Swaragini 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara blaming Sanskar for Laksh’s disappearance, and says Ragini is alone today because of you. Annapurna asks Swara to stop it. Shekhar says what is the advantage of talking about all this. Swara says you all should know that Laksh is not with us because of this man. Sanskar shouts Swara. Swara grabs his collar and asks if he will beat her. She says you had said that our relation is over. A fb is shown. Swara says when Laksh was angry, how did you increase his anger. Sanskar asks her to stop it, and says I was angry and that day I was angry too, then also I tried to make him understand. Laksh told me what Adarsh had told him, then I laughed. Swara claps and says wow. You was laughing on his talks to make him more angry. She says your laugh was life taking, and says you was

about to kill him. Sanskar asks what do you mean? He says you mean that I am responsible behind his disappearance. Swara says yes. She says I can’t bear this. Ragini looks on.

Sumi shouts Shona….Swara says you said that our relation is over. Now I am telling you. I will not fill my maang with sindoor until Ragini’s husband returns. Everyone is shocked. She says until Laksh returns, we have no relation. Ragini stands up and tells Swara that nothing has happened to Laksh and he will return soon. She tells that she will wait for him. She recalls their marriage and all the moments with him looking at the house. She closes her ears and says I can’t stay here. She tells Shekhar and Sumi to take her from there, says every thing here make me remember Laksh. Durga Prasad says I can understand her condition and asks Shekhar to take her if she finds peace. Annapurna consoles Ragini and asks her to go if she wants. She assures that they will come and take her back soon.

Ragini cries hugging her. Swara tells Annapurna and Durga Prasad that if they all permit her then she wants to go back to Baadi with Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Swara holds Ragini’s hand and says my sister needs me more. Sanskar asks what you are saying? Swara says I am saying right and we have no relation now. Sanskar is shocked. Swara stops him and says it is better if I give my time to Ragini. She asks Sanskar to search Laksh, else she will search him. She says I won’t let my sister suffer because of you. She asks her to come.

Ragini and Swara are walking out of house. Durga Prasad says we can understand her. Annapurna says we can’t do anything, our family is breaking. Sujata cries and says our bahus are leaving. She prays to God to return their house happiness. Shekhar, Sumi, Ragini and Swara are leaving. Sanskar asks Swara to stop and says I know you are angry with me, please don’t go from here. Just give me a chance. Swara asks did you give a chance before trying to kill Laksh. Sanskar says I tried to make him understand. Swara says Sanskar. Sanskar asks her to listen. He says if you have taken a decision then I will also take a decision. He says if you cross this house boundary which is Lakshman Rekha, then you can’t return. He says you will lost the right to stay in the house again and I will never accept you in my life again. Ragini and Swara are shocked.

Durga Prasad asks Sanskar, what you are saying? Annapurna shockingly asks Sanskar to take back his words. Sanskar says no Maa. If I am so wrong in her eyes, that she wants to break relation with me, then I also don’t want to be in the relation with her. Annapurna asks do you realize what you are saying? Sanskar says this is my last decision. Everyone is shocked. Swara looks on shocked. Ragini asks Swara to stay in the house. Sumi asks Swara not to be stubborn and don’t break relation. She says Sanskar is not faulty fully. Swara holds Ragini’s hand and walks out of house. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar is shocked and teary eyes. Shekhar and Sumi follow their daughters. Sanskar wipes his tears and looks angrily.

After 6 months:

Sanskar calls Swara. Swara realizes that he is Sanskar and asks him to sleep. Sanskar puts wine in the glass and laughs. He says 6 months have passed, you had threatened me that if Laksh is not here, then our relation is also over. He says I have no sleep since then. I was thinking how to punish you once I find Laksh. Swara asks him to bring Laksh first. Sanskar tells her if tomorrow will be fine for punishment, Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. He says Laksh’s location is found. Sanskar asks her to sleep peacefully today, and says I will make you sleep go away after tomorrow. He cuts the call. Swara calls on his number, but the number is off.

