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The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Ragini to go and says Parineeta and Swara will do the work. She asks Parineeta to kneed the flour. Swara senses Parineeta is upset. Annapurna asks Ragini to call Durga Prasad in the evening and come with him. Utara asks Ragini to drop her to library. Swara thinks to talk to Utara about the guy. Annapurna asks Ragini to go and not to worry. Ragini goes home and tells Dadi and Sumi about the foreign delegates who are coming to house. Dadi says my both grand daughters are happy and prays for them. Ragini gets laksh’s message. Sumi teases her. Dadi asks her to talk to Laksh. Ragini goes to attend his call. She says she is busy and will talk to him later. Sumi and Dadi are happy. Swara is talking to Sanskar on phone and says she is busy. Parineeta asks Swara to do

the work and end call. Swara disconnects the call. Driver comes and asks Parineeta to give Charles file. Parineeta sends Swara to get the file from Durga Prasad’s room. Swara gets the file. She happens to see his passport and says bade papa have hidden this big thing from us.

Parineeta thinks what to do, as if she stays at home then she will have to make dinner. Swara brings the file. Parineeta asks driver to go and says I will come and give it to Papa ji as it is important. She tells Swara that Annapurna and Sujata went to give food to foreign delegates and asks Swara to make dinner tonight, and do Ragini’s work also. Swara agrees. Parineeta thinks she is taking care of her position well.

Sanskar, Sujata, Annapurna, Parineeta, Durga Prasad and others come home and see the light off. Sanskar calls Swara and gets her phone off. Parineeta tells that she might have gone to Baadi as Ragini and Laksh are there. She says I will make food quickly. Just then electricity comes and Swara shouts surprise……Everyone is surprised. Swara turns back. They see happy birthday Bade Papa. Sanskar reads it. Swara says I went to your room to get file and saw Bade Papa’s birth date on his passport. Sanskar wishes him happy birthday. Sujata asks did you do all the arrangements alone. Swara says of course. Sujata says you are so good. Parineeta says I will order cake. Ragini, Laksh and Utara comes. Ragini says cake is here. She wishes him happy birthday. Durga Prasad says it was not needed. Ragini says it was your 60th birthday and need to celebrate. Durga Prasad cuts the cake while everyone sings happy birthday song. Durga Prasad makes Annapurna have first bite.

Durga Prasad is happy seeing his family happy. Utara asks Parineeta to take their photo with Durga prasad. Parineeta clicks the photo hesitantly. Swara asks her to sit and takes photo. Ragini sets the timer for group pic. Durga Prasad says I want to tell something to everyone. He says I have told this before too, but want to say again. He says Parineeta and Ragini are my bahus, and Swara and Utara are my daughters. He asks Swara to ask whatever she wants. Swara says no, it is your birthday today. Durga Prasad says yes, but I want to give something to you. Swara says ok, if I want something in future then will ask you. Durga prasad says okay and blesses her. Swara goes to serve dinner. Parineeta gets upset. Adarsh tries speaking to her, but she goes.

Sujata also calls her. Parineeta goes ignoring her. Laksh tells Ragini that he thought Durga Prasad would not like it. Ragini says he felt good as his kids have done something on his birthday. Laksh asks did you feel bad when he called Swara as daughter and called you as bahu. Ragini says no, and says she is happy for Swara. Laksh is happy to see Ragini happy. Ragini hugs him and says she wanted this life since beginning. Swara pretends to be angry with Sanskar. Sanskar asks for pen, vitamins etc. She gives his things. Sanskar tells about the temperature. Swara asks why you are ordering me? Sanskar says I am damad of the house and have right to order. Swara asks damad? Sanskar says Bade Papa called you as his daughter and that’s why I became his damad. Swara says I will tell him that his ghar jamai is crossing limits. Sanskar holds her closer and asks if he is crossing limits. Swara says yes…ofcourse.

