Swaragini 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar throwing colors on Kavita in the temple, but she sits down and the colors fall on Swara filling her maang. Sanskar looks shocked to see her there. Kavita stands up and sees Swara there. Laksh helps Ragini stand up and makes her look in the mirror. Ragini smiles and looks at him. Laksh holds her cheeks and is about to kiss her, but servant comes and gives him insurance papers. Laksh gets irked and says he should have knocked on the door. Ragini says he had knocked on the door and smiles. Suddenly laksh’s finger gets cut and Ragini scolds him. Laksh asks her to love him. Ragini says something is left. Laksh keeps the papers and tells her that he will fill her maang when her hand is healed. Ragini nods smilingly. Kavita tells Sanskar that his aim is wrong. She says I will

clean colors on Swara’s face. Swara cleans it and says she don’t want to come in between them. Kavita says color is still there in her maang. Sanskar asks why she came here? Swara tells that Urvashi came there and that’s why she came. Kavita says it is good that you came and Sanskar couldn’t throw color on me. Swara looks on. Swara recalls her words. Kavita asks Sanskar to come. Sanskar sees the pillar about to fall on Swara and jumps in to save her. Kavita also falls shouting his name and sees Sanskar rescuing her. Sanskar scolds her for being careless and asks her to tell if she got hurt. Kavita recalls the past happenings, and realizes Sanskar loves Swara.

Urvashi thinks it is good that Swara failed to follow her and looks at the address where she have to go. Urvashi comes to Ragini’s house. Annapurna greets her. Sujata tells Uttara that she is afraid of Ragini’s family members. Urvashi tells Annapurna that she brought sweets for them. Annapurna says why did you do formality. Urvashi says you are humble people to let Swara enter home. Annapurna says let not speak that and says circumstances were bad. Sanskar comes back to Kavita and asks how she fell down. Kavita says I am seeing everything clearly now. She says your concentration was on Swara and that’s why you haven’t seen me falling. Swara says you are thinking him wrong. Kavita asks him to answer for her questions. She says you used to love me 5 years back and now loves Swara. Sanskar and Swara looks on. Kavita says everything is clear now. When you was looking at Swara, I have slipped, but you didn’t notice. She says I was in your embrace 5 years ago, but today Swara is with you. She says I am your past, but she is your future. She says I have seen love in your eyes for her. Sanskar says you are thinking me wrong and says I am marrying you. Swara says he loves you. Kavita says he don’t love me and think me as his responsibility. She says you have decided to marry me as my mum had betrayed me, and you have showed pity on me and decided to marry me. Swara says you was his first love? Kavita says I was his love, but now he loves you. He says Sanskar have grown over the years and is matured now. Sanskar says I haven’t showed pity on you. Kavita asks him to decide and tell the truth.

Laksh is running after Ragini. Sujata thinks what is happening. Everyone see them happy and Ragini getting back to old get up. Urvashi says it is good that Swara is not in the house. She tries to fill their ears against Swara. Durga Prasad says you are saying wrong and says Swara is the daughter of the house. Urvashi says Swara is inauspicious and says your house will be safe until she is far. Annapurna thinks why she is having problem with Swara. Swara asks Sanskar not to back off. Kavita says Sanskar have told truth for first time. She says Sanskar wants to live rest of his life with Swara. She says if you would married me then everything would have been ruined and nobody would have been happy. Swara says you have right on Sanskar. Kavita asks them to come with her. She takes them inside the temple. She asks God to make Swara and Sanskar understand, and gives Sanskar’s hand in Swara’s hands. Kavita says your Kavita isn’t weak, I will take care of myself. Swara apologizes. Kavita says you haven’t done any mistake. Your friendship have turned into love and I don’t right to come inbetween you both. You have done so much for me , you have saved me from my mum and helped me come out of that hell. You have returned my life and now it is my turn to return your life. Sanskar says Kavita……Kavita says you was about to take a stupid decision and ruin three lives. She asks him to promise and be with Swara, and never feel guilty about her. Swara hugs her and looks at Sanskar.