Sanskar beats the goon and asks where is my brother? What did you do with him. Goon asks him to leave him. Swara tells Sumi that Sanskar called and told that he found about Laksh. Ragini hears her. Later Swara and Ragini dance in the function.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg!
    in yesterday epi i ws hurt.
    bt nw im rly broken.
    wt hpn 2 my sweethearts?
    my all the thoughts r in kakalis cmnt.

    my sanky nw a durnker? omg! he said dat he dnt like dat smell even. oh dr plz dnt punish ur self.
    im so sceared abt his warning! wts he gonna do!?

    i want 2 kill laksh. urrggg. all dis hpn bz f him.
    & i dnt expect more 4m ragini. she always think abt her nly. i thought she ddnt utter a wrd.
    bt she said few wrds. so dats enough.

    thank u hasan mam.
    be happy always

    1. Kakali

      CHANUUuu !!!! why ur all thoughts r in my comments dear ??

  2. Wow sanskar…Wow swara ….u were great.

  3. Loving this track.. From usual bakwas drama i hope something interesting in this track.. Loved swasan hatredness.. Life is not about love nd trust.. Its a roller coaster ride with many ups and down.. Nothing to blame much.. Enjoy the track.. Stop bashing unnecessarily and creating negative vibes.. Its nice to see something new.. Hoping for an intense love track on d way of my fav jodi.. Swasan

  4. mind blowing ep

  5. Hello ms.kakali where r u now say who iz at fault always says equal na give a look to ragini did c care about other relation no naa Sanskaar did try to make laksh understand but swara herself is blaming
    now say na r they equal do the hell wid u blood =

    1. Kakali

      Heyy !! dearr !! m at home now,, in bed cuddling pillow n reading ur comment… anyway dear ,, i never said harsh words against them.. it was my pov that i shared … m again saying they r equally at fault.. both r stubborn..
      sry if my comments ever hurt u .. but still they r EQUALLY responsible for this all.

    2. Mica

      i’m not kakali, but as Kakali, even i said they are both Equal…
      Don’t just watch Swara anger, please try to remember Sanskar anger too …
      why you can understand Sanskar, but can’t understand Swara ?
      they both equal dear, Sanskar choose his ego over Swara,
      Swara choose her sister over Sanskar…
      can you remember how happy Sanskar to mocked Aadarsh once he arrived to MM ?
      can you remember how happy Sanskar got blessing from his family ?
      who brought those happiness ? it was his wife, Swara Sanskar Maheswary,
      it was his wife hard work, the hard work that he hate the most.
      Did he ask Sorry ?
      Did he say thank you ?
      He ever yelled to Swara when Swara called him, worried about his safety, now when she yelled back to him, his Ego more hurt and challenge her more instead of say sorry …
      if only laksh didn’t do smuggling
      if only sanskar didn’t send him to jail
      Swara did nothing, she tried to set everything rite..
      but look, everyone blamed her, Raglak fans called her maahan, sanskar threatened, scold, angry to her, Sanskar’s fans blamed her, mention that she doesn’t deserve Sanskar..
      they forget that
      Swara is the girl who brought Sanskar to rite path
      Swara is the girl who solved every problem in Sanskar family, when those family member can’t do anything.
      Swara is the girl whose her life always in danger (count how many time Swara almost killed)
      She is blessed in Sanskar’s life, vice versa, Sanskar always stand beside Swara but this time his Ego overpower him…

      1. Mahjabeen

        Well said mica dear..ur ech word wsere totally correct…

      2. exactly swara did a lot…maybe she exagerated a little bit but we are talking about Sanskaar whom supposed to be like Swara how can we accept Sanskaar killing Laksh on a moment of anger…Laksh is reckless doesnt think but Sanskaar no….did swara tried to kill Ragini when she brokes her relation with her…nahii
        So almost rightful what Swara did from Swara point of view whom supposed to be same with Sanskaar
        I blame Laksh yea of course cz he doesnt think at all always bad path
        I blame Ragini for not obliging her sister to stat she only said two words…come on if Swara were at ur place she wouldnt rest until ur back home.
        so plz stop blaming swara i know she exagerated but conditions demand high measures
        Swara always take the right track even against her sister and even against Sanskaar if he do it wrong
        and plz ram maheshwari sanskaar’s dad didnt said a word neither Uttara why????

