Swaragini 14th December 2016 Written *Last* Episode Update

Swaragini 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laksh telling that he had mixed sleeping pills in the food and asks them not to make Durga Prasad eat it as he is having heart problem. Mansi says I knew this and that’s why I asked your family to have breakfast first. She asks her goons to beat Laksh. They beat Laksh. Ragini cries badly. Mansi asks goons to lock Laksh in room. Swara tells Sanskar that it is good that they got password from CCTV camera footage and says now they can open the locker. Goon throws Laksh on bed thinking him to be unconscious. Laksh hits goon and makes him unconscious. He wears his clothes and covers his face with mask. He comes out and asks other goon to come and see from where did the sound come from. Nikhil and Mansi see Swara and Sanskar reaching the locker room, and says now we will get jewellery

and enjoy. Laksh takes goon to room and beats him. He faints. Laksh takes another goon and hits him. Swara and Sanskar rob the locker, but makes a sound mistakenly. Guards get alert and says thieves might be inside. They alert others. Sanskar and Swara run from there and sit in car. They leave from there. Guard shoots at car, but in vain. Other guard calls Police and tells the car number. Swara tells Sanskar that their work is done.

Nikhil and Mansi see their recording. Ragini thinks there are only 6 goons and thinks where are other goons. Mansi tells that they will go abroad once they get jewellery. Laksh comes. Mansi asks Laksh thinking him to be goon, what happened? Laksh says he has handled everything. He takes another goon, but he catches Laksh with help of other goon. Laksh threatens to kill goon. Nikhil shoots him and threatens to kill Mishka. Laksh asks him not to do anything to Mishka. Swara and Sanskar come there and give jewellery. Swara says we have fulfilled our promise and asks them to leave. Mansi says your sister and brother in law troubled us. We know that you will call Police once we leave from here, and that’s why we shouldn’t leave any witness here.

Mansi says we will leave this country tonight, but sadly you people have to die now itself. She asks her goons to kill them and shoot on their head. All the Maheshwari family hold each other hands. Mansi says sometimes even evil wins and asks Nikhil to kill Swara first. She counts 123…..Sanskar closes his eyes. Nikhil shoots. Everyone is shocked to see Police coming there and shooting Nikhil. Sujata says it is good that you came else we would have died. Swara recalls showing Maheshwari house in CCTV cam. Inspector asks goons to keep gun down. Guards identify Swara and Sanskar and says they both are involved in robbery. Sanskar explains to Inspector about everything. Nikhil writhes in pain because of bullet injury. Mansi cries. Swara tells them that only truth wins even though the path of truth is difficult.

Later all the Maheswari family thank God for making everything fine. Sanskar and Laksh comes there. Annapurna asks where is Swara and Ragini. Sujata praises them and says they will be making a new sur. Laksh says this story is because of Swara and Ragini…Swara and Ragini play guitar and sitar respectively. Old introductory fb is shown. Sanskar hugs Ram. Laksh hugs Annapurna and others. Swara looks at Sanskar smiling and they recall all the good and sweet moments between them. Swaragini music plays……Laksh and Ragini hug each other and recall all their happy moments. Swara and Sanskar hug each other. Swaragini song plays…………….Laksh and Sanskar hug each other. Swara and Ragini hug each other. Swaragini song plays…………The show ended on a happy note with their family photo clicked.

The show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please all sr fans boycott colors channel watch it only online till they give our swaragini back with new concept

    1. Mica

      i’m with you dear… ahem ahem

  2. Thank u mica for supporting me love u

  3. miss u swasan ?????????

  4. Guys looks like nobody interested in sr 2 that’s why all are silent please guys spam colors

  5. Please sr fans give silent treatment to colors i know i am talking too much but what can i do i love sr so much


    1st day without swaragini update… So sad

    1. Mica

      Mahira didiiiiiii…….. omg…last day of my SR, i watched BIG BANG THEORY serial, there was a scene when Will Wheaton and the trio (leonard, raj, wolowitz) were watching Star trek premier, he said ” i’m afraid of star trek fans, if only this movie came to be in bad result beyond their expectation, their lives will kinda in deep agony, they will shattered, but THE FACT is NOTHING CHANGE IN THEIR LIVES, IT’S JUST A MOVIE!”
      based on the thought, i tried to convinced myself that nothing will change in my life if SR ended, tried to be positive that it gave us a life experience to deal with something unexpected in our lives, that nothing in this world will be immortal, everlasting, eternity.
      But, to whom i lied ? huhuhuhu, indeed it changed my life..damn it!