Sanskar holds her hands as she tries to go. He asks if this thing is beyond my limits. Swara looks at him and says I will show you. She tinkles in his stomach. Sanskar laughs and runs after her. He falls on bed and hurts his head. He asks swara to bring something. Swara goes out of room. Adarsh asks Parineeta what happened? Parineeta says now she can see everything clearly. She says Swara have become Durga Prasad’s daughter. Ragini have become Laksh’s life and that’s why she is important to Annapurna. She says we both are left out. Parineeta says I will not have any importance when they become parents. Adarsh tells her that his parents don’t differentiate between their kids. Parineeta says they should make a place for themselves in the house else everyone will take them lightly. Swara hears everything.

Sujata tells Parineeta that her pallu have fallen from her head. Parineeta says she didn’t wear on head intentionally. Sujata asks why? Parineeta asks did anyone ask Swara why she don’t keep pallu on head. Swara and Ragini are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Frazy Swasan fan

    Hi guys. The serial is going pathetic. I just hoe they don’t show Swara negative by the end. Also want equal importance for Swasan and Raglak. Even though I’m a Swasan fan I love Raglak a lot. And to keep me happy the fan fictions on swasan are enough.
    Sree acceptance
    Vini Swasan fan fiction season 2
    Ahlana Realisation exoneration and repentance
    Anu Fix You and Fixing Broken souls

    All this is enough for me. . .

    But what about Raglak? Hardly any ff on them so I request the writers to write on them too. But don’t forget about Swasan in the course.

    1. XXX-man of future

      Hey I think u have not gone through the ff with a close eye of observation. There r so many raglak ffs-
      Raglak second love by sreeharini
      Raglak that nyt change my life by raglak
      Dosthi and Dil(Raglak) by asheyeena
      A modern tale of love by Mandy
      For a change by pavani..and many more.

      1. Frazy Swasan Fan

        But when u compare it with swasan its still less. And mandy writes on both. I would love writers to write on both the couples. Not just one. That’s what the serial has been doing

      2. XXX-man of future

        @frazy swasan fan. I accept u are r8.But these are enough 4 me.moreover the middle episodes of Mandy showed Raglak love.I said in respect to that. There r many more too u have to find that.Hope u understand… wish u a happy Bengali new year. You know what – I am a crazy raglak fan. Love u raglak as well as swasan.

  2. It was not a good one…abbhi abhi toh sb ok hua tha..and H Hassan dear what happened to you?why are you so slow these days?Please be fast like as u were before.

  3. Ab ye pareenita bematlab k over react kr rhi h…
    I know k us k darr apni jagah sahi h lekin is k ye mtlb to nhi na k wo daamrr ko hi haqeeqat bana li jaye.. huhhh

    N swara.. tm ne q sun liya sb kuch yaar? ? Ab sun hi li ho to plzzz ab zyada mahan banne k koshish mt krna.. or else u ll get suppressed by that sick fellow. ..

    Love u sanskar. ….

    1. really i want swara to take stand foe herself

      always sanskaar had to take stand for her

      which is a good thing but something u should also stand up for your self respect

      way pari was treating her look like swara is her servant

      but no hope becoz now cvs are making swara typical bahu of saas bahu serial

  4. wowwww very nice especially swasan….but plz don’t make it simar ka sasural…I hate that serial plzzz don’t make it like that….the tracks of swaragini r very nice so plzzz don’t make it superstitious….. plzzzzz…..

  5. Thanks for the update H Hasan ?

  6. Hi there guys What’s up how are you all? Well I haven’t Watched the epi yet.

  7. Omg in swaragini all surprise and all the problems solving only doing swara pls give equal important to ragini also this serial name is swaRagini not only swara

  8. Parinita is too much CVS please change the story line give importantance to raglak also, I love swasan but equal importance to both, please make parinita positive I have read that she going create problems between swara n ragini, kindly keep them as swaragini not swara n ragini

  9. XXX-man of future

    What more to say ?? Swara is now the apple of Dp’s eyes…And that so called mahan Simar is coming to this serial 4 her nonsense Chandramani mission.Why the writer is forgetting of Ragini ‘s existence? Sometimes I even feel that Sanskaar is also a supporting character. The cvs is making the serial a crap by making Swara toooo much Mahan.I like swara but I am fed up with this irritating partiality. I like this serial for teju and varun. *Frndzs,plz try to contact the director who directed 5th April’s episode..that episode was perfectly balanced for swasan & raglak fans.(* just kidding).
    Moreover this is a RS drama – anything can happen..a modern serial can suddenly prove the existence of ghosts, black magic and all that.I can’t understand why Swara so easily believes in Simar’s black magic wala missions inspite of being a modern girl.In these mahasangams,I feel that Ragini is more modern than Swara(except the very 1st mahasangam
    with Simar).These mahasangams will just help in dragging the serials ..nothing else but a wastage of time.