      3. wow mica m impressed this shows how observing u r !

      4. Mica

        Mahju… Mona..love Swasan..
        Louna.. aahh you nail it Dear! i never though about the comparison between Swasan to treat Raglak ..
        Swara to Ragini and Sanskar to Laksh…

  6. Vyshu10

    Its gonna be one heck of a roller coaster ride….such intensity my babies have. Excited for this track.

    Awesome dialogues Sharad ji….sw-“hello hello sojao” san-“kya baat hai aaj bhi mere saans lete hi samajh jati ho ki yeh saas leta huva murda insaan mein hi hoon”

    Upcoming scn dialogue…”Aaj tak apne har dard mein tumhare liye dua maangi.. aaj ke baad apni har dua mein tumhare liye dard maangoonga” I’m dead

  7. i’m a swasan fan but gonna love this hate love story between swasan i’m waiting for it
    and if laksh left on his own will then ragini should punish laksh no offence bz laksh always ditches ragini

  8. Omg Omg
    What an episode yr
    I loved it very very much?????
    Haa swasan ka separation SE dhukhi bhi hu??
    But abhi mere andar mix fellings chl rahi h new shades of sanskar ?? omg sanky pahale hi itna hot tha or jb se usse black formal suit m dekha h mujhe or kuch sujh hi nahi raha yr sanskar i mean varun super hot super se*y lg raha h ?????????????
    Sanskar ne swara se bol to dia k vo uski life heal bana dega pr hum sb jante h ki jina dard jitni taflif vo swara ko dega usse thousands time jayada dard usse khud hoga???
    My swasan kya khu yr itne interesting track k liye dance kru ya swasan ki sapration se sad hu smjh ni aa raha yr jo bhi ho aab raat tk wait krna bhut mushkil ho raha h

  9. well the one thing i observed in tz serial z no one can love her sister like swara.And no one can love her husband like ragini.Swara z incomplete without her sister(because she always chooses her sister over her husband and family).Ragini z incomplete without her husband(because she always chooses laksh over her sister and family).Waiting for the track ahead..

  10. Omg Omg
    What an episode yr
    I loved it very very much?????
    Haa swasan ka separation SE dhukhi bhi hu??
    But abhi mere andar mix fellings chl rahi h new shades of sanskar ?? omg sanky pahale hi itna hot tha or jb se usse black formal suit m dekha h mujhe or kuch sujh hi nahi raha yr sanskar i mean varun super hot super se*y lg raha h ?????????????
    Sanskar ne swara se bol to dia k vo uski life heal bana dega pr hum sb jante h ki jina dard jitni taflif vo swara ko dega usse thousands time jayada dard usse khud hoga???
    My swasan kya khu yr itne interesting track k liye dance kru ya swasan ki sapration se sad hu smjh ni aa raha yr jo bhi ho aab raat tk wait krna bhut mushkil ho raha h
    Pata ni sat-sun kese nikalungi???????
    But plzzz swasan k saath saath raglak ki story p bhi concentrate krna yr
    SWASAN nd RAGLAK dono hi show k
    Main lead h yr to dono ko equally screen space kyu ni dete ho kya aap log plzz iss track se swasan or raglak dono k fans ko bhut expectations h to plzzzz ?????? haath jood k request h iss track ko bhi baki k tracks ki tarha barbaad maat kr dena plzzzzz
    Aaj tk sanskae ko hum ne sanskari beta ,careing loving naughty romantic husband , i mean sirf good side hi dekhi h sanskar ki
    But aab arrogent sanskar dekhne m bhut bhut maja aane vala h
    I LV U VARUN?????
    I LV U SANSKAR ??????
    I LV U SWARA???????


      same from my side


    am waiting for this track jununiat wala pyar or nafrat…in between swasan..ufff

  12. It is beauty.sadness.intense…love it….but I hope the producer’s and the writer won’t follow the path of the abc series((((lost)))…..if u remember ===Kate..jack===swyar.