  7. Mica

    Sanskar’s story
    Once upon a time, there was a boy came back from Timbuktu to take revenge from his cousin and his uncle to ruined his love life.He tried to be close to his cousin ‘s fiancee/ex fiancee acted as mad boy. When he saw his cousin’s lover, mesmerized to see her cuteness and her innocent, he changed plan and targeted her as a thought she was the weakest point for his cousin, addressed her as his SWEETHEART, he started his first plan of revenge joined to his cousin’s ex fiancee.
    But, this sweetheart, his sweetheart made his plan went far away from success. His sweetheart annoyed him yet he couldn’t help himself to adore and proud of her smartness and boldness.
    His sweetheart shocked him by her ability to change his uncle’s mind and POV of life, to make his uncle to be more wise.
    Defeated, it was raising up his ego to ruined her more, drugged her, defamed her in front of society, he was soo close to success.He was almost happy when he saw she cried. Her tears hurt him more than he expected, it;s beyond his imagination. this unknowing pain killed him, made him to back off and forget his revenge, asked his crime partner, the ex fiancee of his cousin cum her sister to forget their wrong deed.
    He turned from her monster to her savior when his mother tried to kill her. He admitted his crime in front of her, asked her to punish him, yet his sweetheart shocked him again with her forgiveness, her wise words swept away hatred inside his heart, she made him happy, she became his angel.
    Feeling happy and grateful, made him promise himself to protect her and wishes her to have happy life on her marriage day, but seem the happiness went away from their both lives as his crime partner betrayed him revealed his revenge plan to his family and to found her lying lifeless on hospital bed, saved from her cruel sister and lost her love.
    his guiltiness to ruined her love life and his pain to she her sadness of her broken family made him to tried to set everything right on her, did a fake marriage with her to enter his family house, join hand to facing her jealous ex lover ,her cunning sister cum his ex partner and hatred from his family.
    Something unexpected happened to him, stayed together in 1 room, below 1 roof made him couldn’t deny her charm, her selfless nature amazed him, her naughtiness created goosebumps on his body, her smile put butterfly on his stomach, her sadness brought pain in his heart, her tears of people insult raised anger on him to protect her, drag her on his embrace. HE FALLS IN LOVE TO HER and he proud of it, he proud to falling in love to a girl with golden heart.
    He confessed his love in front of people, but to be sad it’s one side love.She rejected his love , she insulted his love yet she still trust him to solve his innocent in front of his family, made he fallen for her more.
    A cunning plan made them to do true marriage.Sit in mandap, his dream came true to get his love, DID HE HAPPY ?..NO… he isn’t AN OBSESSED LOVER to be happy to get love by force.Saw her tears, he tried to stop the ritual but it couldn’t due her mother life.When she insulted his love again, he only accepted yet assured her that he stands beside her whatever her decision.
    The truth revealed made them separated. He shattered to hear that his cousin want her back, asked him to united them. By a thought that she was still in love to his cousin, he agreed for her happiness, but the fate loves him, She didn’t want to divorce him as she want to save her sister and her ex lover’s marriage.
    They were united again, he got chance to shower her with his love, fasting for her during karvachouth, tried to be good husband cum best friend for her yet it full of jealousy as his cousin still adamant to get her back.
    Again a cunning plan trapped them in triangle love, and a kidnap drama as the result.
    she accused him as the culprit made him broken heart, their relationship based only on TRUST, but now, it’s no more. He shattered, he ignored her to prevent himself to deeper pain yet still care for her when she tried to harm herself. They were separated again, made him to take a decision to divorce her and freeing her for this unwanted marriage. He couldn’t accept her love when she came back to tell him that she loves him along with her concerned to solve his family problem, he couldn’t bear another broken heart if only she left him again.
    When he realized that missing her and the fear of losing her was more painful than broken heart, she came back to bring his first love and sorted out his family problem, even thought he only want her, his sweetheart, he only love her, his sweetheart.
    Indeed, he never forget that he falls in love to a girl with golden heart who will sacrifice for others, he accepted his first love as his responsibility, hidden his love and pain, forgot that in a triangle relationship, a couple separation and sacrifice for another person made all of them suffering.
    but God makes him to unite to his sweetheart.
    No doubt, they are heavenly couple, destiny makes them to be a better half and life partner. Their union is a gift for their goodness. Even when death tried to play game with them, he just know that she is breathing with him, she is breathing for him. he tried his best to give happiness to her in every way.

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you Mica dear behen, it gave me tears but it’s ok… we miss them so much

    2. My Popcorn is finished.. !! ?*hug d popcorn seller Mr.Micaa.?

  8. Adishu

    hey guys I’m soooooooo so sorry…. I was very irregular here…. actually I have my computer exam…. n I hate computer…..
    but u know what I’m very happy today…. n that’s because
    1) I saw modi that too upfront of my eyes in my hometown… today….
    2)my exams are gonna end tomorrow n then vacations….
    3)most important seeing ALL SR FANS Loyalty…. love you all guys….

  9. I am not on insta & twitter that’s y i can’t send request for sr 2 but please guys u all do for sr fans please

  10. SwaSan !!! missing u soooo much.. !!
    watching Janam janam video n my SwaSan dance… awww plzz come back HeVa with only EO.. !! ?

    1. Mica

      waaa… i recently googling Swaragini… it’s written season 1 bla bla bla… uuuuugghhh if only they bring season 2 for us.. omg, it’s a really a blessing.
      i’ll curse Color TV and Rashmi Sharma mam a long life, success and blessed…huh!
      too bad, they didn’t let me curse them….

      1. Lounaa

        what to say first i miss you all Dear Mica Kakali Mahira Adishu all of you…
        Sorry for the past days wasnt around but i had to do the surgery after the accident i had months ago…I miss you all badly…and by the way after all i readed i am speachless…i miss commenting and i promiss you illl be here around now as fir hating loving…Swasan resume story…true love…alll well im just speachless…
        Big big big hugs for you all

  11. I am also missing swasan badly kakali please get my swasan i am crying badly hate u colors

    1. Kakali

      I wish i could bring back SwaSan to us.. dear m also missing them badly.. that’s why m reading FFs of them..u also try … u may feel a lil better… i know it’s not going to fulfill d place of SwaSan… but phir bhii … *hug u n cry together ?

