. By giving orders

  6. Wow waiting for tomorrow’s episode and raglak talk

  7. stupid show and stupid writers

  8. yippee….interesting precap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yeszzzz….thats my ragini………haha……laksh teri toh baji
    purani wali bhi gyii(rags)….ab kavya bhi usko arrest karayegi………..ab usko punishment mili………
    n kavya….thodi overacting ho gyi usse…….bold scenes uff jab swara ko dhamki de rhi thi…haha funny lag rhi thi…..ghar jalega….lol/……………..

  9. Serial is getting worsr day by day….it doesn’t make sense police arrested them without inquiring…n if men were not at home so how can be they arrested….how illogical..Ragini k leaty ik hi chez as you sow so shll you reep. Ragini did the same with Sawara now she will understand the pain and Laksh is stupid guy phly Ragini sy shadi ki wthout thinking now kavya. He actually doesn’t deserve love/loyalty…

  10. Yukkk maha boring epi?itna gussa kbhi nai aaya mujhe SR pe..kitna drama yr..uff
    Har time wahi chiz repeat kare ja rahe hai
    Ye Mr. akal ka gadha luxji usse koi Jupiter pe bhejo waha baith baby ja jaap krte..kyuki tu iss duniya ka hai hi nai..aur ye tharki inspector dimag ka dahi kr raha kbse muh uthake aa jata baar baar mm jaise is baby ka bodyguard ho tu inspector hai mgr parajati of lallus ka bewakoof kahika..mm walo jail me hi ghar banalo aadhe se jyada time wahi rehte ho aap toh..jb dekho tb jail jail?is writer koi acchi story nai soch pa raha toh kuchh bhi dikhayega?kitna Pak raha tha..sanskar ko toh jaise ahem JI prem JI bana diya in logo ne idiots..
    Holi ke time other shows are planning fr gd sequence n dis people planning high voltage drama nly..are kuchh positivity bhi dikhaya kro..leads ko detectivegiri se fursat mile toh kuchh cute scenes de ye..aaj ka epi dekhke toh dimag kharab ho gaya isse achha hota na dekha hota..

    1. Angel I just luv u??Im a fan of ur comments..

  11. Wow Ragini rocks

  12. omg precap is very intresting …..i love u teja ur acting skill is just superbbbb i just love it.or i m so happy today because mere papa ka transferr ho raha h mumbai me because my dad is IPS officer ….i wish mein aapse ek barr mil pau …..

  13. No swasan scenes only kavyas bakwas drama

  14. Wow rags dialogue at the end. …….eagerly to watch lucky s reaction after it

  15. N one more thing ye thrki inspector ne baby kavlux kand se pehli hi mm gents ko pakad ke rakha..aree dimag ghas charne gaya hai iska..writer ke toh charan dhone chahiye wahh office se pkda isne jaise usse pata tha ye sab ho raha hai..iske sar PE bomb fodo koi?kaisa inspector hai kaha se utha laye isse..
    Ragu ne mast sunaya ye gdhe ko (luxji)swasan toh screen pr sirf detectivegiri ke liye aate hai..?

  16. Ye ho kya raha hai yaaar…all the time laksh is staring blankly at ppl…nonsense. I hope that ragini’s words at least work on this hypnotized man.

  17. Ragini precape dialogue and her expression its awesome.

  18. Ragini his the best love u
    What an solid answer given
    Ragini is far better than swara
    She is the best actress
    What I think guys?
    What an acting done by tejaswi

    1. I personally like Tejaswi’s acting a little more,Helly is also a very very good actress,but have been a fan of Tejaswi’s ever since I have watched her as Dhara in Darohar apnon ki..

      1. I’m sorry to hurt anyone but I still think that helly’s better and about kids what do they know they are just kid and I don’t know why people have to drag kids involve. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

      2. Hey me too a big fan of theju since sanskaar dharohar apnon ki

    2. Well I think helly is better and remember that she won the best actress award. She’s bubbly and fan to watch. Tejaswi was good as darah in some other show but in Swaragini she’s boring. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

      1. Hey enemy,
        I know u r a huge fan of helly…she won best actress in golden petal.and there is no value of that award.tejswi had got nomination in telly awards….and plz small kids also will tell that tejwi is better than helly.

      2. Telly award is most prestigious and (award unko hi milta h jo truly telented h) of television

      3. I agree with ur comment///en

      4. I also love hellys acting…She is a nice actress..I love to watch her acting

      5. Ya I totally agree wid u enemy(anjum)

      6. This comment is for UN
        It seems ur a huge fan of tejaswi
        But helly won best actress because she deserves it OK and tejaswi was only nominated for negative role but she didn’t win the award…….and since she was nominated for negative role and as u say telly award is very prestigious then it means tejaswi was praised for her negative acting.
        But she did quitting drama so that her character was turned into positive!! So funny…negative ragini was more interesting than this one…
        And pls OK helly has a huge no.of fans….not only small kids butelderv ppl to love helly for her acting and humble personality.

    3. Even I like Tejaswi more.

    4. Not for a fight with Helly’s fans ,but I also like Tejaswi.

    5. I like Helly’s acting but Tejaswi’s a little more.

    6. I respect ur decision but for me helly is always the best ab uski kya galti ki use itne different roles nahi mile jitne ragini ko mile. Jab ragini is problem me gayi hai toh iske support me sab log hai except that two stupid guys lekin jab swara ke saath aesa hua tha tab koi uske saath nahi khada that except some intelligent guys so for me always swara is better than ragini

      1. Hi s. Aishwarya
        I’m glad that helly’s not doing a negative role and even if she does she will also do well. And yeah Anjum Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    7. Ragini is far better than swara????? Noways swara is an ideal girl…she never did any wrong whereas ragini is a confused soul actually was and now she is getting on track (I am talking about only the characters) and about tejaswi’s and helly’s acting I think both are good but helly has the charm to connect wid ppl as it is obvious from the huge no. Of fans she has got.