    1. Ragini is more modetn than swara???? Lol.. wat a joke!
      Ragini is now becoming modern bcos of swara did u forget how she believed in her mom’ aatma JIJI KHUSH NAHI HAI!!!
      N i think it will take time for ragini to become imp like swara bcos of her past doings…
      N being mahan is still better than being a criminal n psycho.
      vaise swara nly deserves to be called as the daughter of maheshwaris…she has done so much for everyone…good dat ragini is learning to bcom like swara
      Well its upto the writers….

      1. ohh really… have u forgot why swara is mahan just because of the doing of ragini… and ragini was psycho just beacuse of swara… at least now she z positive she deserves a place in dp’s heart… I do accept that Swara is more modern than ragini… wait, may i know if u r a regular viewer of SR?? if yes, than u would have seen her modern avatar that time at least she looked prettier than your so called mahaan swara…

      2. Well ragini and swara are gorgeous equally. Don’t know why people has to compare. Both of them are great actress, they are doing very well. Do you people think that they really will care what you guys really think of them? I guess no becoz guys they got better things to worry about then your nonsense. And ragini is not becoming modern bcoz of swara nor swara is mahan bcoz of ragini, it’s becoz of the writers they are doing all this.

  10. Don’t make the character of swasan n raglak… in supporting role… balance their role….. as they four are the main part of the serial…
    Show sme swasan romantic scene….

    Hope the director gets the msges

  11. Agn dis idiot editors edited Swasan scene..dnt y unhe Swasan scene se kya prob hai..I saw olv of yest Swasan scene bt I hope dey ll continue it today..n dis simar crap I juz hate dis..dat bakwas ssk really spoiling image of all shows of colors n channel ko ye baat samjh nai rahi hai..if dey can close MATH y nt ssk..n plus swaragini ko vi usme ghasit rahe hai..n chandramani ye kya nonsense hai?
    Ssk ka ab limit cross ho raha hai..ek dayan tk OK bt after dat 2dayans,patali,shaitan,n nw chandramani kya bakwas hai ye chiii..?shame on dis ssk writers.. Insaan hai ya alien..
    I just hate ssk..RS shud keep dat mahabakwas ghatiya show ssk away from SWARAGINI..otherwise swaragini will loose its viewers..

    1. Hi there angel how are you? I guess you’re right even I think the same. I don’t like sasural simar Ka it’s full of nonsense.

  12. So much of partiality….. The name of the show is Swaragini so Swara and Ragini both are the main leads but the CVS are not giving any importance to Ragini. Sanskaar and Laksh are the male leads but also there is no importance of Laksh. Hardly, there is 1 anf half min scene of Raglak together nowadays.

  13. updating is too late plz try to update as early as possible

  14. wt swara is getting she deserve it coz when ragini was in negetive role swara has done a lot and a person who has done all without thinking of herself …dserve it and i am happy for swara …..just let swara n sanskar make love their nok jhok for now lets stop it coz it might go in wrong direction which viewers wont like.

  15. Exactly its too much the show name is swaeagini n always imp to swara …n raglak there love life n marriage was like 2 min maggi noodles.wat the hell fr swasan they showed soo much n fr eaglak nthng happened.nd soo early they gt married..nthng special fr them.anyways i like swasan too specially sanskar bt oly imp to swara is given in this show..wen will this directr n writer understand show name is swaragini bt i think according to them it is swara mahan devi..fed up of it..equal imp to eaglak n sanky has to b given..