      1. Lounaa

        dear Kakali
        who isnt in that state…who isnt missing Swasan…the fact is they are not just a Jodi they have traced a new way a new path in love romance story and they are engraved in our heart and all i wish for a season 2 for Swaragini…
        Bug husgs dear

  12. Thank u kakali for hug but still my stupid heart hope that vahe come together omg please fullfill my whish

  13. MAHIRA

    I MISS…

    Swara’s big eyes full of determination and defy…
    Swara’s sweet big smile when she’s happy, this smile which make you smile too forgetting even the reason she’s smiling (just because her smile is contagious)
    Swara childish pout ^^
    Swara’s big heavy tears for happiness or sadness
    Swara’s childish manner to say “baba” when she wants to ask something lol
    Swara’s proud’s look to her mather when she sees a smile on her face
    Swara’s detective skills
    Swara’s extremely shy smile and red cheeks under her Sanskar’s gaze!

    Sanskar’s look to Swara… ufff… just to melt under the hotness and love detailing eyes
    Sanskar’s unique way to always calm Swara with a “it’s ok” , making her forgetting everything
    Sanskar’s son’s love to bade papa and bade ma, really completely and endlessly more than for his own parents… amazing, but looking to pagal Sujatta and mute Ram uncle, we can understand :p
    Sanska’s love and respect for Swara’s family, we see always a bahu’s love and respect for her husband’s family, but Sanskar has always made all his possible to them and really worry for them like a son…
    Sanskar’s endless kindness always accepting his errors and asking forgiveness, Swara, her parents, hisfamily… even Kavitha, Sahil, Nikhil, Mansi…

    Swasan’s unique love 😀
    Swasan’s equal lovers man/woman, it has never been about who leads the couple, they are both stuborn but can follow the other blindly when one’s is leading it’s because the other wants it ^^
    Swasan’s fights, they can fight like children or for big issues and find themselves pathing up together helping other
    Swasan’s abstinance… God! they lived together months without marriage, months in forced marriage, months in love marriage and still … ehem… ehem… really!! did you need to hurt her first before passing the cap, Sanskar Maheshwari??? and mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari so proud to do every duty 100% … but… ehem.. ehem… it was unique night^^
    Swasan’s love words and romance…

    I miss also…
    Sharmistha’s mother love for both girls equally
    Shekar’s… nothing… i don’t miss him
    Dadi’s twisty moods, bad good, good bad… you never know
    Bade papa’s calmness, power, pride, and father’s love especially for Swara
    Bade ma’s weakness face to Laksh and mostly for all the youngers, a ma for all
    Sujatta’s endless nonesense!!! it deserves an oscar
    Ram ji’s silence!!
    Parish… i hate you both!!!
    Laksh’s sweet innocent and malicious smile^^
    Ragini’s goodness from Swara’s marriage on…

    I miss Swaragini, when they put their hands together like a magical power in mangas with the Swaragini song in background…
    About music… I miss the music background of all Swasan moments…. tram tram tram trararam … taram taram taram trararam….

    1. Kakali

      Mahiraaaa Diii even i miss this written update family… u dun know where is ev1….. LOUNA, MICA, ADITI.. !!! i miss them.. ev1 got disappeard …. but where is MICA?
      u know something about her?

      Gd mrngggg 😀 happy to see after a decade..?

      1. MAHIRA

        * bear hug didi *
        don’t knpw where is everyone… 🙁

      2. MAHIRA

        happy to see you too 🙂
        watching Swasan’s after memory recover episodes….

      3. Mica

        i’m here only.. hiks… swimming in huge files during end of year.. God bless me… ahem ahem..

    2. Mica

      huhuhuhuhuy….damn it.. damn it.. i MISS ALL ABOUT SWASAN….
      I miss my shameless mahira didi..
      i miss my dramebaaz Kakali…
      I miss lovely lounaa….
      I miss crazy Myna….
      I miss cute Adity…
      I miss this all written update family..
      I miss scolding Swara and sanskar..
      I miss cute smile Laksh…
      I miss bashing Ragini…
      I miss fighting with raglakian…
      I miss hugging swasanian…

      1. MAHIRA

        I miss you and all of them too twiny 🙂

    3. Lounaa

      dear Mahira
      who isnt in that state…who isnt missing Swasan…the fact is they are not just a Jodi they have traced a new way a new path in love romance story and they are engraved in our heart and all i wish for a season 2 for Swaragini…
      Bug husgs dear