Sanskar tells Swara that I would not have been happy with Kavita as I love you. Swara cries and says I love you. They hug. Sanskar and Swara inform the family that they want to unite. Sanskar sings Salaame ishq song in their engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. bhuvi

    Hmmm…liked kavi today but soon I gonna Hate her…dunno Wat to say… But I don’t wanna keep high hopes… Coz I know they are very expert in breaking our hearts n hopes… So decided to enjoy upcoming Swasan happy moments… N try not bother if they get separate again…

  2. unknown

    sanskar deserves more better partner than swara….same……kavita deserves more better partner than sanskar…….
    bcos of his fake sacrifice drama…….
    he though agr vo kavita se marriage karga to vo happy rahegi….is fake sacrifice k chakkar me vo kavita ko dhoka de raha tha…kyu ki wo janta tha ki wo swara se pyar karta h.aur jante hua b vo kavita se shadi karne ja raha tha.fake.
    really kavita deserve more better partner than sanskar.

  3. dolly

    Kavita united swasan .. Wow finally they are together now .. Thank u kavita for understanding their love 🙂

  4. Tara

    Though kavita ll turn negative. . She is superb 2day ?? Urvashi ????? irritating idiot. Guyz see pics if swasan romantic date. I bet u ll die out of excitement and overjoy. U ll b out of the world. Like Srk – Kajol .. more tan them even ??? 2 eyes ll not b enough 2 c tos pics. SwaSan in Red and white ❤❤❤❤ omggg outta wrds 2 describe. C tos wo didn’t c it. U ll b out of d world ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Nuszoya

      yup Tara I agree with u… over excitement…… finally swasan d most awaited scene… can’t say its just a scene… v r feeling as tough its happening in real life wwwwooooowwww…. I would like to dedicate nee en bathey naan thanadi song from Tamil movie and Hasi bangayi song from Hindi.. wow over filled with joy

    • Tara

      Yeahhhh siya, nik, nuszoya ?? i stopped seeing further posts of their dating??. Aftr seeing all d videos wen I see in serial it is not nice nd giving me not d enthusiastic feel. So i just 5 photos of their romantic date thn stopped. Evn i stoppes using insta, fb ??? I want 2 see it directly in serial nd i want to get tat feel the mosttttttttt awaiteddddd scene of swasan. I want 2 enjoy each nd evry part of d seq ?? I’m so excited

  5. bhuvi

    But one thing I got cleared… The pair is san n swara… Swara realized her true n mature love is san while talking with sharmista n Tuesday episode… N today episode kavitha explained san is love on Swara is real n mature love…so am confusion got cleared.. they may drag so many years to unite them… But I have strong confident that Swasan oly gonna happen…

  6. swetha

    Nice episode going to see season together after a long time …..very excited to see season romantic scenes after all those bakwass drama

  7. Sumi

    Yar wht d crap…going on shagun apshagun agn ssk2
    Kuch to acha dikhao…acha kuch hua nhi serl me bura phle shuru….hate dis serial

  8. Rey

    wow…. a most awaited scene .. nd damn waiting fr sanskar proposal in srk style guys hav u seen in fb page its a treat to al our swasan fans

  9. Fatarajo

    Swasan scenes r so cute I watch Swaragini sometimes only for swasan n raglak scenes, n so sweet of Kavitha to unite swasan , I didn’t expect Kavitha to be positive 🙂 but it’s good , now no Sanskar past problem to create disturbance in swasan’s life

  10. Anamika

    Thanks for the support rey. I think urvasi is against sharmishtaji. I am surprised she is against swara.why every wamps against swara? I loved this episode. Swara take right decition on the right time.

    • Rey

      ur most welcum anamika…. awesum to c sawsan together bt i hate dis urvashi she s irrating me y she s taunting our swara nd always al r troubling our sawsan in every month der s one nw villian s der to trouble them…

  11. Angel


    Oh dear i am waiting badlY for their romantic date????? ….. oooooh its gonna be soooo cute.sanskar wearing white coat and swara wearing red and white gown???.they will have a cute dance.oh amd sanskar will propose her.its gonna be the best proposal ever.hey will dance on salaam e ishq in engagement but as usual DRAMA …..
    During engagememt blood drops will fall on swara and when it will be checked then that blood will be of bat.all will ghink that its inauspicious and engagement will stop….???

  12. Harsha

    Vsh u al a very Happy Makara Sanskranti.Being a South Indian(Karnataka) its my rspnsblty to grt u al(Swaragini Fans) abt Sankranti.I’m so hppy dat Kavita being a nys girl realises SwaSan lv and unyt dem.Its nt a drm rght?Plz stp dat Nagin Urvashi track.