    1. They must get equal importance

  16. abi swara dp se mang legi wish pranita ko property dene ki..
    n baad mai usko sach PTA chalega n she will apologise

    1. Hi there stoneheart how are you? ?
      Lol this site has gone a moaning site now.

  17. What’s wrong with you people? Are you guys blo*dy insane? It’s just a blo*dy drama then why the hell are you guys wining and moaning over a fictionional characters. Why can’t you just stop moaning and enjoy watching the show. I’ve been watching this serial from the beginning but had no issues. I’ve got no issue who’s mahan or who’s a psyco or were a psyco. All the characters are doing their job well, they are working hard and here some of you are moaning and some of you are bashing and bitting eachothers head of. This site is a bashing and moaning site. It’s discusting guys just grow up. I remember way back some of you people were bashing few characters becoz you guys are not having your ways. Don’t you guys think that you are acting like a spoilt kids who always has to get what they want. It’s so annoying guys just blo*dy take a chill pill and chillax.

    1. you are abosl*tly right i agree with you……

      1. Thanks vs for supporting me.

  18. Why is there so much partially. The shows name is swaragini so y r they giving swara so much more importance. In everything they do now there is partiality. Swara alone always has to be the center of everything and ragini is just left out. Sometimes swara will do everything alone but ragini always needs swara’s help. Swasan there was so much drama and things happening in there relation and raglak, their marriage, nothing. there was some the kavya stuff the Jail and the baadi. But compare it with Swasan it is still less. Swasan get so much more importance than raglak even though all four are main leads. Just now in the epi also Durga Prasad said swara his Daughter and ragini bahu. Now isn’t that unfair? Now even pari and adarsh get more lines than raglak. I’m not bashing swara but I’m just saying that they are giving so much more importance to swara than ragini. Ragini was villain once but swara always has to be the perfect bahu who never does anything wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong of pari to feel that she is not getting any importance because she really is not. Also all the elders like swara more than ragini, it might not be clear but it is still there. This also goes for Sanskar and laksh. Nowadays we don’t even get one min of raglak and we get Swasan scenes also less but it is more than raglak. Let’s look at it. Has ragini ever done anything alone like completely apart from being villain : no, swara : 8.2 bazillion things she’s done alone. And Swasan fans this show’s name is swaragini not Swasan so pls don’t get all red and mad when there is no Swasan scenes. I don’t intend to hurt anyone and I’m sorry if I did but it’s just the truth. I am NOT bashing swara neither am I trying to be mean. I love helly/swara and ragini/teju equally
    but I just think the Cvs are being wayy too partial. Hope they get the message. They should make them both equal now.

    1. I agree with u IDK bcs the wrtr always wrte like thistype toore imp to swara and Dp is accept ragini in his 70 birthday bca Dp 70th birthday ragini give a surprise to Dp then they acpt to as daughter u don’t feel that and 75th birthday pari also promoted to as daughter in the maheswari family but they take a time for that …

  19. Trp of this serial less than 1.8 this week other crap serials ssk, yeh rista n ek Rani r high, CVS please bring some positive things like swaragini wanted open their music school why can’t concentrate on that instead pari as negative


    Now again all importance goes to sawra….
    I like sawra but its not that all neglect others…. Parineeta ko villian banne me sbse bada hath to family walo ka hai, bichari itne yr se family ki bahu hai but vo aaj bhi bahu hai or udar sawra bahu hote hue bhi beti bann gyi… i think this is partiality with pari and ragini… mere hisab se teeno bahu hai or teeno ko ek saman beti banna chiye… why writers only want sawra to be great always??? Ab dekh lo sawra ko hi parineeta ki soch ka pta chala, uttra ke bf ka pta chala, bade papa ke birthday ka pta chala etc. Itne yrs se pari ko ya ghrwalon ko, ya chaha ji ko pta hi nhi that ki bade papa ka birthday kb aata hai!!!?????? this was the limit to give extra importance to sawra….. Ya to show ka naam Sawra rakh dena chiye ya fir ragini ko bhi importance milni chiye, usse to title track me use krne ke liye rakha hua hai….
    Or agr kuch time baad serial me leap aa jaye or usme ragini-laksh, parineeta- adarsh yeh na bhi ho to koi farq nhi padega….
    Sawra and sanskar ke liye sb kuch slow tha or baki jodi specially laksh or ragini ke liye itna fast…. agr yehi chalta raha or swara ko itni importance dene lge agr writers to I will not watch this show any more?????????… as show is about sawragini not only sawara….

