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Swara eats the food and thinks dadi made tasty food. She sees the bottle cap opened and gets suspicious. She thinks she has to inform her mum. Sanskar enters and holds her. He tries to make her drink drug water. Swara feels dizzy, but being a fighter she hits on his head. Sanskar gets unconscious and falls on bed. Swara tries to take out his moustache.

Dadi calls Ragini and asks her to serve food. She asks Sumi to sit with the guests. Dada tells everyone that his wife made food with real Rajastani spices. Annapurna comes to Durga Prasad and tells him that Swara preponed the wedding. Pandit ji tells that he preponed the mahurat on Swara’s insistence. Durga Prasad is taken aback. Laksh is going towards Swara’s room, Ragini is shocked and tries to stop him.

Annapurna asks Ragini about Laksh.

She tells he was going towards Swara’s room. Annapurna goes there. Laksh tries to go, but sees Parineeta standing. She says you can’t meet her before marriage. Laksh says but…..Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that this girl is not right for Laksh. Durga Prasad asks Pandit ji, if Swara gave him bribee for preponing her wedding. Pandit ji says no and says it was also good mahurat. Annapurna says she did wrong. Durga Prasad says she didn’t do anything wrong and says he will talk to Laksh. He reminds Annapurna that Swara was with Laksh and has firm believe on Laksh when they left him doubtfully. He asks her to think 1000’s times before accusing Swara.

Dadi tells that she made the food. Parineeta says it might be good like amrit. Dadi asks them to eat first. Dadi calls Ragini. Ragini comes there. Dadi asks her to serve water to everyone. Ragini says she went to Swara’s room to see if she had food. Ragini says she just start eating food. She sees Annapurna sitting angrily and gives water to Laksh. She tells that she will give water to Swara. Dadi asks Sumi to go, and asks Ragini to help her in serving food. Ragini gets shocked and throws plate intentionally. Sumi says she will clean. Dadi says Ragini has to clean it and asks everyone to eat food. Dadi asks Ragini to get water jug and salad plate from kitchen.

Ragini goes to kitchen and thinks what might be happening in the room. Why Sanskar is not picking my call? Sumi comes there and asks what happened? Ragini says she might be tensed about the marriage. She tells everyone that she got Swara’s message and she needs water. Dadi asks how did you know? Ragini says her phone is on silent mode. Sumi asks her to take water. Ragini rushes to room and closes the door, takes a sigh of relief. Just then she sees Sanskar lying on the bed with beard. She calls his name asking him to wake up. She asks where is Swara? Swara comes there and is shocked. Ragini is shocked. Swara feels dizzy and didn’t hear anything. Ragini makes her rest on the bed. She tries to wake up Sanskar.

Ragini sees Laksh’s call on Swara’s mobile and throws the phone in tension. Laksh thinks why she is cutting the call. Durga Prasad asks Dada ji to call Swara as they have to do the last ritual. Ragini is tensed and sprinkes water on Sanskar’s face to wake him up. Sumi is coming towards the room. Ragini asks what happened? Sanskar wakes up and says Swara……Ragini says did Swara see your face? Sumi comes and knocks on the door. Ragini and Sanskar are shocked.

Swara tells Ragini that the man gave her drug again. Annapurna gave her ancestral bangles to Swara and makes her wear. Laksh smiles and is happy. Swara looks for her phone and says it has recording of the man. Ragini is shocked.

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