    • thanks(for being a united indian)
      from our side also….happy pongal….
      (from north India)
      cheers to Indian unity in diversity

  13. Ayushi

    I would love watching swara and sanskar together. Its a daily soap so there will be mystries drama n all but as a viewr m tired of watching the love birds being apart and just crying for each other.. Hoping for something new this time..

  14. Labiba tasnim kabir

    hi guyz im new here. main swaragini ki fan hu yeh new promo mujhe kuch samajh ma nehi aya laksh phir se dhoka dega ragini ko?? aur kiska death hoga

  15. meesha

    I m really eager to watch swasan scene when sanskar will propose swara n their date
    after such a long time I was smiling watching today’s episode from d beginning till the end whether it was raglak or swasan their chemistry is so cute though soon Lakh’s plan would b revealed but right now I m going to enjoy these super romantic episodes of swasan

  16. Vins

    Laksh totally going in a wrong way… without consummation also he can take back his property…. I felt really bad for ragini for the very first time… He increased lots of hope to ragini… He is proving that there is no difference between him and ragini in betraying each other…. but if raglak pairs with love and passion then they dominate swasan completely for sure…. They r very cute to watch together….

  17. Eva

    Kavita united swasan….thanks kavita…I hate that mausi…and this Ragini… chali thi apni behen ka barbad karne ab uske sath bhi ayesa hi horaha hai…still feeling bad for her..

  18. Aditi Singh

    wow…. awesome our season are together…. but this urvasi I hate her why is she targeting Swara….and now a ghost track is going to come….again nonsense…… but love swasan now I am sure that they will unite one day…..waiting eagerly for that day……

  19. Aditi Singh

    and see guys this urvqsi knows knows only one dialogue “agar aaj mere jiiji kinda hoti “…jab Delhi tab jiiji jaap suru jar date hai……hate her very much………

    • Anamika

      I think u can watch that episodes on colors site not youtube. I watched one episode from that site. find Colors site and select serial u want to watch and select the epi

  20. Anita

    Anaivarukkum iniya pongal nalvaalthukkal. …..especially to d tamil fans….
    Have a very happy n sweeettt pongal..????????

  21. neel

    A ghost track conmin up.. swasan ll not unite so easily. It’s the heart of the show. So writers lk not get it so soon.

  22. Shwetha

    Now,one week of relief and swasan love track coming up,after that most probably Ragini will die after knowing Laksh’s intentions( not actually,writers will do it to separate Swasan and then bring her back later),then ,they will bring back Kavita to snatch Sanskar back or may introduce a new lead for Ragini for sometime but the equations between Gadodia and Maheswari’s will be ruined seeing Ragini’s or whoever’s dead body that is,marriage will halt,swasan separation,Laksh again villain, Laksh misses Ragini,goes in search of her.Now it is very clear that it is swasan but regarding their union,we may have to wait for another one year, hope it won’t be another MATSH,and definitely producers,don’t make it another SSK…

    • ladoo

      No swetha…laksh wants swara to get back swara in his life…so he only placed bat also in swasan engagement.. While ragini going to commit suicide swara stops ragini&ask her to trust her sister.she will play the game with laksh by making ragini as dead

      • Shwetha

        Are you sure dear?II am not a fan of Laksh ,all I want is swasan,tolerating every nonsense only for them, hope nothing will separate our swasan,what you shared ,is it from a reliable source?fingers crossed for Swasan and of course don’t want Teju to die.

    • nik

      Hiiii…rids , how r u??? I know u hv yr exams on 17 i.e, on Sunday so wish u all d best :-). N after dat do watch swaragini coz d coming week is going to b swasan week n ya don’t miss swasan date. I ensure u dat u ll lv it.

    • Rids

      Thanks nik nd shuva.. M studying only. Wen m getting bored m jus seeing all of ur comments. Aftr 17th I ll also comment with full Josh. Now lil study time.. :). :).

  23. TV Show News

    Swaragini: Kavita turns evil to take revenge from Swara-Sanskar

    Kavita (Nikita Sharma) turns villian and realizes her love for Sanskar, returns to take revenge from Swara in Swaragini
    The upcoming episode will show that Kavita has sacrificed her love for Sanskar.
    Kavita has reunited Swara and Sanskar feeling that Sanskar loves Swara more and they are made for each other.