  14. Mica

    Swara’s story
    Once upon a time, there was a girl which had has love relationship to her sister ex-fiancee, even thought she tried to rejected him for her sister’s sake, finally she couldn’t help herself to admit that she loved him after she sorted out his odd problem and knowing that he was serious in love with her. By the blessed of elders, they engaged and prepared to married.
    Something odd happened to her during her engaged to marriage day, odd problem came to her which never end, woke up at motel room, danced like crazy at club or even on her sangeet. She with her smartness put a suspicious to her lover’s cousin, a cute mad boy, but she couldn’t prove it.
    A night before her wedding day, someone saved her from a murder, the cute mad boy that no more mad.She was right, he was the master of her problem yet he was her savior Listened his confession, his sad story, his guiltiness, his apology made her believe that he is a good person. she couldn’t help herself but forgive him, asked him to forget everything, said that his pain to lose his love was enough be his punishment. the enmity ended, turned to a friendship relation. she had a new best friend.
    In the morning of her wedding day, when her new best friend wished her to happy life with his contented voice, she only too happy to imagine how wonderful her life would be to life at her sasural home along with beloved husband and awesome brother in law cum best friend who will stand beside her.
    Her dream broke to pieces when she stood on bridge hearing her beloved sister confession that she was a crime partner to separated her and her lover, that her sister wanted her to be husband, that her sister able to push her on river less mercy.
    She woke up lifeless on hospital bed to found out her best friend beside her, put her in his strong arm, brought her back to her house only to saw her parent separation and her lover left her to marry her evil sister. She shattered, DID SHE TRY TO GET BACK HER LOVER AT ANY COST ?..NO…She isn’t AN OBSESSED LOVER who will cross any limit to get her love back. Beside, she had a strong hand of her best friend which hold her and gave her strengthen avoid his own problem, the hatred of his family.
    Determined to get her parent united, her sister’s crime revelation and to make his best friend’s family forgive him, she joined hand with her best friend to did fake marriage, stayed at his family’s house, facing her cheater lover, her cunning sister and hatred of his family.
    Indeed, that house was kinda hell for her, she got insults, abused words from her lover, cruelty of her sister, taunting from his family, jealousy feeling to see her lover and her sister, yet she had never fall as her best friend always there for her, being a bodyguard to protect her, being a joker to make her laugh, being a prince charming with white handkerchief to wipe her tears, she felt blessed to have him, she felt strength beside him.
    However, she felt betrayed when her best friend confessed his love for her, fear of losing best friend, she rejected him, yet she still stand for him when a cunning plan trapped him, trusted him as a pure good person. When finally they got real married, she was somehow insulted his love, but she never able to hate him, she still fall on his embrace pouring all her feeling.
    The truth revealed, she and her best friend separated. When her ex lover asked her to be back to him, she exclaimed that she won’t back to him, saved her sister’s marriage and took favor from her best friend cum husband to keep their marriage .
    Living together with her best friend cum her good husband, she felt something wrong on her heart, she want to do everything to make him happy, fasting karvachouth for him, his opinion was her priority, his sad face troubled her more than her ex lover’s upset face, but this lil happiness swept away by triangle love drama and her sister got kidnapped.
    witnessing something made her accusing her best friend, giving a shock to him. Hereafter, his explanation that he did something to protect her made her so guilty. He couldn’t forgive her, his ignorance and her guilty feeling killed her.
    She back to her own house to realize that this separation give so much pain to her, she missed his smile, his cozy embrace, she missed his everything, she realize that she can’t live without him, SHE FALLS IN LOVE TO HER BEST FRIEND, her prince charming.
    Her love confession gave a rejection from him as result. she broken heart , DID SHE TRY TO SUICIDE ?..NO.. she isn’t A LOOSER, instead his rejection brought a strengthen to her to prove how deep her love for him, she tried to do something right, tried to solve his family problem to show her love for him.
    Amid her effort, they got divorce as per cunning plan, but it didn’t fail her, it became a love test for her.
    She did success to sorted out his family problem, but destiny want to test their love more. His first love came back to him, the reason of his revenge, came back to him.
    Being a good lover, by a thought that he still have love for his first love and for his happiness, she let’s her prince charming to back to his first love, hidden her love and pain, unknowing that her prince charming only love her.
    Indeed, they are heavenly couple, God unite them in front of temple, God’s house.He made him to put sindoor on her forehead, the sign of a pious relationship, god blessed them and their love.
    thy united, together they swept away every hurdles on their lives, they ever separated by ego and anger, but it never let them fail to care for each other, to breath for each other and their love become a winner.

    1. Ripe n sweet pumpkin in ur mouth Micaaaaaaaaaa for SR2 !!!
      but m seriously scared thinking about it…dunno why getting feeling kinda IPKKND2(is pyaar ko kya naam du)…..
      waaaaa i dun want SR2 if they gonna do like that… !! omggg *slap myself…?

      1. Mica

        huh! what’s IPKKND 2 ? it’s sarcasm ?

  15. Mica

    My swasan love journey may so filmy, it’s never have any thriller, but i proud of their love,
    the love based on selflessness, respect, truthfulness and right thing..
    may their love is not first love, but it never let their love feeling less than others….
    may their love is not first love but their love more pure..
    In front of the world, Sanskar is a adorable gentleman, because he has light in his life, Swara’s golden heart….
    In front of the world Swara is a strong woman, because she has a place to hide her weakness, Sanskar’s cozy embrace……

    1. Kakali

      U may b heard about d pair ARSHI(Arnav n Khushi) played by Varun Sobti n Sanaya Irani.it was aired on Star Plus.. they did d 1st season of IPKKND(Is Pyar Ko Kya Naaam Duu) n that serial was EPIC one.. EPIC… even though it ended many years ago but fans r still mad about them… mad about ARSHI.. !! (but urghh I don’t like them?)

      Star Plus brought d 2nd season of that show but with totally different cast… TOTALLY… n it was not so good… they changed d main leads even .. d leads were Asstha n Shlok… (*dun know their real name)
      huh what to say this thought shivers me.. omggg now a days my prediction r becoming true.since i thought about SR ending n it ended after some time… .but if this happen then jump from Everest… ?
      Rashmi Mam don’t be kind with us we want only SWASAN.. waaaa !!!

      SWASAN.. !! come back soon with only EO ,, otherwise God knows?.. !!