  19. Yukkk maha boring epi tha..kitna drama?
    Ye Mr.akal ka gadha luxji Jupiter pe bhejo isse koi kyuki tu is duniya ka hai hi nai waha hi baby ka jaap krne baith..aur thrki inspector phir aa gaya dimag ka dahi krne isne mm gents ko pehle hi pakad kr rakha baby kavlux kand se pehle wahh kya dimag paya hai..akal ghas charne gai hai iski..iske sar pe pehle bomb fodna chahiye..bewakoof kahika..iske bhi dimag me gobar bhoosa bhara hai luxji ki tarah baby ka bodygaurd..i think police Dept started appointing dis type of lallus as inspector..ek toh mm walo tumlog police stn me ghar banalo ya ye police ko tent lagwake do mm ke bahar petrol ka kharcha bachega..aur mehnat bhi..kbse jail jail..aajtak ka mahaboring epi..?
    Holi ke time other shows r planning fr gd seq n ye high voltage drama..kuchh toh positivity dikhaya karo..sanky ko toh jaise ahemji banadiya ye log ne..end me aaya packing material bnke?kb khatam hoga ye..pehle achha lg rha tha ye track bt kuchh overdose ho raha hai..swasan toh detectivegiri ke liye hi screen pr aate hai..bt rags ne gdhe ko achha sunaya.. Ye week bhi ye sb drama jhelna hai ready ho jao..

  20. Shraddha Sharma

    There are some scene missing from the update.. but thanks for the update….

  21. Kayva is getting away with all this it is not good.

  22. I think the police should live in the Maheswari mansion out house itself because drama and arrest are inevitable there,now it is so funny to read police arriving every now and then,Sujatha fans association should be there,that character and the actress Sonica,both are amazing,Tejaswi glad to see this simple ,elegant,yet strong side of hers,make over is superb,missing Swasan scenes.

  23. No swasan scenes… Y d writers hurt swasan fansss.. New drama gnggg

  24. Today’s epi was so boring. Missed Swasan?

  25. Wow nice episode.

    1. Hi suman,
      How are you? I saw you commenting on IKRS page and bashing the show but why?

  26. Hi all swaragini family. Hw r u all

  27. Wow!!! Exciting episodes of swaragini..Eagerly waiting for today’s episode….lub. uh ragini n swara..??????

  28. Sounds like Police waits for Kavya’s drama. They do not have any other crimes to solve.
    What a ridiculus story. End this track please. Wasting time of subcribers.
    This show is so boring and predicatable.

  29. y most of them always praising raginis acting I don’t know….personally comparing to swara she is not better….swaras expression everything is super but ragini I m seeing oly same expression…from my side swara is a good actress I m nt mean ragini acting is bad..

    1. Those praising Ragini may be liking her acting more.No offense to your comment, just told my opinion like u said yours.

    2. Ya even I agree wid u….most of the ppl praise ragini’s acting bcos they just love ragini but even I think swara is a versatile actress

  30. source metro masti.com (reliable or not dont know or its there assumption have to see but posting artcles which i read about sr)
    swaragini : laksh to fall in love with ragini all ove again.
    colors show swaragini has reached a very intresting stage where major high voltage drama and heartwarming moments are expected between ragini and lakshya.
    good news for raglak fans as soon lakshya will realize his love for ragini nd will work hard to get her back. as known swara will soon expose kavya’s bitter truth to him. he will realize kavya has beem hypnotizing him to go against his family.
    kavya will get lakshya in trouble by attempting sucide and putting blame on him. he will get arrestedbut ragini will come for his rescue.
    he will be shocked with ragini behaviour even after he been evil with her.
    he will realizes his mistake again and fall in love with ragini again.
    lets see if laksh can repair all the mishaps created by him towards ragini.

  31. Hii..guyzz..
    Watching yesterday epi as we all know wat will happen in dis week nly negativity n drama..m fed up of dis..nothing positive I feel like nt watching SR dis week.. It will jail drama nly..waise bhi mere exams chal rahe hai I nly watch SR nothing else as my exams r der bt dis ppl disappointed me..y shud I waste even half an hour of mine fr dis crap?dis jail drama?writer is totally mad..nxt week dnt knw wat will hppn no hopes fr positivity romance in holi..it will be drama nly..n nw I wish trp shud fall den dis typical RS show will understand SR is different frm saathiya n ssk..srsly swasan ki chemistry ko totally waste kr rahe hai ye log..nt giving dem proper story dey cme onscreen jst fr detectivegiri..enough of dis nw..rags hs bcme rotlu nw..y she is interfering in mm matter..she shud hv bcme successful singer nw..move on her life den raglak lv stry would be interesting bt dis ppl?fmly drama,police,jail,pallu jalana,chale chalana iske alawa kuchh nai soch rahe ye..?
    Sry fr such long comment bt srsly in cnt tolerate anymore..I want my old shows charm back..want some gd story..stop dis drama..repeated tracks..

    1. Hi Angel
      How are you? I totally agree with you. Swaragini has gone boring now all they show too much of negativity. They even showing less Swasan scene. I’m only tolerating all the crap and nonsense only becoz of Swasan. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  32. Herun aka Swasan rocks.
    Love their acting?

    1. yes….always swasan rocks …their acting r awesome…..love them..

      1. Hi swans
        How are you?
        And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

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