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The Episode starts with Sahil asking Maya not to tell anything to Swara, else he will kill Swara and also himself. Maya is shocked. Laksh tells everyone that they have to go hoogly. Swara is making the kids practice for play. Maya comes and looks at the script paper. She has written on it about Sahil’s plan to marry her. Swara thanks her and says she is feeling safe now. Sahil comes. Maya gives the script to Swara and asks her to read it properly. Swara is about to read the papers. Sahil looks at her. Swara thinks she haven’t talk to Sanskar. Sanskar gets Adarsh’s call. Adarsh asks Inspector came and asking if we shall get Swara’s pic posted in the city.

Sanskar says no. Laksh says Sahil is trying to marry her. He says we won’t spare him. Swara calls Sanskar, but the call goes to Sahil’s

phone as his number is saved on Sanskar’s name. Sahil cuts the call and messages her. Swara replies I love you too. Sahil feels apologetic and smiles.

Swara happens to read Maya’s note in script, that she is not in Patna, but Hoogly and that Sahil is trapped her to marry. Swara is shocked. She further reads that Kalpana is with him. Swara recalls Kalpana giving her water in car. She thinks to call Sanskar. Sahil comes and asks where is she going? Swara wipes her tears, turns towards him and says she is going to check the children costume. She asks him not to interfere. She goes to costume room and burns the note which Maya had written. She cries and wipes her tears.

She thinks to message Sanskar and writes message, and then thinks Sahil won’t take such a big risk. She checks the number and thinks it is Sahil’s number. She thinks to call Sanskar, but recollect the number. She recalls the number and then calls him. Sahil thinks why Swara is taking much time. Swara sends message to Sanskar.

Sanskar gets Swara’s message. Ragini reads it and says she is fine. Sahil knocks on the door asking Swara if she is fine. Swara wipes her tears and open the door. Sahil asks why the door was closed? Swara says just because I get scared around you. Sahil says I have changed now, else wouldn’t have call Maa here.

Kalpana comes there and says hero and heroine called and said that they are not well. Swara says both of them got ill at same time. Kalpana suggests that Swara shall become heroine. Swara agrees and thinks Maya is right. Kalpana says who will do hero’s role. Sahil says I will do if you agree. Swara says this costume isn’t fitting me. Sahil says lets go shopping and buy costume for you.

Sanskar reaches wedding venue. Sahil tells him that Swara is marrying him with her wish. Sanskar is shocked. Sahil asks Swara to say.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. helly is a grat actrss..lvd her actng.she looks soo cute and beautifull.helly love you soo much.today you again proved that you are a awsm good acttss.my gorgeous girl swara aka helly love you soo much.you r best.
    sahils track gonna end soon.nd our beloved heavenly couple swasan unite soon.badly missing swasan.
    ragini fp drama out.now all the ragini fans are happy bcs swara didnt slap ragini.what are they sayng how can swara slap ragini???ragini is doing for her mothr too blah blah blah.nd started to bash swara.now all the ragini and raglak fans are happy???no one gonna slap raguni.and dnt dare to bash my cutie pie swara/ helly


    1. All of a sudden rags concern about her mother who she kidnapped and seperated from her husband but rags is so shallow when she got what she wanted then she remembered family and relations

      1. ragini is the best.raglak r the cutest.jalne walo jalthe raho

      2. Dear….if u hate ragini’s character…no problem….but pls sont scold her character in public…bcs their fans will hurt…ragini is changed….now she is good n she is helping her mom….i agree she did big crime but everybody will have second chance….so y cant we give her second chance….pls dont fix ur mind in one angle…

    2. hllo excusme miss.seebu nd akashi..i didnt jealous of raglak nd even i didnt bash raginj.plz read my cmmnt carefully.i said that when promo of swara slapping ragini ragini and raglak fans started to bash my cutie pie swara..dats why i said lyk dat.nd i didnt bash anyone.i m not jls of raglak.bcz i love dem too but not more than my lovely couple swasan…if that cmmnt not for me then specify their names.

      love u helly love u swara and cute lovely couple swasan.swasan is best

      1. pari tat comment was nt fo u.it was for sharnellee.

  2. nice episode

  3. why u guys r over reactng..i knw its wrong to baahng..nd for ur kind info i m not intrstd in urs so called nagini aunty..i bashd her bcz some stupid grl provokd me to do so..that bldy fool lady told me ki urs so called yejaswini prakar smthng is more popular nd hot dan my sanaya irani..hahaha joke of the year..actually i didnt knw any tejaswini..den she syrtd her prabashan nd whn i searchd in google i bcm numb nd laughng like mad..bcz she bashd my sanyu for a behenji type girk..hahha its funny to see dat ragini aunty in salwar suit.such a typical behengii…den dat bldy girl strtd to bash my sanyu..how dare..for dat frustatn i wrote all dese..if she dsnt stp bash my sanyu i wdnt stp bashng her soo called tejaswini aunty…hahahaha seriously dis aunty is more popular nd hot than sanaya..we didnt hear the name of dat aunty nd she said dese stupid thngs…anyways i m nt intrstd in ur soo called ragini bcz she is nothng to me..for me sanyu is best…she is cute nd beautifull…if dat stupif grl didnt stp to bash my sanyu i wdnt stp bash nagini aunty..i knw she readng my cmmnt..even though d opposit one swara i dnt knw her real name bt she looks more youngr bd cute dan dat ragini aunty bt not my sanyu…love u sanyu..