    Sanskar and Swara get engaged and are happy to be back in each others life.
    While Kavita will soon realize that she loves Sanskar and can not live without Sanskar.

    Kavita will then turn into villian and will do all evil tasks to get Sanskar back.
    Swara and Kavita will fight against each other for Sanskar’s love.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  24. Fallingstar

    WWW final a nice epi…
    I hope kavita doesn’t turn onto villain.. N I just hope ragini is not the one to die pls writters. She is the star of the show only make her positive. Season should not separate again. It’ll be intolerable for season fans. N that urvashi…..I just hate her. I think the bat drama or saying that Swara is inauspicious is all her plan to create trouble for Swara n sumi as she hates both of them for taking janki’s place. Dadi should understand her ill intensions n not support her.
    Finally pls writters i beg u pls bring the sisters back together or the name change the name of the serial from SWARAGINI to SWARA AUR RAGINI KI DUSHMANI!!!

  25. priya

    Guys reallllyyyy waiting To c swasan romantic scenes…..God I’m dying out of excitement….just tel me wer u ppl saw their romantic date pics????

  26. NYC episode…..swara nd sanskr ku alg math kro ..kavita NYC job ..kavita ke liye ek patnr deo ..aur o swara ka couzn bro rahe…kavita ku negative role math do yr.I hate urvashi ….

  27. plz dnt turn kavita negative is it a trend n indian serials dat d 1st luv ned 2 trn ngatv always 2 unite d luvers kavi s a nice girls plz writers dnt folow d disgustung trend dnt turn hr negative already she is d victim of circumstances hr own mum betrayed hr she deserve a mr luving chap dan sanskar pls let hr gt hr true luv make hr happy

  28. nik

    Guyzzzzz….u know wat sanskar ll tk swara on a romantic date in a helicopter n wn he ll propose swara rose petals ll shower on swara from d helicopter. Wowwwwww………I hv seen all dis in SBS n SBB segment. While watching dis I was super excited n literally jumping . Don’t know what to say, it was just amazinnnnggggggg……………..lvd it.

    • Hi nik how are you???
      Even I watched the SBS segment Aww…it was so cute swasan on date omggg.. ..!!!!!
      It was so romantic sanskar proposing in srk style can’t wait to watch this epi

      • Hi cherry
        How are you? Wow I watched yesterday’s eppi today and it was good apart from that urvashi, ragini’s aunt. What’s her problem with swara. I’m really looking forward to today’s epi, I just can’t wait.

  29. nik

    Actually u know what guyz earlier I told dat I hv separated myself from swasan fan club n ll not b a swasan fan but I can’t do dat . So I m bk here as swasan fan. N I m looking forward for their romantic scenes n probably it ll telecast on next week n its better to say dat next week is going to b swasan week. N agn their date all b a royal n grand one . N it is going to rock just as our swasan rocks. N ya today I can say it proudly dat “SWASAN rocks n SWASAN 4ever n ever.” I all dfntly watch d coming episodes n coming to twist now I just don’t care about it .

    • bhuvi

      nik… even I saw that video… Omg Omg Omg Omg… I can’t control my self… am jumping here r there in excitement… damn romantic… am sure all swasanians ll have a v big treat… two eyes are not enough to watc tis…its such a beautiful n romantic date…both Swara n sanskar s cute together… sizzling chemistry.. tat video is fer in YouTube now… yo guys can watch it…

      • nik

        ….lol. So tell me dear how many eyes do u need to watch swasan romantic date???? I can help u to get one extra but ya not more than one . So u can borrow it from lord Shiva he has one extra……(sorry shiv ji), n if u want more dn three dn u should seek help from aliens . They hv many pairs, sm r on front , sm behind n top of head…………N ya if u want to contact aliens dn plzz seek help from ben10.

    • Tara

      Ssss nik ???? nxt week full nd happy nd romance moments. I thnk nxt week ll b besttttt of swaragini episodes. Toooooooooo much excitement for their romantic date especially than their engagement, family dance ??. V shud raise d trp of swaragini seriously. Plzz all watch it in tv. Else tey ll replace teju nd ragini will continue in negative role. Coz at tat time only trp was high ???

