Swaragini 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Daadi maa asks Ragini to choose between her father and her happiness. Ragini gets up and tries to go. Daadi maa asks her to change her decision and says you will cry all life. Lakshya will never forgive you. Ragini gets teary eyed and leaves from there. Swara asks Lakshya to face Ragini and tell her that you don’t love her. She says rich people’s life is like this. You don’t feel pain of others. Lakshya asks her not to comment without knowing anything. Swara asks him to leave. Lakshya says he is not staying in her room and reminds her that he made her eat pizza with his hand. Swara asks him to leave. Lakshya refuses to go until he solves Garodia family matters. Swara says you will spoil the matters. Lakshya holds her hand and says he won’t leave her until he fixes her life. He calls her Sona.

Swara asks him not to dare calling her Sona. Lakshya teasingly calls her Sona. Ragini recalls Daadi maa’s words and is about to slip, but Lakshya holds her on time. He asks are you fine and says he wants to say something. Ragini says I wants to tell you something and tells about Daadi maa’s conversation.

Lakshya asks what did you say? Ragini says I hope you are not angry with me. Lakshya says your decision is right and I am not angry on you. He says if we have to sacrifice for our family then it is not wrong. Lakshya says he can understand it well. Swara hears them. Lakshya says we will meet in the morning and goes. Ragini feels good thinking Lakshya understands her pain and is with her. Swara thinks Lakshya doesn’t want to marry Ragini. She decides to tell the truth to Ragini, so that she can teach him a lesson. She then thinks to tell her later. She says she have to hide it for her betterment, but will tell at the right moment.

Dida welcomes the guests. The lady praises the house. Dida shows the house. Swara comes home. The lady says they will buy the house. Swara says but we don’t want to sell it. They ask who is she? Dida says she is her grand daughter and is joking. Swara says she is serious and won’t leave the house. Dida says this house is mine. Lakshya sees that and informs Daadi maa. Daadi maa gets happy.

Lakshya tells so much happened because of them. Will you let them go without taking revenge. He asks her to get thinking. Ragini hears them. Lakshya says if you don’t stop her then she will tease you always. It is ultimately your loss. Daadimaa starts thinking. Dida shows the lawn. The lady says we will do tulsi puja here. Dida says you can use it. Daadimaa comes and says I will not let my Tulsi’s reflection fall on your side. She marks the line and tells about the rules. Dida asks her to keep quiet. Daadi maa says they shall know new rules. The lady refuses to buy the house. Her husband also refuses. They leave. Daadi maa gets happy and smiles.

Dida gets angry and throws water on the marked line. She asks how dare you do this. Daadi maa says I won’t let you go so easily. Swara asks what happened to maa. Ragini signs her towards Lakshya. Dida says you should be happy if we go from here. Daadi maa says one big knowledgeable guy told me that enemies should be kept near. Ragini and Sumi take them. Lakshya asks Swara, did you like my first move. He says level 2 now. Swara says my Dida will eat you. Lakshya calls her sona and says lets see. Lakshya comes inside and offers to make tea. He says I don’t need permission as I saved Sona’s life. He says Daadi maa did wrong with you. He says now I understands why you wants to go from here.

Dida asks him to say straight. Lakshya says his bengali friend wants to buy a home. Dida asks him to call his friend. Lakshya says it is a big investment and he wants to see it. Dida asks him to invite for the bengali new year. Lakshya says ok and says bye after taking his tea.

Lakshya asks Swara if she wants to know why he convinced Dida to sell how and playing double game, then she should meet him with Ragini in lobby in 5 minutes. He says he makes good tea along with good plan, gives her cup and leaves.

In lobby, Lakshya tells Swara and Ragini that his plan is fool proof. Swara asks him to tell it as they don’t have time. He tells his plan. Ragini says it is very good and says it will end age-old enemity. She says she has to serve food to dadaji and asks him also come on time as daadaji does not like late comers. Lakshya says Ragini liked his plan a lot, but she did not praise her. She says she is Swara and not Ragini who does not know his real colors. He says when Ragini herself has broken their relationship, why is she so worried. She says Ragini still loves him. He asks her not to create any problem.