      1. Mica

        ah yaaaa.. i heard they only aired for few month, .. soo, there was the season 2 ? omg…. i read people begged for season 2 those time but i don’t even know that there was season 2, that too different cast… yuckkkk!!!!
        NOOOOOOOOOOOOO……… PLEASE don’t even think about this.. gooosshhh
        be frank, Swaragini was about fandom nowadays as the story lost the charm…
        if only …uugghh t don’t want to talk…huhuhuhu
        kindly information, Arshi became flopped show in my country…
        i dunno why, the channel stopped to aired them in the middle..uugghhh

      2. MAHIRA

        grr (lol) don’t bash ARSHI’s fans I was one of them (sooo long time ago) and my mum is still mad about them (still watching all episodes again and again untill the serial has finished)
        And yes, when you loved IPKKND , IPKKND2 is just a nightmare, Chucky puppet, the return of exorsist, Freddy out of night, candyman… (yes, oldy horror films)
        I couldn’t bare to just watch a scene, what was the point of taking the same name and sayong season 2 , SERIOUSLY!? not same persons! not same stroy! not same actors… how could it be season 2 !?!?
        but there was another serial… hum … about Arjun Arohi, a mafia kidnapping the police boss’grand daughter making her think he’s a policeman protecting her… then big love story, silliness love issues, big family secret and happy ending… it was on 3 different season, 3 stories with same actors and same names… the 3 of them were successful (the 2 nd one that i watched was the most successful i think)… it was then a good experience and I am sure that they haven’t the huge SWASAN fandom (which IPKKND had)
        So why not? … it would very very difficult for me cause i love Swasan because it’s the way they are perfectly imperfect! completing each other and so more….
        Serials with crap ending were for me : hongey juda na hum… worst experience!!! IPKKND also was crapy at the end, totally useless stories…

    2. Kakali

      Ohhh is it sooo? anywaw i have nothing to do with them since i haven’t seen that show for once … but talking about fndom yaa fans r still mad about themm…
      yupoooo SR had no further story except negativity as if it was not been stopped then also we have could only seen Pari’s next evil plans… Dadi’s next evil plan… then haa how can i forget That Uttara’s soon to b hubby… omggg he was also in d waiting list… hehehe SR is only about d 6 pairs … SWASAN Raglak swa_lak,(bro sis) Rag_san(bro sis) Swaragini n Sanlak.. ! as well as their pure negativity…
      i still can’t believe how can they forget chotuuuu… weird.. !! that baby will b negative in next season for sure.. !!*rip..

      1. Mica

        uugghhh… see.. too much negativity..huaaaaaaa..
        apart my disappointment of losing my swasan, i can’t deny the fact that somehow swaragini story was not good enough for teenagers huhuhuhu8

    3. Kakali

      I wholeheartedly accept it.. whatever we say ,,we love SR n bla n bla n bla .. but can’t deny d fact that it was not a so good show which provides msg s to teenager n society … it’s kinda marking a BIG ? mark in Indian culture…
      even i accept Negativity is necessary ,, do damn necessary…. BUT this much..? LIKE SERIOUSLY? let it b..
      but in that SR show i hated d most was helpless Sekher n Shomi… !!!
      omggg i still can’t believe how can they show a woman soo helpless? at first she was a tigress who look after her daughter single handedly….. she had ROARING voice at first… but suddenly everything got changed like anything… she kinda become a puppet… she forgave her husband giving him a 2nd change…. but that Shekher again n again n again did d same with her even though she never rose a voice… (His mother’s constant or whatever d situation was ,, i don’t care)WHY? WHY they showed woman being soo helpless ? not once infect many times… !! urghh THIS IS D POINT I HATE D MOST ABOUT SR .. waaa this is soo wrong … we woman’s r not like this… our self respect is everything for us.. if someone try to hurt(again n again n again… DAMN SHIT) it then “Wrap them n simply throw to Dustin”… but nooo … in SR i got to see a new shade of woman being so helpless n weak… IS IT SOO? omggg i wish…. urghhh let it b … even i dun wanna think about it.. !!

    4. Kakali

      Shomi’s journey was like from a TIGRESS TO KITTEN …
      IDOL MOM TO only chotu’s Maa…

      now comes to Shekher jiiiii…. waaa he is “BIG ?” in name of father?
      writers ruined his character sooo badly… omggg feeling like sending him to Pluto without oxygen mask… totally GOOD FOR NOTHING…

      even my Papa forbade me to watch SR after watching his Drama… whatever we try to point out his goodness(i dun think he has) but he was a failed ,poor, helpless, not so good, Mom’s puppet father…. !! as well as A FAILED HUSBAND in every way except giving birth to babies….*giggle…
      does this kind of father also exist¿¿
      mt answer was noooohooooo…
      but after watching SR… my answer is “YUP ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN,, SHEKHER PAPA ALSO EXISTS”…

      waaaa both kinda became EPIC for me with extraordinary shades of being Husband-wife n mother-father… !!

      yeiiii m to much blabbering now a days… huhh lemme eat chewing gum… !! ?

      1. MAHIRA

        Shekar is sooooo existant in my culture, mummy son, just good for givivng birth to babies (legally and illegally) but… pfff… he’s big enough to be grand pa after marrying his daughter and yet all he could do knowing his mother tried to kill his unique son is to take poison!!!! TAKE POISON!!!! i mean even Ragini drama queen didn’t such filmi suicide attempt !!!
        Now really feeling bad for the poor Ragini, up bringing of her evil dadi and weak tiny baba…. pfff!

