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The Episode starts with Sanskar throwing colors on Kavita in the temple, but she sits down and the colors fall on Swara filling her maang. Sanskar looks shocked to see her there. Kavita stands up and sees Swara there. Laksh helps Ragini stand up and makes her look in the mirror. Ragini smiles and looks at him. Laksh holds her cheeks and is about to kiss her, but servant comes and gives him insurance papers. Laksh gets irked and says he should have knocked on the door. Ragini says he had knocked on the door and smiles. Suddenly laksh’s finger gets cut and Ragini scolds him. Laksh asks her to love him. Ragini says something is left. Laksh keeps the papers and tells her that he will fill her maang when her hand is healed. Ragini nods smilingly. Kavita tells Sanskar that his aim is wrong. She says I will

clean colors on Swara’s face. Swara cleans it and says she don’t want to come in between them. Kavita says color is still there in her maang. Sanskar asks why she came here? Swara tells that Urvashi came there and that’s why she came. Kavita says it is good that you came and Sanskar couldn’t throw color on me. Swara looks on. Swara recalls her words. Kavita asks Sanskar to come. Sanskar sees the pillar about to fall on Swara and jumps in to save her. Kavita also falls shouting his name and sees Sanskar rescuing her. Sanskar scolds her for being careless and asks her to tell if she got hurt. Kavita recalls the past happenings, and realizes Sanskar loves Swara.

Urvashi thinks it is good that Swara failed to follow her and looks at the address where she have to go. Urvashi comes to Ragini’s house. Annapurna greets her. Sujata tells Uttara that she is afraid of Ragini’s family members. Urvashi tells Annapurna that she brought sweets for them. Annapurna says why did you do formality. Urvashi says you are humble people to let Swara enter home. Annapurna says let not speak that and says circumstances were bad. Sanskar comes back to Kavita and asks how she fell down. Kavita says I am seeing everything clearly now. She says your concentration was on Swara and that’s why you haven’t seen me falling. Swara says you are thinking him wrong. Kavita asks him to answer for her questions. She says you used to love me 5 years back and now loves Swara. Sanskar and Swara looks on. Kavita says everything is clear now. When you was looking at Swara, I have slipped, but you didn’t notice. She says I was in your embrace 5 years ago, but today Swara is with you. She says I am your past, but she is your future. She says I have seen love in your eyes for her. Sanskar says you are thinking me wrong and says I am marrying you. Swara says he loves you. Kavita says he don’t love me and think me as his responsibility. She says you have decided to marry me as my mum had betrayed me, and you have showed pity on me and decided to marry me. Swara says you was his first love? Kavita says I was his love, but now he loves you. He says Sanskar have grown over the years and is matured now. Sanskar says I haven’t showed pity on you. Kavita asks him to decide and tell the truth.

Laksh is running after Ragini. Sujata thinks what is happening. Everyone see them happy and Ragini getting back to old get up. Urvashi says it is good that Swara is not in the house. She tries to fill their ears against Swara. Durga Prasad says you are saying wrong and says Swara is the daughter of the house. Urvashi says Swara is inauspicious and says your house will be safe until she is far. Annapurna thinks why she is having problem with Swara. Swara asks Sanskar not to back off. Kavita says Sanskar have told truth for first time. She says Sanskar wants to live rest of his life with Swara. She says if you would married me then everything would have been ruined and nobody would have been happy. Swara says you have right on Sanskar. Kavita asks them to come with her. She takes them inside the temple. She asks God to make Swara and Sanskar understand, and gives Sanskar’s hand in Swara’s hands. Kavita says your Kavita isn’t weak, I will take care of myself. Swara apologizes. Kavita says you haven’t done any mistake. Your friendship have turned into love and I don’t right to come inbetween you both. You have done so much for me , you have saved me from my mum and helped me come out of that hell. You have returned my life and now it is my turn to return your life. Sanskar says Kavita……Kavita says you was about to take a stupid decision and ruin three lives. She asks him to promise and be with Swara, and never feel guilty about her. Swara hugs her and looks at Sanskar.

Sanskar tells Swara that I would not have been happy with Kavita as I love you. Swara cries and says I love you. They hug. Sanskar and Swara inform the family that they want to unite. Sanskar sings Salaame ishq song in their engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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