Precap: Swara tells Shekhar that they have planned to reunite Dida and Daadi. Lakshya says once their plan works, nobody can stop Dida and Daadi celebrate new year grandly in baadi/chawl. He, Swara and Ragini shake hands and say hi five.

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  1. Lakh is very good with ragini. They are a super jodi. Plz laksh ragini se pyar karo

    1. Seriously!!! The wavelength of lucky & ragini dont go well… For me it is lakshya& swara…

      1. ur opinion n right ………but others like me think he click with ragin too and their moments are soo unexpected.have u ever been surprised by anything that has happened between swara and lucky?

      2. all the scenes r from raginis side and laksh and swara r Perfect

        And the scenes of ragini and laksh are made to feel ragini that laksh loves her and later on a big heart break but before heart break love triangle

        But I think so swalak will fall for each other afterwards and seeing raginis one sided love swara will scatifice her love

    2. Totally agree, but from where the track is going, laksh and swara will end up together, it is so obvious, but I want ragini to be happy, she is so innocent.

  2. Lakshya & Swara r good couple…!i like them too much..i think swara &lakshya ek dusre k liye hi bane hai..

  3. Lakshya & Swara r good couple…!i like them too much..i think swara &lakshya ek dusre k liye hi bane hai..

  4. we get u preyashi no need to post twice with different names

  5. okay i luv the team of 3

  6. luv ragin n lukshy more………….cute

  7. ♕♛Ranvir♛♕

    Yaa luv swara nd luckyy..

  8. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    btr idea no swara & laksh no ragini & laksh it shd b lyk frst he shd fal in lv wud swara & swara as nw shd nt lyk him so ragini gets to knw abt dis stps luvng laksh & mov on den dey shd concentrate on shekhar & sharmishtha den ragini shd find anothr man den dey bth fal in luv wid each othr on d othr hand laksh & swara shd b a couple

  9. ragin stop wasting ur beutiful mind on lucky he doesnt really see or appreciate u………….just use him for ur parents union like today then move to the next best hotter guy

  10. they shoulnt put a love triangle but if i were to choose its ragini n lucky……….there is more to discover there

  11. will always want lucky to be with ragini

  12. yup …………still dnt know were this is going.maybe rasky wont end up togrther but i will still want them to end up together maybe when ragini fall 4 a greater guy with even better chemistry then i might consider letting go but if its between these 2 then rakshy forever

  13. Swara nd laksh should be together. ….when vil Swara start liking him…….we r waiting for that episodes

  14. nice episode! lucky n swara are very cute together!

  15. Nw Laksh waz totali attractd tuvadz Swara bt by tym, Laksh vil sureli fal fa Ragini…. Shez so pure … Itz obvioz tu break an inocntz heart…. Plz director sir, make it happn…. Luv d team f swaragini….

    1. i think his brother sanskaar is alive.may b ragini and sanskaar will form a pair.

  16. love u swara n laksh….
    u roczzzzzzz

  17. swara laksh u r best

  18. Swara laksh r asom

  19. rain n lucky

  20. pls give me more lucky n ragin

  21. The sisters n both families will drift apart because swara and lakshya will fall in love. Taking point of the fact that Swara didnt tell Ragini about Lakshya n decided to wait for the right time…the right time will never come and Ragini will feel cheated by Swara. How long can a serial revolve around 2 families fighting

  22. If swara will play opposite lashkya so there will another main lead for ragini isn’t it?

    1. i guess so………………………i hope so i wouldnt want her to be heartbroken for the entire series

    2. What would be the point, Ragini loves Lakshya from her heart n soul. I can smell same old triangle love story throughout this serial.

  23. Swara and laksh……….made 4 each other………..

  24. ragin n lucky

  25. Eshani Nawodi

    Lakshya& swara wow god made for each them

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