    1. Mica

      uugghhh, don’t say about.. what it’s name ? smoking monster ??? or The Other ? in mysterious island ? just me and Laksh 😀 😀

  13. I TOTALLY AGREE with u mica

  14. Mahjabeen

    Waitng immensely fr dis hate love story between swasan…da track is going to b much more interesting… Loved it…well sanskar u will one day brng my swara bck only how cn u say dat words to her u will nt except hr if c goes frm ur home..c did evrythng fr u nd ur family…
    Nd swara u chose ragini over ur husband but its also somewhr needed..
    Nd da dialogue of sanky is killing me…omg his expressions nd how swara recognize hm in call ws amazing…
    Love dis track..
    Nd one more thing swara is only helping sanskar even now..c is hiddenly helping sanskar in finding laksh…

  15. Heltej

    Oi oi oi
    ….. Dancing in the floor… Waiting for love… ????? party mode on…
    Both are wrong and both are right… Viewers went mad… Now i am crack… When will i see the episode!
    Ty H Hasan

    1. Kakali

      Diiii !!! u r seriously sooo lateee !!! alone party !!! huhhhh !!! i didn’t expect this from u … u should have said me about d menu atleast… u really broke me from stomach … *bang my stomach on aalu paratha…:&

      1. Heltej

        M damn busy dear! No current! No net!…. Again for two or three days will be disappearing!
        I miss everyone ????…
        U guyd will have nice timings… Party in full mode!
        When u update ur’ dream’ do msg me or post in wall… So that i can read!

      2. Kakali

        Nooo ,,, diii this CAN’T happen … i can’t do anything with this account… no message no post nothing… i hate my account.. huhhhh !!! though i’ll try to inform u … *hole in my fate

      3. Mica

        Kakuu!!! your account so impossible as you :D,
        Hellu! enjoy Babe!….

    2. Shrinjal

      Heltej r u going off from this site forever??????

      1. Heltej


  16. Such a stupid channel I was excited 2 watch repeat telecast f swaragini bt always udan sakthi kasam I am missing repeats

    1. repeat telecast of swaragini at 12:00pm and 4:00pm

      1. 2dy der was no repeat telecast al slot gvn 2 other serials… 9am 12 nd 4 was gvn 2 sr bt after mondy BB l occupy 4 click slot

  17. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    what the actual f***k! (sry fr cursing)
    sanskar has got serious ego problems.I reckon the size of his ego is as big as my phone’s batery

  18. omg 100+ comments without bashing i think people are gaining interest back because of swasan okkkkkk fine this swasan track whould be better that illogical family drama !:
    iam just happy to see my ragu happy without any problems in her life
    must say ragsan s love f swalak is uncomparable

    1. Heltej

      Must say… I dont know… What happened to everyone… Its very pleasure to read all this beautiful comments

  19. goshhh hell with u sanskar u need to visit a psychologist ! *lol so difficult to write the correct spelling of it*u have got a serious ego problem n how come u became a drunkyard yaar?u didn’t even thought what impression that will have on ur fans? * laughing*n swara , don’t fall weak baby; we fans r always with u! Felt happy to c 100+ comments on SR page without bashing ; after a long time ALL coz of my swasan loveeeee uuuuuu SWASAN keep rocking

  20. Mica# yes but if u watched that series there was a triangle between Jack..Kate…Sawyer. the writer kept us wishing Kate and Jack love each other but they split because of swyer

    1. Mica

      ah i heard as in a entertainment site many friends talked bout this, but i was so behind since i had no ABC channel on me…
      for love triangle, nowadays there is Crazy ex girlfriend, uughh i wish Rebecca with Greg, not Josh…. 😀

  21. I hope the writer isn’t following that path

  22. Sanskar is right. Sanskar better marry other girls instead swara. She’s such a troublesome ????

    1. Aren’t u?

  23. then that will be incomplete story just love sana

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