    1. nw this is calld heights of stupidity.if she is bashing ua fav bash her nt teju.n moreover she din bash sanaya in this site tn hw can u bash teju here.hw can u be soo stupid??for tat 1 gal ua hurting mny teju fans.tats nt gud.plz stp bashing teju.its a request…

    2. Prateeksha

      For ur kind information there are many swaragini and ragini fans who like sanaya as much as ragini. I’m one among them. I like both swaragini as well as sanaya Irani. For hurting one ragini fan ur hurting all ragini fans. How is this even justified? Do u know how painful is it to hear all these things. For once please think matured. What did u get by doing all this? U just spoilt the name of urs as well as Sanya. U have portrayed ur less mannered. This is what u got by bashing. If u really want to stand up for sanaya then u should have all ur anger to the concerned girl. Instead u were spoiling the peace of this page. And by seeing ur comment I can also say that she said teju is best than sanaya. So what’s wrong in that? It’s her point of view. U cannot force anyone to like some one. It is not like if v like a person everyone to like them too. For this silly reason u were bashing teju all these days without even knowing anything about her. This is height of immaturity. I generally won’t comment in this page. But ur stupid reason for bashing made me to comment. If u r a true fan of sanaya then u would have known the pain of other fans. But no. So it clearly says u don’t have any idea about helly or teju. I even doubt watching swaragini. Bcoz of ur so called revenge u were ruining the peace of all swasan and raglak fans this page. Do u think whatever u did is right? Sry if I hurt u bcoz I generally don’t like bashing r hurting others. But u have hurt us a lot. That’s all I can say

  4. bullshit episode y these cvs drag so much stil u have to show so many things swsan reunian ,ragini fainting ,swaragini bond ,godhbaraie funtion ,slaping drama,fp exposing drama offf
    again penchainting for raglak track

  5. Episode is really not up to the mark.. But still im watching only with the hope of swasan… I think next week will be worth of watching with high voltage drama..

  6. Even though there is no swasan or raglak scenes….episode is interesting….as every episode we cant expect their scenes….n hellu is looking too cute….how cutely she said “hawww mera phone cut diya”…n swara is too intelligent that she didnt msg to sahil…n pls tell me what is sanskars phone no…????…sanky also looking too cute ….n raglak care to swara is really very nice….ragini is like lifeless without her sister…her expressions r really good at that time….n swara asusual nailed when it comes to any crying scene….she looked too cute while crying…her nose turns red….how cute???….n finally sahil crap is ending….bye bye sahil…???

  7. Atlast?….swara is lkng pretty in dat bridal dress…?…sanraglak car scene ws awesome..loved dere bondng…ragini as usul ws lkng veryyy pretty…aww mera baccha always looks beutifulll???love u to d core…?

    Nw lets see wt wl happen in fake pregnancy drama….hope after all dese thngs we could get some good raglak n swasan track…

    Stay blessed tejas/ragini…?…u always rocks…watchng swaragini nly for u…it dsnt matter to me whether u hve small or big scenes…i jst need ur presence??..n for dat i cn bear anythng..???

    1. Atlastahil track is gonna end?

  8. The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Maheshwari family celebrates Ragini’s godhbhari ceremony.

    Ragini pretends of being pregnant and she ties a pillow on her stomach showing as she is pregnant.

    Function gets started when Pari pushes Ragini on the floor intentionally and her pillow get falls on the floor.

    Everyone is shocked seeing Sujata scolds Ragini for betraying them while Annapurna raises hand on Ragini for her betrayal.

    Shramistha stops Annapurna slapping Ragini and reveals to everyone that Ragini did all this to save Sharmistha from humiliation.

    Sharmistha save Ragini revealing her reality

  9. Omg omg what happened here…all are fighting for their favourite actress like in politics.guys pls stop ✋ fighting ..am happy that swara will get back to sanskar tomorrow..but our Ragini is to get exposed by pari


  11. hww meri cute gudiya swara.she is so super.super se bhi upar.how cutely she said hww mera phone cat diya.felt like givng sioo much of puppy to her.gorgeous cute girl.love u swara love u my cutie pie helly.her face bcm red while cryng.such a natural beauty.bt i dnt lyk her in curled hair.bt wht to do she didnt look mature in straightend hair..

    nd for all swasan fans atlst swasan gng to reunite again.ndbwe got to see swasan dance on ragini godhbarayi..waitng for swasan moments.more swasan romantic waala moments

  12. Ohhhhh bashing teju for sanaya wht a stupidity if u are sanaya fan then praise her dnt bash teju. In which angle teju looks like aunty. Teju is really pretty.

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