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Laksh tells Swara that he will not forgive her. Sanskar takes him in car. Ragini warns Sujata that she will not think before harming Sanskar and says he is keeping Laksh away from her. Sujata is stunned. Sanskar brings Laksh home in a drunkard state. Sanskar tells everyone that he followed Laksh when he went late in night. He tells Laksh was drinking wine on park street. Laksh accepts to have drunk. Durga Prasad gets angry. Sanskar says he is upset about his decision. I thought he is happy with his decision, but he had wine on his first night, it means he didn’t forget Swara. Ragini pretends to thank Sanskar and says you are wrong, Laksh couldn’t forget Swara’s betrayal. Ragini says she will take Laksh to room, and can take care of him. She takes Laksh to room. Sujata asks Sanskar to come to room

with her. Laksh is on bed and says he liked the decorations. Ragini gets happy. Laksh tells it is all beautiful. Ragini is going, Laksh holds her hand and says he needs to talk to her. He asks her to come closer to him. Ragini gets emotional and says really.

Laksh asks her to come closer and asks why did you do this with me. He imagines Swara in a bridal attire. He asks why did you betray me? Ragini says Laksh ji. Laksh asks her not to take his name and says you have lost right to take my name. Why did you do this? You made my life colorless for life. I love you, but have to marry your sister Ragini. Why did you ruined my life? Ragini gets upset as her dream is shattered to get him. She says when he will take you out from his heart and cries. Laksh sleeps.

Sanskar tells Sujata that he will not forgive Ragini. Sujata tells him that Ragini threatened to harm him. Sanskar says I will not get afraid of her. Sujata says we will shift to other house. Sanskar says I will not go anywhere, till I set Swara’s life to right again. Sujata thinks how to make her understand. Sumi tells Dida that Swara didn’t come and she will go and search her. Shekhar asks why she didn’t come. Sumi says yes. Dadi says she must be roaming on streets and is enjoying. She takes Shekhar from there and asks him not to worry. Dida tells Sumi that she can understand her pain, and says now you both are married. Dadi tells that Sumi has broken marriage with me, and didn’t think about you. Dida says you supported Swara as she was right and Shekhar refused to accept that. She says we can’t tell anything to Shekhar until truth is revealed to him. Dadi instigates Shekhar against them and fills his ears. She says you have only 1 daughter from now, that is Ragini and she is very happy in her sasural. We have nothing to do with Swara. Sanskar calls Sumi and asks if Swara reached home. Sumi says no. He tells her about Swara and Laksh’s meeting. Sumi tells Dida that she is worried about Swara. Dida asks what did he tell you.

Next morning, Laksh wakes up with a hangover and sees Ragini shedding crocodile tears. Ragini wipes her tears and says she will bring tea for him. Laksh stops her and asks why you are crying? A flash back is shown. Laksh accepts to have drunk. Ragini asks him to promise, not to come home drunk again. She says I know what you are feeling, that you love Swara and not me. She asks him to think about her, and emotionally blackmails him. She says she had suffered much in the past because of their relation, but now she is his wife. Parineeta comes and informs them that Swara’s Nani came with the Police. Dida tells Durga Prasad that her grand daughter is missing. Durga Prasad says I can understand your worry, but how come you can find her here. Laksh comes. Dida asks the Inspector to arrest Laksh. Everyone is shocked.

Swara tells Sanskar and Dida that they will unite her parents. She asks Sanskar, if he is ready with her plan 2. He says yes. Sanskar and Swara come to Baadi wearing garlands. Everyone is shocked to see them married.

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  1. Sanskar is more match for swara than laksh
    I think they will fall in love with each other

  2. Though Swasan looks cute together, Swalak looks better!!!!! I really wanna see swalak together what ever may happen!!!!!

    1. Di, but if swara will go back to laksh…..then it wud be unfair for swara……….rather she shud not go back to laksh……….Lucky shud understand his .mistake…… N shud feel sum pain that he did not believe swara……..n married that pshyco!??

  3. Swara is a very practical girl….she is nt of dat type to ruin rags marriage to take revenge frm her…she is jst tryng to bring da truth out n bring her mom n dad together…so i do thnk it wud b unfair with swara’s character to show dat she wl get close to laksh again…many wl taunt abt her motive…by chance if shekhar n sumi dnt get together n if swara n laksh unite den evry body wl make her lyf hell tlng she brought out rags to get laksh nd der wl still b no difference b/w swara nd rags….

    1. Exactly… many ppl will taunt to her and again that rags will win in her cheap motive u Are right she is just trying to get her ma baba together again who were separted by thier so called daughter ragini
      (cheap psyco)

  4. Both swara n rags wl b havng da same motive n rags chose to kill 1 swara nd swara chosed to ruin rags marriage….
    Arey is der no oder guy in da world…pls UTTARAN SHOULD NOT GET REPEATED….
    Moreover it is very much needed to hav a difference in character….swara is very dignified n mentally stable..plz dnt show her another psycho lyk rags….
    Bengali girls dnt gv such importance to love wen its a matter of family..being a bengali i knw it…love is imp in lyf bt we dnt compromise family 4 it….RATHER NO GIRL SHD COMPROMISE FAMILY FOR LOVE….

    1. Ekdom theek bolecho rozy…….v don’t compromise family for love………aamader k shei shikkha taai daava hoye na………

    2. It’s completely wrong…… that every girl should choose her family over love its completely unfair

  5. Laksh shud feel guilty of himself.,………..guilty of himself to SUCH EXTENT that he wud never be able to forgive himself in his lyf!!????
    N yes, laksh n rags shud never be DIVORCED!!!!! Let laksh stay wid that stupido idiot!! I WAS A VERY BIG FAN OF SWALAKSH………..but laksh juz killed me by marrying that ragini!!??

    Wat wud have happened if laksh took swara’s side n supported her..??? NOTHING!!! Only that stupido idiot wud die na…………….So what??? She wud have DIED!!!!!!!!!!!????

    I juz can’t c laksh blaming swara every time……….n swara….knowing the truth keeping quiet……..??

  6. Laksh don’t deserve swara

  7. I want swara to be with lakshya forever..because it’s love.. and moreover first love..v should not forget how happy swara was to be married to lakshya.. how much lakshya cared for her,and trusted her…and above all they both love each other!!

  8. Yep somewhere down the line i too want that but he should slap rags first And he should try winning swara n her trust back then it will be fair with swara n her dignity

    1. Thatz exactly wat I too want…..prads..?

  9. Hi guys I m new here !!! like d Jodi of swara n Sanskaar dan swara n laksh I m waiting 4 d new chemistry !!!!!

  10. Awesome.

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