  16. Mica

    IS SWASAN LOVE TRUE LOVE ? i dunno..
    i only know that their love grown by respecting destiny and fate, giving happiness for others and deeply in love for each others.
    Sometime love it’s not about first love, stick on 1 love,and determined to get love by crossing all limits,
    In Swaragini.. KAVITA’S LOVE should be the winner…
    her love no less EPIC than others love….
    She was a good girl before..
    She only fall in love to Sanskar/first love…
    She did everything for Sanskar, broke society rule, disobey her parent, almost dead…
    she is faithful to sanskar, being comma and have been love at isolated place FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS, her loves for sanskar never fade away…
    She crossed limit to get Sanskar, killed someone, trapped Swara, blackmailed Sanskar..
    if only she get a chance, may she will repentance also..
    See… her love no less EPIC than Ragini…
    well sanskar ever said ” i regret to loved you”

    1. MAHIRA

      On the same way…
      Was Swara really in love with Laksh???
      I don’t think so….
      despite the fact she was a very “new wave” girl, having boys as friends, going out without ma or dida (did any one see Ragini out without someone with her?),
      despite the fact she was very independant and believing in great love stories and not old methods of marriage (telling Ragini how can she marry someone she never saw),
      despite being from another culture (dadi is always saying the “bengali” to dida, Sumi and Swara like it was the worst thing in the world)…
      despite the fact she’s playing electric guitar (instead of a traditional music instrument)
      despite the fact she was a single mother’s girl without a father
      She has never got a boy friend !!! like never… and don’t tell me Laksh, Laksh came in her life as her sister’s fiancé then fell in love with her and it was in all traditional ways again that they became a couple (despite all the Ragini’s acts)
      A girl presented like Swara would be soooo admirative to the modern guy named Laksh, but never…
      In her Laksh relation, it was, friend, then obsessed lover from one side then engagement with all the family approbation… there isn’t a love story properly and hello romantic moments they had before their engagement were all Ragini and Sanskar plan then finally love story in a whole family package
      In her Swasan story… it was fake marriage (with dida’s approbation) to prove her innocence and that Sanskar could arase his big faults… then friendship… then love from one side from Sanskar and finally real love story…
      NOW, why it wasn’t real love with Laksh?? she says it to her mother when she saw him putting an engagement ring at Kavitha’s finger… “what i feel for Sanskar, I have never knew it before”
      Laksh’ married Ragini in her marriage’s day when she was let for death in the river, the man who did so much to win her love and he simply let her like that then accused her to be a characterless woman!!!! … she cried a lot when she knew about it, but it was more for the pain of being accused when she’s a victim…
      Laksh’ broke her heart but she never thought to bring him back despite the fact she wasn’t blaming him, saying that he’s fooled by her sister
      On the other hand, she couldn’t bear Sanskar’s refusal for her love… and pain was killing her when she let him go to Kavitha… it was the worst feeling in her life (may be after the moment she thought he’s dying from poison -Sahi- and after he asked her to marry Nikhil)… again it’s all about Sanskar
      Laksh’s love was a result of a repetitive brain washing of her sister saying “you love him Swara, you love him, you love him…” manipulated and like every one the obsessed love Laksh was giving her, she finished by accepting it…
      It’s my manner to see it ….

      1. Mica

        uugghh couldn’t agree more with you for some point Mahira didi….
        but for me, Laksh was her first love.. i agree with you that her love mostly about her new experience of new boy, but we shouldn’t forget that lil bit from Swara character, she is tomboy, she had Nikhil as best friend on her childhood or how she mingle with Omi easily….
        But, may Laksh’s love created big dilemma for her,her love for her sister over powered her love for Laksh, moreover, their journey of love too short enough to drag it into deeper as Swara’s love mostly about habitual than love at first sight (both, her love for Laksh or Sanskar).
        We couldn’t forget that Swara had ever try to explain to Ragini that Laksh was her love, her belonging when Ragini asked her to give laksh to her on that bridge.
        We couldn’t forget when Swara prefer to meet Laksh than distributed sweet for Sanskar company even after she promised to Sanskar, mean that she was still in love with Laksh, but her love to Ragini and her respect of marriage forced her to let it go.
        Meanwhile, her love for Sanskar deeper as the result of their awesome journey with fifth shades of feelings and the “free” feeling of loving him affected her most .
        that why she felt soo dependent to Sanskar, that she can’t live without him.

    2. MAHIRA

      first love na???
      Frankly sweeties… how much girls had boy friends all arround the before marriying the unique one, the one who will be her child’s father… how many of them remember their 1st love after marriage????… believe me 0.001%

      1. Mica

        i knew it….ahem ahem..
        even many people ever said to their love this chessy line “you may not my first love but my love for you deeper” uugghhh or whatever .. 😀 😀
        well…. some viewers of Swaragini have point of view that if you moved on from your first love as destiny made you to do so, then your love isn’t precious enough *fainting