  30. shikha rajput

    why laksh is doing this…wo ragini ki feelngs q n smjhta…always ragini ke sath bura ho jata h..swaragini swara ar ragini dono ke nam pe h ..but seems like swara ko lead ar ragini ko negative bna diya h …not fair…

  31. nik

    OMG!!!!! In excitement I hv typed so many wrong spellings. Guyzzzzz…really I m very very…….excited, supppeeeerrrrrr excitedddd……..yiiipppeeeeeee……….finally we ll see swasan togdr no matter if it ll b for short tm.

    • Wow nik
      I could tell that you’re so excited
      Even me. I just can’t wait till to watch the epi when sanskar dancing and singing for swara I think it’s going to be in their engagement party.

      • nik

        Hiiiiii…..Shuva. U know what 2day I ll not ask u dat “how r u?” coz I know u r a swasanian n r8 now all swasanians r on cloud 9. I m saying dis to u after so long bt wid confidence n proud “SWASAN rocks n SWASAN 4ever n ever.”

  32. nik

    Missed 2days episode. Waiting for written episode. Plzzzz….hasan updt it fast dear. N ya 1 Mr thing why swaragini dis week episodes r not there on youtube????

  33. roli

    Hi…. Evry1 ,,
    Yooooo I also HV the same ???? Wy episodes r nt available in YouTube this week…..
    Plgggg update we r waiting,,,

  34. sneha

    Yr what is happening???? The epizz r not being updated..nd no videoss on youtube..nd not even on colors website itself….!!!!!!!

  35. bhuvi

    hey guys… kavi says Swasan not to feel guilt n says be together n leaves the place… after that san says I have never been happy with kavitha n I can’t lie kavitha that I lover becoz I love you… while telling Swara crystal san ask her the reason… she tells that she too loves love… then they both hug… while hugging they their flashback love confession scene…after that he says sorry for hurting her.. n she says thanks for coming into her life n made her to realize no one can love her more than yo..

  36. bhuvi

    scene 2:
    baadi :mausi tells dadi that she is Vera happy after seeing very happy in that house… n Swara comes happily n says she wanna say something n ask everyone to come inside… Swara informs that she n san wanna become one… something san days in mm house… in baadi all are happy expect dadi n mausi… dada feeds jerk sweet… n ask how it append… she explains everything… in mm house also everyone happy expect sujatha n ragini….suj says in mind:again there won’t be any peace in this house because these sisters start fight each other again… dp says he happy for his decision… suddenly Laksh comes n hugs him happily…

  37. bhuvi

    after that ragini says all are forgetting one thing that’s kavitha… suddenly kavitha enters house n says am happy that san happy with Swara… n this my decision to leave him… n I came to take my things n she go to her room… san try to go behind her but Apa stops him n says leave alone for some time…ragini says uttra to share sweets by making disgusting face…nragini goes to kavi roomn tries to manipulate her mind that she is san first love n yo can’t leave like that… but kavitha says san loved jerk but now he loves Swara.. n I came to know that yo don’t like Swara… n says I am leaving that’s Muhurtha decision… leaves from there…
    Laksh n sans walking thro corridor: Laksh says he is very happy… m yo made right decision not like me n leaves..
    kavi comes there with language;
    he says sorry… she says don’t say sorry… they cry n she is about to kiss him in cheek n stops in middle n leaves the place…

  38. bhuvi

    scene 4:
    dp Ap rp suj n san reach baadi…
    everyone welcomes them expect Swara… san search her all sides.. n went n sat beside dp.. n dp says we acknowledged Swasan decision …suddenly ap stops dp n says san wanna say somethin to yo all… san stands n says that he wanna say something bit I wanna Swara to be here… suddenly Swara comes there he says he will keep Swara happy always n never make her cry.. n she is his life…n shekher n san hug each other… then ap gives shagun to sharm.. then Swara takes blessing from everyone… ram asks sujatha y ..she is upset..asks her don’t you like Swara

  39. bhuvi

    Sujatha saysshe likes Swara very much but she is afraid for house shanti… N then ask permission for date with Swara…
    In mm… Uttra talking with parinita bhabhi n Wat wear for evening reception n all n says she is very happy for Swasan reunion… N discuss about sans suprise plan for Swara n date… N says this time they will get marry without any disturbance… Ragini notice n hear all the conversation of pari n Uttra n fumes…episode ends fuming ragini face…

  40. bhuvi

    Sorry… typed fastly ..that’s y so many mistakes n hop yo guys understand..n I covered as much I remember… May be I left some dialogues… Sorry for that..

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