  21. Writer’s do one thg chg the serial name from swaragini to swara bcoz u give more imp to swara n raglak ka scene to kch aata hi nhii hai bas naam ke lia dono ko rakha hai kya aur aab swara ko beti bhi bana dia bahu se tht nice bt y nt ragini pehle har cheez swara ko pata chalege phir baad me ragini ko aisa q serial ka name I thk swaragini hai come on writer give equality to both plzzz n show some scene of raglak

  22. honestly, i think its really stupid of dp to say that in frony of everyone, it not for for the other two bahus, if he really did like swara so much, he should have told his wife or kept it with himself but bcos he said this in front of everyone, it will affect everyone as now everyone knows that swara is the closest to hom and that if he could choose anyone between all of them, it will always be swara. his eldesr daughter in law hs done nothing wrong, i dont blame her

  23. Sonali u take a chiil pill the true is true u will say toh will nt chg tum swara ki fan hogi islea tumhe bura lag rha hai humlog ka intension swara ke fan ko hurt pahochne ka nhii hai jo shi hai humlog wo bol rhe hai toh islea plzzz u just keep ur mouth shut n jst take a chill pill n chillax okh sonalllllliiiiiii

    1. Hey you what the hell are you saying?? As I said before in my previous comment I’v got no blo*dy favourites from this serial. And what the hell do you know you’re not me, what would you know. People like you take things too serious grow up its just a drama. And about the chill pill you take it, seems like you need it more then me.

      1. And yeah who the hell are you to tell me to shut my mouth Why don’t you. The way you said your opinion in a moaning way I said mine. At the end of the day I’m not moaning about the show the way you are.


    loved swasan scenes

  25. can anyone tell me the fan fiction in which swara is a wedding planner ?? and sanskar is her boss …

    1. I think it is ” The devil met his angel “

  26. Why so much problem???Swara is always nice from starting & I really like her & swasan …..
    There are many swasan fans too who are eagerly waiting for their scene & yesterday ‘s episode was balanced …….Dp declared swara as hid daughter ………..but this is not 1st time that dp declared swara as his daughter , he had done this before too…….i think many people except new member knew very well that During swasan & lakshya triangle , DP who has done swara’s kanyadaan …….& swara was leaving mm house , when ragini ‘s truth came out 1st time …….st that time too , DP said that the door of this house always open for her& swara always be consider as daughter …….so pls………..check previous episode if new …….for the furthur drama they make pari -ve & she also jealous of swaragini……….not only one ………check last few mins of yesterday episode …………

  27. Wat a partiality… Swara beti aur Ragini and Pari bahu…..if anyone could b in paris place na everyone would do like her itslf….Giving importance a person also there is a limit…I lmw Swara did good things..but Ragini also did many good thing like saving Swara frm stabbing…This is mre dan Swaras good things….bye Swaragini..i wish tejaswi quit the show…

    1. Yeah but who’s the one who pushed swara In to the river. She just left her to die and didn’t even care. She was too busy marrying Laksh then, how selfish. So what ragini did for swara is equal now, this shows that ragini is not evil. She has changed for good now. You see for for ragini to turn completely positive she had to save swara from getting stabbed.

      1. Enemy (Anjum) not e. Look guys even I moved on and don’t hate ragini anymore and I’m glad that she turned positive.

    2. Seriously ur jealous of swara being called as dp’s daughter n not ragini! !!
      Lol wat a pity

    3. I agree to Zarin evn sanskar was a villian too…but he turned positive..like dat Evn Ragini turnes positive…Watevar waste of time…U r right let tejaswi quit the show so that the trp will fall and we ragini fans will nt watch d serial…

      1. and rad is z nt called jealous..it is giving justice to the title SwaRagini…if they prblm wid ragini den y did they made the main lead for no purpose..i hope u understand…if Swara could turned negavtive dat tym u may understand..nd i feel pity on u

  28. In other shows even the parallel leads scene are more than that of raglak…… and raglak are also the leads so equality must be there ??. We are not offencing anyone but it’s their right to get equal importance


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