    3. MAHIRA

      About Diwali when she went to the second house to meet Laksh instead of going with Sanskar to his company like she promised… it was because her sister begged her to go and prepare him to meet her (after Laksh promised her to give another chance to Ragini fakely) and her unique aim was to unite them and not at all because she was in love with him… it was Ragini’s plan to make her stay there until bade ma and mum come and see her (thinking she can fool them again like the 1st time when she let Swara and Laksh inside the house alone and claims she’s suffering that her sister is asking her to give her Laksh making the old saas think that Swara was having an affait with Laksh)
      Swara called Ragini many times begging her to come so she could go to see Sanskar like promised…
      I agree Swara was jealous firstly when she arrived at Maheshwari house seeing Laksh with her sister but to compare, there is all times Laksh’ was claiming “tonight i’ll give Ragini all her rights on me as a wife” and when Kavitha came back in Sanskar’s life, in the first case it never affected her so far, ok she’s a good person and she accepts everything from her sister but then… but then the simple fact to see Sanskar and Kavitha together in the same room was unbearable for her…
      After Laksh and Ragini were married, when asked by Sanskar for her relation with Laksh even at the begining, she always said that she accepted her destiny and all she wanted is her parents back together…
      But at Sanskar and Kavitha engagement day, just before going to the function she couldn’t stop herself from praying silently even knowing perfectly that it was bad -in her fairyland where she wants everything in the right way^^-
      This is why i’m not saying she didn’t love Laksh, she did it wasn’t the TRUE love as it was so easy for her to forget him suffering more from his misbehavior with her than from seeing him in relation with Ragini
      To compare, she respected that relation even knowing that he was fooled by Ragini, he was yet loving her and she did all the rites of marriage before falling in the river the day D, that he didn’t accept Ragini despite all what he was saying and he didn’t consumate their ligitime marriage…. anyone else would find it ligitime to hope patching together after the truth will be shown out… but she didn’t, finally all he has from her is that all she see of him now is that he’s her sister’s husband.
      For Laksh (who i think he really loved her deeply and madly)… at the moment he find out Ragini’s truth, at the moment he found out that she was in forced marriage with brother he directly hoped to patch up with her as for him their love was ligitime and as she didn’t accept her relation with Sanskar, she didn’t run from marriage, it was the most normal thing in the world that they continue where they stopped not giving a damn to the situation he was putting his brother in…
      When she refused Laksh then it was without a blink of hesitation as all she wanted was really to see her parents together again even she wasn’t yet aware of her feelings for Sanskar which were changing (she was happy on dewali when he make her wear her mangal sutra and put sindoor on her forehead, she was eager to tell him that laksh was her friend again, she was mad at him that he made her meet Laksh giving her chocolate miunderstanding him… thinking that he wanted her to return to him), she was mad at him that he asks her to give a chance to Laksh… she felt very upset seeing him mad at her and mocked him that he thought that she was back to laksh (before those times , she would say if we are just friends so why are you giving yourself the right to be upset that i gave Laksh a 2nd chance… but no, she wanted absolutely to clear the situation… her love for Sanskar grew slowly and deeply in her heart without knowing it until she met with the rude Sanskar who closed his heart and mind to her to preserve himself… that ignorance, those tears he didn’t let her wipe, his refusal to give her a chance to ewplain herself, then she knew how much he was important, how much he means for her, how much she couldn’t live without him (when they wake up in their bed, he asks her about curtains, she says she’ll close them … they were at kilometers form each other but somehow, it wasn’t just Sanskar who couldn’t live without her, she couldn’t too..)
      i know, i know… i can’t stop blabering about swasan lol

      1. Mica

        Mahira Didi… laksh never become Swara’s true love, he was only her first love..
        always be her first love….but she was serious about that matter too..
        I mean Swara always running every relationship seriously.
        She isn’t a girl with easy fall in love type.
        it proved by her love transition state in between ( as i mentioned) or, Laksh’s suicide drama (cut wrist) (when she was the first to run) , even thought her love for him reduced already.

    4. MAHIRA

      I agree with you, as 1st love isn’t always the true love…
      I don’t really like “Swalak” concept, as i find that Laksh has been the reason of the whole mess where he pluged Swara’s life in, but it’s ok, this mess gave her Swasan… destiny yes, she had to have this experience to meet Sanskar and know the real love 🙂

  17. I know cvs made many mistake but we want our swasan vahe back we should send request to them please

  18. Mahira u described swasan story properly please give idea to rs and cvs so we can see then again together soon

    1. MAHIRA

      Oh dear… if only they could hear me /read me… i can give them billions of ideas for season 2.3.4… infinitely !!
      Like Mica, Kaku and most of you, i think that there were some big mistakes which made the scenario weak and very aleatorely like lot of this doesn’t match together… but i still think that the heart and sould of Swaragini is good enough to give the story an other chance with other challenges without all goons and old bad ogress dadi having chotus for breakfast!! afterall they are vegetarians hai na? :p

  19. I agree with u dear but i am hoping for vahe to come together soon hope my wish come true with new year

    1. MAHIRA

      For me dear… it’s about Swasan… can’t imagine Varun and Helly together in other story…
      But again, like i said before, i hope after this so big alchemy between them, producers really think about making a special couple becoming EPIC with time like SRK/Kajol becoming the so special bollywood couple on screen from Bazigaar in 1992 to Dilwale 2016… imagine… just imagine that we’ll have a Swasan story in many other stories all over years… growing together, perfectionning their talent year after year together because they deserve it…
      But it’s a dream… Arshi success could give something like that but no, not at all… when Sanaya got a big success again in Rangrasiyaa , Barun waited until this year to have another serial and i have no idea if it’s a succes!!

      All I wish is really a huge carreer for the whole cast, they deserve it all, Varun , Helly, Teja (who’s talent is really huge) and Namish who has a big potential (even i was really dispaointed by his behavior at the end of Swaragini – it’s so rare to see an actor acting like fans and giving his point of view on the story like an outside-

    2. MAHIRA

      whatever… I wish your wish becomes true with the new year 🙂

      1. Kakali

        Mahiraaaa Di,, let’s wish for VaHe together… !! i want to see my VaHe together forever… !! in SR2 or any other serial..
        but is it really possible to watch them again together? my cural brain is screaming that it’s no possible in any way .
        . but lil heart whispering that i will see them again with EO .. u know i made VAHE AS MARRIED COUPLE IN MY RECENT OS….. omggg i was wondering will someone bash me? but noooo nothing happened like that.. !! ?

        i have a urge to watch Helly with Varun Toorkey.. i dun know how my mind accept that … i can imagine them for once … but with Varun Kapoor .. nohoo no one else except Helly… coz VaHe is SwaSan na… !! our SwaSan… ?

        Sun loo meri illteza oooooo Ram ji,,, louta dooo hume hamara SwaSan karke kuch bhi…
        SwaSan come back soon…. missing u so much that ur previous videos or ivs or pics r even not working now… !! *?

  20. MAHIRA

    Kaku my dear little behen, hope this wish becomes true (about Swasan… and VAHE coming back in new on screen couple too 🙂

  21. Guys i am not able to send request due to my personal issue but u all can do it please constanly send request

  22. Marry xmas to all sr fan from this pagal swasan fan i whish santa bring my swasan

  23. Hi guys what’s upp how are you all? I’m missining swasan allot.
    Swasan forever swasan rocks ☺??

    1. Up not upp

  24. My days are long without swasan after 14 dec how i lived only my god knows everyday i curse colors

  25. Where r u all don’t tell me watching colors

  26. Mica

    happy New Year guyz…..

  27. Finally mica u came i thought u were enjoying long holiday for new year



    I started watching Swaragini in secret. To this day my parents donno that I watch or used to watch Swaragini. My first interest was swalak. I intensely hated ragini and I didn’t care abt sanskar. Until the day kavita arrived I was a ragini hater and a swara and laksh lover. That night I changed. I went to sleep as a swalak fan and woke up as a intense swasan fan. I no longer cared abt ragini ( at that time only ) and laksh. I stayed a swasan lover for abt 20 hrs. In the night I read the spoiler that laksh will fall for ragini ( fake ). I forgot abt swasan becz I knew they still luv each other. I went hysterical when I found out that. I was bouncing of the walls with happiness. Till now I only luvd swara. From the beggining I luvd swara and ragini. Then I hated ragini when she became negative and luvd swalak and didn’t care abt sanskar. Then i luvd swasan and didnt care much abt raglak. Then I luvd raglakand didn’t care much abt swasan even tho I still like them. Then ragini turned positive again. Till that day, how much I luvd swara was now half of how much I luvd ragini. After swaragini became together again and exposed Urvashi together, my sole reason for watching swaragini became ragini and raglak. Ragini was my baby doll and raglak was my medicine. I remember the first tym raglak consummated their marriage. I recorded it and watched it at least a 100 times. But when I got the news that laksh is betraying ragini, I was stunned to the core. I didn’t believe it until I saw it on telivision. After that I spent an hour crying in the bathroom. Raglak was my world. I refused to watch the episode in which laksh left ragini for chudail/dayan/kamini/kavya. On 6th april 2016 laksh proposed ragini again. I recorded that also but was distraught when rags refused only to see them marry and consummate their marriage again. When later swara lost her memory and sahil fell for her, that was where the cvs began sidelining ragini and giving importance to swara. It was obvious! 3 guys had fallen in luv with swara but only 1 for poor ragini. I mentioned this in a prevoius comment long ago as well. So much drama and natak for swasan marriage but raglak? two min maggi noodle marriage. After repeated scoldings from me n a few others as well, the cvs still didn’t understand. I will not put the ways in which cvs were unfair to raglak and favoured swasan because the list would be a mile long. Remember how i said I used to hate ragini to the core? That was exactly how much I now hated swara. I only wanted raglak. But no…I didn’t hate swara, I was simply mad at her, not at her but the cvs for changing the name from swaragini to swasan. Why is the name of the show swaragini? If the name is swaragini they shud at least try to live up to that. swaragini is a combo of two names showing that they r united and that they r treated with equality. But naw… this anger towards swara and cvs evaporated as fast as it arrived. I luv rags more than I am mad at swara nd cvs. After that phase, everything became my fav. I luvd everything that went on in swaragini and cried my eyes out when it ended. THAT WRETCHED DAY!!! 14 DECEMBER 2016. I HATED THAT DAY!!!!!!!!! 14 is officially my unlucky number. Its also surprising! Everything apart from swaragini ending also went wrong in my life that day. My test grades were bad, my mom scolded me n I had a huge fight with my younger sis. Swaragini shud never have ended but it did and it ended very abruptly as well. There r so many blanks to fill. What happened to pari, adarsh, dadi, karthik and the other negatives that were jailed? Is mishka now raglak’s daughter? If so did swasan have kids? How bout Ayush? This is why swaragini shud come back with season 2. Swaragini despite loved to the core by audience received bad TRP’s and quit?!!! No offence but TRP is the worst idea ever. TRP shud be based on the audiences views, not judged by the colors’s own criteria bcz every show has the right to run their show based on the makers will and the audience. NOT by the colors wish. Look at that show ssk. NOBODY AND I LITERALLY MEAN NOBODY watched that show after roli died and the only comments on its page r hate comments. That b***dy show has been running for 5 mother effin yrs. It receives low trp, has no storyline, no audience and has been running for 5 yrs. Sounds like the perfect show to go off air right? But no! Colors has to kick out the most luvd show swaragini off air, the lovely show barely ran for over 1 year. Colors channel shud change its name bcz they took out all colors from tv by taking out swaragini. I curse u colors. Overall I luv u swaragini and I beg u n the makers to come back with a season two with same cast to fill up the empty void in mine and many others heart and life.

  30. I also want sr back please makers think for sr 2 last but not least hate u colors

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